Top 22 Moonlighting Quotes

#1. The 'Moonlighting' tension of the couple that obviously never can get together, there's an innate sort of fun and tension in that.

Jason Katims

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#2. I have a great team. A lot of my focus every day is with my television and film career, directing and producing, and I guess you can say that my moonlighting gig is Tropfest. Obviously, when I am not working I am in the Tropfest office full-time.

John Polson

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#3. Pharoahe Monch is like an eloquent linguistics professor moonlighting as a rhyme serial killer terrorist, challenging the listeners' I.Q. while daring him or her to keep up.

Kool Moe Dee

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#4. Formerly when a man worked ten hours a day, it was called economic slavery; nowadays it is called moonlighting.

Evan Esar

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#5. I am moonlighting for the Buddha.

John Burdett

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#6. Life has enough torturers as it is, without you going around moonlighting as a Grand Inquisitor against yourself.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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#7. What were you doing with her?" I ask quietly.
"Apart from questioning her about your whereabouts, I was listening to the most intriguing story about my life moonlighting as a kidnapper.

Melina Marchetta

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#8. Even when I became the editor of 'Vogue' - America, I kept moonlighting for a garment store.

Mary McFadden

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#9. 'Tyrannosaur's an arrival for me, but it's also the first step into a new career. I don't want to be moonlighting at this, like I have done with acting. Y'know, I think I've found my career at 37 years old.

Paddy Considine

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#10. There was the old hippie-hating mad dog himself, moonlighting after a busy day of civil-rights violation, as pitchman for Channel View Estates.

Thomas Pynchon

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#11. By the Nineties, so many people were moonlighting and creating their own professional identities that China generated a brisk new business in the printing of business cards.

Evan Osnos

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#12. We don't do what we know is wrong.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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#13. Grant me Love implies
not desire but
Commitment accepts Challenge
Challenge embraces Theory
And you and I will get Reason: A way to explore
past actions
future dreams

Nikki Giovanni

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#14. So there's no guarantee if you like the music you will empathize with the culture and the people who made it. It doesn't necessarily happen. I think it can, but it doesn't necessarily happen. Which is kind of a shame.

David Byrne

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#15. Bryson says we have no word for the Danish hygge, then goes on to tell us exactly what it means: "instantly satisfying and cozy" (though

Robert Lane Greene

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#16. I don't have a dishwasher, and I hate washing dishes.

Kristanna Loken

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#17. Mother love is the most powerful, the most irrational force on earth, even more powerful than sexual love. However, one does lead to the other, so best not to spurn the former.

Rita Mae Brown

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#18. Don't be afraid of what you're creating.

Christy Hall

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#19. The voice came from the other side of the divider, an older man, bald, who wore a leather vest over a dark blue button-down shirt, like a Radio Shack manager who moonlighted as a forest brigand.

Austin Grossman

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#20. I don't want to come off as arrogant here, but I'm the best botanist on the planet.

Andy Weir

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#21. It is no less vain to wish death than it is cowardly to fear it.

Philip Sidney

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#22. I never want to disappoint my parents, ever. They are people that I always look up to.

Nicole Richie

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