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#1. I am an artist, and, through my eye, must confess to a tremendous bias. In my purely literary voyages my eye is always my compass.

Wyndham Lewis

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#2. Do you think it's so snobbish, to want to see something besides one's fellow citizens abroad?

Sinclair Lewis

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#3. We are a spectacular, splendid manifestation of life. We have language ... We have affection. We have genes for usefulness, and usefulness is about as close to a 'common goal' of nature as I can guess at.

Lewis Thomas

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#4. The doors open and we jump inside from the rooftop just as sirens go off and spotlights cling to us from below. Kylee doesn't even wait for us to sit down before I feel myself melting into the first flashas we head for the planet with the yellow sun - Earth.

Jaclyn Lewis

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#5. People don't really have much of a choice when the heart falls. I'm lucky enough that mine just so happened to fall for you, Misty." - Dylan to Misty in, When the Heart Falls

Kimberly Lewis

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#6. We must remember that the soul is but a hollow which God fills.

C.S. Lewis

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#7. Come on boys! Give them the cold steel! Who will follow me?

Lewis Armistead

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#8. When you are behaving as if you loved someone, you will presently come to love him. If you injure someone you dislike, you will find yourself disliking him more. If you do him a good turn, you will find yourself disliking him less.

C.S. Lewis

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#9. The cities and mansions that people dream of are those in which they finally live.

Lewis Mumford

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#10. Every contact you make with everyone you meet will help them or hinder them on their journey to heaven.

C.S. Lewis

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#11. A way of using words to say things which could not possibly be said in any other way, things which in a sense do not exist till they are born ... in poetry.

Cecil Day-Lewis

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#12. when I ran mortgages, I religiously took people from the back office. At first I did it for moral reasons. But it worked. They appreciated it. They didn't feel like the world owed them a living. They were more loyal.

Michael Lewis

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#13. I've been a fan of video games since the old school, I even have a lot of the old school arcade games at my house.

Ray Lewis

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#14. The only way to defeat pain is to recognize pain exists.

Ray Lewis

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#15. I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat animals, so I won't wear them.

Leona Lewis

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#16. wasn't right about this place.

C.J. Lewis

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#17. With me the process is much more like bird-watching than like either talking or building. I see pictures. Some of the pictures have a common flavour, almost a common smell, which groups them together. Keep quiet and watch and they will begin joining themselves up.(quoting C.S. Lewis)

E.J. Kirk

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#18. C. S. Lewis once wrote that man has two clues to the meaning of the universe. One is the knowledge of a law that he did not make but is obligated to keep; the other is the knowledge that he does not and cannot keep it.

J. Budziszewski

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#19. he was for long my only audience... Only from him did I ever get the idea that my 'stuff' could be more than a private hobby. But for his interest and unceasing eagerness for more I should never have brought The L. of the R. to a conclusion.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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#20. Our daughter's name Arwynn comes from Arwen in 'Lord of the Rings' because my wife and I met for the first time in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford where J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis used to go to read out their stories to one another.

Adrian McKinty

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#21. C'mon on down to the Whiff and Spit; snuff it up and cough it out, Lewis chanted, giving it a catchy rhythem.


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#22. The books of C.S. Lewis had a very profound, indirect effect on me.

J.I. Packer

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#23. I've always been a social network retard, even before there was a social network. People would say, "You want to go to this party and do some networking?"

Lewis Black

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#24. To generalize is to be an idiot, said Blake. Perhaps he went too far. But to generalize is to be a finite mind. Generalities are the lenses with which our intellects have to manage.

C.S. Lewis

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#25. What was myth in one world might always be fact in some other.

C.S. Lewis

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#26. As a newspaper man, Doremus remembered that the only reporters who misrepresented and concealed facts more unscrupulously than the Capitalists were the Communists.

Sinclair Lewis

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#27. All the Utopias - Brook Farm, Robert Owen's sanctuary of chatter, Upton Sinclair's Helicon Hall - and their regulation end in scandal, feuds, poverty, griminess, disillusion.

Sinclair Lewis

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#28. I feel the need to scream, and even if the scream is not answered, I find my sanity in the echo.

Lewis Black

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#29. The voices didn't join in this time, as she hadn't spoken, but to her surprise, they all thought in chorus." - LEWIS CARROLL, Through the Looking-Glass

Connie Willis

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#30. Books, I knew then and now, give body to our ideas and imaginations, make them flesh in the world; a bookstore is the city where our fleshed-out inner selves reside.

Lewis Buzbee

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#31. The process of growing up is to be valued for what we gain, not for what we lose.

C.S. Lewis

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#32. By the very act of arguing, you awake the patient's reason; and once it is awake, who can foresee the result?

C.S. Lewis

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#33. Art is the expression of an enormous preference.

Wyndham Lewis

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#34. You keep a grip of my heels, Pole, and Scrubb would hold on to yours. The we'll all be comfortable.

C.S. Lewis

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#35. The pandemic of AIDS is a gender-based disease.

Stephen Lewis

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#36. I guess the breakfast burritos are going to have some extra protein in the morning.

Jon S. Lewis

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#37. In the secret island the Druid shall dwell once more, and the Bard, the slave of the harp, utter the speech of the Gods.

Lewis Spence

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#38. I actually love auditioning because I usually don't get the part. I've tested with Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise. So I've gotten to that point, and I understand when I don't get it. There are a lot of very talented people out there.

Deborah Kara Unger

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#39. Rabbit came near her, she began, in a low, timid voice, 'If you please, sir
' The Rabbit started violently, dropped the white kid gloves and the fan, and skurried away into the darkness as hard as he could go. Alice took up the fan and gloves, and, as the hall was very hot, she kept

Lewis Carroll

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#40. When we are such as He can love without impediment, we shall in fact be happy.

C.S. Lewis

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#41. The progress of science still depends on "a few people of vision".

Lewis M. Branscomb

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#42. If you want to be your best, spend a lot of time exploring what is more than enough. Push yourself until the bar is lying immobile across your chest. Push yourself right off the edge of your capacity.

Brad Alan Lewis

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#43. As a people, we have become obsessed with Health. There is something fundamentally, radically unhealthy about all this. We do not seem to be seeking more exuberance in living as much as staving off failure, putting off dying. We have lost all confidence in the human body.

Lewis Thomas

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#44. You can consider me like fine wine. I just get better with age.

Lennox Lewis

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