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#1. But they feel pain! They have feelings! And yet you call yourself a Celestial Spirit Mage? - Author: Hiro Mashima
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#2. Betrayal is a more subtle, twisted feeling than terror. It burns and eats, but terror stabs right through. - Author: Wendy Hoffman
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#3. Are you in pain?' I asked, because I know that everything in the world that matters shows up as some kind of pain. Or pang. Joy included. - Author: Andrea Seigel
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#4. Losing something she loved had ripped her open in a way she had not expected. The pain hurt, but the pain was right. The Order had wrought a galaxy in which good capitulated to evil, where human feelings - Aryn's feelings - were crushed under the weight of Jedi nonattachment. - Author: Paul S. Kemp
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#5. This pain is comfort. It is the solace of physicality, like a touch. - Author: Johnny Rich
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#6. Most damage that others do us is out of fear, humiliation and pain. Those feelings occur in all of us, not just in those of us who profess a certain religious or racial devotion. - Author: Alice Walker
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#7. Humanity has one strength that no one has: that is we may feel the feelings, pain, jealousy, failure, love, happiness of others and identify with them, and even see the world through their own eyes. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#8. Don't talk then. Paint. Dance. Write. Just don't hold your feelings inside. The longer we let pain hide in our hearts, the more it turns to poison. - Author: Chelsea Sedoti
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#9. Pity is the most pleasant feeling in those who have not much pride, and have no prospect of great conquests: the easy prey - and that is what every sufferer is - is for them an enchanting thing. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#10. Certainly it is wrong to be cruel to animals and the destruction of a whole species can be a great evil. The capacity for feelings of pleasure and pain and for the form of life of which animals are capable clearly impose duties of compassion and humanity in their case. - Author: John Rawls
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#11. It's funny, most people think that revenge is a passionate affair, driven by rage and pain. But it can't be. Feelings such as those make you weak. They overwrite thought and cause reckless impulses that lead to poor decisions. - Author: Carrie Ryan
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#12. The point of life isn't to avoid pain. The point of life is to be alive! To feel things. That means the good and the bad. There'll be pain. But also joy, and friendship and love. And it's worth it, believe me. - Author: John J. Stephens
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#13. If you think back to the moments when you've gone through the most pain in your life, or the most severe anxiety, your body is very much involved in that. Your body is expressing those emotions. So, when we, as actors, try to access those feelings, the body is a great tool to use. - Author: Joel Kinnaman
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#14. Life is a beautiful journey, full of joy and pain
You never know when it will end, don't let a moment pass in vain ...
In the whole ruckus of life, nothing had I gained,
I just wanted freedom, no more did I wanted to be chained ... - Author: Mehek Bassi
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#15. The pain that you hold is yours. There is not a single pain quite like it. Nobody else on God's green earth can feel this pain, or have the indescribable feeling of pride you will have when you overcome it. This pain is not your curse; this pain is your privilege. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#16. Tears are perhaps 1% water but 99% emotions. They contain hurt, pain, sorrow, disappointment, sadness ... so cry sometimes and let go of the feelings welling in your heart. Crying won't necessarily solve your problems but it will make you feel better. - Author: Rita Zahara
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#17. I gave way to a wave of home-sickness that almost shames me now when I recollect it. I find it impossible in cold blood, and at this distance, to put into words the longing that shook me. I have forgotten the pain in the neck, but never will I forget the pain in my heart. - Author: H.V. Morton
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#18. Rationalization: This is a close cousin of intellectualization. It occurs when we are so afraid of feeling pain, disappointment, or guilt that we make up a logical argument to reduce these feelings. - Author: Shirley Impellizzeri
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#19. It is not the pain from the present that is killing you, but all your repressed feelings from the past that adds weight to it. - Author: Linda Alfiori
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#20. The interior of the arms dealer's private jet was so ugly it hurt my feelings as well as my eyeballs. - Author: Terry Hayes
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#21. Only where there is sentient life can there be feelings of pleasure and pain, sorrow or joy. - Author: Max Heindel
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#22. If his surroundings could have reflected the feelings inside him, the pictures would have been screaming in pain. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#23. Behind this smile in my face
Lies the dark shadow of emptiness
Hiding from your eyes within my gaze
Concealed with sham happiness. - Author: Alexia Chase
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#24. Producing the vibration of love is based on your ability to feel deep pain ... go into those feelings ... and to find peace once again. - Author: Barbara Marciniak
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#25. Sometimes, in pursuit of a greater peace, a man must stand by and lets those he loves suffer the injustices of men ho cares only about their own beliefs and nothing about the faith or feelings of others
even when it pains him to the very core of his spirit - Author: Darren Shan
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#26. A quick test of the assertion that enjoyment outweighs pain in this world, or that they are at any rate balanced, would be to compare the feelings of an animal engaged in eating another with those of the animal being eaten - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#27. There is this pain of love. You experience it some moments. It starts like a strange gnawing at your heart. It then slowly spreads. Spreads to the whole body. You fall deeply into it. This feeling. - Author: Avijeet Das
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#28. I look back at James one last time, and he gives me his signature smile, wide and cocky. but it's not real. Sometimes I think it's never real. James is the best at hiding his pain, disgusing the feelings. He knows what it takes to stay out of the Program. He'll keep us safe.
