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#1. I'll love you forever," I hear her whisper.
And even though I've said it a hundred times. A thousand. I say it again.
"I love you, angel. Forever. - Author: Victoria Scott
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#2. I'm a huge karaoke person even though I have the worst singing voice. When you love doing something, who cares? - Author: Hoda Kotb
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#3. And my dream for you ... , is that you'll catch a glimpse of what I love so much about fashion: It's boldness and creativity, the confidence that it takes to stand before a camera and let your image be captured, even though you aren't perfect, the peace to be truly okay with how others see you. - Author: Lauren Scruggs
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#4. Girls love it when you have some weird nerdy thing in your room. It makes you look less threatening, even though I'm, like, very threatening. I'm the most threatening guy ever. - Author: Ansel Elgort
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#5. You never experienced the gift of children, and I hate that for you, because you won't understand how I can still love you,how, even though you took everything from me, you're still all that I have. - Author: Blake Crouch
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#6. I think, maybe, this is what true love means.

Maybe true love is warming someone up from the cold, or tenderly brushing a hair away, because you care about them with every bone in your body even though you know what's between you won't last. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
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#7. When I met you, I thought we were meant for each other, even though, in some ways, seemed very different and we kept fighting. But now ... "
"Now I think we're meant for each other, but we are doing to each other, to become the people we become. You know what I mean. - Author: Julianna Baggott
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#8. Being in love is ... anxious," he said. "Wanting to please, worrying that she will see me as I really am. But wanting to be known. That is ... you're naked, moaning in the dark, no dignity at all ... I wanted her to see me and to love me even though she knew everything I am, and I knew her - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
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#9. Even though I'm big on recipes, I love to make up my own dishes and when you take a risk in the kitchen, you learn a lot about food! - Author: Nina Dobrev
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#10. Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'mma be ok - Author: Leona Lewis
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#11. Music is real when it goes inside you. You know when you really love someone, and you look into their eyes and you know it's real? Even though I'm an electronic artist, I wanna keep it real. - Author: Eva Simons
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#12. The word "YouTuber," even though - listen, I love YouTube, and I would never, ever abandon it, but I think when somebody says "Youtuber" it says "Oh, they talk about what they ate that day." That's not me - I do way more than that. - Author: Shane Dawson
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#13. I was hurting him even though I was in love with him, and he knows that I do. Maybe this is what love does to you. - Author: Jessica Madden
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#14. On a perfect weekend, I'll stay in bed until I am rested, though I am not someone who sleeps late. Then I'll go for a run through the parks nearby, even if it is frosty and cold, and I love meeting friends for brunch. You know you are truly on a day off if you have time to do brunch. - Author: Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
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#15. Instead of replying with my usual open-your-mind speech, I send love to my mother. Mom, I love you even though you are a critical, unforgiving horror show. This casserole sucks, but I like the way you roasted the walnuts. - Author: A.S. King
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#16. In all the world I have no one but you. Help me to follow you, even though it seems impossible. Help me to trust you as much as I long to love you. - Author: Hannah Hurnard
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#17. If you fall in love with someone, it doesn't matter who they are. I've had lots of girlfriends who weren't in the public eye. It is hard, all the intrusion: you have a row with someone, and even though you've sorted everything out, you get the are-they-going-to-split headlines for the next ten days. - Author: Max Beesley
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#18. You see, you don't want me to love you. You want the version you've made up. The knight, even though I'm the dragon and I always will be. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#19. When I first met you, I thought we were made for each other even though we seemed like opposites in some ways and we fought. But now ... "
"Now I feel like we weren't made for each other. We're making each other - into the people we should become. Do you know what I mean? - Author: Julianna Baggott
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#20. I also wanted you to realize that even though the pain will always be there, I'm living proof you can get past this. Right now I know it feels impossible, but one day you'll look back and see how far you've come. - Author: E.L. Montes
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#21. Love can never be a sin. It can be only a blessing. Even if you're not loved in return
though I can't imagine that
to love is a proof of life
indeed, it's the only proof, for once you can't love another human being, you're not alive. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#22. I won't ever leave you, even though you're always leaving me. - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
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#23. I love people that, in the face of falling off a cliff, still want to fight about something that happened five minutes ago, going, 'Now, you know I'm right about that,' even though they're facing imminent doom. - Author: Marc Evan Jackson
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#24. I don't know what I'm saying, really, but I guess it's like having a kid, though I don't have any kids. It's yours, you made it, and no matter what happens, you have that pride of ownership. You love it, even it it didn't amount to much. - Author: Kevin Wilson
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#25. I love you more than my own skin and even though you don't love me the same way, you love me anyways, don't you? And if you don't, I'll always have the hope that you do, and i'm satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you. - Author: Frida Kahlo
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#26. I told you I set no limits on my love for you. I don't. Yet I have never expected you to offer me your body. It was the whole of your heart, all for myself, that I sought. Even though I've never had a right to it. For you gave it away ere ever you saw me. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#27. Who said anything about shame?" She gestured down to her naked body, even though it was covered by the blanket. "Honestly, I'm surprised you're not strutting about, boasting to everyone. I certainly would be if I'd tumbled me.
