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#1. Hardin lived in a world he manipulated day to day, you never knew when a piece of information might have a use. Life was a jigsaw puzzle someone had kicked apart on the day Hardin was born and he was still putting it back together a piece at a time.

William Gay

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#2. More than any expert Irene had met, Mr. Simms mastered the intricacies of dealing in art. He understood an object's worth, not solely its dollar value but how that value could be manipulated into emotional currency.

Kim Fay

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#3. We emotionally manipulated each other until we thought it was love.

Warsan Shire

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#4. Truth was a changing display in a shop window, manipulated by hands when you weren't looking, alluring and ever out of reach.

Colson Whitehead

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#5. Facts must be manipulated; some must be brightened; others shaded; yet, in the process, they must never lose their integrity.

Virginia Woolf

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#6. For Mary, the world is something to be mastered, manipulated, and made; for Fanny, the world is a gift to be received with thanksgiving. Fanny is the eucharistic heroine, giving thanks in all times and places.

Peter J. Leithart

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#7. A computer model which manipulated data about itself and its "surroundings" in essentially the same way as an organic brain would have to possess essentially the same mental states. "Simulated consciousness" was as oxymoronic as "simulated addition.

Greg Egan

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#8. Some people ask why people would go into a dark room to be scared. I say they are already scared, and they need to have that fear manipulated and massaged. I think of horror movies as the disturbed dreams of a society.

Wes Craven

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#9. Experimental work provides the strongest evidence for scientific realism. This is not because we test hypotheses about entities. It is because entities that in principle cannot be 'observed' are manipulated to produce a new phenomena
[sic] and to investigate other aspects of nature.

Ian Hacking

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#10. People are never so likely to be wrong as when they are organized. And they never have so little freedom. Perhaps that is why the people at large keep their freedom. People can be manipulated only when they are organized.

Henry Ford

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#11. I don't like being threatened, lied to, or manipulated. You'd do well to remember that. (Simone)
Or what? You're going to snivel at me? (Xypher)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#12. Unlike the marks of a painting, the photo seems to organize its 'opinions' in relation to the world; even when the photographs have clearly been manipulated, the 'opinions' seem to have all the more force, with the suggested 'participation of the world' articulating that 'opinion' as a difference.

Joseph Kosuth

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#13. Sooner or later we've all got to confront the reality that we have got to come to understand who we are and what we're doing, and the extent to which we are guided or manipulated by forces that are beyond our control.

Ayad Akhtar

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#14. These are the elements of an emerging order that may prove to be as dangerous as any fundamentalism that history has produced. For in a world where anything or anyone can be owned, manipulated, and exploited for profit, everything and everyone will be.

Joel Bakan

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#15. All living things are manipulated as long as there is a will, it is bent and twisted constantly. Only the dead are allowed the luxury of freedom, and then only because they want nothing, and therefore can't be thwarted.

Orson Scott Card

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#16. The chief offense in bad fiction: we sense that characters are being manipulated, forced to do things they would not really do.

John Gardner

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#17. I was tired of rewriting my opinion of the Society. I was tired of wondering what Rose would wish me to do. I was tired of constantly wondering if I had made the right choice, if I even had a choice, or if I was being manipulated at every turn.

Tarun Shanker

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#18. Right and left; the hothouse and the street. The Right can only live and work hermetically, in the hothouse of the past, while outside the Left prosecute their affairs in the streets manipulated by mob violence. And cannot live but in the dreamscape of the future.

Thomas Pynchon

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#19. When you see someone draining you, your being naturally cuts it off. Yet many times you can be manipulated not to see.

Frederick Lenz

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#20. Almost everything I say, no matter how innocent my intentions are, seems to get sort of manipulated and sensationalized and turned into some ridiculous news story.

Megan Fox

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#21. To get elected in Mexico today, you have to compete like any democracy, and you don't do that by being manipulated.

Enrique Pena Nieto

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#22. This truth, that I have to please only God, is an important key to becoming resistant to being manipulated by disapproval from others.

Rick Warren

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#23. Our children, manipulated to become exemplary consumers, increasingly admit they do not feel 'in control' of their own Internet use.

Beeban Kidron

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#24. When in doubt, we follow our hearts. Words can be false, images and sounds can be manipulated. But this ... ' He tapped his chest, over his heart. 'This is always true.