He promised. - Author: Suzanne Young
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#29. Welcome the hidden messages in pain. - Author: Deborah Sandella
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#30. The man who cannot live with charity, sharing other men's pain, is punished by feeling his own with intolerable anguish. - Author: Cesare Pavese
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#31. If you think about something else hard enough, you can mostly control your feelings. - Author: Delia Ephron
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#32. I hide my true feelings to avoid causing you trouble or pain, I act strong to show you that I'm not unreliable, I hold my tears back to show you that I'm happy but what hurts the most is knowing the fact that I'm not all these things I portray to be. - Author: Harriet Morgan
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#33. Once we are honest about our feelings, we can invite ourselves to consider alternative modes of viewing our pain and can see that releasing our grip on anger and resentment can actually be an act of self-compassion. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#34. Sometimes it's easier to block out our feelings toward someone because the alternative is to feel the pain. - Author: Angela Peach
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#35. In the performance of our duty one feeling should direct us; the case we should consider as our own, and we should ask ourselves, whether, placed under similar circumstances, we should choose to submit to the pain and danger we are about to inflict. - Author: Astley Cooper
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#36. When you start suppressing feelings at an early age, it hurts you down the road. Full expression of anger and pain is very important. - Author: Andrew Shue
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#37. Unlike my mother, my father does not cry quietly. His wails roll out like a wave of pain, and I scramble to roll up my window. My mother cannot hear that. I cannot bear to hear it myself. I am not used to my father's crying. I've had no time to harden my heart against him. - Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
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#38. I am betrayed and played but right now im feeling nothing pain but to forgive, it's because I love God too much that I can't hate. - Author: AKA
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#39. Guess your feelings is like charming a cobra with a stethoscope, a boyfriend told me once. Meaning what? Meaning that pain turned me venomous, that diagnosing me required a specialised kind of enchantment, that I flaunted feelings and withheld their origins at once. - Author: Leslie Jamison
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#40. Resisting and avoiding pain sucks energy-and time. The more you let yourself feel those minute-and-a-half hells, the quicker you'll start feeling those minute-and-a-half happinesses. - Author: Leigh Newman
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#41. I am feeling easy now, and you will well understand that after undergoing pain this ease is opening paradise. Invalids must be excused for being eloquent about themselves. - Author: George Eliot
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#42. Empathy is the faculty to resonate with the feelings of others. When we meet someone who is joyful, we smile. When we witness someone in pain, we suffer in resonance with his or her suffering. - Author: Matthieu Ricard
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#43. Honor your humanness and all of your feelings - the messy ones, the growing pains, the ache - because we can't have the dark without the light. - Author: Sabrina Ward Harrison
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#44. The deepest pain I ever felt was denying my own feelings to make everyone else comfortable. - Author: Nicole Lyons
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#45. Until you feel someone's pain then maybe you will understand his or her feelings - Author: Myself
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#46. The sharp, superficial pain at being spoken to unkindly had obscured the deeper pain, which had not yet turned into something hard and heavy. - Author: Olivia Sudjic
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#47. They hurt you. You hurt 'em back. Or maybe it is the other way around. Whatever. Someday you might find a way to forgive each other. But it won't be like it used to 'cause that pain never really goes away. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#48. Emotions are raised in us, not only by the qualities and actions of others, but also by their feelings. I cannot behold a man in distress, without partaking of his pain; nor in joy, without partaking of his pleasure. - Author: Henry Home, Lord Kames
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#49. Trust means that they will never throw our pain and vulnerabilities in our face. Trust means we know they will protect us and our innermost thoughts and shared feelings without question. - Author: Cathy Burnham Martin
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#50. While nervous tension may be a component of stress, one can be stressed without feeling tension. - Author: Gabor Mate
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#51. Most people fear pain. I've learned that not feeling pain is a much more frightening proposition than feeling it. In fact, there are times when I'm playing when I actually enjoy it. - Author: Mark Zupan
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#52. I've followed the lives of great musicians and have learned that you don't have to always write in pain. You have all of your past experiences, feelings, and thoughts that you can turn on when you need them and turn off when you don't. - Author: Kaki King
