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#1. And then it crumbled in his hand. It was just dust ... Sand ... A glittering, multicolored sand that fell away into the chilly wind at the end of the world.

Neil Gaiman

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#2. Like white light refracted through a prism and split into many colors, God's eternal love-nature, expressed through the prism of time, becomes God's multicolored love story. History is His story.

Peter Kreeft

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#3. Multicolored stones and paintings, walkways, and theaters are useless in a city unless it also contains wisdom and law. Such things are the subject of wisdom and law, not equivalent to them.

Apollonius Of Tyana

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#4. You think that just because it's already happened, the past is finished and unchangeable? Oh no, the past is cloaked in multicolored taffeta and every time we look at it we see a different hue.

Milan Kundera

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#5. Agh-uhh! the baboon grunted. He turned and waddled up the stairs. Unfortunately, the Lakers jersey didn't completely cover his multicolored rear.

Rick Riordan

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#6. Then there're Theseus, Oedipus, Peleus, Orpheus, Jason and Hercules all waiting to be untangled, since their various deeds are running crisscross through my mind like multicolored threads in a dress. Myron

Anne Frank

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#7. I love the Army-Navy surplus store Surplus Value Center. They have really good long underwear and multicolored bandanas, cool camo jackets, and really, really scary-looking knives. If you're into that sort of thing.

Jill Soloway

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#8. I am not plain, or average or - God forbid - vanilla. I am peanut butter rocky road with multicolored sprinkles, hot fudge and a cherry on top.

Wendy Mass

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#9. The Mandrill with his multicolored wonder ass that he used to bedazzle opponents.

Michael Chabon

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#10. Feminism is not a patch; it is a whole new pattern which can only be realized by weaving a new garment, seamless from top to bottom and multicolored from the beginning.

Sandra Marie Schneiders

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#11. I cannot understand why any young man - or young woman, for that matter - would wish to undergo the painful process of disfiguring the skin with various multicolored representations of people, animals, and various symbols.

Gordon B. Hinckley

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#12. How do I defeat Apophis?"
"I'm so glad you asked!" Thoth beamed at me with his multicolored eyes. "Unfortunately, I can't tell you."
I glanced at Walt. "Do you want to kill him, or should I?

Rick Riordan

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#13. Billy Strayhorn wrote Multicolored Blue. Billy to me is the boss of the arrangers.

Quincy Jones

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#14. Religion is a candle inside a multicolored lantern. Everyone looks through a particular color, but the candle is always there.

Muhammad Naguib

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#15. This isn't a picture filled with wonder and a sense of fun; it's so jaded and crass that I almost wonder if it's a highly unscientific experiment designed to gauge how little audiences will settle for these days. Manic and multicolored, Speed Racer is an excess of nothingness.

Stephanie Zacharek

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#16. brown-capped porcini, yellow chanterelles, and oysters, every hillside ablaze with multicolored mushrooms, tasty and not nourishing in the slightest.

Ioanna Karystiani

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#17. There is no such thing as a 'superior' or 'inferior' culture, there are only various cultural patterns which make up this beautiful, multicolored mosaic.

Taslima Nasrin

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#18. There walked warlocks in all their bat-winged, cat-eyed glory, and here, as they swung out over the river, she saw the darting flash of multicolored tails under the silvery skin of the water, the shimmer of long, pearl-strewn hair, and heard the high, rippling laughter of the mermaids.

Cassandra Clare

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#19. benedict tips out the door. the night dour and skanky with a rhumba of traffic. warily adjusting a long s/lick multicolored patch-leather jacket to cover ears. collecting himself before tilting forward/falling into rain's cool viola sting.

David N. Odhiambo

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#20. I seem to be a brief light that flashes but once in all the aeons of time a rare, complicated, and all-too-delicate organism on the fringe of biological evolution , where the wave of life bursts into individual, sparkling, and multicolored drops that gleam for a moment ... only to vanish forever.

Alan Watts

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#21. This was like the Rubik's Cube of life.
One big glob of scattered, multicolored possibilities she had to sort out and line up in the appropriate manner by twisting endless scenario after scenario in her head.
And it sucked.
Big, fat wankers.

Dakota Cassidy

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#22. Human beings and the environment compose a seamless garment of existence, a multicolored cloth, which we believe to be woven in its entirety by God.


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#23. Love is like a butterfly
As soft and gentle as a sigh
The multicolored moods of love are like its satin wings
Love makes your heart feel strange inside
It flutters like soft wings in flight
Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing

Dolly Parton

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#24. The multicolored or grey lights touching their faces, but never really touching them ...

Ray Bradbury

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#25. It's estimated that across Africa 100 elephants are killed for their tusks every day. It takes nothing more than simple math to get to what that adds up to in a year, and it's a distressing figure.

Graydon Carter

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#26. I auditioned [for America's Most Talented Kids] just to see where I would rank. I had been playing [gigs] around town, and I wanted to see what people thought of me because when I played a show, everyone would clap but I didn't know what they were really thinking.

Cheyenne Kimball

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#27. You know," she stammered, resenting the way her body reacted to his touch with fireworks and songbirds, "I kind of hate you sometimes."

"If that's code for 'I want to fuck you until I can't walk straight', then I kind of hate you, too.

Jennifer Bonds

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#28. How can the reality of 600 million Chinese be ignored?

Janio Quadros

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#29. As a chess player one has to be able to control one's feelings, one has to be as cold as a machine.

Levon Aronian

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#30. The wall defends itself.

George R R Martin

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#31. My dad was an Arsenal supporter and he used to take me there, but I've always been Chelsea.

Eric Bristow

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#32. I want a faith that's so alive, it can be seen. I want a hope that cannot hide, even when I'm weak.

Building 429

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#33. I am not one to chase my prey. It either crosses my lips or is tossed away.

Donna Lynn Hope

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#34. There's a perilous word fiction writers need to watch out for. The word is 'had.'

James Scott Bell

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#35. It's okay if we get mad at each other?"
"Yeah, Buddy, it's OK, as long as we don't stay mad, and as long as we forgive each other when we mess up."
from upcoming book, "When I Am in Your Arms.

Charlotte Snead

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#36. When something an affliction happens to you, you either let it defeat you, or you defeat it.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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#37. I like the punch beggers and panhandlers when they ask me for change. I feel like I am doing my part to clean up the streets.

Zach Braff

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#38. The ideal client is the very wealthy man in very great trouble.

John Sterling

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#39. With technology today, companies are less in control of their brand

Blake Mycoskie

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