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#1. Again he felt in a profound way that he was both inside and outside what he saw; that he was bith connected, and passing through. Harold began to understand that this was also the truth about his walk. He was both a part of things, and not. - Author: Rachel Joyce
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#2. I used to dream about him all the time," Sunny whispered to me. "Every night. I kept hoping the Seekers would find him; I missed him so much ... When I saw him, I thought it was the old dream again. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#3. I had a funny feeling as I saw the house disappear, as though I had written a poem and it was very good and I had lost it and would never remember it again. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#4. In this whole screwed-up town, you're the only thing that's always been right to me," he whispered. "I love you, Claire." She saw something that might have been just a flash of panic go across his expression, but then he steadied again. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I do. I love you. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#5. I'll be glad to get out on the water again, and gladder still to see Divvytown. I knew it was my home port that first time I saw it.'
'The pirate town? Sa save us all. Does someone wait for you, dearie?' Ophelia asked.
Jek laughed aloud. 'They all wait for me. They just don't know it yet. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#6. She wished for Ebono as she wished every time she saw Lrrianay at her father's shoulder, or any pegasus at any bond-mate's shoulder, or any pegasus. Or any time she took a breath, she wished again for Ebon. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#7. Malander had an idea and was trying to work it out, but it would take him time. Sometimes people never saw things clearly until it was too late and they no longer had the strength to start again. Or else they forgot their idea along the way and didn't even realise that they forgotten. - Author: Tove Jansson
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#8. She saw, yet again, that her friend's compliments were just bits of art and artifice. They were paper swans, cunningly folded so that they could float on the air for a few moments. Nothing more. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
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#9. That long sigh again, above us. This time I saw it, moving through the branches. Like the trees were listening; like they would've been sad about us, sad for us, only they'd heard it all so many thousand times before. - Author: Tana French
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#10. And you can look up just about anything, even dirty pictures. Every now and again, the dirtiest pictures you ever saw would pop up on the screen. Imagine! - Author: Kami Garcia
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#11. Rocky shook his head. "The dude is a closet case. I saw it. He wants it, but he's never had it. His gayginity is intact. And I mean it. Never again. I'm going to find a nice homo and settle down. - Author: Brad Vance
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#12. 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' is a movie that I just find flawless. Jack Nicholson ... I just saw 'The Shining' again the other day; he's so brilliant. He's such a brilliant actor, just unbelievable. - Author: Michael Biehn
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#13. I looked into her eyes, and saw my own staring back, the same peculiar shade, pale grey, flecked with yellow, rimmed with black. Now I knew the nature of her debt. It had weighed on her conscience for fourteen years. I was looking into the eyes of mother and I knew that I would never see her again. - Author: Celia Rees
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#14. He started hammering the ground with all his might and the sky opened up, raining heavily on him. He looked at the sky, heard that thunder and saw that lightning. He laughed maniacally before raising the hammer again. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#15. Was it an accident I saw that ... or is it just that the world unwraps itself to you, again and again, as soon as you are ready to see it anew. - Author: Dan Brown
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#16. It must be eight years since I last saw Joseph Taboys. How pleasant it would be to meet his jovial face again, to clasp his strong hand, and to hear his cheery laugh once more! He owes me 14 shillings, too. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#17. Last winter when I was coming home from church one Thursday evening, I saw somebody run around the house again. I told my father of that. - Author: Lizzie Andrew Borden
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#18. As for me ... I'm fine. I have bad dreams, but I never saw Mister Duck again. I play video games. I smoke a little dope. I got my thousand-yard stare. I carry a lot of scares. I like the way that sounds. I carry a lot of scares. - Author: Alex Garland
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#19. My father-in-law saw me at a dance performance. The next day, I got a phone call, and the caller said, 'I'm Dhirubhai Ambani ... may I talk to Nita?' I said, 'It's a wrong number' and put down the phone. Then he called again ... and I said, 'If you're Dhirubhai Ambani, then I'm Elizabeth Taylor.' - Author: Nita Ambani
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#20. And you never saw anything at all?" asked Tim. Clive shook his head and shrugged again. "Not up there. And we've been up there every night for two years. Debbie even studies up there sometimes. - Author: Peter Clines
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#21. He laughed again. "Not boring and not dumb. That's so much better than your boyfriend who both bored me and was dumb. To be honest I don't
know what you saw in him."