Michael Scott

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#25. If nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, nothing is more harmful than an idea which is manipulated by motivated men. Rogues and crooks have ideas. So do ordinary folks. But intellectuals are meant to be a breed apart for the same reason rocks aren't gems.

Mohammad Badrul Ahsan

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#26. For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him.

Karl Marx

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#27. You have to go back to the Children's Crusade in 1212 AD to find as unfortunate and fatuous an attempt at manipulated hysteria as the Women's Liberation Movement.

Helen Lawrenson

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#28. I think that Peter Mandelson, particularly in relation to the issue of policing, made a huge mess of it. He allowed himself to be manipulated by the securocrats within the British establishment.

Martin McGuinness

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#29. One of the greatest challenge facing young people today, is the
large scale availability of half truth's and manipulated facts

Oche Otorkpa

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#30. Science and religion are both guilty of committing atrocities," King Solomon continued. "They are not evil in and of themselves, but in the hands of evil men they can be manipulated to produce great destruction.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#31. There are no facts, there is no truth, just data to be manipulated.

Don Henley

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#32. Advertising is tax deductible, so we all pay for the privilege of being manipulated and controlled.

Noam Chomsky

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#33. Religions are manipulated in order to serve those who govern society and not the other way around.

Gore Vidal

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#34. Is this the curse of modernity, to live in a world without judgment, without perspective, no context for understanding or distinguishing what is real and what is imagined, what is manipulated and what is by chance beautiful, what is shadow and what is flesh?

Terry Tempest Williams

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#35. A sociopath is one who sees others as impersonal objects to be manipulated to fulfill their own narcissistic needs without any regard for the hurtful consequences of their selfish actions.

R. Alan Woods

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#36. If we want hell,
if we want heaven,
they are ours.
That's how love works. It can't be forced, manipulated, or coerced.
It always leaves room for the other to decide.
God says yes,
we can have what we want,
because love wins.

Rob Bell

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#37. Saul is a devout believer only in himself, and he was convinced that the religious faith of others, if manipulated skillfully, was an excellent path to the power he sought. He was studying religions of the world in order to pick up tips on how to build his own.

Rysa Walker

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#38. When air conditioning, escalators, and advertising appeared, shopping expanded its scale, but also limited its spontaneity. And it became much more predictable, almost scientific. What had once been the most surprising became the most manipulated.

Rem Koolhaas

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#39. I don't think I'm against all wars, but you'd have to have a damn good reason to send your son or daughter to fight, or to go yourself. So often, we are lied to and manipulated by our governments for their own very cynical reasons.

Paul Haggis

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#40. When we do not know our true identity as powerful creators, we are susceptible to being used and manipulated.

Bryant McGill

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#41. They had some really cool rigged cars and things that were different that they would tow behind the camera car that were actually on these trailers that manipulated side to side and stuff like they were getting hit, and actually put the actor right in the middle of the chase.

David R. Ellis

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#42. Whenever there's chaos, there's ambiguity, and where there's ambiguity, there's fear. And fear gets manipulated.

Robert Redford

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#43. I think people have a need to feel good about the country they live in, but what's happening, I think, is that that need - which is a good thing - is getting manipulated and exploited.

Ronald Reagan

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#44. The notion that critics of the drone program are being manipulated by propaganda from terrorist organizations "would be laughable, were it not so offensive towards civilian victims of drone strikes." A

Jeremy Scahill

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#45. For me as an American, the most painful aspect of this is that I believe that that administration has taken the events of 9/11 and has manipulated the grief of the country and I think that's reprehensible.

Dustin Hoffman

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#46. You will see at precisely what moment the writer ceases to think of his character as an instrument to be manipulated and think of him as someone with whom he has fallen in love. For it is always, must always be, a matter of love.

Richard Selzer

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#47. Hate and love are essentially the same in that the person who loves is as easily manipulated as a person who hates

Robert Ludlum

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#48. You are about to see a presentation which will explain to you how almost all of human society is being manipulated by a handful of deviant leaders who use all means to accomplish their monstrous missions.


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#49. There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic.

Diane Setterfield

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#50. Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous.

Frank Herbert

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#51. In East, South and Central Africa, the minority manipulated the majority into believing the minority was the majority, that there were more whites in the world than blacks; instilled in the blacks a sense of inferiority, inadequacy, worthlessness.

Peter Abrahams

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#52. Nobody knows whether our personalities pass on to another existence or sphere, but if we can evolve an instrument so delicate to be manipulated by our personality as it survives in the next life such an instrument ought to record something ...

