Top 40 How To Stay Happy Quotes

#1. If, as Marshall McLuhan once taught us, the medium is the message, then Derfner's medium-this lovely, discursive amalgamation of wit and smarts-is indeed his message about how to stay happy, sane, and honest in whatever situation one finds oneself in.

Philip Gambone

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#2. It's a great life, and Margaret and I are going to stay put above the Arctic Circle where we're happy.

Bern Will Brown

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#3. I am Happy. I love colorful and cute stuffs. Whole my life is all about being happy and to stay positive in my beliefs. I love to inspire people and let them know more about themselves.

Diana Rose Morcilla

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#4. If I can stay constantly busy, I'll be happy.

Daniel Cudmore

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#5. I don't ever want to grow up. I guess I'm like Peter Pan. Grown-ups have problems. I want to stay happy.

Shaquille O'Neal

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#6. Let's face it. Umpiring is not an easy or happy way to make a living. In the abuse they suffer, and the pay they get for it, you see an imbalance that can only be explained by their need to stay close to a game they can't resist.

Bob Uecker

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#7. He was happy enough to stay in this jumbled, lively place where the drinks were cheap and the band was loud and he could feel the inner peace that comes from knowing that all your clothes are new and perfectly fitted.

Richard Yates

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#8. If I were going to stay in coaching, I would have stayed right there because I was totally happy.

Darrell Royal

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#9. If you cannot be happy with the little you have, you can be confused with the lot you want to have

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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#10. Take a couple of days by yourself and rent a nice cabin in some nice, happy place. Stay a day or two and meditate and take walks in areas that feel good to you. Find out who you are again. Remember.

Frederick Lenz

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#11. Technology, mass exploitation, and minority pressure carried the trick, thank God. Today, thanks to them, you can stay happy all the time,

Ray Bradbury

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#12. So much for a "Happy Halloween!" I thought sarcastically. I should wear a huge sign around my neck from now onwards that reads: 'Stay clear of me if you want your party to survive the night'!

Adele Rose

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#13. Random thoughts that fly away.
Where words has no place to stay.
Let it be right where they are.
Let the work of art preserve its life.

Diana Rose Morcilla

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#14. Do you want a happy heart when you are old? Then get with the Lord and stay with Him. That is how it works.

Shelton Smith

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#15. Don't ya wanna hear the secret?' his eyes were narrow and mean, despite the glaze of rum. Louer drained his glass and slammed it to the bar. 'You get happy by learnin' to say 'yes' to what life offers you, but stay happy by rememberin' when to start sayin' 'no'.

T.B. McKenzie

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#16. The mark of a good book is that you're happy to come home to it. The mark of a great book is that you occasionally schedule your life to stay home with it.

Derek Thompson

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#17. The more we consume, acquire, and elevate our status, the harder it is to stay happy.

Jane McGonigal

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#18. If your happiness depends on your children being happy, that makes them your hostages. So stay out of their business, stop using them for your happiness, and be your own happiness. And that way you are the teacher for your children: someone who knows how to live a happy life.

Byron Katie

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#19. I don't want you ever to doubt how much I love you, Mom, but I found it. That love you talked to me about at the inn? He's here, and I have to stay with him. I'm safe and happy, and I know that's all you've ever wanted for me.

Bethany Claire

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#20. The secret of staying young is to be simple and happy like a child.

Debasish Mridha

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#21. I worked on three independent movies in close succession and ... I really learned from those directors how to stay on budget, make your days, get it done, keep everyone happy, which is a huge thing in a movie, and to steer the ship.

Michael Urie

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#22. Finally, what I really want is to be happy in this moment, where the magic and miracles happen. Stay in the moment and all gifts are added as you breathe and take inspired action.

Joe Vitale

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#23. I've done a lot of things in a business where you're lucky to stay alive, so when the time comes, I'll be happy to pass my knowledge along and help someone else.

Felix Baumgartner

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#24. You either bend, or you break.
Suppress your ego to stay happy.

Manoj Arora

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#25. Stay away from these three people if you want to lead a happy healthy stress free life. Lawyers,Doctors and Priests. Lawyers take your money,Doctors take your health and Priests take your soul.

Lou Silluzio

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#26. I was diagnosed with a lung disorder that some people walk around with and don't even know they have. Through early diagnosis, I'm happy to share that I stay healthy with diet and exercise.

Tisha Campbell-Martin

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#27. Think Positively.
Network well.
Eat healthy.
Work Smart.
Stay Strong.
Build faith.
Worry less.
Read more.
Be happy.
Volunteer freely.
Relax often.
Love always.
Live eternally
and you will see doors open to your favor.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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#28. In some ways, it would be nice to stay younger, but I feel pretty happy about growing older ... Personally, I don't have a lot of the regular hand-ups with getting older that some people do. I've never tried to disguise my age. People find out anyway.

Holly Hunter

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#29. Here's to honor. Get on her. Stay on her. If you fall off. Get back on her. If you can't cum in her. Cum on her! Happy Birthday Man!

Kimberly Lauren

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#30. If you're working for a good company and you're happy there, and you're being compensated accordingly, and your work satisfies you, you should stay there.

Robert Kiyosaki

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#31. Here is my experience. Stay away from the ones you love too much. Those are the ones who will kill you. What you want to live and be happy in the world is a woman who has her own life and lets you have yours.

Donna Tartt

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#32. I don't have much in the way of money or worldly possessions, I'm not beautiful, intelligent or clever, but I'm happy, and I intend to stay that way! I was born happy, I love people, I have a trusting nature, and I'd like everyone else to be happy too.

Anne Frank

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#33. No matter where you go, no matter where you live, a Kansas fan is a Kansas fan: implacable, insufferable and perfectly happy to stay that way.

Paul Shirley

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#34. Stay true to yourself because a lot of times women get so wrapped up in doing for a man that we forget to focus on us. A lot of times that is unattractive. They love us because we are independent and focused on the things that make us happy. Because when they see you happy, their happy!

Gabrielle Dennis

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#35. I felt so happy I could barely stay in my skin

Frank McCourt

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#36. We were happy. I know I ought to be able to tell you about it, yet I cannot, for while a nightmare will stay with you like hunger, when you awake from a happy dream, you have no memory of it.

Erik Christian Haugaard

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#37. And I don't believe that I have to stay on one side of the fence or the other. I don't believe that there is any good career move or bad career move. I believe there are only the things that make me happy.

Whoopi Goldberg

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#38. Will Sasha abandon her plan in order to stay with Ronan???
Will those two be able to stay together and be happy when they are having so many demons to changing them down???

A. Zavarelli

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#39. I'm glad you're quitting the bar."
"You are?"
"Yeah. I've never liked you working there, and I miss you at the weekend."
"Why didn't you say anything?"
"Because you seemed happy. It's sort of my life mission to make sure you stay that way," he teased.

Samantha Young

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#40. Life is so short. The only person you hurt when you stay angry or hold grudges is you. Forgive everyone, including yourself.

Tom Giaquinto

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