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#1. No matter how perfect & honest a person is, there will always be people to criticize. In other words, if everyone agrees with someone, there is something fundamentally wrong with what that individual is doing. If you are not criticized, you are not in the right track. - Author: Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb
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#2. Many images of animals, mammals or birds, resurface regularly in my narratives. They are not symbols, but chromatic benchmarks. For me, music has always been the perfect construction - an inaccessible ideal. - Author: Dumitru Tepeneag
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#3. I think we could be friends," he said, falling into step with her. "It's perfect because I wouldn't fall in love with you, like I do with the mermaids. Girls always seem so exotic. But it would be okay with you, because you're more like ... you know. Not like a girl." He shrugged. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
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#4. Accept that you are imperfect and always will be. Your quest is not to perfect yourself, but to better your imperfect self. - Author: Eric Greitens
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#5. Museums that aren't perfect are the ones that I love. Museums that aren't overdesigned. I always like to visit the strange, odd museums. In New York, the Frick is absolutely my favorite, favorite place because I like to think that it was someone's home not that long ago. - Author: Reed Krakoff
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#6. Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties. - Author: Sarah Ban Breathnach
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#7. Nowadays, with digital printing, it's so easy to make everything perfect, which is not always a good idea. Sometimes the mistakes are really what make a piece. - Author: Cindy Sherman
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#8. Beau had come to my rescue when I needed it the most. He might not be the perfect citizen but Grana always said perfect was boring. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#9. There's nothing wrong with George. It is not possible to find fault with George. He's a perfect Scottish angel. He always shares the snacks that his mother sends him and he's better- looking than Jace. There, I said it. I'm not taking it back. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#10. The vampire is an outsider. He's the perfect metaphor for those things. He's someone who looks human and sounds human, but is not human, so he's always on the margins. - Author: Anne Rice
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#11. The epic love I've always wanted was with me all along, and it's nothing like what I imagined. It's better, because it's real. It's not perfect or pretty. It's full of mistakes and sacrifices, and sometimes even ugliness. - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#12. You're not always going to be perfect, but I always try to be. - Author: Troy Glaus
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#13. It's hard because people always say, 'Follow your dreams,' but it's not a perfect world, and things don't always work out. But you've just got to work hard, and you can't take things for granted. - Author: Stephen Colletti
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#14. I'm not perfect. But I'll always be real - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#15. I love what I do, and I always make sure to tell my fans I'm not perfect, so don't think I am. I make mistakes. I'm human, and we all are. But I try to be the best I can be, and that's all I really can do. - Author: Selena Gomez
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#16. Life is not always what we want it to be, but we can color it any way we like, in order to make it the perfect painting, even when things look rough, there is someone out there who has it worse than us. - Author: Gia Russell
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#17. I've always tried to explain democracy is not perfect. But it gives you a chance to shape your own destiny. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
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#18. Gay men are perfect men for girls who are tough. They're not threatened by strong women, and they're usually very in touch with their feelings and pay attention to details. I've always had an affinity with gay men. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#19. So no I'm not perfect. I'm still as fucked up as I always was, the only difference is that now I'm happy with it. I accept it and make the best of it. - Author: R.S. Burnett
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#20. Myra wasn't simple or complicated. She was different. She was not perfect, not even close but her flaws were intresting. She always had an opinion, something to say about everything.Most interesting thing about her is that she never said something to please, yet she was nice to be around. - Author: Parul Wadhwa
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#21. The photograph of my brother that is in this album shows a young man, beautiful and perfect in the way of young people, for young people are always perfect and beautiful until they are not, until the moment they just are not. - Author: Jamaica Kincaid
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#22. We are not perfect in ourselves, but in Him we are. In the red circle of this world, there is no hope. However, because you're living in the purple wedge, there is always His hope, power, and joy. - Author: Van Harden
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#23. You need not search for uniqueness, you are unique already. There is no way to make a thing more unique. The words "more unique" are absurd. It is just like the word "circle." Circles exist; there is no such thing as "more circular." That is absurd. A circle is always perfect, "more" is not needed. - Author: Osho
