Top 42 Giving You My Time Quotes

#1. He stood right in front of me and pinched my arm and said, Can I see your room?
Such relief. Even the pinch was good. I understood completely about needing to hurt someone at the same time that you are giving them something.

Miranda July

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#2. My father taught me many important giving lessons, but two stand out. First, always give as much as you possibly can. And second, give equally from among your resources - your time, your mind and your capital. These are principles I live by.

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

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#3. You took my freedom away a long time ago and you can't give it back because you haven't got it yourself.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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#4. No, that's what I think God does to you. He gives you some great gig in which you make a whole heap of money, and you're just on top of the world and on every magazine cover, but your personal life is miserable. And for most of that time, I have to say, my personal life was pretty miserable.

Joan Collins

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#5. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go.

Nicholas Sparks

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#6. Then he said quietly in my ear, For a long time, a long fuckin' time, Faye, nearly six years, I thought it was certain I'd never have anything as beautiful as the last three minutes. Thank you, honey, for giving that to me.

Kristen Ashley

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#7. My job is to teach someone something they never knew, but it should not be like you're in a prisoner-of-war camp. I'm supposed to be teaching you but also entertaining you. You're giving me an hour of your time. It should be lively. We're on a hunt, it's a mystery, and it's amazing.

Bonnie Bassler

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#8. It truly means a lot. I promise to not let you down, and I'll still be spending all my extra time making sure I'm giving you one hundred percent. This is the best job I could've ever hoped for, especially right out of college,

Melody Anne

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#9. I am a very peaceful man. I love people and am known for my gregarious personality. However, if you try to confiscate my guns, I will feel compelled to give them to you, one bullet at a time.

Michael Badnarik

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#10. True, I've been a long time making up my mind, but now I'm giving you a definite answer. I won't say yes, and I won't say no - but I'm giving you a definite maybe.

Samuel Goldwyn

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#11. I've seen so many of my friends and collaborators struggle and face the challenge of feeling like what they're working so hard to create and put into the world isn't important or appreciated ... it's like being in love with someone who won't give you the time of day.

Kate Brown

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#12. Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom until you have victory!

Muammar Al-Gaddafi

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#13. Every time I am tempted to buy some dopey thing, I hear my late father's voice: 'Do you really need that?' He was big on saving money and buying as much security as possible. He also encouraged charitable giving. So, I am responsible with currency.

Bill O'Reilly

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#14. Give me some mud off a city crossing, some ochre out of a gravel pit and a little whitening and some coal dust and I will paint you a luminous picture if you give me time to gradate my mud and subdue my dust.

John Ruskin

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#15. I have learnt not to make plans in life, because a lot of time you make a plan that is not going to work for you. Right now I am working on my career and trying to be genuine to my work. If you respect what you have got, God will give you what you need.

Katrina Kaif

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#16. The decision to leave [the church] is you're giving up everything you've worked for your whole life. I feel that people need to understand this has been my whole life. As time goes on, you start to lose touch with the real world. The mindset becomes us against them.

Leah Remini

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#17. My philosophy is "Where is it written that at 40 you give up all your toys?" If I'm still having a great time doing something, I'm going to keep on doing it.

Guy Fieri

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#18. Dear God, I give this time of quiet to You. Please dissolve my thoughts of stress and fear And deliver me to the inner place Where all is peace and love. Amen.

Marianne Williamson

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#19. If you take a hammer and hit something over and over again, it's gonna be destroyed. I don't wanna destroy my body cause I want my body to last me as long as it possible can. If you train hard and push it everyday, your body is going to wear out. So I give my body time to recover.

Ronnie Coleman

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#20. It just isn't the way you've been told. Let me give you an example: Time makes no sense. It really doesn't apply to me; it doesn't fit. My hair gets thin and I can't stay up all night the way I used to. But I don't change ...

Arthur J. Deikman

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#21. My father used to say, 'You can spend a lot of time making money. The tough time comes when you have to give it away properly.' How to give something back, that's the tough part in life.