"Ex. Ex-boyfriend " she said. "I swear to God I'm never going to live that down. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#22. Remember how it felt yesterday? What you saw me do?" I snorted and grinned. "Man, do I ever. I remembered twice last night and again this morning. - Author: Missy Welsh
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#23. When we broke the surface again the first thing I saw was the great bold stripe of the Milky Way painted across the heavens, and it occurred to me that together the fish and the stars formed a complete system, coincident parts of some ancient and mysterious whole. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#24. Look at light and admire its beauty. Close your eyes, and then look again: what you saw is no longer there; and what you will see later is not yet. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#25. I saw the first 'House Party' - not the other 10. I love pop culture references. If you saw 'Moneyball', watch it again, looking for all the Clash posters. - Author: Brian Shactman
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#26. I never wrote him. I never saw him again. He was just gone, this dear, dear man, this friend of my soul in the hospital so long ago, disappeared. This is a New York story too. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
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#27. Because I think I saw you, yesterday morning when I woke up. I think my eyes worked again, just for a moment, and you were the light I saw. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
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#28. Looking at the horizon again, I saw a lone figure coming toward me, but I wasn't frightened because I was sure it was my mother. As I got closer to the figure, I could see that it wasn't my mother, but still I wasn't frightened because I could see that it was a woman. - Author: Jamaica Kincaid
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#29. Life is endlessly capable of surprises, so he knew one day he would come face to face with his physical equal. With somebody who might worry him. But he looked and saw this wasn't the day. So he just smiled and looked away again. - Author: Lee Child
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#30. And finally, she saw him smile. It chased the shadows from his face and made him a boy again. It was a smile that a woman could grow to yearn for. - Author: Joss Alexander
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#31. All things here appear to me to trudge on in one and the same round: we rise in the morning that we may eat breakfast, dinner andsupper and to bed again that we may get up the next morning and do the same: so that you never saw two peas more alike than our yesterday and to-day. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#32. Christian living means dying with Christ and rising again. That, as we saw, is part of the meaning of baptism, the starting point of the Christian pilgrimage. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#33. The best friends are the ones who you can be away from for months or even years, but then when you meet up again it's like you just saw them that morning. - Author: Helen Harper
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#34. When I saw my wife again standing by the tracks as the train came in by the piled logs at the station, I wished I had died before I had ever loved anyone but her. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#35. I am no good without you, Ginesse," he said. "I spent a lifetime alone, but I never understood loneliness until I was away from you. I never understood happiness until I saw you again. - Author: Connie Brockway
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#36. You're my first love, and I never had the courage to tell you. My love for you is pure, ageless. I knew it the first time I saw you bob for apples at your ninth birthday party. I've known it all of our lives, and my love for you has grown as we've grown together, apart and back together again. - Author: Trudy Stiles
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#37. The horses suddenly began to neigh, protesting
Against those who were drowning them in the ocean.
The horses sank to the bottom, neighing, neighing.
Until they had all gone down.