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#53. I am a vegetarian because I realized that even little chickens suffer pain and fear, experience a range of feelings and emotions, and are as intelligent as mammals, including dogs, cats, and even some primates. - Author: Paul McCartney
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#54. In the horrifying calculus of self-deception, the greater the pain we inflict on others, the greater the need to justify it to maintain our feelings of decency and self-worth. - Author: Carol Tavris
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#55. The mind is more vulnerable than the stomach, because it can be poisoned without feeling immediate pain. - Author: Helen Clark MacInnes
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#56. The feeling that someone owes us something, the pain for the harm that others caused us, etc., stops the inner progress of the soul. - Author: Samael Aun Weor
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#57. Feelings are intangible," he said. "You can't see them, can't touch them. You can hurt and no one would know. But physical pain is real. You can see blood and broken bones. It's simple in a way feelings are not, and cutting makes the abstract pain of feelings substantial. - Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
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#58. To indoctrinate boys into the rules of patriarchy, we force them to feel pain and to deny their feelings. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#59. The silence was unbearable to him. If the pictures could have reflected the feelings inside him, they would have been screaming in pain. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#60. Spiritual Work is not easy. It means the willingness to surrender feelings that seem, while we're in them, like our defense against a greater pain. It means that we surrender to God our perceptions of all things. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#61. why talk and say the unsaid words in haste when silence can speak the unspoken words? - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#62. Every time meditators try to control their thoughts or feelings, they are identifying personally (atta) with it and this causes more pain and frustration. - Author: Bhante Vimalaramsi
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#63. Isolating, shutting down, and feeling guilt about pain makes it linger so much longer. Reconnecting, trusting, and being open and honest is really the only cure. Reaching out and talking to loved ones and friends is a must. - Author: Jaime Murray
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#64. Denying emotion is not avoiding the high curbs, it's never taking your car out of the garage. It's safe in there, but you'll never go anywhere. - Author: Brene Brown
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#65. I don't have the feelings of self-worth that a woman should have ... and that's been the center of a lot of my mistakes and a lot of my pain. - Author: Monica Lewinsky
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#66. It appeared like their pain and suffering were combined feelings. But, feelings never did kill anyone. It was running away from feelings that lead to the absolute death of any relationship. - Author: A.A. Gupte
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#67. Tonight I'm stepping lightly and I'm feeling no pain. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#68. The mind is responsible for the feelings of pleasure and pain. Control of the mind is the highest Yoga. - Author: Sivananda
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#69. Pleasure is never as pleasant as we expected it to be and pain is always more painful. The pain in the world always outweighs the pleasure. If you don't believe it, compare the respective feelings of two animals, one of which is eating the other. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#70. Real power comes when we stop holding others responsible for our pain, and we take responsibility for all our feelings. - Author: Melody Beattie
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#71. To me, cruelty is the worst of human sins. Once we accept that a living creature has feelings and suffers pain, then by knowingly and deliberately inflicting suffering on that creature, we are guilty, whether it be human or animal. - Author: Jane Goodall
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#72. He who rejoices even at the stake triumphs not over pain but over the absence of pain where he had anticipated feeling it. A parable. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#73. Lost love belongs in a three-minute song, pullling back feelings from a time when they came unbidden, recalling the infatuation, the walking on sunshine that cannot last and the pain of its loss, whether through parting or the passage of time, reminding us that we are emotional beings - Author: Graeme Simsion
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#74. Never connect yourself with the other person's pain. Just hear their need. Leave yourself out of the other person's feelings and needs. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
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#75. Is the love you have for me, and the feelings I have for you forever parallel, with no chance of intersecting? - Author: Atsuko Asano
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#76. He didn't need someone to fix the problem - there was no fixing it. He needed someone to acknowledge his feelings. Accept his pain. Agree that his heart was broken, and that it should be. And that it might stay broken for a long, long time. - Author: Julie Lawson Timmer
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#77. Because if they grow up holding on to such terrible feelings, it could lead to another war come time in the future when the fate of the country is in their hands. - Author: Erin Gruwell
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#78. Feelings of heat and cold, pleasure and pain, are caused by the contact of the senses with their objects. They come and they go, never lasting long. You must accept them. - Author: Anonymous
