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#1. Our life is like a race and soon we are going to reach the ribbon ... You should race so well that your race flashbacks every Olympics

Zainab Asif

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#2. Life is like a race, whenever I found a finish line, I lose, bcoz I'm last.. :(

Rahul R Singh

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#3. When you go through all your life processing and abusing your hair so it will look like the hair of another race of people then you are making a statement and the statement is clear

Assata Shakur

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#4. Well, if you don't like the idea of one world, how many worlds do you want, and how would you like them divided? By race? By religion? By income? Unless you have a spare planet in your pocket, one world is all we have.

Burl Barer

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#5. How can the human race be, like, the only living form in the universe? There have to be other life forms out there. I believe it.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

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#6. For all of life is like that Race.
With ups and downs and all.
And all you have to do to win,
Is rise each time you fall

Dee Groberg

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#7. As a Formula One driver, you dream about winning your first race all your life. I am desperate to know what it feels like.

Sergio Perez

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#8. I got beat real hard and heavy in the Olympic Games in 1968 by a guy who swam an incredible race one time in his whole life, but he did it right at the right time. I'd like to be that guy now. Maybe that's what I'm going to have to pull out of my hat to make the Olympic team.

Mark Spitz

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#9. When I go to a great movie, I can live somebody else's life a little bit for a while. I can walk in somebody else's shoes. I can see what it feels like to be a member of a different gender, a different race, a different economic class, to live in a different time, to have a different belief.

Roger Ebert

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#10. [E]ven I know that being a parent is awful ninety-five percent of the time ... As far as I can tell, it's that last five percent that keeps the human race from dying out. Four parts blinding terror, one part perfection. It's like mainlining heroin. One taste of life on that edge and you're hooked.

Kimberly McCreight

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#11. Every rebel is, with us, more or less a soldier who has missed his vocation, a being made for a heroic life ... The European race is a race of masters and soldiers. If you reduce this noble race to the work in a slave's prison like Negroes or Chinamen, it will rebel.

Ernest Renan

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#12. The child, merely by going on with his life, learns to speak the language belonging to his race. It is like a mental chemistry that takes place in the child.

Maria Montessori

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#13. There is nothing like the dead cold hand of the past to take down our tumid egotism and lead us into the solemn flow of the life of our race.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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#14. Life is like a foot race, Marcus: There will always be people who are faster than you, and there will always be those who are slower than you. What matters, in the end, is how you ran your race.

Joel Dicker

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#15. Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle.

Jack Paar

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#16. ... having been with Boaz for so long that she could predict every one of his moves, their sex life was more like a race to see who came first.

Molly Antopol

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#17. We can leave the rat race to rodents... but I suspect that even they wouldn't like it

Adriano Bulla

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#18. Life is like a dogsled race. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

Lewis Grizzard

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#19. I became a chameleon. My color didn't change, but I could change your perception of my color. If you spoke Zulu, I replied to you in Zulu. If you spoke to me in Tswana, I replied to you in Tswana. Maybe I didn't look like you, but if I spoke like you, I was you.

Trevor Noah

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#20. Truth only is prolific. Error, sterile in itself, produces only by means of the portion of truth which it contains. It may have offspring, but the life which it gives, like that of the hybrid races, cannot be transmitted.

Sophie Swetchine

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#21. To win the rat race, you have to think and behave like a cat.

Manoj Vaz

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#22. My new life goes beyond my dreams because my dream was Formula One and I achieved it. I'm a driver, I feel like a driver. I have won this race because I am alive.

Maria De Villota

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#23. The human race is intoxicated with narrow victories, for life is a string of them like pearls that hit the floor when the rope breaks, and roll away in perfection and anarchy.

Mark Helprin

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#24. The race of men is like the race of leaves. As one generation flourishes, another decays.


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#25. The reason we life black people isn't because they're black. We like them because they're not as grey as we are.

