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#1. So I did that for a long time in my career, and I waited for parts to play myself just physically down a little bit. But I do feel like I'm at a place in my career now where I don't necessarily fret about that too much anymore. - Author: Charlize Theron
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#2. I think no matter what you do you go through stages when you play. There was a number of times when I didn't do very well or was tired. It was too much to combine school and tennis altogether. Parents need to step in and say, take a little time off, do something fun. - Author: Jana Novotna
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#3. I do get invitations all of the time to play actual fantasy football, by the way, but I get the feeling that I'd like it too much. I have enough demands on my time. My fans would kill me. - Author: George R R Martin
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#4. I just want to go play, go win, What's going to happen is what's going to happen. I'm not worried too much about it. - Author: Marc-Andre Fleury
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#5. I have to say I enjoy physical comedy and I've always loved to kind of take risks. I don't like worrying too much about how I look or how I come across, so that can sometimes ... You know, I like to play those kinds of deluded but fun characters. - Author: Amy Poehler
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#6. I was never too much into school. I liked lunchtimes and breaks, but nah, I hated sitting at a desk. I was always looking out of the window, looking at my watch, thinking about when I could play football. - Author: Gareth Bale
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#7. When I was in the country and I was trying to play, nobody seemed to pay too much attention to me. People used to say, 'That's just that ole blues singer.' - Author: B.B. King
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#8. It's fun for me to couple emotion with comedy. I think it helps comedy. I think a lot of times American comedies don't play on emotion too much. - Author: Zach Galifianakis
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#9. Usually, the biggest problems of adapting plays into screenplays is that they stick too close to the play, and I think film is a completely different medium. I think a novel is much closer to a film ... - Author: Arthur Miller
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#10. I don't care very much for miniatures. I don't try to beat my opponents quickly because if they are strong, I think I should respect them. It is too risky to play sharply to beat them in 20 moves. - Author: Bent Larsen
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#11. I like both athletic girls and girly girls. It depends on their personality. I like girls who can go out and play sports with me and throw the football around, but you don't want a girl who's too much tougher than you. I like brainy girls who can respond to what I'm saying. - Author: Josh Hutcherson
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#12. I'm not playing for other people; if I start thinking in those terms I would put too much pressure on myself. I play basketball because that is what I love to do. - Author: Jeremy Lin
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#13. I've conducted an experiment on my kids. Instead of denying them access to media, I've encouraged it. They read comic books, play Nintendo and watch way too much TV. - Author: Matt Groening
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#14. It's been like therapy to be able to play music and not embarrass my children too much. They've come to a bunch of the shows. It's kind of cool. I'm glad they like it. - Author: Robert Longo
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#15. When emotions are high, things are said, things are done. Ultimately, these players want to play. I know too many of them love the game too much. - Author: Wayne Gretzky
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#16. If Davis Cup was a little bit less or once every two years, I would be more inclined to play. But the way it is now, it is too much tennis for me. - Author: Pete Sampras
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#17. Sourav has got a huge role to play in Indian cricket and its success. I hope certainly that he gets back in there because he is a hell of a good player and he still has got too much to offer to Indian cricket. - Author: Allan Donald
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#18. People want you to play the songs they know. I try not to reflect too much, and I don't really like to focus too much on myself. - Author: John Darnielle
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#19. The trouble with me is I think too much. I always said you have to be dumb to play good golf. - Author: JoAnne Carner
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#20. I make too much money to play a game I love to ever feel sorry for myself. - Author: Josh Beckett
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#21. I may drink too much and play too loud, hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd. That don't mean I don't respect my mama or Uncle Sam. - Author: Tracy Byrd
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#22. It's definitely weird, because pretty much everybody owns the Tony Hawk videogame. Just going over to people's houses and watching play me as I walk in - that's actually happened a few times and that's so weird. It's like, 'Dude, you're playing me right now.' It was too weird. - Author: Bam Margera
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#23. You know, there're no rules between Russell and I. We don't want to have to have to talk too much, because it's really precious, really special to play music. - Author: Benny Green
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#24. You know, I have some issues. But I just love to play different characters all the time, and I try not to repeat myself too much. - Author: Rachel McAdams
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#25. Not one person from the music world has ever come with - as if I could get a rock'n'roller up at four in the morning to play golf - but that's fine. I have way too much going on to sit around waiting for tee time at two in the afternoon. - Author: Buzz Osborne
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#26. I think any time you have too much education in one certain field, that can sometimes play against you. - Author: Amber Tamblyn
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#27. My plays are always involved with society, but I'm writing about people, too, and it's clear over the years that audiences understand them and care about them. The political landscape changes, the issues change, but the people are still there. People don't really change that much. - Author: Arthur Miller
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#28. I'm no longer going to play thugs or debauched cops that I can't possibly make complex characters. I'm bigger than that. I owe too much to too many good people at the Goodman, Arena and Playwrights Horizons. - Author: Isaiah Washington
