Top 100 God Garden Quotes

#1. We are all plants in God's great garden.
His knowledge is our soil.
With it we can live forever.
Without it we wilt and die.

Calvin W. Allison

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#2. I am a bird of God's garden
and I do not belong to this dusty world
For a day or two they have put me here
in this cage of my own body
I did not come here of my own
I will not return of my own
to my own country.


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#3. God does not lie in our collective past, God lies in our collective future; the Garden of Eden is tomorrow, not yetsterday; the Golden Age lies down the road, not up it.

Ken Wilber

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#4. When I see a garden in flower, then I believe in God for a second. But not the rest of the time

Svetlana Alexievich

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#5. Soon it began to drizzle for the second time that night. The drops grew heavier and became visible in the headlights of the cars. It was said by some of the police on the scene that God was crying for the girl in the garden. To others, it was only rain. (final lines)

George Pelecanos

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#6. Adam's role was to assert and enjoy his sovereignty under God, cultivating the garden into an expanding paradise and protecting it from all harm.

Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

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#7. The sacred fruit grows on the tree of life in the garden of God.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#8. As a gardener, I'm among those who believe that much of the evidence of God's existence has been planted.

Robert Breault

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#9. Everything, even sweeping, scraping vegetables, weeding a garden and waiting on the sick could be a prayer, if it were offered to God.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt

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#10. In the quiet of the garden then the robin shook his worm, and swallowed its life from the light into darkness with the quick indifference of a god.

Chris Cleave

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#11. The City that God is building for you and me, not even death can pass its gates! God's City of Tomorrow, His garden of the gods, will have no pain nor death nor sorrow!

David Berg

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#12. I don't ask questions. I just figure the extra warm days are God's way of rewarding me for Garden State

Zach Braff

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#13. Marriage was defined by God a long time ago. Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve - one man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don't think anyone else should either.

Kirk Cameron

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#14. Putting her trust in God, she displayed the same optimistic excitement on the eve of a garden party or on the eve of a revolution, whereby her hasty gestures seemed to exorcise radicalism or inclement weather.

Marcel Proust

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#15. Now there was the rustling of skirts, and it kicked up her smell, that distinctive blend of vanilla and violets, lavender and roses - an entire moving garden with a kitchen thrown in for good measure, and God save the allergic.

Meredith Duran

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#16. Your choice. Cunt or pussy, but so help me God, if you say some lame ass word like flower or lady garden you'll pay for it later, because I don't fuck gardens or flowers any more than I have a love sword attached to my groin.

Elizabeth Finn

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#17. The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.

George Bernard Shaw

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#18. Each time you shed tears, God gathers them to water the garden of your dreams.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#19. We do God more honor by believing what He has said about Himself and having the courage to come boldly to the throne of grace than by hiding in self-conscious humility among the trees of the garden.

A.W. Tozer

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#20. All the more I study Nature do I revere God, because Nature is all the body of God we will ever know.

Frank Lloyd Wright

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#21. What good is all our busy religion if God isn't in it? What good is it if we've lost majesty, reverence, worship-an awareness of the divine? What good is it if we've lost a sense of the Presence and the ability to retreat within our own hearts and meet God in the garden?

Aiden Wilson Tozer

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#22. A moment later he was in his garden, walking, meditating, contemplating, his heart and soul wholly absorbed in those grand and mysterious things which God shows at night to the eyes which remain open.

Victor Hugo

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#23. I'll give you another example. The snake in the Garden of Eden?"
"It was just a snake. Humanity's first real decision was to defy God. So was mine. That's the reason I make you uncomfortable. We're so much alike.

Richard Kadrey

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#24. When the inner garden is under cultivation and God's Spirit is present, harvests are regular events. The fruits? Things like courage, hope, love, endurance, joy, and lots of peace.

Gordon MacDonald

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#25. God the first garden made, and the first city Cain.

Abraham Cowley

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#26. This is the centre of the gospel - this is what the Garden of Gethsemane and Good Friday are all about - that God has done astonishing and costly things to draw us near.

John Piper

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#27. Our devotional life with God is more like the planting of a garden. When we arise from sowing into the secret place, we will not usually be able to point to immediate results or benefits. What we sow today will require an entire season of growth before the results are manifest.

Bob Sorge

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#28. God's creation is absolute amazing.
He is the great God of wonders.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#29. The fact that the prohibited tree was placed in the center of the garden, right next to the Tree of Life (Gen. 2:9), symbolizes that the life that God intends for us revolves around our honoring God's prohibition as much as trusting God for his provision.The

Gregory A. Boyd

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#30. Nurturing and cherishing creation is a command God gives not only at the beginning of history, but to each of us. It is part of his plan; it means causing the world to grow responsibly, transforming it so that it may be a garden, a habitable place for everyone.

