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Top 15 Love And Human Remains Quotes

#1. On that same tour we ran into a band at Aylesbury Friars, a biggish venue in Oxfordshire, England. They were a four-piece from Ireland called U2. They seemed like nice fellows and they sounded pretty good, but we didn't keep in touch. They're probably taxi drivers and accountants by now. - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#2. I love ocean life. I'm fascinated that so much of it remains unexplored by human beings. Diluted seawater consisted of nearly the same concentration of elements and minerals as blood plasma. They've got the same amount of sodium, too. - Author: Nnedi Okorafor
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#3. Love changes," she replied. "When the flame dies, the glow remains, but it no longer centers upon one human creature and it warms the whole soul. Then the soul looks at all human creatures with love diffused. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#4. Love's true nature remains forever beyond the grasp of all our faculties. It is far greater than any feeling or emotion and completely surpasses any act of human kindness ... The realization of love always remains mysterious. - Author: Gerald May
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#5. God be praised for his gracious long suffering towards me in sparing my life so long. Grant, gracious God, that I may make a good use of the time that thou mayest be pleased yet to grant me for repentance. - Author: Patrick Gordon
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#6. When all violence subsides in the human heart, the state which remains is love. It is not something we have to acquire; it is always present, and needs only to be uncovered. This is our real nature, not merely to love one person here, another there, but to be love itself. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#7. Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things. - Author: Martin Luther
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#8. The story ends. It was written for several reasons. Nine of them are secrets. The tenth is that one should never cease considering human love, which remains as grisly and golden as ever, no matter what is tattooed upon the warm tympanic page. - Author: Donald Barthelme
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#9. What likelihood is there of corrupting a man who has no ambition? - Author: Samuel Richardson
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#10. Childhood is never troubled with foresight. - Author: Fanny Burney
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#11. The ear is the only writer and the only true reader. - Author: Robert Frost
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#12. Free love may try to dissolve, and the concubinate to desecrate, the holiest tie, as it pleases; but, for the vast majority of our race, marriage remains the foundation of human society and the family retains its position as the primordial sphere in sociology. - Author: Abraham Kuyper
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#13. To allot God a secondary place in life was, to me, inconceivable. Though He is the sole Owner of the cosmos, silently showering us with gifts from life to life, one thing yet remains which He does not own, and which each human heart is empowered to withhold or bestow - man's love. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
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#14. I expect it will turn out that sexual intercourse is possible between Gethenian double-sexed and Hainish-norm one-sexed human beings, though such intercourse will inevitably be sterile. It remains to be proved; Estraven and I proved nothing except perhaps a rather subtler point. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#15. To love one person productively means to be related to his human core, to him as representing mankind. Love for one individual, in so far as it is divorced from love for man, can refer only to the superficial and to the accidental; of necessity it remains shallow. - Author: Erich Fromm
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