That is all. Nevertheless, I pity them,
Those bay horses, that never saw land again. - Author: Boris Slutsky
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#38. Who I was as a person was more than what I looked like, but then again, how people saw me was a part of who I was. I - Author: A. Igoni Barrett
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#39. I could have bought a pristine part of Tanzania. But I saw a beautiful mountain, game that could come back, and country that could be rich again. - Author: Jochen Zeitz
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#40. Somehow he knew it, knew the beast and whatever commanded it had tracked them from the Firejack to the Badlands and back again. And, although it was just a small speck, he could have sworn he saw the swaddled man perched on the drake's back before it angled its wings and disappeared from view. - - Author: Anthony Ryan
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#41. Mami said nothing for a while, and then she went into her bedroom. I figured she was going to emerge with my father's Saturday-night special, the one thing of his that she'd kept when he left. To protect us, she claimed, but more likely to shoot my father dead if she ever saw him again. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#42. I feel like I hadn't given that many classic films, like, a really good chance. I watched 'Casablanca' a really long time ago when I was like, 12. I didn't like it that much, and then when I saw it again in class, I loved it. - Author: Miranda Cosgrove
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#43. Now he stood in the farthest end of the cave, in front of the great lion chase he had watched Thorn paint so long ago. He saw again: it was by far the greatest painting in the the cave, maybe the world. Maybe it would always be the greatest painting. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#44. But as soon as I closed my eyes, all I saw was Brennan and his faceless lover. And I knew that come tomorrow when I saw Brennan again, that would be all I saw. - Author: Sloane Kennedy
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#45. How could he have wanted someone so desperately for so long and then be this terrified when he finally saw him again? - Author: Brandon Shire
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#46. He closed his eyes and saw her again. A stack of freckled heart shapes, a perfectly made Dairy Queen ice cream cone. Like Betty Boop drawn with a heavy hand. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#47. Of course I loved 'I Love Lucy' and saw every episode over and over again. I found it heartbreaking that Ricky got to be famous and have an exciting life at the Tropicana while Lucy was stuck in that terrible apartment with the Mertzes. - Author: Bruce Eric Kaplan
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#48. There are a lot of things I can take, and a few that I can't. What I can't take is when my older brother, who's everything that I want to be, starts losing faith in things. I saw that look in your eyes last night. I don't ever want to see that look in your eyes again. - Author: M. Night Shyamalan
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#49. Yesterday in the restaurant, she'd seen his sex appeal and roughness. At her house, she'd seen his danger. This morning, at the river, she'd seen his beauty and teasing, and again that danger.
Of all of them, the tenderness she saw now was the most compelling. And terrifying. - Author: Barbara Samuel
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#50. Of course, old man, I only saw the kid once, and then only for a moment, but - but it was an ugly sort of kid, wasn't it, if I remember rightly?'
'As ugly as that? '
I looked again, and honesty compelled me to be frank.
'I don't see how it could have been, old chap. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#51. They pick all of us out, and then they decide, they computerize, decide if they like it or don't like it, and then they go home, and then they come back again because they're not sure what they saw. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#52. One idealizes people when they're away, it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and when one sees them again one's often surprised that one saw anything in them at all. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#53. When he saw me, pleasure filled those grey eyes, and he smiled sleepily. troubles piled in jagged heaps all around us, but in the midst of them, we were together. I would not let him down again. - Author: Nancy Holzner
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#54. My head cleared, and suddenly I had heart to fight again, to ignore pain and damage, to fight! I swear I saw myself, face purpled from strangling, the rich blood streaming and soaking and the smell so maddening. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#55. But time and time again, I saw the change in their eyes once they'd conquered me. Dehumanization always follows penetration. - Author: Maggie Young
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#56. Are you with them?" he whispered again. "With who?" Abigail asked. "The men in masks. There were - Get back!" he yelled and Abigail saw the machine pistol shift to her father. - Author: Blake Crouch
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#57. Cold autumn, wan with wrath of wind and rain,
Saw pass a soul sweet as the sovereign tune
That death smote silent when he smote again. - Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne
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#58. I didn't suffer from PTSD, but I changed. People change in life, and not just because of war. I saw this in life before the military, and over and over again during the thirty-one years I served. We can't expect people to stay the same forever; we need to respect those changes. - Author: Valerie Ormond
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#59. When he saw the River again he knew it at once. He should have; it was now ineradicably a part of his past, his life; it would be a part of what he would bequeath, if that were in store for him. - Author: William Faulkner
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#60. I smelled it before i saw it, and the same unicorn I'd met on a field trip with Jack pranced up, pleased as anyting to see me again. It wasn't mutual.
