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#1. You mustn't expect me to repeat myself. My past doesn't interest me. I would rather copy others than copy myself. In that way I should at least be giving them something new. I love discovering things. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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#2. Where countries have been able to carry through on their reform commitments
as in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines
results are starting to come in the form of lower interest rates, new investment and increased growth. - Author: Lawrence Summers
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#3. The function of journalism is, primarily, to uncover vital new information in the public interest and to put that information in a context so that we can use it to improve the human condition. - Author: Joshua Oppenheimer
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#4. The discovery which has been pointed to by theory is always one of profound interest and importance, but it is usually the close and crown of a long and fruitful period, whereas the discovery which comes as a puzzle and surprise usually marks a fresh epoch and opens a new chapter in science. - Author: Oliver Lodge
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#5. Androgynous fashion, long hair, the Pill, a new interest in the inner psychological life - an unabashed sloppiness, if you will - really marks the sixties. It was when Britain went girlie. And what do girls do? Girls shop. - Author: Andrew Marr
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#6. I first came to Russia because of the culture, literature and music ... and my interest in the 19th-century revolutionary spirit of Herzen, Bakunin and Kropotkin. Russia is a wonderful place to bring new clowns because Russians give back a wonderful response. - Author: Patch Adams
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#7. I must therefore implore your indulgence for a pretty long and plain development of my views concerning that cause which the citizens of New York, and you particularly, gentlemen, honour with generous interest. - Author: Lajos Kossuth
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#8. To a traveler paying his first visit, [San Francisco] has the interest of a new planet. It ignores the meteorological laws which govern the rest of the world. - Author: Fitz Hugh Ludlow
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#9. Sin is what is new, strong, surprising, strange. The theatre must take an interest in sin if the young are to be able to go there. - Author: Bertolt Brecht
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#10. So I think that we're in a very heightened and somewhat unusual period of politics and polling around the countries that New Zealanders take close interest in. - Author: Jim Bolger
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#11. I think the inception of my interest in arts was when I was around 9 or 10 and I started dancing. I was really convinced that I was going to go to New York and be onstage in 'A Chorus Line.' - Author: Robin Wright
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#12. Let the thrill go - let it die away - go on through that period of death into the quieter interest and happiness that follow - and you will find you are living in a world of new thrills all the time. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#13. Did you know you just put the peel in the pan and the potatoes down the waste disposal?' he enquired with interest.
'It's a new recipe.'
His lips twitched but his expression remained solemn. 'The results should be...interesting. - Author: Kim Lawrence
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#14. Ah, in every age there is always some new wonder to astound mankind until they grow accustomed to it and lose interest. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#15. I once drove a pair of horses from New York to Vicksburg, and to this day I can almost map out that country as I saw it then, with its hills and valleys, villages and rivers. Yes, I naturally attribute something of my success in railroad building to the interest I take in such things. - Author: Collis Potter Huntington
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#16. Only a war that serves no conceivable national interest gets the New York Time's endorsement. Liberals warm to the idea of American mothers weeping for their sons, but only if their deaths will not make America any safer. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#17. We have had an unspeakably delightful journey, one of those journeys which seem to divide one's life in two, by the new ideas they suggest and the new views of interest they open. - Author: George Eliot
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#18. At the end of the day, bin Laden's interest is not Washington and New York, it's the Middle East. He wants Saudi Arabia. He wants to get rid of the House of Saud. - Author: Robert Fisk
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#19. Humanity is at the very beginning of its existence-a new-born babe, with all the unexplored potentialities of babyhood; and until the last few moments its interest has been centred, absolutely and exclusively, on its cradle and feeding bottle. - Author: James Jeans
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#20. New York is essentially national in interest, position, pursuits. No one thinks of the place as belonging to a particular state, but to the United States. - Author: James F. Cooper
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#21. I also got a chance to go to the American Museum in New York, which helped my interest. - Author: Robert T. Bakker
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#22. The war imbued my tin soldiers with quite a new interest. It was impossible to have boxes enough of them. - Author: Georg Brandes
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#23. Let us urge on every one who exhibits new interest in religion to be content with nothing short of the deep, solid, sanctifying work of the Holy Ghost. - Author: J.C. Ryle
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#24. In fact, it's in my interest to love digital recording, and I just spent a ton on a new digital recording system, so I speak from a place of heavy investment in both sides. - Author: John Vanderslice
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#25. Many of us find comfort and interest in old, familiar things, while others seek inspiration or stimulation in the blatantly new or unconventional." Charity Davis-Woodard - Author: Kevin A. Hluch
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#26. My worry about the New York Times is that it's got the only position as a national elitist general-interest paper. So the network news picks up its cues from the Times. And local papers do too. It has a huge influence. And we'd love to challenge it. - Author: Rupert Murdoch
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#27. Electricity is but yet a new agent for the arts and manufactures, and, doubtless, generations unborn will regard with interest this century, in which it has been first applied to the wants of mankind. - Author: Alfred Smee
