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#1. The Y2K problem is not caused by technical limitations. We simply forgot to think of the problem. - Author: Hasso Plattner
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#2. Everyday, humanity is growing and the rate of growth is getting faster and faster with time. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#3. Well, there's the type of person who says there are certain types of people and then tries to be one type or the other. And then there are others who say bananas to the whole concept of types and won't allow themselves to be filed neatly away under some sort of ridiculously limiting category. - Author: Matthew Quick
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#4. You jot down ideas, memories, whatever, concerning your real life that somehow parallels the character you're playing, and you incorporate that in your scene work. - Author: Chris Cooper
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#5. The medium is the message, the message is encrypted, and the encryption key is controlled by NSA. - Author: The Covert Comic
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#6. The environment most realistically capable of giving rise to life, whether here or anywhere else in the universe, is alkaline hydrothermal vents. Such vents constrain cells to make use of natural proton gradients, and ultimately to generate their own. - Author: Nick Lane
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#7. The most important thing executives can do is send a very clear message to their employees that they care about each person's overall wellbeing and that they want to be a part of helping it improve over time. - Author: Tom Rath
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#8. An enlightened teacher is able to put a tremendous amount of power through a person who seeks knowledge and escalates the evolution of the individual. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#9. Being a late bloomer gives you a second chance at life. - Author: Rhyme Devereux
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#10. Of two evils choose the least. - Author: Desiderius Erasmus
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#11. At least he didn't have a gun. You know your day sucks when the high point is you haven't had a gun pointed at you. - Author: Gemma Halliday
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#12. I listed to Tchaikovsky. He is both kitsch and profound. I love that lack of "Good taste." - Author: Cy Twombly
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#13. Experts say this global warming is serious, and they are predicting now that by the year 2050, we will be out of party ice. - Author: David Letterman
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#14. There is no greatness without taking risks. - Author: Suzanne Yoculan
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#15. If you turn the pages and look inside, there is nothing of me I feel that I have to hide. - Author: Melanie Chisholm
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