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#1. Sometimes I wish God would give me a Holy Ghost machine gun. I'd blow your head off! - Author: Benny Hinn
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#2. Shut it, right there, or I'll give you a hole that won't shut." He pointed the Colt at Clinton, clicking back the hammer. - Author: C.G. Faulkner
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#3. I have a Thompson SubMachine gun and we shoot sharks with it. As soon as they put their heads out we give them a burst. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#4. Ella - "I want the truth!"

Jayden - "Give me the gun Ella."

Ella - "Make me trust you and I will. - Author: Lisa Renee Jones
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#5. I wish that more and more adventurous young men would give up the gun in favour of the camera. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
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#6. I'd like to see a comprehensive gun control bill brought to the floor, but if we have to do it in several votes, that's fine, too. But give us the vote. Let us make our case to our colleagues on the floor and have a vote. - Author: James Langevin
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#7. I'll talk you through," Kincaid said. "Dresden, better take her gun and cover us."
"Hey," I said. "I'm in charge here. Kincaid, talk her through it. Murphy, give me your gun so I can cover you. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#8. Hormones, hormones, lovely little hormones,' Gus sang. 'Give 'em chocolate, give 'em salt, give 'em a credit card and let them sort themselves out. But you never give 'em a gun. Hormones, hormones, lovely little ... - Author: Christiana Miller
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#9. I would like to see every single soldier on every single side, just take off your helmet, unbuckle your kit, lay down your rifle, and set down at the side of some shady lane, and say, nope, I aint a gonna kill nobody. Plenty of rich folks wants to fight. Give them the guns. - Author: Woody Guthrie
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#10. All of this has to be understood as part of a process leading ultimately to a treaty that will give an international body power over our domestic laws. - Author: Chip Pashayan
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#11. Sanzo to Gojyo: And give me my gun back. I don't want your idiocy getting all over it. - Author: Kazuya Minekura
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#12. Texas is reportedly going to give college students the right to carry guns on campus. So I guess that next semester, every college student in Texas is getting straight A's. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#13. A gun will give you the body, not the bird - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#14. I am a very peaceful man. I love people and am known for my gregarious personality. However, if you try to confiscate my guns, I will feel compelled to give them to you, one bullet at a time. - Author: Michael Badnarik
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#15. Initially, the world forces you to appease it and conform. If you do so, they despise you. If you stick your gun, finally, they will celebrate you. So, don't give in too soon. - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#16. Let bygones be bygones ... but where I'm from,
We buy guns and more guns, to give to the young. - Author: Kendrick Lamar
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#17. I see fat kids on the street all the time and I give them free radiohead t-shirts with bullseyes on them. Later when I see them wearing the t-shirts I shoot at them with bb guns while riding a very large dog and singing kicking squealing gucci little piggy over and over - Author: Thom Yorke
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#18. In France they spend six months training policemen, then they give them a gun and put them on the streets, and I don't know that that's enough. The film's not against the police - although I think that if someone wants to be a cop there's got to be a problem. - Author: Mathieu Kassovitz
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#19. So, will his new gun laws - aimed primarily at law-abiding firearms owners - reduce the crime rate even further? Rock is hesitant to give a conclusive answer: "I think it will help. (But) I don't want to overstate it. I don't want to give any guarantees." - Author: Allan Rock
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#20. Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful. So you might as well live. - Author: Dorothy Parker
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#21. Did you see their rings? Will you give me something nice one day?" Killian sounded giddy, riding on the emotional overflow he had picked up by osmosis apparently.
"I fucking gave you a gun didn't I? - Author: Quil Carter
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#22. What is the difference between a gangster pulling out a gun and demanding you give him a thousand dollars of "protection money," and that same gangster pulling out a gun and demanding you provide him with a thousand-dollar "loan"? In - Author: David Graeber
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#23. Immediately call on Congress to pass far-reaching industry regulation like the Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act ... [which] would give the Treasury Department health and safety authority over the gun industry, and any rational regulator with that authority would ban handguns. - Author: Josh Sugarmann
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#24. I want to rob a bank with a BB gun. "Give me all your money or I will give you a dimple! I will be rich, you will be cute. We both win." - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#25. How many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys? - Author: Stephen King
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#26. I shut the door and waited to see what she would do. To my surprise she lowered the gun but kept it in her hands. "I'll give you five minutes to explain."
I opened my mouth to begin but she held up a hand. "First let me get you some pants. - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#27. William Goldman's Marathon Man was a novel that taught me about suspense. I was maybe 16 years old when I read it and I remember thinking, "You could put a gun to my head and I wouldn't put this book down." I loved that feeling - and want to give it others. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#28. My parents couldn't give me a whole lot of financial support, but they gave me good genes. My dad is a handsome son-of-a-gun, and my mom is beautiful. And I've definitely been the lucky recipient. So, thank you, Mom and Dad. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
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#29. We drove in silence for a while.
"Can I have a gun?" I asked.
"Just a little one? For my handbag? It'll give me some street cred with the client."
"No! No! No!"
His clenched fists pounded the steering wheel with each word.
- heller 1 - Author: J.D. Nixon
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#30. Give a man with a death wish a bottle of whisky and a loaded gun, you get a dead body. Give a martyr a quote from scripture and a pocket full of
prayers and you get a room full of corpses. - Author: Kevis Hendrickson
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#31. He did not have time to wallow, to give a moment's thought to what may have happened to her or whether she was alive.

