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#1. I'm into it, I'm into MP3's; I think there's no way you're ever going to be able to legislate people having to buy a record in order to listen to it. You have to look at it as a means of promotion, and if the music is good enough, promotion is a good thing. - Author: Britt Daniel
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#2. I'm a good enough person to forgive you, and you should be a good enough person to not do it again. - Author: Annette Thomas
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#3. The families who chose me to take their terminally ill kids on their last hunts in life many times over the years know and love the real Ted Nugent. That they decide I'm good enough to take part in such a spiritual and emotional moment in their lives proves that I am good enough. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#4. I write music just for me. I'm certainly not good enough to do it on any kind of a level but I enjoy that time because it's quiet. - Author: Alex O'Loughlin
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#5. Life will always change, and I'm always thinking about how to have a good-enough attitude to roll with the changes of life, of an ever-changing landscape. - Author: John Feldmann
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#6. I'm not the fastest writer. I can't just crank out ideas that are good enough. - Author: Amy Lee
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#7. I hate bullies. I hate them. I'm not good enough with words to describe how much I hate them. - Author: Andrew Vachss
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#8. All my characters are me. I'm not a good enough actor to become a character. I hear about actors who become the role and I think 'I wonder what that feels like.' Because for me, they're all me. - Author: Ryan Gosling
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#9. If you hang around long enough, they think you're good. It's either my tenacity or my stupidity, I'm not sure which. - Author: Adam West
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#10. I can't even get a credit card without three credit bureaus saying I'm good enough. - Author: Barack Obama
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#11. I always wanted to be a comedian and actor, [ ... ] I basically stumbled into the music medium, though. I'm OK, but that's about it. I like to think I'm good enough not to negatively affect the performance. - Author: Bo Burnham
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#12. In Canada, I've had success raising money. I think I was fortunate enough. But today, I would have to write a very, very bad script not to be financed for the next one. I'm assured at least of the next one, but you're always [only] as good as your last film. I think it's true for anyone. - Author: Philippe Falardeau
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#13. I should practice what I preach. It's a lot easier to show and teach people how to love themselves than it is to do it yourself. I still struggle with it sometimes. I wish sometimes I could always feel that I'm good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me! - Author: Pandora Boxx
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#14. I'm actually pretty good at stripping, which makes me wonder what happened in my previous life. Funny enough, I don't wear a lot of clothes when I dance and it's very sexy, so it wasn't too hard to get into the motion of it. - Author: Julianne Hough
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#15. I'm a chocoholic. I need chocolate every day, like one little piece of Droste. I'm not into milk chocolate. But I don't like it when its super bitter. I need a sweet factor in there. I go for the 75 percent - that's good enough for me. - Author: Debi Mazar
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#16. That's my one desire, to be caught," answered Vronsky, with his serene,
good-humored smile. "If I complain of anything it's only that I'm not caught
enough, to tell the truth. I begin to lose hope. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#17. "Do you have any more surprise stowaways up your sleeve?" I ask Morpheus.
Pushing dents out of his hat, he scowls. "I'm starting to fear I didn't bring enough. If there's one thing netherlings are good at, it's cleaning messes." - Author: A.G. Howard
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#18. I refuse to let past bruises cover the light. It ain't all good, but it's all good enough so I know I'm alright - Author: Eyedea
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#19. I'm like a good cheese. I'm just getting mouldy enough to be interesting. - Author: Paul Newman
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#20. You do trust him, though, Giddon?"
"Holt, who is stealing your sculptures and is of questionable mental health?"
"I trusted him five minutes ago. Now I'm at a bit of a loss."