Pope Francis

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#31. We are the flowers that make up the Creator's vast and beautiful garden.

Suzy Kassem

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#32. God is entirely and personally present in the wilderness, in the garden, in the field.

Martin Luther

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#33. It is God's world still. It has been given to man not absolutely, but in trust, that man may work out in it the will of God; given-may we not say?-just as a father gives a child a corner of his great garden, and says, "There, that is yours; now cultivate it."

Phillips Brooks

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#34. In the garden of the soul, the virtues of faith, hope, and love form the centerpiece. Traditionally called theological virtues, they come as free gifts from God and draw us to God. We cannot earn these virtues; God has already freely planted them in our soul.

Robert Morneau

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#35. Human half-truth logic, dates back to Adam and Eve, when he tried to deceive God with a truth, 'we knew we were naked so we hid', leaving God to understand that something was wrong with Adam's logic, because if Adam knew THE TRUTH, he would know that you can't hide from God.

Caesar J. B. Squitti

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#36. The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon, The Song of the Birds for Mirth, One is Nearer God's Heart in a Garden, Than Anywhere Else on Earth.

Nicola Furlong

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#37. From all of our beginnings, we keep reliving the Garden story.

Ann Voskamp

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#38. Had God pulled me from Adam's rib and placed me naked in the garden, the story would be no different. Let's not blame Eve anymore. If she hadn't eaten the fruit, it would most certainly have been me. I would have eaten it again and again, and then I would have given you a bite.

Amber C. Haines

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#39. I think if we all gardened more, they and all of the other birds that fly in the air above and light in my garden below would be better off. I know that God values them no less than I do. So when I plant in spring I also hope to taste of God in fruit of summer sun and sight of feathered friends.

Vigen Guroian

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#40. Oh, Adam was a gardener, and God who made him sees That half a proper gardener's work is done upon his knees, So when your work is finished, you can wash your hands and pray For the Glory of the Garden, that it may not pass away!

Rudyard Kipling

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#41. True silence is a garden enclosed, where alone the soul can meet its God.

Catherine Doherty

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#42. A small garden, accordingly, gives its owner a far greater opportunity to express himself ... in a garden any man may be an artist, may experiment with all the subtleties or simplicities of line, mass, color, and composition, and taste the god-like joys of the creator.

Harrison Gray Otis Dwight

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#43. The Garden is a metaphor for the following: our minds, and our thinking in terms of pairs of opposites
man and woman, good and evil
are as holy as that of a god. (50)

Joseph Campbell

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#44. Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God.

Thomas Jefferson

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#45. And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.


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#46. Talk a walk with me through nature and let's gaze on the marvelous wonders of creation.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#47. The Good Gardener planted each of us here for a reason.

Seth Adam Smith

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#48. Encouraged by this recollection, I pick up my spear again, attack the weeds I did not invite to grow in my garden, and am left with this morning's one lesson: when something undesirable grows in my soul, I ask God to give me the same courage mercilessly to pluck it out.

Paulo Coelho

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#49. A great challenge: stop ruining the garden which God has entrusted to us so that all may enjoy it.

Pope Francis

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#50. The world is a garden of philosophy. God is its gardener; Man is the visitor.
And any tree that does not bear fruits of philosophy either does not belong to
that garden or is yet to be grown.

Kedar Joshi

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#51. When they have opened a gap in the ... wall of separation between the Garden of the Church and the wildernes of the world, God hath ever ... made his Garden a Wildernesse.

Roger Williams

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#52. God's church is not a stage for us to perform on but a garden for us to grow in.

Michael Horton

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#53. It's God's world. He washes you clean. He makes you whole. He puts rain in your garden and sunshine in your heart. "Clarence

James McBride

God Garden Quotes #350000
#54. Perhaps it is because my conviction is anyone may believe whatever they wish. Intolerance is a greater offense against God than holding a strange or even inconsistent belief. You have the right to worship what you wish - a pile of stones in your garden - as long as you do not injure others.

Anne Perry

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#55. She shrugs, goes over to the window and looks down at the garden. She circles a finger on the glass, then she says, "Maybe you should try an believe in God."
"Should I?"
"Yeah, maybe we all should. The entire human race.

Jenny Downham

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#56. A certain shoemaker one of the chief towns of Silesia, in the year 1591, September 20, on a Friday betimes in the morning, in the further part of his house, where there was adjoining a little garden, cut his own throat with his shoemaker's knife.

