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#1. We're all so busy. We race and race. Life is a sprint. We want to get 'there' so badly. But I wonder if we even know what to do when we actually get 'there'. - Author: Billy Graham
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#2. It's just the absolute bomb. Ghost in the Shell was really good, it's a little bit more recent. - Author: James Marsters
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#3. (Jace) "Is there anything special you want to see? Paris? Budapest? The Leaning Tower of Pisa?"
Only if it falls on Sebastian's head, she thought. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#5. You'll like this, not a lot, but you'll like it. - Author: Paul Daniels
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#6. I've said it before - life really has a way of working out for me. My advice? A positive attitude and the ability to be flexible is essential. And a dash of delusion never hurts. - Author: Jana Aston
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#7. I've been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's a tower, and it's leaning. You look at it, but nothing happens, so then you look for someplace to get a sandwich. - Author: Danny DeVito
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#8. When two lovers discover a language of their own. - Author: Saleem Sharma
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#9. If you're going to look at me that way, I might need to warn you about me," he says, taking a step toward me. Instinctively, I retreat. One side of his mouth quirks into a wry grin. "Or maybe you already know. - Author: M. Leighton
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#10. You and Galileo," I said.
"Didn't he throw his balls off the leaning tower?" Quirk Said. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#11. Three months later, on September 5, 2001, at a pro-am event preceding the Canadian Open at the Royal Montreal Golf Club, I was invited to play a round with Tiger Woods. Nothing in the game of politics had ever been as nerve-racking as that game of golf. - Author: Jean Chretien
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#12. Genius is non-conformity. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#13. Try to understand men. If you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and almost always leads to love. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#14. My dear boy, looking like a thing has little to do with being a thing. Be the thing first, and you will grow to resemble it. - Author: Liam Perrin
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#15. Arya lifted her gaze from the dead man and his dead dog. Jaqen H'ghar was leaning up against the side of the Wailing Tower. When he saw her looking, he lifted a hand to his face and laid two fingers casually against his cheek. - Author: George R R Martin
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#16. I've been working with Disney all these years doing voice work, and now I'm signed with Disney Fine Arts, doing 'Beauty and the Beast' oil paintings. So it's been an ongoing wonderful job. - Author: Paige O'Hara
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#17. I'm used to watching old movies of myself. - Author: Jeff Bridges
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