"Your opinion five minutes ago is good enough for me. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#21. Some day I'm going to have to stand before God, and if He asks me why I didn't let that [Jackie] Robinson fellow play ball, I don't think saying 'because of the color of his skin' would be a good enough answer. - Author: Branch Rickey
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#22. I hope that I'm a good man ... it would be enough. - Author: James Qualls
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#23. I write whatever shows up. That's good enough for me. I'm part of the first generation that wants to still do original material and not tour around as an oldies act. - Author: Lou Reed
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#24. I'm generous. I give good tips. It's just - the way I live my life, ironically enough, is: I don't want anything. I'm not a consumer. I don't crave objects. - Author: Paul Auster
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#25. I'm reminded of the lady governor of Texas who, during a controversy about bilingualism in the State House in Austin, said if English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it was plenty good enough for her. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#26. I'm not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
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#27. As an actor it's easy to be so self-critical, saying to yourself: "Am I good enough? Am I good looking enough? Am I smart enough?" Yet here I am, so I'm lucky. - Author: Chris Pine
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#28. But in so many ways I'm still that kid, not sure exactly how to be emotionally intimate with a girl without feeling weak, not sure my work is good enough, not sure if the people who are clapping would really like me if they got to know me (page 2) - Author: Donald Miller
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#29. One of my favorite things about following Jesus is I get to drop the act, admit I'm not good enough, walk in freedom-and that's good news. - Author: Jefferson Bethke
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#30. The bottom line for everyone is I'm not good enough. It's only a thought, and a thought can be changed. - Author: Louise Hay
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#31. No one sat me down with a piece of paper and said, This is what is expected of you. But ... I'm lucky enough in the fact that I have found my role ... I love being with people. - Author: Princess Diana
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#32. Sometimes I think my husband is so amazing that I don't know why he's with me. I don't know whether I'm good enough. But if I make him happy, then I'm everything I want to be. - Author: Angelina Jolie
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#33. I played Romeo when I was younger, and I think I did a couple kind Romeo-like parts after that, and I kind of went, 'I mustn't do this again. I must always choose something that I don't know if I'm a good enough actor to play.' - Author: Richard Madden
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#34. If I take enough pictures, I'm going to get a good one, and I know not to stop at a bad one. - Author: Sally Mann
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#35. Sometimes things go wrong, even when you're doing your best. That just shows that none of us are perfect. So I keep trying with all of my heart, and if that's not good enough, I'm not going to hang my head. - Author: Luis Tiant
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#36. I work hard to make the poems as good as they can be, and if they're not good enough I scrap them. I find it difficult after a gap of a few years to tinker - I'm more likely to destroy. - Author: Michael Longley
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#37. Can I possibly be a good writer if I'm not healed form the story I'm telling? Will I be able to go deep enough if people find out the truth? - Author: Lori Lesko
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#38. I'm a good observer. And I have enough experience with unfulfilling relationships ... I can recognize them a mile away. - Author: Adria J. Cimino
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#39. My voice is my improvisational instrument, the melody instrument. The guitar is harmonic structure. I'm not a good enough guitarist to improvise on it. - Author: Paul Simon
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#40. Look, I didn't ask for any of this, but I'm here now. I get that it's dangerous. I get that I'm fat. I get that I'm about as far from prepared for this insanity as you can get. But I'll tell you something about me: I don't quit. So enough with the let's-scare-the-fat-girl routine, okay? - Author: Bill Blais
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#41. People ridicule you for the silliest thing, like what you wore to an event. At the end of the day, I'm just being me - if that's not good enough for you, tell me what is. Usually people don't have an answer. - Author: Travie McCoy
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#42. Sometimes I'm so tired, I look down at what I'm wearing, and if it's comfortable enough to sleep in, I don't even make it into my pajamas. I'm looking down, and I'm like, 'T-shirt and stretchy pants? Yup, that's fine. It's pajama-y, good night.' - Author: Rebecca Romijn
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#43. I'm John McEnroe-like. I'm coming forward every opportunity I get. My wingspan covers some ground at the net. My serve is OK. I can move it around enough. My groundstrokes are good enough to hang in a rally with a good player. But generally, my goal is to put away a point quickly. - Author: Matt Kuchar
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#44. He ran the back of his hand up her cheek, with the pretense of wiping away sweat. Do you think you could ever love me?
I don't think so.
Because I'm not good enough.
It's not like that.
Because I'm not smart.
Because you couldn't love me.
Because I couldn't love you. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#45. I'm not good enough as a person and definitely not good enough as a writer. - Author: Kiese Laymon
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#46. I'm in a secret underground hideout of a group of monster hunters, filled with magical totems, brass monkeys that move and enough firepower to take over a small country. - Author: Bill Blais
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#47. I look at the deejay thing as something - I'm good at it because I have my own music. I have enough rhythm to blend at this point. - Author: Talib Kweli
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#48. I've been in real estate for my whole life, I've been trying to sharpshoot the market with my investments, I'm never right. All you need to do is get near the bottom. That's good enough. - Author: Barbara Corcoran
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#49. I'm not a very good singer. I just know how to present a song, and honey, I think I've been through enough to do it right. - Author: Liza Minnelli
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#50. I don't think the Port Authority does a good enough job in anything that they do, quite honestly, but clearly in the area of security. Those cops get paid more than N.Y.P.D. cops, and quite honestly - I know I'm going to get into trouble for saying this - they're nothing more than mall cops. - Author: Joseph J. Lhota
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#51. By late August, I'm on my second sublet, and I've been working as a copywriter long enough to know I'm not good at it. I seem to be reliving the life I had when I was twenty-two, but I'm about to run twenty-eight, which feels like the opposite of twenty-two. - Author: Melissa Bank
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#52. When I was 12, all I wanted was to be good at school, and to do something admirable, something you can't take away from me because I'm not popular or beautiful enough. - Author: Diane Lane
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#53. To be let go from a soap opera is the most embarrassing confidence basher in the world. It's like, 'Oh, if I'm not good enough for that, I'm not good enough for anything.' - Author: Cam Gigandet
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#54. I think I have a good eye for talent. I think I'm smart enough to figure out what the mission is and achieve it. I achieve it by hiring good people. - Author: Roger Ailes
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#55. I don't know things. I'm not good enough. I'm not refined. The more you see of me, the more you'll find me out.'