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#29. I wouldn't want to leave it so long before doing a play again, I get very stolid and sluggish if I do too much telly. - Author: Matthew Macfadyen
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#30. You can batter your guitar, and it won't distort too much, which is important for me because I play with my hands a lot - I don't really play with picks. - Author: James Vincent McMorrow
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#31. No matter how tight the shot is, if I'm narrating it too much, there's a barrier between you and the experience, because the process of reading a book, or watching a movie, or watching a play is that you're watching a dream. - Author: Clark Gregg
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#32. All I knew is that I loved movies and comedy and TV, and I wanted to perform. I made a bunch of shorts and movies in college, and that was always fun too. I directed some plays in college. It was taking it all in and trying to immerse myself in as much of it as possible. - Author: Ed Helms
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#33. I stopped thinking too much about what could happen and relied on my physical and mental strength to play the right shots at the right time. - Author: Novak Djokovic
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#34. Comedy's my first love. I love that so much. You play comedy in drama, too. The difference between genres doesn't really change the method of acting. - Author: Emma Stone
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#35. Yeah, I play a lot of point guard. LeBron plays a lot of point guard. A lot of people are thinking too much on positions. - Author: Dwyane Wade
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#36. Any decision that's made about my career is ultimately my decision, and it's helped me not to plan too much. I've never been the guy thinking, 'I want to do a play this year, I want to do this kind of movie or this kind of character.' I don't have that sort of control. - Author: Craig Bierko
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#37. I don't have too much spare time, but I try to play games as much as possible. I played a little growing up, but I never played any tennis games before. - Author: Lleyton Hewitt
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#38. I was very competitive growing up. I can't even play chess anymore because I used to play tournament chess in school. There's too much sense memory of sitting in front of a chess board and getting super intense about it. It's ruined the game for me. - Author: Chris Hardwick
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#39. I play way too much blitz chess. It rots the brain just as surely as alcohol. - Author: Nigel Short
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#40. One of these days, I would doubt the Gardeners a little too much and Zach was going to play handball with my head. - Author: Erica Lindquist
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#41. What I find sometimes that is tricky is if actors are using too much of their own life in a picture, in a scene, they get locked into a particular way to play the scene, and it lacks an immediacy. - Author: Tom Cruise
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#42. I don't know how anybody can work at home. I know I can't. It's just ... there's too much to do at the house, and now, of course, I have a daughter that's at home, and she's always a draw. I can always drop what I'm doing and go play with her, and I do that all day. - Author: Daniel H. Wilson
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#43. I'm not comfortable being around too many people. I don't like being out in public too much. I don't like going to bars. I don't like doing celebrity stuff. So most of the characters I play are people who don't always feel comfortable beyond their small circle of friends. - Author: Adam Sandler
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#44. I don't play fantasy baseball anymore now because it's too much work, and I feel like I have to hold myself up to such a high standard. I'm pretty serious about my fantasy football, though. - Author: Nate Silver
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#45. I wish I were brave, although I try. I work too hard and don't play enough. Too much work ethic, not enough 'fun'. - Author: Danielle Steel
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#46. I have musician friends who play too much golf, and they're not as good at music anymore. - Author: Raphael Saadiq
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#47. I didn't have to do too much "research" or acting to play this guy. (laughs) It is actually very difficult to manage all the time. The Community schedule is crushing and it kills me because I don't get to be with my family as much as I'd like. - Author: Joel McHale
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#48. I always wanted to play a big, black man, but that would cost too much make-up. - Author: Robin Williams
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#49. I can't wait to get out. It's been much too long, I don't like being home. I'd rather play. This tour is going to be really big. We're gonna have the biggest show we can have. It's gonna be different not like the old KISS shows. - Author: Eric Carr
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#50. I'm a huge video gamer, sometimes a little too much. I'll shut myself in my room just so I can play video games all day and I end up neglecting my friends. - Author: Lucas Till
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#51. The continual awareness of what was going on made me feel ashamed I wasn't saying anything. I burst out because I could no longer play that game any more, it was just too much for me. - Author: John Lennon
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#52. A big market is something that doesn't really concern me too much. It's cool to think about, it's good for off-the-court deals. But I'm more of a basketball player. That's what I want to be known as. And this is the best place for me to play basketball. I'm glad I'm here. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#53. Did I make you spend so much time at the office? Did I make you play three rounds of golf last weekend? Answer: No, I didn't. I was too busy pinning your wife's ankles to her ears. - Author: Sterling Archer
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#54. God lets people out to play poker?" This was too much for even me to believe and I was a Vampyre. A myth . . . - Author: Robyn Peterman
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#55. I didn't want to play it boring and safe. I also didn't want to innovate too much. Second albums, man, they're even scarier than first ones. - Author: Kanye West
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#56. I look at it as a challenge, ... I'm not going to put too much added pressure on myself. I want to play in the NHL, and after that [happens], I can worry about things beyond that. - Author: Sidney Crosby
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#57. What had I done? Where was my fun? I wanted play, I wanted sun, he was the opposite - I called him Zum because he's an un-fun, the sort of mean-fun bully on the playground-fun. Mean Mr. Zum.