"Does your love for yourself know no bounds?"
"Absolutely none. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#28. I want to let her know though that all the nights sleeping beside her even the useless arguments were things ever splendid and the hard words I ever feared to say can now be said: I love you. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#29. What do you say when you feel your life is taken right from your chest, even though I miraculously find myself still breathing? - Author: Jason F. Wright
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#30. I love the fact you can walk down a street in London and get lost, even though you've lived here 20 years. - Author: Stephen Moyer
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#31. I don't want to only ever meet you in the woods, even though I love this. I ... I gotta feel like there's something real beyond these trees. I want to be able to take you on a date. Just ... once. - Author: Linda Kage
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#32. More than anything I was relieved that in my unfamiliar babbling-and-wanting-to-talk state I'd stopped myself from blurting the thing I'd never said, even though it was something we both knew well enough without me saying out loud to him in the street - which was, of course, I love you. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#33. I want to walk beside you in the drizzle

and say you can move in with me
tonight, right away, even though
this time they'll probably evict me
and although I'm moving out in three weeks anyway - Author: Tim Dlugos
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Even losing you (a joking voice, a gesture/ I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident/ the art of losing's not too hard to master/ though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
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#35. I've always done what felt right. I do what I can to protect the people I love, and even though I don't like you very much right now, I love the shit out of you. If anything happened to you, it might take me out for good. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#36. I wonder why when I told him that my chest still ached even though I had finally told him how I felt, he said, "So you finally realize how I've felt these past three years?" and laughed. - Author: Kou Yoneda
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#37. :That's what you do when you love someone." ... "You give all you have to give," he said, "and they do the same. You fill each other up." ... "It doesn't work if it isn't even, though," I said. "If one does all the giving and the other does all the taking - Author: Catherine Gayle
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#38. I'm not spitting in my own soup, I love having spent my life thinking about these things-but you don't have to know anything about his life, even though I've just written a biography! - Author: Stephen Greenblatt
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#39. Because I love you." I refuse to allow fear into my voice. "Because I love you, nobody else will ever touch me. Even though you are constantly touched. - Author: Mary Elizabeth
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#40. I get a lot of mail from men who really identify with Stuart, you know, Sparrow's boyfriend. I love that. Even though I used to say I wanted men to read the strip even though there weren't any men in it, so they'd be forced to identify with the women. - Author: Alison Bechdel
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#41. I haven't changed my mind. That's the point! I want to spend my life with you even though it's totally irrational. And you have short earlobes. Socially and genetically there's no reason for me to be attracted to you. The only logical conclusion is that I must be in love with you. - Author: Graeme Simsion
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#42. It occurs to me that even though Zoya and I are both still alive, my life is already over. She will be taken from me soon and there will be no reason for me to continue without her. We are one person, you see. We are GeorgyandZoya. - Author: John Boyne
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#43. I will always remember you, even though you had no idea I was even in the room. My words wouldn't come, I could only dream. A crush or a love? - Author: Walter Bradford Cannon
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#44. Some say their world's will end with fire, some say with ice. From what I've tasted with desire I hold with those who favor fire. My world may not be ending, even though it feels like it. I do know this however, what doesn't kill you only mke you stronger. - Author: Genesis
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#45. I'm like a ventriloquist chasing his own voice. I can whisper and shout at the same time, and this is the closest approximation I have to a description of love. I would offer you something to drink, but I'm not in the kitchen, even though it may sound like I am. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#46. I missed you more now than I had when I lost you. I was forgetting the bad things faster than I forgot the good, and the changing ratio felt a little bit like falling in love even though I was actually speaking to you less and less. - Author: Alexandra Kleeman
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#47. I've been trying not to think about the things I wanted but couldn't have.