'But I'm going to help you.'
'You'll 'ave to 'elp me a fearful lot. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#56. When we don't hear anything from God we just don't know exactly what He is planning and we come to different conclusions that maybe He has forgotten me, maybe He doesn't hear my prayers, maybe I'm not good enough. - Author: Nick Vujicic
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#57. I had given thought to acting, but I never really had a good enough opportunity or a character who made sense and paralleled my life a little bit. I feel like I'm one of the poster boys for a bad guy in a movie. I feel like I'm a good person to play a bad guy in a movie. I can say that. - Author: Gucci Mane
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#58. You know what? I'm not always in a positive, happy place. But I'm able to concentrate enough to come up with a really good song. - Author: Brian Wilson
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#59. I'm old, but I'm not good enough to be jaded. - Author: John Feinstein
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#60. You got any experience? (Carlos)
I'm former army intelligence, Special Forces, on contract to the U.S. government now for national security. That good enough for you, amigo? (Stoner)
It'll do. (Carlos) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#61. I kind of decided that doing music is enough because I'm already running a couple small businesses. I'm a part of Bikini Kill Records, Le Tigre Records, and Digitally Ruined Records. In dealing with my health and everything, my ability to do that? I wouldn't be good at it. - Author: Kathleen Hanna
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#62. Anyway," I said loudly. "Are we good? Did the Priest give us enough hoodoo so we can get the fu - fudge out? Sorry, Father."
"It's okay," the priest assured me. "I'm pretty sure your soul is already doomed. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#63. My teammates have put me in all different kinds of positions to score goals, and I can't say it enough, and I really through and through believe it in my heart that I'm only as good as my teammates allow me to be. - Author: Abby Wambach
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#64. I'm not good enough to be playin' much acoustic guitar onstage. Man, you gotta get so right; I mean, the tones, the feel, the sound. Plus, acoustic blues guitar is just that much harder on the fingers. - Author: Johnny Winter
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#65. I bought an insurance policy covering the inheritance tax my kids will have to pay when we die, which I thought was a good bit of forward thinking. And I always know I'm going to have enough for tax because I make sure I keep it back in my business account. - Author: Mark Billingham
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#66. If I have enough money to eat I'm good. - Author: Shia Labeouf
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#67. I get really upset seeing my friends who are mums crying because they feel like they're not good enough. Clever, confident, kind young women all going, 'I'm ruining my child's life.' - Author: Daisy Donovan
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#68. I started to repeat to myself "If I'm not where I want to be, it's because I'm not good enough ... yet." Which meant it was up to me. - Author: Sally Field
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#69. They're not going to come between us, though, because I'm crazy about you and have been for a long time."