Turn into the punch, grab hold of the gun, leap into the arena. Attack.

He had to move. Now. - Author: G.S. Jennsen
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#32. Hey, give me my gun, would you?" Zane asked as he shifted, only to wince as the skin pulled.
"Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around?" Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster.
"Tempting, but you'd probably get off on it," Zane said, holding out his hand. - Author: Abigail Roux
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#33. The lady across the hall tried to rob a department store ... with a pricing gun. She said, "Give me all of the money in the vault, or I'm marking down everything in the store." - Author: Steven Wright
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#34. Wow, put the girl through a couple of days of high-level stress, dress her in black leather and give her a gun, and suddenly she went all Xena: Warrior Princess. - Author: Julie Ann Walker
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#35. I just keep thinking about Thor. You never knew him. Big guy, like you. Good hearted. Not bright, but he'd give you the goddamned shirt off his back if you asked him. And he killed himself. He put a gun in his mouth and blew his head off in Philadelphia in 1932. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#36. When they come for your guns, give them the ammo first. - Author: Kenneth W. Royce
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#37. Crowbars give you that personal touch you don't get with gun-killin'. - Author: Ellis
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#38. Great, they give blind kids guns," I said, trying to lessen his horror. "I don't even let Iggy have a gun. Usually. - Author: James Patterson
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#39. I'm about as useful as a fingerless eunuch during Fuck Fest February! someone give me a gun! - Author: Robert Kirkman
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#40. Here you had the top professional soldier in Japan, and to think he didn't know how to kill himself with a gun! They took him straight to the hospital, he got the best care the American medical team could give him, recovered, then was tried and hanged. It's a terrible way to die. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#41. I'm not advocating for no guns. I like mine and am not about to give them up. But in this country, my uterus is more regulated than my guns. Birth control and reproductive health services are harder to get than bullets. What is that about? Guns don't kill people - vaginas do? - Author: Shannyn Moore
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#42. Why don't you pass the gun around and give everyone a shot. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#43. The fundamental force behind the Second Amendment is to empower the people and give them the greatest measure of authority over the tyranny of runaway government. - Author: Bob Schaffer
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#44. I'm still suffering from shock from the last war. I was almost drafted! Luckily I was wounded while taking the physical. When I reached the psychiatrist, I said, Give me a gun, I'll wipe out the whole German Army in five minutes. He said, You're crazy! I said, Write it down! - Author: Jackie Mason
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#45. First ship them dope, let them deal to brothers, give them guns, step back and watch them kill each other. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#46. I don't think it was progressive to vote to give gun makers and sellers immunity. I don't think it was progressive to vote against Ted Kennedy's immigration reform. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#47. The real problem, both in discussions of mass shootings and in discussions of gun control, is that too many people are too committed to a vision to allow mere facts to interfere with their beliefs, and the sense of superiority that those beliefs give them. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#48. If you think Democrats are going to take away your Bible, You're an idiot. If you think they are going to take away your gun, you're an armed idiot. If you think they're going to take away your gun and give it to a Mexican to kill your God, you're Bill O'Reilly. - Author: Bill Maher
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#49. I believe the gun has no power because a gun can only kill, but a pen can give life. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
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#50. I carried it (a revolver) religiously and during the summer I asked a friend, a man who had been one of Franklin's bodyguards in New York State, to give me some practice in target shooting so that if the need arose I would know how to use the gun. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#51. No," Gideon says. "No guns. The most dangerous weapon you have is your brain. Give someone a gun and they tend to quit using it. - Author: Paula Stokes
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#52. I was a grunt, walking around in the jungle of Vietnam, trying not to find the enemy. Because I am so big, they were going to give me either a heavy radio or a huge machine gun to carry. I carried a radio. - Author: Bob Gunton
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#53. Well, that's what the consumer wants, and we're not putting a gun to their head to eat it. That's what they want. If we give them less, they'll buy less, and the competitor will get our market. So you're sort of trapped. - Author: Michael Moss
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#54. No clause in the Constitution could by any rule of construction be conceived to give to congress a power to disarm the people. - Author: William Rawle
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