Raymond T. McNally

God Garden Quotes #293654
#57. I just want to tell you if that's what You have planned for me, if I am meant to be an obscure flower in the corner of the expansive garden, I will live there and I will love You and I will bloom just for You -- only, always, ever.

Sarah Thebarge

God Garden Quotes #281633
#58. The first sight I beheld when I first awakened was a pair of eyes filled with pure adoration and a joyful grin that shone more brightly than the afternoon sun. Though he hadn't spoken a single word, I knew exactly who he was. He was my creator ... my Lord ... my God.

Kristen Reed

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#59. To cultivate a garden is to walk with God, to go hand in hand with nature in some of her most beautiful processes, to learn something of her choicest secrets, and to have a more intelligent interest awakened in the beautiful order of her works elsewhere.

C.N. Bovee

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#60. There might be a class of beings, human once, but now to humanity invisible, for whose scrutiny, and for whose refined appreciation of the beautiful, more especially than for our own, had been set in order by God the great landscape-garden of the whole earth.

Edgar Allan Poe

God Garden Quotes #220574
#61. In God's garden, we will continue to blossom differently. And in that difference, we find a chemistry and a harmony, a spark across the gap, that consumes us all.

Terryl L. Givens

God Garden Quotes #201649
#62. Locke sank into a swoon; The Garden died; God took the spinning-jenny Out of his side.

William Butler Yeats

God Garden Quotes #190940
#63. 2The woman said to the serpent, "We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit from


God Garden Quotes #156656
#64. And I realize the unbearable anguish of insanity: how uninformed people can be thinking insane people are "happy," O God, in fact it was Irwin Garden once warned me not to think the madhouses are full of "happy nuts." (p. 200)

Jack Kerouac

God Garden Quotes #369649
#65. The Country is both the Philosopher's Garden and his Library, in which he Reads and Contemplates the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God.

William Penn

God Garden Quotes #143528
#66. God Almighty first planted a garden: and indeed it is the purest of human pleasures.

Francis Bacon

God Garden Quotes #114005
#67. What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.

Sri Aurobindo

God Garden Quotes #98914
#68. Our heart is a garden, which the good God has given us to cultivate, and we must always be aware of the weeds that grow without observation. It is necessary that we should unceasingly apply ourselves to the cultivation of the good and the extraction of the evil which might take root.

Christoph Von Schmid

God Garden Quotes #82260
#69. If only we wait on God's timings, we shall eat of the best fruits from the tree of life in the garden of God.

Lailah Gifty Akita

God Garden Quotes #72918
#70. God gives us a glimpse of what heaven will be like for the believer. It will have the characteristics of a happy home, a holy city, a glorious garden, and a beautiful bride. This staggers the imagination!

Billy Graham

God Garden Quotes #71089
#71. The love for God is the love to protect the environment.

Lailah Gifty Akita

God Garden Quotes #53033
#72. Whenever you see confusion, you can be sure that something is wrong. Disorder in the world implies that something is out of place. Usually, at the heart of all disorder you will find man in rebellion against God. It began in the Garden of Eden and continues to this day.

A.W. Tozer

God Garden Quotes #31744
#73. Some says that genetic engineering is within the scope of the God! Well, it was so, that area would have been encircled with the impassable high walls! Mankind cannot lose its time with this kind of religious craps! Genetic engineering is our garden!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

God Garden Quotes #25581
#74. But evil has been around since the Garden of Eden, and God's plan for victory was designed before the world began. The Bible tells us to fear no evil.

David Jeremiah

God Garden Quotes #19650
#75. If 'why' was the first and last question, then 'because I was curious to see what would happen' was the first and last answer. A version of it had been spoken to God Himself in the Garden of Eden, and it was destined to be the reason for the end of things at the hands of man.

John Connolly

God Garden Quotes #18043
#76. There are many gods ... gods of beauty and magic, gods of the garden, gods in our own backyards, but we go off to foreign countries to find new ones, we reach to the stars to find new ones
... The god of the church is a jealous god; he cannot live in peace with other gods.

Rudolfo Anaya

God Garden Quotes #529234
#77. You rave about the Holy Place (Masjid al-Haram) and say you've visited God's garden but where is your bunch of flowers? There is some merit in the suffering you have endured but what a pity you have not discovered the Makkah thats inside


God Garden Quotes #706420
#78. We are entirely dependent upon the spirit of inspiration, and if there ever was a time, since Adam occupied the Garden of Eden, when the Spirit of God was more needed than at the present time, I am not aware of it.