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#28. What is the point in consensual opinion?" Bryant asked, exasperated. "If you only discuss matters of interest with like-minded individuals you never learn anything new. Why would I want a peer group on Twitter? They're just going to agree with me. - Author: Christopher Fowler
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#29. But now I've got a young son and his interest is in science and now when I talk to him, I see that in the science sphere of our lives there is new, there is progress. - Author: Janet Suzman
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#30. The key.. will be a new public awareness of how serious is the threat to the global environment. Those who have a vested interest in the status quo will probably continue to be able to stifle any meaningful change until enough citizens.. are willing to speak out. - Author: Al Gore
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#31. The cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interest is a policy of first importance to a public man. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#32. College softball each year reaches new levels of interest. - Author: Jennie Finch
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#33. Social technology gives leaders a vital new platform with which to connect their companies to the myriad stakeholders who have an interest in their well being. - Author: Simon Mainwaring
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#34. I've always had an interest in Louisiana, especially New Orleans. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#35. Our politics, economics, advertising, and religions (New Age and Old) are awash in credulity. Those who have something to sell, those who wish to influence public opinion, those in power, a skeptic might suggest, have a vested interest in discouraging skepticism, - Author: Carl Sagan
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#36. The farmers can be thankful. Didn't the Farm Board decide in Washington last week that they could have cheaper interest? All the farmers have to do now is to find something new to put up as security. - Author: Will Rogers
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#37. The Treasury Department would use the interest from these securities to hire U.S. companies to build Saudi Arabia - new cities, new infrastructure - which we've done. - Author: John Perkins
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#38. As long as Rupert Murdoch has owned it, the 'New York Post' has been defined by its shamelessness and total lack of interest in taking responsibility for its worst errors and poor judgment. - Author: Alex Pareene
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#39. I know of no common interest that exceeds gardening as a source of lifelong friendships, nor as a means of making new friends almost constantly. - Author: Allen Lacy
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#40. The news is staged, anticipated, reported, analyzed until all interest is wrung from it and abandoned for some new novelty. - Author: Thomas Griffith
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#41. Resentment is anger looking for payback. It's also a high-interest-earning emotion. Each new resentment is added to the ones from before. Long marriages have ended in ruin over tiny and insignificant grievances that were never properly aired and instead grew into a bitter barnacle of hatred. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#42. While at Chicago my interest in the new field of particle physics was stimulated by a course given by Gell- Mann, who was developing his ideas about Strangeness at the time. - Author: James Cronin
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#43. Racing has become more show time; we've got to have something new to create interest in the sport. - Author: Richard Petty
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#44. His sudden mad love for Sibyl Vane was a psychological phenomenon of no small interest. There was no doubt that curiosity had much to do with it, curiosity and the desire for new experiences; yet it was not a simple but rather a very complex passion. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#45. Before, we may have taken part in it without even thinking it was American Jewish, but in this case, I think, you have now perhaps pointed us in a direction of a new interest in this repertoire. - Author: Neville Marriner
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#46. To have a museum like the Museum of Modern Art in New York is to have power. I don't have any interest in being the director of an institution that has power. - Author: Luis Gonzalez
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#47. I go down to New York, do the project, and leave. I have no interest in participating in the rat race down there. Hip jazz fans know who I am. There's a generation of musicians in New York who know my records better than I do. - Author: Paul Smoker
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#48. Lily Houghton-Miller stood in the middle of my living room and surveyed me with the detached interest of a scientist gazing at a new variety of manure-based invertebrate. - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#49. They [INTJs] are likely, however, to organize themselves out of a job. They cannot continually reorganize the same thing, and a finished product has no more interest. Thus, they need successive new assignments, with bigger and better problems, to stretch their powers. - Author: Isabel Briggs Myers
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#50. Sometimes I feel ashamed at my lack of interest in all the new techniques of modern filmmaking, but I prefer to work with as little equipment as possible. If I have a good lens and a steady camera, that's all I need. - Author: Sven Nykvist
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#51. You know what higher interest rates mean. To you it means a higher mortgage payment, a higher car payment, a higher credit card payment. To our economy it means businesspeople will not borrow as much money, invest as much money, create as many new jobs, create as much wealth, raise as many raises. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#52. The reason these paintings are destined for New York is not because I am disappointed about a lack of German interest, but because MoMA asked me, and because I consider it to be the best museum in the world. - Author: Gerhard Richter
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#53. What sparked my interest in the combat sports in general was my older brother. I guess older brothers are supposed to pick on their young brothers, but mine took it to a whole new level. He broke my collarbone, broke my rib, and knocked my teeth out. - Author: Jake Hecht
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#54. At the moment I'm enjoying a new challenge at the Royal Opera House, but I'm also keen to pursue my interest in television and particularly in science. - Author: Deborah Bull
