Top 10 Miss Independent Quotes

#1. Dane picked up on the second ring. "How's Operation Baby Rescue going?"
"I've rescued the baby. Now I'd like someone to rescue me."
"Miss Independent never needs to be rescued."
I felt the hint of a genuine smile appear on my face, like a crack in the winter ice. "Oh, right. I forgot.

Lisa Kleypas

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#2. I would like that to be known; these facts are in the summary which I think is a very good one.

John Sherman Cooper

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#3. What's wrong with being alone anyway? Being alone is sometimes a great place to be, but people are always trying to correct this "problem" for you, even if you yourself don't have any kind of problem with it.

Amy Schumer

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#4. We are suffering. We have suffered. And we are not afraid to suffer in order to win our cause.

Cesar Chavez

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#5. I started doing independent films. My first one was 'Miss Bala,' which was very well-received at film festivals.

Stephanie Sigman

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#6. The Russian drove. New York turned in his seat to make sure I wasn't peeking. He should have been a surfer. His face was full of masculine prettiness and immensely likeable. Which, by horror's law of inverted aesthetics, made me sure we were being taken to our deaths.

Glen Duncan

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#7. The burden of regret can weigh us down heavily on our spiritual journey. The best way to release regret is to forgive ourselves.

James Van Praagh

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#8. I think people sometimes get stressed out when they have a newborn and an infant. Try to enjoy it because the time is so fleeting, and soon enough, they'll be running around and be more independent. You're going to miss that time.

Sara Gilbert

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#9. Do radioactive cats have eighteen half-lives?

Steven Wright

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#10. I don't want to wake up ten years from now regretting that I let this slip through my fingers. I don't want to waste another moment without you in my life.

A Meredith Walters

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