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#24. I'm always asking questions - not to find 'answers,' but to see where the questions lead. Dead ends sometimes? That's fine. New directions? Interesting. Great insights? Over-ambitious. A glimpse here and there? Perfect. - Author: Lesley Hazleton
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#25. His timing might not be our timing, but it is always perfect. - Author: Karen Witemeyer
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#26. The fact that there is always a positive side to life is the one thing that gives me a lot of happiness. This world is not perfect. There are problems. But things like happiness and unhappiness are relative. Realizing this gives you hope. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#27. The world is perfect. It's a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#28. I think every girl has a little bit of rebellion inside. It's always fun to not follow every trend and not be the perfect good girl. It's edgy to be a little rebellious. - Author: Behati Prinsloo
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#29. I think what people like about my channel is that I am not perfect. I always point to my pimple, my bad hair day ... people relate to that. They are watching somebody who is exactly like them and talking about things that they experience as well. - Author: Lilly Singh
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#30. Maybe other writers have perfect first drafts, but I am not one of them. I always try to get the book as tight as I can, but you reach a point as the author where you have lost all perspective. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#31. I'm not perfect and I'm not always right, but I'm here, open, paying attention, loving you, and fully engaged. - Author: Brene Brown
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#32. I always wear some make-up, even on quiet days when I am not doing so much with my time. I like to start using Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation as a base, as it's lighter than air and doesn't make me feel 'caked.' - Author: Monica Bellucci
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#33. I can't hate people for making judgment on me, or making a decision of liking me or not liking me. All I can do is try to better as a person. And I'm good with knowing everything isn't always going to be perfect. - Author: Chris Brown
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#34. You guys just here to blame someone. You never look yourselves in the mirror, eh? You're always good. You never make the mistakes. Your articles are always perfect. In reality, what have you done for this city? If you ask yourself, what have you done besides only criticize? Not much. - Author: Ilya Bryzgalov
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#35. As for myself, I have found my perfect pattern in Jesus, who said, "The Father has not left Me
alone, for I always do those things that please Him." I am no longer motivated by personal ambition.
I have discovered a sweeter, purer motive: simply to please my Father. - Author: Derek Prince
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#36. Children do not need superhuman, perfect parents. They have always managed with good enough parents: the parents they happened to have. - Author: Penelope Leach
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#37. The bond forged between us was not one that could be broken by absence, distance, or time. And no matter how much more special or beautiful or brilliant or perfect than me he might be, he was as irreversibly altered as I was. As I would always belong to him, so would he always be mine. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#38. I told my mom, 'I'm not buying another magazine until I can get past this thought of looking like the girl on the cover'. She said, Miley, you are the girl on the cover,' and I was, like, 'I know, but I don't feel like that girl every day.' You can't always feel perfect. - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#39. Our love filled the broken bits and made me whole again. There weren't a perfect time to love him, not ever, and it had always been with the threat of death and hurt hovering round us. And we'd love each other anyway. Sure, and true. - Author: A.C. Gaughen
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#40. We may not be perfect, but we're good, and good people can't imagine evil. It catches us by surprise, and it always will. We don't know the first thing about the kind of evil that would sacrifice a child. - Author: Lisa Scottoline
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#41. Because we're human beings, we're not always going to be perfect. - Author: Benny Hinn
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#42. The advice I would give would be to know that it's ok and natural to be nervous. The key is to rehearse, always be yourself and don't be afraid to not be perfect as we all make mistakes. - Author: Tweet
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#43. DNCE is "dance without the a." It's not a perfect word, and you don't always have to be a perfect dancer to dance. Life is just sometimes not perfect. - Author: Joe Jonas
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#44. Every fragile beauty, every perfect forgotten sentence,
you grieve their going away, but that is not how it is.
Where they come from never goes dry.
It is an always flowing spring. - Author: Rumi
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#45. Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups and down, but that's its beauty. - Author: Amit Ray
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#46. Why don't I just pretend I'm on camera, Plutarch?" I say.
"Yes! Perfect. One is always much braver with an audience," he says. "Look at the courage Peeta just displayed!"