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#55. I am interviewing people with a spirit of genuine interest and compassion, and therefore, the general tone of the site is one of genuine interest and compassion. The moment that culture changes, 'Humans of New York' is no longer viable. - Author: Brandon Stanton
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#56. If there is a connection between Harry Potter and my new novel, it's my interest in characters. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#57. It never failed - I'd buy a new journal, write like a madwoman for ten pages, then lose total interest in the process. Three months later, I'd start the whole process all over again. I think I just liked buying new notebooks. - Author: MaryJanice Davidson
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#58. Consider the "new" woman. She's trying to be Pollyanna Borgia, clearly a conflict of interest. She's supposed to be a ruthless winner at work and a bundle of nurturing sweetness at home. - Author: Rita Mae Brown
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#59. Paine and Joel Barlow attempted to change Jefferson's mind, urging him to settle thrifty German immigrants in the new lands and to permit black families to travel from other states to acquire their own land there, but the sugar interest triumphed, - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#60. Facebook draws from the public and public-interest sphere, a simultaneously bold and modest step towards acknowledging that our new networked technologies deeply affect our lives in ways not always captured or best shaped by the typical template of consumer and seller. - Author: Jonathan Zittrain
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#61. A person who cultivates any interest in self-improvement will necessary encounter successes and failures, both of which life lessons can be useful to remember when seeking distant mileposts. Failure stimulates evaluation and new learning. Success stimulates development and retention of good habits. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#62. It is very much in the interest of the food industry to exacerbate our anxieties about what to eat, the better to then assuage them with new products. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#63. I do not, as you know, take sufficient interest in dress to be able to describe the new fashions. Dress is a bore. - Author: Bram Stoker
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#64. John Kerry's newfound interest in fiscal discipline is a political gimmick that defies his 20-year record in the Senate and stands in stark contrast to his reckless and expansive promises of new government spending on the campaign trail. - Author: Steve Schmidt
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#65. Mapping and visualization is a huge area of work and is of interest to many people. We're working on reinventing a new kind of 3D cartography to make it easier to tell stories with 3D maps. - Author: Jack Dangermond
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#66. My interest in his new toy, the Theremin, isn't very big. It simply does not fit into my way of playing music. I do not want to fiddle around with my hands in the air. - Author: Klaus Schulze
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#67. It's as if loosening that knot I'd never noticed before had slackened my interest along with it. At the same time that I'd lost something, something new had also taken root deep within me. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#68. The Government has to stop borrowing as much money; if we don't, quite frankly New Zealand will be downgraded and interest rates will go up for all New Zealanders. - Author: John Key
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#69. We humans are unhappy in large part because we are insatiable; after working hard to get what we want, we routinely lose interest in the object of our desire. Rather than feeling satisfied, we feel a bit bored, and in response to this boredom, we go on to form new, even grander desires. - Author: William B. Irvine
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#70. When the new ownership came in, they made some decisions I wasn't pleased with. And when they changed the whole aspect of it, I just totally lost interest. - Author: Alonzo Mourning
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#71. If a State has reliable scientific information that demonstrates that a warning is needed for a particular food, then in the interest of public health, it should share that information with the FDA and petition for a new national standard. - Author: Nathan Deal
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#72. The search for a new personality is futile; what is fruitful is the interest the old personality can take in new activities. - Author: Cesare Pavese
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#73. Every year Swedish society produces a new generation of threatened women who can testify to the lack of legal rights and the lukewarm interest shown by the police and other authorities. - Author: Stieg Larsson
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#74. Christ's resurrection is the ground-work of our hope. And the new birth is our title or evidence of our interest in it. - Author: John Flavel
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#75. It's in our best interest to put some of the old rules aside and create new ones and follow the consumer - what the consumer wants and where the consumer wants to go. - Author: Bob Iger
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#76. It is extraordinary how little the New Testament says about God's interest in our success, by comparison with the enormous amount that it says about God's interest in our holiness, our maturity in Christ, and our growth into the fullness of His image. - Author: J.I. Packer
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#77. By dismantling the narrow politics of racial identity and selective self-interest, by going beyond 'black' and 'white,' we may construct new values, new institutions and new visions of an America beyond traditional racial categories and racial oppression. - Author: Manning Marable
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#78. Despite my vast interest in other universes and new ideas and space, travel and time travel, which by the way I think is impossible, the basic thing is human character, which is the main thing of most writers. - Author: Philip Jose Farmer
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#79. Every American born today owes $43,000 to the federal government the day she or he is born. And we are transferring a tremendous amount of debt to the new generation, much of it owed to overseas creditors who expect to be repaid by our children with interest. - Author: Mark Kirk
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#80. How is it that in childhood everything new that caught my interest had an aura of the uncanny, since according to all the authorities the uncanny is not some new thing but a thing known returning in a different form, become a revenant? - Author: John Banville
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#81. We'll tell the nurses she's a new student with an interest in nursing. They'll be charmed.'