This was madness, this was badness this was sadness this was too much un-fun-ness. - Author: Coco J. Ginger
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#58. I don't do method acting. If I play a farmer, I'm not gonna spend 3 weeks on a chicken farm. That's a bit too much for me. - Author: Carice Van Houten
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#59. Why the fuck do you think I'm so tired?" I say to her.
"Because you play too much online poker?" she says. - Author: Sarah Noffke
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#60. I like playing a variety of characters. I feel like I've been able to play different kinds of characters - I've done a lot of period pieces - but I've never had to play the same type of character too much. - Author: James McAvoy
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#61. Any musician who says he is playing better either on tea, the needle, or when he is juiced, is a plain, straight liar. When I get too much to drink, I can't even finger well, let alone play decent ideas ... You can miss the most important years of your life, the years of possible creation. - Author: Charlie Parker
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#62. I did a film when I was about 30; it's a coming of age story called 'Gas Food Lodging,' and I'm so proud of that little independent film. I play this young English geologist, and he's such a simple, loving kind of guy. Doesn't talk too much. He's just a quiet guy, and he gets the girl. - Author: Robert Knepper
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#63. I'm definitely a football fan, so I try to stay up with how teams are doing, and you end up getting a lot of buddies that play on certain teams. I wouldn't say I watch too much of other quarterbacks. - Author: Andrew Luck
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#64. Why would I get a wild card into an American tournament, (as the) top-ranked American? Why would that happen? That makes too much sense. Maybe I should play more Davis Cup, that's the story. Oh wait, I do. - Author: Andy Roddick
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#65. I started writing plays, but the fact that plays don't last forever was too much for me to bear. - Author: Lena Dunham
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#66. People say I pay too much attention to the look of a movie but for God's sake, I'm not producing a Radio 4 Play for Today, I'm making a movie that people are going to look at. - Author: Ridley Scott
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#67. I think if you're doing a play, you're rehearsing enough that you get to a point where it's freeing again. But in a movie, if you rehearse too much, now you've just shown everybody what you're going to do. And any element of surprise or impulsiveness is taken away. - Author: Geena Davis
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#68. I think the presidency is much too serious a thing to just play politics with. - Author: Chris Christie
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#69. I asked them if it wasn't too much trouble, if I wasn't being too pushy, if they could execute what we were trying to do. And if it didn't make them too angry, if they also wanted to play some defense on the other end, that would be great. - Author: Gregg Popovich
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#70. I need to be in a stable environment right now in my career. What I mean by that is a place where I can play and not have too much pressure on me and a place I can develop. Monaco wanted me and did whatever they could to get me so I feel very very good about that. - Author: Freddy Adu
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#71. An evil fate has deprived me of the full use of my right hand, so that I am not able to play my compositions as I feel them. The trouble with my hand is that certain fingers have become so weak, probably through writing and playing too much at one time, that I can hardly use them. - Author: Robert Schumann
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#72. I've always been accused of moving around too much when I play concertos. Sometimes, conductors ask me which of us is leading. - Author: Joshua Bell
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#73. I love baseball, I really do. I always told my Dad, I'm not gonna make it working ... I like to play ball too much. Which I did. I played hard. You gotta work at this game. You really do. And its fun doing it if you do it the right way. - Author: Yogi Berra
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#74. I'd like to play characters who are older - I don't want to be playing 14-year-olds too much longer. - Author: Alison Lohman
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#75. I don't play too much into the color game, because I don't want to be the best African American quarterback, I want to be the best quarterback. - Author: Robert Griffin III
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#76. It sounds maybe a little old fashioned, but the parts I want to play and I do play, you don't want to inject too much of your own personality. What you sacrifice then is a slight mystery. - Author: Andrew Scott
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#77. I enjoy practicing law too much to even contemplate retiring, but I often think about engaging in serious study of the history of art, of the intricacies of classical music. I could write a fugue, or perhaps learn to play the cello. - Author: Karen DeCrow
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#78. The nicer the point, the more
the better I feel, the more excited I get. But I never play that my opponent looks stupid. I think that is wrong. I have too much respect for every opponent I play. - Author: Roger Federer
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#79. My wife, she still gives me a hard time, and says I hunt too much or I like to play golf too much. And she's probably right, but it sure beats some of the things I used to do. - Author: Brett Favre
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#80. I don't dabble in politics too much. I'm really ignorant to the world of politics. I'm not that smart, I'm not that cunning, it's just too much smoke and mirrors for me. I just don't want to play that game. - Author: Michael K. Williams
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#81. I have too much respect for the characters I play to make them anything but as real as they can possibly be. I have a great deal of respect for all of them, otherwise I wouldn't do them. And I don't want to screw them by not portraying them honestly. - Author: Kyra Sedgwick
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