"It's so cute, isn't it?" Arianna said dreamily.
"Are we seeing the same creature? It's like a demented goat with a bone growth - Author: Kiersten White
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#61. If I ever saw him again,he was going to get a proper introduction to Tasey. - Author: Kiersten White
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#62. I finished and e-mailed to myself to see what it'd read like to open, and decided it looked a little loopy and that I'd been the right person to open it after all. I read him, thought about him, and I never saw him again except on television once. - Author: David Lipsky
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#63. I hoped I never saw him again. If I ever had to look at him again, if he looked at me the way he did that day, it would break me. - Author: Jenny Han
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#64. As soon as I saw him again I could forget all this existed; I would be calm. Was that a definition of love: a force that can drug you with calm and help you forget all the sandpaper realities of the world? - Author: Alix Ohlin
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#65. Boo and I walked up the steps to the porch. His fingers found the doorknob. He gently released my hand, opened the door, enter inside, and shut the door behind him. I never saw him again. - Author: Harper Lee
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#66. Mess with my weed again and I'll be informing Daddy that there was an early casualty on the mission. I saw him wince at my designation for Mircea and grinned. - Author: Karen Chance
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#67. Was slipping, and his face had gone as white as my own. He looked down again, avoiding my stricken gaze. "I suppose all I was wondering," he murmured, "was ... was he ... was he different from me?" I saw him bite his lip as though wishing the words unsaid, but it was far too late - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#68. And there was that trick he did with time, making it speed up when we were together and drag til I saw him again. - Author: Francine Prose
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#69. The longer I lived, the longer it would be until I saw him alive again, until I could taste his new lips and run my fingers through his new hair. We could be young and beautiful again ... - Author: Chelsie Shakespeare
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#70. And I saw then again, and for good, what I had always been afraid to see, and had pretended not to see in him: that he was a woman as well as a man. Any need to explain the sources of that fear vanished with the fear; what I was left with was, at last, acceptance of him as he was. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#71. I saw Derek Jacobi play Hamlet when I was 17, and he directed me as Hamlet when I was 27, and I directed him as Claudius in 'Hamlet' when I was 35, and I'm hoping we meet again in some other production of Hamlet before we both toddle off. - Author: Kenneth Branagh
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#72. He felt like a brother of mine, but not at all like my actual brother. He seemed like someone I'd always know even if I never saw him again. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#73. The first time I saw him again, it was another year, at my college graduation. And I just knew. - Author: Jenny Han
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#74. The last time I saw him, I didn't breath again until he had dressed himself completely. From the crack in my sister's door, I saw him get out of her bed and inhale, as if he had accomplished his mission for the day. - Author: Jennifer Loren
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#75. I falter in the doorway, swept with memories of my reckless behavior last time I saw him. I sipped wine from a bottle. I kissed him. And as my pulse flutters with excitement, I know I would do it again, given the chance. - Author: Meghan Masterson
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#76. He seemed like someone I'd always known even if I never saw him again. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#77. He thought he saw a Rattlesnake
That questioned him in Greek:
He looked again, and found it was
The Middle of Next Week.
'The one thing I regret,' he said,
'Is that it cannot speak! - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#78. NICK HAPPENED a year later. He came in to Gordo's all dusty from the road. The clutch on his bike had blown out a few miles outside of Green Creek. He stayed for a week. I fucked him on the last three days he was in town. He left and I never saw him again. Joe - Author: T.J. Klune
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#79. Maybe if she saw Jag again... maybe that would wake her up. But if she sees him and remembers, I'm nobody. In more than ways than one. - Author: Elana Johnson
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#80. When I was 15, I had a crush on this guy who was really good at magic, and so I learned to juggle, thinking it would impress him. I spent hours and hours practicing, planning to show him. And then I never even saw him again. But at least I learned how to juggle. - Author: Danica McKellar
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