Lorenzo Snow

God Garden Quotes #695316
#79. 111God has purchased the persons and possessions of the believers in return for the Garden - they fight in God's way: they kill and are killed - this is a true promise given by Him in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur'an. Who


God Garden Quotes #689026
#80. Crying had made her want a shoulder on which to rest her head, arms to hold her. She'd wasted too many tears alone in her room, her garden, walking along the shore, praying for God to send her someone to share her sorrows along with her joys.

Laurie Alice Eakes

God Garden Quotes #662515
#81. I grew up in Chillum Heights in the Washington, D.C. area., and it was never a garden spot. When guys go, 'Hey, when I grew up, my neighborhood was tough, and it was this and that' ... the reality is that it was just a terribly sad place. And thank God, I was able to escape it.

Jonathan Banks

God Garden Quotes #656306
#82. I'm holding Eden in my hands, and it makes me glad there is no God to take this garden away from me.

Ellen Hopkins

God Garden Quotes #654037
#83. God had banished man from the Garden of Eden for daring to trespass upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
- But What if man learned to grow his own Tree? Where might it end?
- She didn't knew the answer. She knew only one thing for certain.
Someone had to stop Them

James Rollins

God Garden Quotes #651437
#84. Adam hid in the Garden of Eden. Moses tried to substitute his brother. Jonah jumped a boat and was swallowed by a whale ... Man likes to run from God. It's a tradition.

Mitch Albom

God Garden Quotes #643376
#85. Prayer, at its most basic level, was surrender. Like Jesus in the garden, saying, "Not My will, but Yours, be done." The ironic thing was, when a person surrendered their will, they got God's, and then they received what they were really looking for all along. This was what she believed.

Chris Fabry

God Garden Quotes #602455
#86. Merlin, do you mind?' It was the King who asked me, a man as old and wise as myself; a man who could see past his own crowding problems, and guess what it might men to me, to walk in dead air where once the world had been a god-filled garden.

Mary Stewart

God Garden Quotes #594909
#87. In this light, my spirit saw through all things and into all creatures and I recognized God in grass and plants.

Jakob Bohme

God Garden Quotes #580606
#88. We must cultivate our garden.
Furia to God one day in seven allots;
The other six to scandal she devotes.
Satan, by false devotion never flammed,
Bets six to one, that Furia will be damned.

Horace Walpole

God Garden Quotes #571347
#89. I wonder what God must have thought then / When He saw the work of Cain's hand / That the first baby born on the planet / Grew up to kill the third man.

Brian M. Boyce

God Garden Quotes #15873
#90. Some men think that the globe is a sponge that God puts into their hands to squeeze for their own garden or flower-pot.

Henry Ward Beecher

God Garden Quotes #508144
#91. I have no use for the kind of God who goes walking in his garden with a stick, sends his friends to live in the bellies of whales, gives up the ghost with a groan and then comes back to life three days later!

Gustave Flaubert

God Garden Quotes #472034
#92. God's acre was her garden-spot, she said;
She sat there often, of the Summer days,
Little and slim and sweet, among the dead,
Her hair a fable in the leveled rays.

Dorothy Parker

God Garden Quotes #439294
#93. Whoever wishes to be delivered from the Fire and enter the Garden should die with faith in God and the Last Day and should treat the people as he wishes to be treated by them.


God Garden Quotes #409252
#94. The Garden of Eden was somewhere in present-day Iraq. The turmoil and war [we are witnessing] in that part of the world ... is occurring in the land where God established the first perfect civilization.

Billy Graham

God Garden Quotes #405214
#95. A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!

T. E. Brown

God Garden Quotes #403239
#96. That God once loved a garden we learn in Holy writ.
And seeing gardens in the Spring I well can credit it.

Winifred Mary Letts

God Garden Quotes #403070
#97. I thank God that He didn't answer Jesus' prayer in the garden - otherwise I'd still be on the hook for my own salvation.

Jared Brock

God Garden Quotes #395316
#98. God gave our first parents the food He designed that the race should eat. It was contrary to His plan to have the life of any creature taken. There was to be no death in Eden. The fruit of the trees in the garden was the food man's wants required.

Ellen G. White

God Garden Quotes #392571
#99. I hope that God forgive us, all of us sinners turn us back into beginners, put us up where the winners go, Holy apartments in the gardens in which the rivers flow, thank you for all your blessings and all of your miracles.

Lupe Fiasco

God Garden Quotes #373795
#100. You are a man, not God; you are human, not an angel. How can you expect to remain always in a constant state of virtue, when this was not possible even for an angel of Heaven, nor for the first man in the Garden?

Thomas A Kempis

God Garden Quotes #373691

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