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#1. I value self-discipline, but creating systems that make it next to impossible to misbehave is more reliable than self-control. - Author: Tim Ferriss
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#2. Research shows that normal young children misbehave every three minutes. - Author: Carol S. Dweck
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#3. Whether I am on a stage, behind a guitar or in front of a camera, I get paid to misbehave. Fortunately, misbehaviour is something I have unlimited supply of. - Author: Vir Das
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#4. It seems that when you get to a certain age you almost give yourself permission to misbehave and say what you think. People allow it, with very old people. - Author: Julie Walters
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#5. Adolescence is a dreadful period. We tend to notice those youngsters who misbehave and call attention to themselves, but there are others, equally miserable, who receive no help simply because they are silent. (41) - Author: Stephen Dobyns
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#6. This is a generation weaned on Watergate, and there is no presumption of innocence and no presumption of good intentions. Instead, there is a presumption that, without relentless scrutiny, the government will misbehave. - Author: Dee Dee Myers
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#7. Do not be afraid of cooking as your ingredients will know, and misbehave. Enjoy your cooking and the food will behave; moreover it will pass your pleasure on to those who eat it. - Author: Fergus Henderson
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#8. You catch all that, Humphrey?" I asked.
"Get to eat demons for breakfast," he said with a grin.
"Hey, only if they misbehave," I said.
"Demons always do," he said, licking his lips.
I had a sinking feeling that the gargoyle had a point. - Author: E.J. Stevens
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#9. Try to get your characters into interesting trouble. Allow your characters to misbehave. Let them stay out after 11. - Author: Charles Baxter
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#10. Students frequently misbehave because they (1) want and need attention from adults and peers, (2) are trying to avoid a difficult or unpleasant task (too difficult, too easy, too boring), or (3) for some older students, revenge. - Author: Barbara D. Bateman
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#11. Right now. Living. Aiming to misbehave or just trying not to fade away. - Author: Michael R. Underwood
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#12. Instead, an unexpected surprise was waiting for her when she walked in the door. Daisy's trusty West Highland Terrier Shamus was usually so well-behaved. Unfortunately, Shamus picked that night to misbehave. - Author: K.M. Morgan
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#13. To misbehave us to denounce the social norms that limit individuals based on who they are. That to make history is to upset patriarchy, a system that is intent on controlling and marginalising others. - Author: Malebo Sephodi
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#14. They all stared at him in mute agreement. Intelligence and kindness in their stares. No one would misbehave. - Author: D.K. Cassidy
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#15. My parents have always been very respectful of me so I've always been really respectful of them. My worst fear is to let them down so that's why I don't misbehave. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#16. It's not often in life that you can misbehave for the good of the cause - Author: Amin Maalouf
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#17. And sometimes I misbehave on purpose."
"It's called being a brat. Ben will sometimes indulge me [and punish me], but occasionally I have to listen to a lecture about asking for what I want. And those times, I get sent to bed without an orgasm. - Author: Sierra Cartwright
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#18. Indoors was his place and there he'd moulder, a respectable pillar of society who has never had the chance to misbehave. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#19. Liberal Doctrine: it is not children who misbehave, but parents. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#20. I don't say we all ought to misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could. - Author: Orson Welles
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#21. Every child senses, with all the horse sense that's in him, that any parent is angry inside when children misbehave and they dread more the anger that is rarely or never expressed openly, wondering how awful it might be. - Author: Benjamin Spock
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#22. In the folklore of the British Isles, a bodach is a vile beast that slithers down chimneys at night and carries off children who misbehave. Rather like Inland Revenue agents. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#23. I aim to misbehave. - Author: Brenna Aubrey
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#24. Drink without getting drunk
Love without suffering jealousy
Eat without overindulging
Never argue
And once in a while, with great discretion, misbehave - Author: Dan Buettner
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#25. The best way to behave is to misbehave. - Author: Mae West
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#26. I think it'd be disgraceful if a chap wasn't allowed to have a bit of fun in Las Vegas. The real scandal would be if you went all the way to Las Vegas and you didn't misbehave in some trivial way. - Author: Boris Johnson
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#27. I really believe that a writer is someone who has trained their mind to misbehave. - Author: Brad Thor
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#28. At the snowy summit of all these things, however, is the fact that you simply cannot go about locking your siblings in towers when they misbehave. It is unseemly and betrays a sad lack of creativity. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#29. A writer is a man who has taught his mind to misbehave. - Author: Stephen King
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#30. I grew up as a Mormon, and that had more of an impact on my values than my beliefs. I'm afraid I will always feel the weight of a lie. I'm very hard on myself anyway. Religious guilt carries over too. You can't really misbehave without feeling badly about it. At least, I can't. - Author: Amy Adams
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#31. The whole ecosystem of celebrity has broken down for writers. If you go back to the '50s, '60s, and '70s, writers were on TV a lot, and they were allowed to misbehave a lot. - Author: James Wolcott
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#32. His eyes were sharp but kind, and it seemed to amuse him to see children misbehave when he knew that deep down they didn't really want to misbehave, but were just feeling lonely or misunderstood or wanted to go outside and play instead of sitting in a hot classroom. (26) - Author: Phyllis Theroux
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#33. Dr. Everest, got up and gave us a little pep talk. Mostly it boiled down to the fact that it was autumn, and everyone was back, and while that was a great thing, people better not get cocky or misbehave or he'd personally kill us all.
He didn't actually say those words, but that was the subtext. - Author: Maureen Johnson
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#34. In order to validate our Africanness, we hold on to tradition at all cost, banning critical engagement in an attempt to preserve its sacredness - Author: Malebo Sephodi
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