Lee Iacocca

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#22. A cigar," said the altruist, "a cigar, my good man, I cannot give you. But any time you need a light, just come around; mine is always lit.

Karl Kraus

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#23. I feel like 45. I don't look bad for someone my age, with my history of illnesses and operations and all those anesthetics. When they knock you out, it gives you time to catch up on your beauty sleep.

Elizabeth Taylor

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#24. DI: Thank you for being my inspiration for DI. Thank you for giving me the time of day. Thank you for being my confidante in everything dark. Thank you for being a friend.

B.B. Reid

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#25. Where is your heart? Is your heart with God? Is it with your own ego or your lust? Is it with your greed, your pride, envy, or your resentment? This is a time where you can go into yourself and ask: Where is my heart? Ramadan is a time to give the heart back to the One who possesses the hearts.

Hamza Yusuf

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#26. Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.

Jacques Prevert

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#27. Nowadays you can't even spank your kids. No, gotta give 'em a time out. My dad would take time out of his busy day ... to whip our ass.

Jeff Foxworthy

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#28. In your palms, I've placed my life, my secrets. I give you freedom to leave me at any time. I'm not easy to love. No one ever has. All I ask is that you always keep your silence, if not for me, then for the families of the others you'd destroy. (Nykyrian)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#29. I'm not one of these actresses like, 'Okay, where's the camera? Is it here? Is it here?' I don't even ask the questions because I don't really want to know. I like not performing for a camera but giving it my best every single time whether you're close or whether you're far.

Halle Berry

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#30. Dream big, my friend, and never give up. We all make mistakes, but none of us are mistakes. Take one day at a time. Embrace the positive attitudes, perspectives, principles and truths I share, and you, too, will overcome.

Nick Vujicic

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#31. I say what's on my mind and have a good time. I try to give people a show. It's all about giving people a good time once you get out under those lights.

Al Jarreau

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#32. The problem was with construction and retail, you have to be able to shut things off at night and spend quality time with yourself and family. I couldn't do it. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to give 100% to my passion if I held on to them.

Drew Waters

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#33. This is not what you want to hear, but to me, it doesn't seem there was a time before I loved you. And though I try to keep my distance from you ... even now you keep giving me reasons to love you more.

Cayla Kluver

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#34. I've noticed in my life that as you work on more things with more people, you spend less time hanging out with other people who are artists, creative people who give you a sense of family.

Aaron Rose

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#35. Me?" "Yeah you," he said, giving me a wry smile. "I gave you my number half expecting you would never call, and so when you did ... why do you think I was so gung ho about driving all the way out here? I wanted to spend time with you.

Alicia Thompson

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#36. I was born again. It happens to Episcopalians. Sometimes it doesn't hit you till you're 47 years old. It changed my whole life for the better ... I spent a lot of time giving Christian witness all over the country to church groups and stuff.

Ann B. Davis

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#37. My friend said to me, You know what I like? Mashed potatoes. I was like, Dude, you have to give me time to guess. If you're going to quiz me you have to insert a pause.

Mitch Hedberg

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#38. Obviously, this isn't the time in my life that I would have chosen to do this, but I feel like life gives you these challenges for a reason. I feel so happy and glad to be in the place that I am. I really feel blessed. This is something I need to face and take control of.

Reese Witherspoon

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#39. My best advice is this - by the time you meet your Maker, and may it be a long, long time from now, I hope you can close your eyes on a life where you did your damn best and tried your damn hardest. It's not winning that's really winning. It's never giving up.

Robyn Carr

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#40. Love is giving someone everything on your plate; saying to them that you are full when you aren't. I could be better at that. I'm pretty good at giving, but I don't say, "I'm full." My wife does that all the time with many things, and it's why I love her.

Chad Urmston

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#41. My own perception was that although it kind of sucks to be stuck in a contract you signed a long time ago, when you're having success, it gives you some leverage.

Slim Moon

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#42. Normally, people give up parliament because they want to do more business or spend more time with family. My wife said 'why don't you say you're giving up to devote more time to politics?'. And it is what I have done.

Tony Benn

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