It's all I can do not to slap him. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#47. I've always believed that you have to have the skills before you destroy the skills. If you want to be crude, be crude, but don't be crude because you don't know how to do it, because you're not perfect at drawing and pattern-cutting. - Author: Louise Wilson
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#48. Your-no-our free will gives us choices and because we're not perfect, it's not always clear which choice is the right one ... So yes, we can be wrong. Yes the world's a messy place. But a world in which we always knew what was right and had no choice but to do it, that would be a world of puppets. - Author: Emil Ostrovski
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#49. I DECLARE that God has a great plan for my life. He is directing my steps. And even though I may not always understand how, I know my situation is not a surprise to God. He will work out every detail to my advantage. In His perfect timing, everything will turn out right. This is my declaration. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#50. I'm always so impressed with these actresses with their perfect make up and hair and sometimes I'm very aware that I'm not like that. But I don't think I can do things any other way. I would be wearing a disguise if I started to apply that stuff. - Author: Clemence Poesy
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#51. As for the industry, it has certainly changed. I think with all of these television shows and YouTube and the internet, you have so much less time to develop as an artist and perfect your craft. So many things today are "instant" and, that's not always a good thing. - Author: Olivia Newton-John
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#52. We, who have had tender, perfect mothers, would like to make it law that the other kind should always be called 'she-parents,' or 'female progenitors,' or any other descriptive title, but not profane the sacred name of mother! - Author: Florence L. Barclay
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#53. His Spirit speaks with promptings that are not audible - often they are much louder than that - always in perfect harmony with the Scriptures and always resounding with perfect wisdom. - Author: Steven Furtick
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#54. We go through life trying to line up the chess pieces just right, but doing so is difficult. Something is always not quite to our liking. Health may not be perfect. Finances may not be perfect. Relationships may not be perfect. - Author: Solomon Katz
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#55. I found happiness when I realized that as imperfect as I may be, I am the perfect Nick Vujicic. I am God's creation, designed according to His plan for me. That's not to say there isn't room for improvement. I'm always trying to be better so I can better serve Him and the world! - Author: Nick Vujicic
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#56. I am not and never will be perfect. I am not always as honest, respectful, responsible, fair or as kind as I should be. All I can do is what I should do: strive every day, with every decision to be the best person I can be. I don't expect to be perfect but I know I can be better. - Author: Michael Josephson
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#57. It was the first time either of them had ever held another's hand, and for them alone, the immensity of what unfolded that night was overshadowed by the perfect wonderment of fingers intertwined - as though this was what hands had always been for, and not for holding weapons at all. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#58. When you talk about world record times, you have to understand that everything must be perfect the weather, the course, the temperature. It is not always enough to be in good shape. - Author: Haile Gebrselassie
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#59. She was the best model because she not only had perfect facial features, but a great body and wasn't ashamed to show it. It was impossible to take a bad photo of her. Bettie Page was always ready for the camera's eye. - Author: Bunny Yeager
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#60. You always have to compromise," Gene said. An incredible statement and totally untrue in his case. "You found the perfect wife. Highly intelligent, extremely beautiful, and she lets you have sex with other women." Gene suggested that I not congratulate Claudia in person for her tolerance, - Author: Anonymous
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#61. You're not perfect, and I'm not perfect, but we're perfect together. It was never about fixing you; it was always about loving you. - Author: Adriane Leigh
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#62. Because no matter how far you may travel, you are what you are, and even when you are flying at thrilling new heights, circling the sun and thinking you belong in the halo of that perfect golden light, you do not. The wings always melt, and you always crash-land in your same old self. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#63. Mark nodded even though she couldn't see. He'd suddenly lost any desire to talk, and his plans for a perfect day washed away with the stream. The memories. They never let him go, not even for a half hour. They always had to rush back in, bringing all the horror. - Author: James Dashner
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#64. Whatever is in your hands, you keep that in perfect condition; then what is beyond you will anyway happen. But people are always trying to work at what is beyond them, not taking care of what is in their hands. - Author: Sadhguru
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#65. Movies get found in the editing room. The movie that you make is not always necessarily the movie that comes out of the editing room. The trick is to perfect the movie that you have and make it the best version of what you've shot, regardless of what the intent may have been. - Author: Joe Dante
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#66. It's not possible to be perfect - you can always do something better. I'm never proud of what I've done. Sometimes, I'm not ashamed. - Author: Natalia Makarova
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#67. Our true beauty lies in the eyes of the people who love us, who care about us. Beauty is ephemeral, true love is not. Old and wrinkled, or with a hundred extra pounds, you will always stay perfect to the ones who love you. - Author: Priyanka Naik
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#68. But the more you make the choice to live above your feelings, to trust God instead of what you may feel like doing, the stronger your faith becomes. It's not about being perfect. We will always been on a journey of growing closer to God. - Author: Tim Tebow
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#69. All in all, it would be a perfect afternoon, if not for the fact that I have a meeting coming up at which I am concerned that I could be killed.
There's always something ... - Author: David Rosenfelt
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#70. When you're with another actor and doing something very intense, often you pull them over to your side, or they pull you over to theirs. But if you stay in your own truth, you can play that perfect tennis match. I always want to bring my power, but not in a way that eliminates the whole game! - Author: Giancarlo Esposito
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#71. In competition, when I start performance I try not to think about all the pressure from the fans. But, I got a lot of energy from them always. They make me more perfect. - Author: Kim Yuna
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#72. Part of the beauty of the show in a way is that he's not perfect, but you can always count on him to do the right thing in a pinch. That's why he inspires people and inspires me. - Author: Stephen Collins
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#73. Beauty is not always as perfect as we imagine it to be, but it can be damn close if we learn to accept the scary parts or the ugly parts. - Author: Nick Miller
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#74. We may have lots of differences,
We may not be the perfect couple.
