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#1. For a long time, I did feel aware that I wasn't pretty or bubbly enough. Nor was I sexy-looking.

Hattie Morahan

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#2. It does not taste like God Himself cooked heaven into a series of five dishes which were then served to you accompanied by several luminous balls of fermented, bubbly plasma while actual and literal flower petals floated down all around your canal-side dinner table.

John Green

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#3. He's lithe and tanned and taut. But to my eye he's lost something. He has a synthetic quality, like orange soda instead of freshly squeezed juice. It's orangey and bubbly and it quenches your thirst, but it leaves a bitter aftertaste. And it's not good for you.

Sophie Kinsella

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#4. I'm very bubbly, so when people meet me, they sometimes think I'm fake. I'm excited to meet new people, but I guess I sound like I'm being sarcastic.

Lyndsy Fonseca

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#5. You're bubbly and approachable.".... "I'm none of those things. The sarcastic wit and humorous charm is a front. I honestly despise people. I like to consider myself as more of a dictator that staff are confident in but scared to approach.

Eden Summers

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#6. Every dressing room should have a few proper bottles of bubbly.

Tony Vincent

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#7. My tone was part bubbly, part cutting - a mash-up of sugar and snide so perfected I should TM it.

Kresley Cole

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#8. I'd got a part in the original cast of 'Cats' when I was 16, and that kept me going for a while. After that, I felt lost, both personally and professionally - I was trying to find a way not to be seen only as this bubbly, bright, vivacious person. It felt like I'd lost the freedom to make mistakes.

Bonnie Langford

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#9. It was not cool to be that fun, bubbly kid, so I would just go off on my own and sing and make up songs, and that's how I think I developed into the kind of artist and writer that I am.

Elle Varner

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#10. Mother Goose chuckled to herself. "Jack is nimble, Jack is quick - but Jack can be such a - " She stopped herself from finishing the thought, perhaps remembering she was talking to thirteen-year-olds. "I think I've had enough bubbly for one night. It's time for bed anyway.

Chris Colfer

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#11. Laughter is deliverance, bubbly salvation.

Anne Lamott

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#12. You've got to try this," I told Bones, handing him the glass. "It's like Cristal and O-Negative had a love child.

Jeaniene Frost

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#13. There are two industry secrets to surviving a long day on camera on the red carpet: First, no drinking the night before - ever. You can celebrate after with some bubbly. Second is make sure to use shoe insoles. I don't care if you are a guy or a girl, dress shoes are painful. Worth it, but painful.

Ross Mathews

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#14. I have an incredibly dark, mysterious, witchy side and another side that's very bubbly and cheerleader-esque.

Sarah Shahi

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#15. Her letters were bubbly and girlish. Her handwriting made her seem happier than she actually was.

Jennifer Mathieu

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#16. Don't think of Diana Vreeland's memoir as a book; it's more like a lunch. A bit of souffle, a glass of champagne, some green grapes - light, bubbly and slightly tart - all served up by an egocentric but inventive hostess.

Cathleen McGuigan

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#17. You can teach a bubbly person to repair shoes, but you can't put the personality into a grumpy cobbler.
John Timpson

David Shindler

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#18. Soft drinks: The gooey, bubbly sea drowning our American children.

Marlene Dietrich

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#19. I started out doing things like 'Flash Forward,' where I was the girl-next-door, and then, I did a show called 'Higher Ground,' where I played this really mean, sarcastic girl. Then 'Firefly' happened, and everybody thought of me as this bubbly, sweet girl-next-door again.

Jewel Staite

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#20. Bubbly is bogus.

Scott Westerfeld

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#21. I've actually got turned down for a lot of roles because I'm not bubbly enough. People have told me to be more 'up', but I can't, really. I find it hard to be smiley and giggly all the time.

Emily Browning

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#22. The best bubbly I ever tasted was laughter.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#23. I'm not ashamed of being a bubbly, funny person. I think that's as valid as being the dark, brooding, tortured Oscar-nominated one.

Cameron Diaz

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#24. Let's start over shall we? Hello gorgeous. I'm Justin McKinley. I'm head baker at Le Chef Petite. I'd love to get to know you better. Can I seduce you with my vast knowledge of sweet and sensual desserts?
Alicia couldn't help it. She giggled. One of those girly, I've-been-flirting bubbly

Lea Barrymire

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#25. The drug of choice in the modern age is levity. We want everything to be light and bubbly. We just want to feel good.

Matt Chandler

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#26. My school friends thought I was outgoing and bubbly, but that masked a lot of insecurities, and maybe that's the reason I chose drama - to build a bit of self-confidence. I had a great teacher, and I won a few speech and drama competitions and just fell in love with it.

Deborah Mailman

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#27. I took another draught and my mouth was awash again in a riptide of bitter, bubbly, CO2 eruptions and the fruity splash of malted barley. What a sensation! I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but by bottle's end I was a dedicated fan.

Joel Miller

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#28. Everything that I teach as an enlightened Buddhist teacher is towards directing an individual to happiness, a balanced wisdom and knowledge that is sometimes just bubbly and euphoric or just very still and profound.

Frederick Lenz

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#29. I feel like artists that are always quite sad in real life always make really happy music, and artists who are really bouncy and bubbly always make really sad music.

Marina And The Diamonds

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#30. Who needed to argue and exchange insults when you could just annoy the hell out of someone by being overly friendly and bubbly?

Suzanne Wright

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#31. My bubbly personality is like its own screaming person.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#32. As the ample Hedda, who disguised her ampleness behind a billow of yellow summer dress, told it, her life up 'til she hoisted this very bloody mary in her hand was a convoluted tale of bubbly love gone flat, fine talents unnoticed and similarly woeful bullshit.

Daniel Woodrell

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