John Cage

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#26. Running the race
Like a mouse in a cage
Getting nowhere but I'm trying
Forging ahead
But I'm stuck in the bed
That I made so I'm lying

A Fine Frenzy

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#27. She felt like a baton getting passed along in a relay race, completely devoid of any control over her destiny.

Gretchen McNeil

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#28. Music overwhelmed me, soaked into my skin like water. I didn't have words for the squiggles and dashes across the pages, or the way his fingers stretched across the keys to make my heart race. If I could hear only one thing for the rest of my life, this was what I wanted.

Jodi Meadows

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#29. If life were like a competitive race, some people would be given a flying start and others would line up with weights tied to their ankles.

Mardy Grothe

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#30. You're in a horse race but you're thinking like a sheep. Sheep don't win horse races.

Jeannette Walls

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#31. I make my patients feel like they're still part of life, part of some grand nutty scheme instead of alone with their diseases. With me, they still feel part of the human race.

Samuel Shem

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#32. People Just Dig A wall for Water .
but They Need To Look On Earth For Water.
All People in a Race Of Number Like Million-Billion.
But They Need To Look On zero.

Sushil Singh

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#33. Like a clock of life on which the seconds race, the page number hangs over the characters in a novel. Where is the reader who has not once lifted to it a fleeting, fearful glance?

Walter Benjamin

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#34. Running with a drowsy child of Hades was more like doing a 3 -legged race with a life size rag doll.

Rick Riordan

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#35. Walking with the projected chest
Feeling like you just won
The race has been tough
But the joy of winning is too good;

Priscilla Koranteng

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#36. Mostly I remember the way I was before I became a Contender. Competing in this race is like becoming a drug addict. One small slip leads to another and before you know it, you find yourself in an impossible situation and can't fathom how your life has spiraled so far from what it was.

Victoria Scott

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#37. My life is parallel to a horse race. They have blinders on to keep them from being distracted in the race and keep them focused on winning the race. That's kind of like my life. Focus on the goal, not the things coming at me from the side.

Reggie Bush

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#38. If you don't discover God's dreams, you'll either waste your life running in wrong races and crossing wrong finish lines or, like many people, have no finish line at all.

Dutch Sheets

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#39. Ralph Ellison is a classic work of erudition, grace, and elegance. Rampersad offers us an Ellison whose gifts and warts orbit the same universe of creative genius. Like Ellison's work, Rampersad's text wrestles eloquently with difficult truths about race, politics, and American life.

Michael Eric Dyson

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#40. Jesus doesn't participate in the rat race. He's into the slower rhythms of life, like abiding, delighting, and dwelling - all words that require us to trust Him with our place and our pace. Words used to describe us being with Him.

Lysa TerKeurst

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#41. I turned 54 this year and I find myself feeling like I'm in a bit of a race to get down on paper the way I really feel about life - or the way it has presented to me. And because it has presented to me very beautifully, this is hard. It is technically very hard to show positive manifestations.

George Saunders

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#42. Dear Heavenly Father, sometimes I feel like I'm not going to make it. Thank You for friends that come alongside me and cheer me on when I feel like I'm about to go under. Most of all, thank You for always being with me and cheering me on in the great race of life. I love You!

Sharon Jaynes

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#43. The attacks in Jordan, just like those before it in Indonesia, Egypt, Spain and the United States, demonstrate that terrorism does not discriminate by race, ethnicity or region. Instead, terrorists indiscriminately target those seeking to live a peaceful, loving and free life.

Allyson Schwartz

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#44. Controlling women as the means of reproduction is made even more necessary by any race or caste or class system. It just comes together, it's just like life. And therefore it's not even practical to be a feminist without being anti-racist or against classism. It just doesn't work.

Gloria Steinem

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#45. In the race of life, don't be like a horse or car that can stop anytime; rather be like Earth and Time: unstoppable.

Vinita Kinra

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#46. Plant life is like the canary in the cage. When it starts to die off, we know we have problems. To ignore plant die off would be like the human race committing suicide. Human extinction would surely follow.

Steven Magee

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