But in-spite of those differences,
In-spite of those imperfection,
We are always at our best for each other ... - Author: NerD_Seyer
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#75. If you strive to be perfect in everything, whether it's possible or not, you will always live a more fulfilled life. - Author: Behdad Sami
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#76. I always have a funny story at communion time that underscores that no one is perfect, and that communion is not for perfect people but for hungry people. - Author: Greg Boyle
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#77. You told me not to worry. You told me that God takes care of his creation...that his timing is always perfect - Rayne - Author: Nicole Deese
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#78. They who disbelieve in virtue because man has never been found perfect, might as reasonably deny the sun because it is not always noon. - Author: Augustus William Hare
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#79. That's our job as artists is to be honest about what we're feeling. And what we're feeling is not always going to be perfect. Sometimes it's going to be controversial. Sometimes it's going to piss a couple of people off. Sometimes it's going to motivate people. Sometimes it's going to inspire. - Author: Pharrell Williams
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#80. I think there are a lot of things in life that are not fair. But life, I believe, isn't always perfect and idealistic. - Author: Nadya Suleman
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#81. I will always do R. Kelly - I'm not perfect, but I'm perfectly me. - Author: R. Kelly
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#82. I grew up with a lot of body image issues - not just about my weight, but I would always see these perfect orb, domed boobs on television, and think, "Mine don't look like that." I thought there was something wrong with me. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#83. My father was always telling himself no one was perfect, not even my mother. - Author: Broderick Crawford
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#84. We are just trying to do the best possible job we can. We're not perfect. All you can do is trust the positive intention behind it, and we're always going to work to, hopefully, get better and better. - Author: Ellen Page
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#85. The orthodoxy runs, that if a marriage is founded on less than perfect truth it will always come to light. I don't believe that. Marriage moves you further away from the examination of truth, not nearer to it. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#86. The Lord has a plan. We always think the plans are A, B, C and D, and everything is going to be perfect for us and it may not be that way, but it's still his plan. - Author: Tony Dungy
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#87. It's not always going to be smooth sailing or everyone will do it. If you have something people want, it should be the perfect recipe for success. - Author: Cameron Johnson
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#88. Dad was thirsty, not given to great displays of affection, like his father and his father's father before him. A long line of self-indulgent men who couldn't give love but lived to take it, which isn't the same as receiving it. They were all in so much pain and that's always the perfect excuse. - Author: Courtney Summers
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#89. I watch my daughter wanting to be like other kids and getting upset that she's not. But I always try and instill in her the idea that she's perfect as she is. - Author: Idris Elba
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#90. Everything I'm saying shouldn't be taken so serious. I'm playing, but at the same token, I'm acknowledging that I'm not always the perfect man; I'm not always doing the right things. That's who I am. I'm working to be better. - Author: Common
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#91. Keeping it all together as a modern woman means multitasking, especially when you work. I think you always need to try your best, but at the same time you can only do what you can do, and you don't need to beat yourself up about it. I'm not white-picket-fence perfect. - Author: Heidi Klum
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#92. I've always scribbled, and I still do it. I've written numerous scripts for films for which I think I'd be perfect as the complex, intelligent and, yes, modern heroine. Embarrassingly bad, all of them. I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a writer. - Author: Romola Garai
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#93. But he was a perfect gentleman, Aunt Amelia. He did not even try to kiss me, though he wanted to ... You always tell me I must be receptive to broadening experiences. That would have been a broadening experience. And, from what I have observed, a very enjoyable one. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
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#94. Of course we can always imagine more perfect conditions, how it should be ideally, how everyone should behave. But it is not our task to create an ideal. It's our task to see how it is, and to learn from the world as it is. For the awakening of the heart, conditions are always good enough. - Author: Ajahn Sumedho
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#95. The dance between darkness and light will always remain - the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#96. I think dreams can come true, but not necessarily like fairy-tales. It's not always so perfect like that. - Author: Patrick Dempsey
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#97. I may not be perfect, but i'm always me - Author: Selena Gomez
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#98. It's still not perfect, and maybe perfection isn't all it's cut out to be anyway. But it's good. It's really good. They say you can't always get what you want. But sometimes you can, and you do, even when you don't deserve it. - Author: J.H. Trumble
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#99. Perfect life is a contradiction in terms. Therefore we must always expect to find things not up to our highest ideal. Knowing this, we are bound to make the best of everything. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#100. I think certain people like to torture me because they think I've had it easier than I actually have and they think: 'Oh, she's got this, she's got that, she's always had everything perfect,' and it's sooo not true. - Author: Mariah Carey
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