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#1. Statistical studies are all over the lot about the pluses and minuses of raising the minimum wage. - Author: Edmund Phelps
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#2. I don't know why I get away with some things. But I'm not a misogynistic, racist person. Yet I do find those jokes funny, so I say them. And I try to say everything kind of in a good spirit. - Author: Daniel Tosh
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#3. Once you get up steam, you are carried helplessly along. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#4. Being in the limelight has its minuses. - Author: Jon Postel
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#5. I've learned a lot about myself. Most of it is all right. When I add up the pluses and subtract the minuses, I still come out pretty well. - Author: Betty Ford
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#6. It's a lot easier to blow up trains than to make them run on time. - Author: Max Brooks
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#7. I always marked up a piece of paper before taking a job, looking at the pluses and minuses. If the latter outnumbered the former, I would pass. - Author: Dennis Washington
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#8. There is a restless kind of consumer shopping for partners, as if the "right one" can be found by totting up a potential mate's pluses and minuses until the number of pluses matches some mythical standards. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#9. Each form has its pluses and its minuses. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#10. I read books and talked to people. I mean that's kind of how one learns anything. There's lots of great books out there & lots of smart people. - Author: Elon Musk
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#11. All you need for a lifetime of successful investing is a few big winners, and the pluses from those will overwhelm the minuses from the stocks that don't work out. - Author: Peter Lynch
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#12. Self-awareness can't be built on looking at our pluses and minuses before we look at the most basic essence of what we are. - Author: Ruben Papian
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#13. Self-discovery is life recovery. - Author: Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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#14. It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#15. I've learned a couple of things. And one of the things I have learned is that every experience has pluses and minuses. - Author: Petra Nemcova
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#16. I think there are pluses and minuses to being simpleminded. The minus is not having any sort of vision for the future. But on the plus side, my wife and I have really been happy through all of the ups and downs. - Author: Ty Burrell
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#17. Every president when he is elected has to live with the pluses and minuses his predecessor leaves, which includes benefits as well as burdens. - Author: Donald Rumsfeld
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#18. We learn about life not from plusses alone, but from minuses as well. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#19. To have a discussion about the plusses and minuses of various forms of group action, though, is going to require discussing the current tools and services as they exist, rather than discussing their caricatures or simply wishing that they would disappear. - Author: Clay Shirky
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#20. The minuses of celebrity include having to live with security and the knowledge that you may be stalked. - Author: Enya
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#21. The object of the novelist is to keep the reader entirely oblivious of the fact that the author exists - even of the fact he is reading a book. - Author: Ford Madox Ford
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#22. Life is but a carousel of four seasons. Unpredictable for the most part. Happy. Unhappy. Content. Searching. Mess up the order, and they still rebound at one point or another. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#23. I had D minuses in chemistry and all of the sciences, and now I'm known as a molecular gastronomist. - Author: Grant Achatz
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#24. My version, of course, is not this flag-waving, let's all get on the Jesus train and ride out of hell. I'm not that kind of guy. It's an embrace that life is good, worth living and yeah, it's not easy, but there are more pluses than minuses. - Author: Billy Corgan
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#25. It was always the ones with A-minuses who came around to argue about their grades. - Author: Kelly Oliver
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#26. I am treating you as my friend, asking you to share my present minuses in the hope that I can ask you to share my future plusses. - Author: Katherine Mansfield
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#27. So many plusses, so many minuses. - Author: Lionel Blue
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#28. The key to good decision making is evaluating the available information - the data - and combining it with your own estimates of pluses and minuses. As an economist, I do this every day. - Author: Emily Oster
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#29. I think of fans like a barbershop. I want that debate. - Author: Pitbull
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#30. If we focus on the minuses, we go down the spiral. But if we are able to focus on the pluses, we can become stronger and put more meaning into our life. - Author: Petra Nemcova
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