Thomas A. Edison

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#53. I always thought that putting tons of reverb on my voice was kind of the equivalent of airbrushing. And I wanted other girls and women to hear a real female voice that wasn't completely manipulated.

Kathleen Hanna

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#54. I could talk for ages about how women are amazing, but essentially we shouldn't be manipulated by the media's expectations of our bodies. I'd recommend every woman to read 'Women Who Run with the Wolves' - it's about being in touch with your more wild, free and powerful side.

Bat For Lashes

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#55. When ideas are manipulated for personal ends, for class or group interests, the name for this is sophistry.


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#56. Women cannot claim the right to be considered mature and responsible until they decide the course of their lives for themselves and refuse to be a "manipulated group." They will not be truly emancipated untilthe right to work is a matter of course and not of discussion.

Mary Barnett Gilson

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#57. The insight at the root of artificial intelligence was that these "bits" (manipulated by computers) could just as well stand as symbols for concepts that the machine would combine by the strict rules of logic or the looser associations of psychology.

Daniel Crevier

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#58. The maxim of "Four legs good, two legs bad," which ultimately serves as a controlling device, arises because of the ignorance of the working animals. Its simplicity allows it to be easily altered and manipulated.


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#59. Pictures get manipulated, pictures get dropped into accounts. We've asked an internet security firm and a law firm to take a hard look at this to come up with a conclusion about what happened and to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Anthony Weiner

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#60. Revolution?" Arno laughed. "What happened wasn't a revolution. It was a deal. The creation of a new bunch of entrepreneurs who could be more easily manipulated by international capital.

Harry Kalmer

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#61. At some point, when you read about this factual information that comes out in The New Zealand Herald and it's barely mentioned in The New York Times, then I think you've got to question where this is being manipulated, and where the filters are.

Eddie Vedder

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#62. Fearful people are more dependent, more easily manipulated and controlled, more susceptible to deceptively simple, strong, tough measures and hard-line postures ... They may accept and even welcome repression if it promises to relieve their insecurities.

George Gerbner

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#63. I'm in the movie business; it's meant to be very cutthroat. But you won't find anybody that ever says I cheated them or manipulated them.

Jack Nicholson

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#64. I won't let myself be used or manipulated. I won't let myself be a hypocrite.
I am foe me.
I am not weak.
For anyone.

Barry Lyga

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#65. I live by three simple rules

1. Order your existence in a way which is necessary to meet your needs.

2. Surround yourself with people that can be manipulated.

3. In every conquest find a way to be victorious.

Daniel Corey

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#66. The law, as manipulated by clever and highly respected rascals, still remains the best avenue for a career of honourable and leisurely plunder.

Gabriel Chevallier

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#67. Love is not a word or an idea or even a place to go to or a thing to strive for. It is not something to grasp and smother and mold and change. It cannot be orchestrated, played, controlled or manipulated. You can not cup it tenderly in your open hand or wish it into being through fervent prayer.

Vanessa G. Foster

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#68. Alice? You didn't get this far without realizing that you don't have to cheat to win. You just have to accept that people are easily manipulated.

Elle Lothlorien

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#69. What an ephemeral thing human will is, to be manipulated by a couple of drops of hormones!

Elizabeth Fama

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#70. It is dangerous for a ruler to trust others. He who trusts others can be manipulated by others.

Han Fei

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#71. Adults who think that children must be manipulated for their own good have developed the attitude of a controlling parent who lacks faith in himself, the child, or humanity or himself.

Carl Rogers

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#72. Venice manipulated markets by controlling production. In the late thirteenth century, wishing to raise the world market price, Venice had all saltworks in Crete destroyed and banned the local production of salt.

Mark Kurlansky

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#73. I don't like being kidnapped. Or manipulated."
"I've done neither, silly. Though I'd like to hear about your other kidnap incidents. The aspects that put you off the experience.

Roberta Pearce

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#74. At some stage in the process, most mainstream pop records are being manipulated and possibly completely rebuilt on a computer, with a visual program.

James Blake

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#75. Non-human primates spend hours a day grooming each other. And with humans, touching is also important. It's a way to form bonds and connect in modern society. But you can also speed up the use of conscious purposes once you're aware of that, and it can be manipulated.

