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#1. There is a bit of vanity hiding somewhere within every one of us," Che wrote afterward. "It made me feel like the proudest man on earth that day." From then on, to all but his closest friends, he was Comandante Che Guevara.


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#2. Hidden yourself in a hole and dared to burden no one with your grievous friendship? I will have friends, Katsa. I will have a life, even though I carry this burden.

Kristin Cashore

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#3. we all try to silence painful emotions. but when we succeed in feeling nothing we lose the only means we have of knowing what hurts us and why.

Stephen Grosz

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#4. But there's always a chance she's hiding a flask and a Nixon-esque Enemies List in her pinafore apron, which is exactly why we're such good friends.

Jen Lancaster

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#5. To win the war on terror, we must know who our friends are and where our enemies are hiding. We can't continue fighting terrorism using the same foreign policy blueprints that were in place before September 11th.

Evan Bayh

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#6. I'm afraid of everything. Myself. Mother. Lily. Friends who haunt me in the night. Even going to school, which is something I asked for. If I have attitude, it is hiding somewhere deep, someplace I'm afraid I may never find. Jenna

Mary E. Pearson

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#7. I guess there are all these women with a big secret - they're hiding men they are ashamed of. They come up to me and say: 'I've been dating this guy for six months in secret but none of my friends know. I can't give him up even though he's embarrassing.'

Hannah Simone

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#8. All friends have secrets. We're like three-dimensional shapes on paper; we all have hidden sides. And there's some secrets we don't even reveal to ourselves.

Nenia Campbell

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#9. If you find yourself talking to the police, my advice is to stay calm but look guilty; it's your safest bet.

Ben Aaronovitch

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#10. I feel like our whole friendship was a lie. She's probably the only person I've ever really opened up to, and the whole time she was hiding stuff from me. I just don't feel like I can trust somebody like that.

Brendan Halpin

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#11. As I rang the buzzer to his apartment building, I imagined him, maybe with a bunch of his friends, hiding behind a parked car, watching me, laughing, and saying, "Oh my God, I can't believe she actually showed up. Like she believed I was serious!

Leila Sales

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#12. Owning our power means claiming the credibility and uniqueness of our own humanity.

Debbie Ford

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#13. The ignorant man sees only the unsurmountable wall of death, hiding, seemingly forever, his cherished friends. But the man of unattachment, he who loves others as expressions of the Lord, understands that at death the dear ones have only returned for a breathing-space of joy in Him. The

Paramahansa Yogananda

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#14. It's quite a thing, to watch a person slip from the potential of life into the finality of death. It's another thing entirely to be the one who pushed. And for all Mercurio's teachings, she was still a sixteen-year-old girl who'd just committed her first act of murder. Her

Jay Kristoff

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#15. I was trying not to think about ho acutely aware I was that there were two types of people
the type who could talk to anyone and make friends with them, and the type who spent parties hiding and sitting against trees.

Morgan Matson

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#16. It is very quiet. I set my chin into my palm and count my friends and wonder what else is hiding in plain sight.

Robin Sloan

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#17. THREE MONTHS HAVE GONE BY without the taste of Gabriel Storm in my mouth, the scent of his skin in my nostrils, the rush of his powerful body pounding into mine.

Magda Alexander

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#18. Well. You have a secret from me," he said in the end. "No, don't turn away from me. Did you think I would try to press or conjure it out of you? Never that. Friends must be free. My tormenting you to find it would build a worse barrier between us than your hiding it.

C.S. Lewis

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#19. I got really paranoid, burning every song onto three CDs and hiding them in various places around the house just in case I got burgled and there was, y'know, a fire in my bedroom. I told friends where I was hiding them in case I was killed.

Max Tundra

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