Tess flips her braids over her should. 'I am particularly adorable today. - Author: Jessica Spotswood
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#82. Such is the inconsistency of real love, that it is always awake to suspicion, however unreasonable; always requiring new assurances from the object of its interest. - Author: Ann Radcliffe
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#83. Every time you acquire a new interest, even more, a new accomplishment, you increase your power of life. - Author: William Lyon Phelps
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#84. Every project is a race between your enthusiasm and your ability to get it done. Go fast. Don't slow down. A year from now, new things will interest you. - Author: Jill Soloway
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#85. Interest groups are not the same as individuals. Through false nostalgia for the New Deal, you are taking the younger generation hostage. They are the ones who are going to have to pay far greater taxes. They are the future's forgotten men. - Author: Amity Shlaes
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#86. What is innovation if not our ticket to every business interest in the world? It's the ticket to solving the world's problems - the energy problems, the pollution problems, the global warming problems. If it isn't for science and engineering, how will we compete in the new world? - Author: David Pogue
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#87. People aren't studying the natural world any more, they're mining it. It's a looter mentality. Anything new or unknown is automatically of interest, because it might have value. It might be worth a fortune. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#88. The new world economic order is not an exercise in philanthropy, but in enlightened self-interest for everyone concerned. - Author: Carlos Fuentes
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#89. I have no interest in going on a tour to make money without making new product, new art. - Author: David Gilmour
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#90. New Zealand's been pretty quiet on human rights issues, which we will be taking rather more interest in, and in international labor issues. - Author: Helen Clark
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#91. I don't have an anti-Hollywood feeling. It's just I'm a New Zealander. I was born in New Zealand, and it's where my house is, and my family goes to school there. My interest is to remain in my homeland and make films. I don't really want to relocate myself to other countries in the world to work. - Author: Peter Jackson
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#92. She's the latest freshest fruit of our great American evolution. She's the self-made girl!
( ... )
Well, to begin with, the self-made girl's a new feature. That, however, you know. In the second place she isn't self-made at all. We all help to make her, we take such an interest in her. - Author: Henry James
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#93. If you have a goal in life that takes a lot of energy, that requires a lot of work, that incurs a great deal of interest and that is a challenge to you, you will always look forward to waking up to see what the new day brings. - Author: Susan Polis Schutz
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#94. Why bother with fictional characters and plots when the world was full of more marvelous stories that were true, with characters so fresh, so powerful, so new, that they stepped from into the narratives under their own power? - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
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#95. Yes, people do come across the street to say hi, but as they approach and get near, my perception of space begins to dissolve, and a new interest takes over that is primarily emotional, and with it comes a desire to touch, which may be a human interest, but not the interest of my work. - Author: Diego Giacometti
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#96. Peter invented, with Wendy's help, a new game that fascinated him enormously, until he suddenly had no more interest in it, which, as you have been told, was what always happened with his games. It consisted in pretending not to have adventures ... - Author: J.M. Barrie
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#97. A Truth is the subjective development of that which is at once both new and universal. New: that which is unforeseen by the order of creation. Universal: that which can interest, rightly, every human individual, according to his pure humanity. - Author: Alain Badiou
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#98. My website inspired me to create my book club and provides me with a creative outlet where I can write about things that interest me. It's a platform where I can present ideas or new ventures and get feedback straight from the people who mean the most to me. - Author: Lauren Conrad
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#99. I'm the youngest of four, and they were all very into sports. I was the first one to express an interest in the arts. I took piano lessons and singing lessons, acting lessons. So it was all new to them, but my parents were great. - Author: Max Von Essen
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#100. Humanism ... is not a single hypothesis or theorem, and it dwells on no new facts. It is rather a slow shifting in the philosophic perspective, making things appear as from a new centre of interest or point of sight. - Author: William James
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