Leonard Mlodinow

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#76. In the early 1970s, phone phreaks manipulated the long-distance system using blue boxes that they built from sketchy photocopied schematics that were often riddled with errors. Not many had the skill to do this. Phreaking was restricted to a select few.

Charles Platt

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#77. If our intelligence is either manipulated or if it's shaded or if in some way it is exaggerated, it is very, very dangerous for us, particularly as we go down the road and look at other threats,.

Carl Levin

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#78. I want to help children develop strengths that allow them to feel they don't have to push things away mentally ... If we 'cotton-ball' kids, it produces adults who are too scared to think for themselves and are easily manipulated.

Morris Gleitzman

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#79. By and large, the making of serious, thoughtful and occasionally valuable art has become a lonely persuasion, while the marketing of art has become a boutique operation, manipulated by fashion, self-serving art scholars and the vagaries of the auction block.

Abe Ajay

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#80. In the future, readers of newspapers and magazines will probably view news pictures more as illustrations than as reportage, since they can no longer distinguish between a genuine image and one that has been manipulated.

Andy Grundberg

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#81. Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated
are confident they are acting on their own free will.

Joseph Goebbels

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#82. This is what language does: organize the world into manageable, and in some sense artificial, units that can then be inhabited and manipulated.

Stanley Fish

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#83. That's the difference between a real journal and one that's invented for a novel - a novel journal has to be manipulated so someone reading it can have enough comprehension, which means the person writing it would've had to have a sense of a someday-audience.

Cris Mazza

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#84. Both 'Consenting Adults' and 'Glengarry Glen Ross' revolve around the economic stresses of the '90s. They are about what people do when they're pushed against that wall, and how they're manipulated. They are both morality tales, though in very different genres.

Kevin Spacey

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#85. [I suspect] that in the drive toward the liberal universalist notion of human rights that characterized the last fifty or so years, there has been an accompanying oversensitivity that, in practice, keeps us atomized and more likely to be manipulated and have our rights impinged upon.

Darren O'Donnell

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#86. You cannot be driven by the polls. The polls change all the time; they're easily manipulated by whoever wants to ask those poll questions; they go up; they go down.

Dick Cheney

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#87. Economists love to talk about incentives, but the bottom line is that people hate being controlled or manipulated, even when done through voluntary institutions. This is one of the most important tensions in capitalism.

Tyler Cowen

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#88. Uninformed people can be easily manipulated.

Benjamin Carson

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#89. I feel birth, death, marriage is destined, and these things can't be manipulated. I have surrendered my life completely. So, whenever it happens, I will accept it.

Sakshi Tanwar

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#90. I've always fought against being controlled and manipulated and stomped upon by circumstances.

Jack Nicholson

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#91. There are two hundred million idiots, manipulated by a million intelligent men.

Pablo Escobar

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#92. Despotic governments do not recognize the precious human component of the state, seeing its citizens only as a faceless, mindless
and helpless
mass to be manipulated at will. It is as though people were incidental to a nation rather than its very life-blood.

Aung San Suu Kyi

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#93. even admirable human desires for love, for belonging, and for meaning can be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals to benefit themselves

Noah Berlatsky

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#94. The essential characteristic of digital information is that it can be manipulated easily and very rapidly by computer ... Computational tools for transforming, combining, altering, and analyzing images are as essential to the digital artist as brushes and pigments to a painter.

William J. Mitchell

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#95. I may be biting off more than I can chew, but with 'The Simpsons' and with 'Futurama,' what I'm trying to do in the guise of light entertainment, if this is possible - is nudge people, jostle them a little, wake them up to some of the ways in which we're being manipulated and exploited.

Matt Groening

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#96. Because the sad fact is that the Enron Corporation and others manipulated with unfortunately great effect the energy market in the West Coast starting in 2000.

Jay Inslee

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#97. Women have developed the second attention because they were repressed, because they were manipulated, because they were used as property, as chattel, historically, for thousands of years and still today.

Frederick Lenz

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#98. In the age of media, we are nothing but minds waiting to be filled, emotions waiting to be manipulated.

D.T. Max

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#99. audiences have been successfully manipulated by those who use social evidence, even when that evidence has been openly falsified.

Robert B. Cialdini

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#100. Most of the world's major waterways have been diverted or dammed or otherwise manipulated - in the United States, only two per cent of rivers run unimpeded - and people now use half the world's readily accessible freshwater runoff.

Elizabeth Kolbert

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