I figured life must be about what you can't have.
Some part of me has given up wanting anything.
Why? I'm human, aren't I?
Even though I knew that this was pointless.
Why did I fall in love? - Author: Kou Yoneda
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#48. I realize the thing about a guy you've spent your whole life loving from afar is that even though he's real you've really made most of him up. - Author: Kirsten Smith
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#49. Jack, please," she whispered, even though she had no idea what it is she was begging for.

"You want sex, I'll give you sex." His low, deep voice embodied control, and did the strangest things to her body. "But before I put my cock inside you, I want to touch and taste every inch of you. - Author: Cathryn Fox
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#50. I'm an old school guy and love the guys in the monster suits and JAWS; even though everyone makes fun of the shark I think it's awesome. You know it's fake, but with my generation that was part of the charm. - Author: Larry Fessenden
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#51. I loved this man with all my heart; he had shown me that even though life can be a bitch, love can get you through any storm. - Author: Nina Levine
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#52. It's amazing how good it feels to talk about him. How I realize that even though we're over, what we had was true. You can't fake that. I still love him and I really believe he loved me, too. - Author: Nyrae Dawn
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#53. This is not what you want to hear, but to me, it doesn't seem there was a time before I loved you. And though I try to keep my distance from you ... even now you keep giving me reasons to love you more. - Author: Cayla Kluver
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#54. I have an arrow living inside my chest that shoots straight toward you - even though I know the sky is falling for us. Even though I know all we're destined for is dust. I can't make it change course. It leads me to you every time I've tried to turn away - Author: Emalynne Wilder
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#55. My love is for you lives after life, for infinite time even though I will never get you, but my love for you is forever. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#56. You made me happy. And I still care about you. Okay? You mean something to me - something I can't really even put into words because everything seems too lame in comparison. I've always wanted you, even when I hated you. I want you even though you drive me freaking insane. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#57. And as for the people you loved, even their names will escape you. Did you not mean what you said when you said, I will love you forever? You did. Though now it's hard to remember ... - Author: P.K. Page
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#58. Even though i have no other choice but to marry you ... I Just want to make it clear that i love and will always love Matt Hardy - Author: Amy Dumas
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#59. Relax Guild Boss. You have my word of honor that I won't tell a soul about your connection to Watson Whitaker." she winked. "Frankly,though, I doubt if the story would do you any real damage if it did get out. Might even give you a boost in the popularity ratings back home. People love legends. - Author: Jayne Castle
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#60. This is how I show my students that I love them - by putting books in their hands, by noticing what they are about, and finding books that tell them, I know. I know. I know how it is. I know who you are, and even though we may never speak of it, read this book, and know that I understand you. - Author: Donalyn Miller
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#61. You're hurt."
"No. No, I'm fine. It's not blood. The militiamen were adjusting Sir Lewis's trebuchet, and there was a mishap. You took a melon for me." She smiled, even though her lips trembled. - Author: Tessa Dare
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#62. Unconditional love is a love that says to a child, "I love who you are no matter what, even though I may not - Author: Brenda Schaeffer
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#63. My fate is a prison. It's the only one of us who didn't need to inhabit one. I took your responsibility for those souls for you, even though their deaths are your fault. You should be forced to feel what it's like for someone to be imprisoned. - Author: Martha Brockenbrough
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#64. To fall in love with him even though I was right here?"
"You're not really my type, Abe," I say.
"I'm too handsome?" He grins.
"Too evil. - Author: Suzanne Young
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#65. But what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that even though I do not know you, and even though I may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you. I love you. With all my heart, I love you. - Author: Alan Moore
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#66. The selfish and self-centered have a hard time being kind, even though you and I know that kindness is a source of relief to the soul. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#67. I happen to love working in cinema, but the theater is always there ... you know, and I would never shut the door on it. Even though it's been quite a bit of time since I've done a play, last one was in New York. - Author: Michael York
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#68. Did you ever really love her?
Not really no.
But me?
Even though I have no pizzazz? - Author: Miranda July
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#69. But he was a perfect gentleman, Aunt Amelia. He did not even try to kiss me, though he wanted to ... You always tell me I must be receptive to broadening experiences. That would have been a broadening experience. And, from what I have observed, a very enjoyable one. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
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#70. I deserved the shaking and the headaches and the fact that every single time I took a breath I felt a squeezing in my chest, my heart beating even though I wished it wasn't. - Author: Elizabeth Scott
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