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Top 15 Gym Mirrors Quotes

#1. There's this creative thing in me that wants to have my work used - like the author of a book who wants it read. - Author: James Goodnight
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#2. If Mary's blood is Spanish, at least it is royal. And at least she can walk straight and has control of her bowels. - Author: Hilary Mantel
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#3. If you sent me to cover a pie-baking contest on Mother's Day, I'm going to ask dear old Mom why she used artificial sweetener or stole the apples! - Author: Sam Donaldson
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#4. I'd rather take a beating sometimes than get in that gym every morning. Anyone who gets up that early and says he likes it is a goddamned liar. The only good thing about it is that when I'm finished, I look at myself in the mirror and say, Jack, you've done it again! - Author: Jack LaLanne
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#5. Honesty is making our words align with reality. Integrity is making reality align with our words. - Author: Michael Hyatt
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#6. The first step is making sure you, as the Top, do, in fact, know what the hell you're doing. - Author: Claire Thompson
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#7. You never want to look in a mirror," Lula said. "Men love mirrors. They look at themselves doing the deed and they see Rex the Wonder Horse. Women look at themselves and think they need to renew their membership at the gym. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#8. He read vividly. - Author: David Brooks
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#9. The more I see, the less I know for sure. - Author: John Lennon
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#10. Mirrors at the gym only serve to remind me that I'm less of a man than I'd like to be. - Author: Dov Davidoff
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#11. Change does not take time - it takes commitment. - Author: Thomas Crum
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#12. It is virtually impossible to control Northern Kenya, which is populated chiefly by migrant nomads. - Author: Richard Leakey
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#13. Sometimes there is absolutely no difference at all between salvation and damnation. - Author: Stephen King
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#14. Choice impacts virtually every element of our life. - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#15. Paulo Coelho gives you the inspiration to follow your own dreams by seeing the world through your own eyes and not someone else's. - Author: Lynn Andrews
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