"That's not good enough for me. Although, being crazy for me is a good start. It's just not enough for me since I happen to love you. - Author: Lynetta Halat
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#70. My goal was for acting to become my main income. I would say to myself, 'I'm good enough.' That became my mantra. - Author: Michael Fassbender
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#71. I never feel like I've done good enough. That's why I'm always so excited about working because I gotta keep pushing myself to do better work, to do great work. - Author: Bryce Wilson
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#72. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me. - Author: Al Franken
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#73. I do feel almost violent when I'm watching things that I don't think are good enough. I get furious for the audience. I want to say to them, 'This play is not supposed to be like this. They've got it completely wrong. You should be electrified by this.' - Author: Lindsay Duncan
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#74. Here's the funny thing about the response I've been aware of to my dating famous people: It's been very negative. I'm either not good-looking enough, not a good enough actor or not successful enough for these people. - Author: Dax Shepard
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#75. There was a time when I just felt like a superwoman. I was like, 'I got Jesus! I ain't afraid!' But, the truth is, I want to do things right, and sometimes I am afraid that I'm not good enough or that I'm not going to handle something right. - Author: Tasha Smith
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#76. Half is not enough protection, half is my fault and half is them just doing a good job. I know it's 150 percent, but I'm a little tired now. - Author: Marc Bulger
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#77. I have a very good life - I'm lucky enough not to be deprived. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#78. There will be no new music until it's good enough and until I'm ready. - Author: Adele
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#79. I used to be good with kids, but as I get older, I'm grumpy and terrible with them. As for doing a gig at a 6-year old's birthday party, you couldn't pay me enough. - Author: Johnny Vegas
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#80. Because I'm a girl, Claire thought. She was barely able to contain the relief welling up inside her. Because we're all stupid and insecure and think that we're never, ever good enough. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#81. For me, taking photographs is such a tortured process. I'm always feeling like I'm not getting enough: I'm in the wrong place, the light isn't good, the subject's not comfortable. - Author: Lynsey Addario
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#82. may yet be sent away, but at least it will be because I'm not good enough, and not because I was too scared to try. She - Author: M.A. Larson
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#83. I like my parents but they are just not good parents. They are nice enough people. I'm not interested in hurting their feelings. - Author: Adam Carolla
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#84. You. Are. Mine ... I don't care how wrong we are for each other. I don't care that I'll never be good enough for you or that we're risking everything to be together. Your mother would never approve. Whatever. Fuck it all. You are fucking mine. And I'm yours. And we belong together. - Author: Linda Kage
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#85. It's always at the back of my mind that acting might come to an end for me when Harry Potter finishes. I don't know if I'm good enough to have a long career. I've got a bit of an inferiority complex about my acting. My self-esteem is quite low in that sense. - Author: Rupert Grint
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#86. I'm not a good enough singer to pull off the effect. - Author: Andre Braugher
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#87. I don't even know why I'm saying this in an interview situation, but I always feel like I'm not good enough for some reason. I wish that wasn't the case, but left to my own devices, that voice starts speaking up. - Author: Trent Reznor
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#88. I mean, I sing. But I don't think I'm a good enough singer to do any kind of musical. - Author: Christina Ricci
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#89. I'm a theater guy at heart; I love the theater. I was lucky enough to spend a good decade and a half in the New York theater community. - Author: Thomas Sadoski
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#90. The minute you think you're good enough for God, God says, 'I'm not interested in people who are good enough for me.' And the minute you think you're too bad for God, God says, 'It's you I've come for. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#91. I'm totally an anxious mess all the time. There's a constant dialogue going on in my brain, and it's just reminding me of all the failures that I have had, and all of the things I need to do, and all of the things I'm not doing good enough. - Author: Aubrey Plaza
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#92. I'm an actress, I live in L.A., I work in Hollywood. But I've learned that if you're too skinny, they'll say something about it. If you're not skinny enough, they'll say something about it. I just try to feel good in my own skin as much as I can. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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#93. ."I shouldn't want you. I'm not good enough for you. I know it and you know it. But that doesn't stop me from wanting you. Just being near you... You bring me peace, beauty," he says in a soft unwavering tone, briefly resting his forehead against mine. - Author: Chantal Fernando
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#94. I'm not everybody's cup of tea. But sometimes criticism can be hurtful. Be respectful. I'm a good piano player, I can sing well, I write good songs. If you don't like it, fair enough. But give me a break. - Author: Elton John
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#95. If I'm working as an engineer for another band, the responsibility for brilliance pretty much rests on their shoulders. I think I'm pretty good, but I'm not good enough to turn a trout into a sausage, or the other way around. - Author: Steve Albini
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#96. And if all that wasn't enough, you're a good fucking human being, and I'm not losing you to whatever bullshit lies your head is telling you. I know you don't have any family, so I'm officially stepping in and stepping up. I will fight for you until you can fight for yourself. You hear me? The - Author: Laura Kaye
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#97. I wanted so much to keep you safe. I did my best. I'm sorry things didn't come out different for the two of us. I wish I could have been good enough for you. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#98. Every time I get scared or feel like I'm not going to be good enough at something, I say that mantra to myself. "Pretend you're good at it." - Author: Jenny Lawson
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#99. I have so many choices in America; it's home to so many good things. I'm smart enough to enjoy all the good things that are offered. - Author: Bikram Choudhury
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#100. There's a small window of opportunity to apologize sometimes after you've terribly wronged someone. It closes. Sometimes forever, but it never opens wide enough again for a good breeze. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
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