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#79. She kept her feelings close. Filling her up inside. Days passed. Then without warning they expelled from her, washing the pain, hurt and anguish of unresolved thoughts and emotions over her being. As if being struck by lightning. - Author: Tina J. Richardson
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#80. As soon as you say, "are you feeling X because I ... " Then the Jackal starts to salivate because he can educate the person that he's the cause of his pain. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
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#81. I examine it [pain] every which way. Why do I really feel this way? What's going on here? I have to really explore it all the way out, drill it down to its lowest common denominator and go, Oh! That's what that is. I'm feeling insecure. Or, Oh! God has something better for me. - Author: Kim Coles
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#82. Sometimes you can be touched by God, but not healed. Often when this happens, he is using your pain for a greater purpose. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#83. Pain, sorrow, anger, these are all powerful emotions. Allowed to rule and left unchecked, they would destroy you. However, through training and willpower you can choose to harness those feelings and use them for something great. - Author: Jonathan Yanez
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#84. I feel pain everyday of my life. When you see me perform, it's that pain you're seeing coming out. I put all my emotions, all my feelings, and my body on the line. People hurt me, I hurt myself - mentally, physically - Author: Henry Rollins
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#85. Here's a good test to know whether or not truth-telling springs from love. Truth will not only pain those who hear it; it will pain those who speak it. If we don't love someone, it won't hurt at all to speak truth. We'll tell them what we think with no regard for their feelings. If - Author: Philip Gulley
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#86. Tears is the voice of heart in pain, in absence of feelings one don't care what you share. - Author: Kishore Bansal
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#87. When something horrible happens, your brain doesn't process the memories right. It stores everything
sounds, pain, smells, feelings
all mixed up. It doesn't matter if you believed it or it made sense; it gets stored. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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#88. There are never words for the strongest of our feelings. There is just the pain that we cannot share. Pain we must all feel alone. - Author: James Frey
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#89. Every patient clings to fantasies in which he sees himself in the active role so as to escape the pain of being defenseless and helpless. To achieve this he will accept guilt feelings, although they bind him to neurosis. - Author: Alice Miller
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#90. Of course, being open and vulnerable will lead us to, sometimes, experience pain. But what is pain? It is simply a feeling. It is not forever. If you get pain from some person or thing too many times, you can always walk away. To risk a lifetime without pleasure simply to avoid pain is ludicrous. - Author: Vironika Tugaleva
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#91. If you love someone enough, you can make them invincible. Like your feelings for them are so strong they work as a magical shield, protecting them from all harm and pain. - Author: Linda Kage
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#92. Showing young children in these communities, that there are outlets for their feelings, that there is room in a space for their stories to be told, and that they will be applauded - and it's not about ego, it's about connection: that their pain is everybody else's pain. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
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#93. When we are aware of the pain, we have to train ourselves to lean into that pain. By leaning into the pain, we resist the temptation to avoid building fig leaves that protect us from the fear we feel regarding who we are. Our feelings are critical to our spiritual development. - Author: Chris McAlister
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#94. For broad understanding and deep feeling, you need pain and suffering. - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky
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#95. You had to take life as it came. It gave no quarter, spared no feelings. Limited no pain. Put no ceiling on happiness. - Author: David Baldacci
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#96. This last week has been a little hell for both of us simply because I didn't understand my own feelings. And because I can't understand them, I blame her for provoking in me feelings that make my world seem suddenly unsafe. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#97. Giving the emotion a name is the way we come to understand how what happened affected us. After we've told the facts of what happened, we must face our feelings. We are each hurt in our own unique ways, and when we give voice to this pain, we begin to heal it. - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#98. Talking won't change it. But sometimes it was what she wanted most, to tell someone; often, though, she just wanted to escape those horrid feelings, to escape herself, so there was no pain, no fear, no ugliness. - Author: Melissa Marr
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#99. When some one use "You", in stead of "Us", It makes you cry, because in love whatever happens it need to be happen in both end, if its only "I" or "You" then the value of love becomes singular and everyone can feel or need to know, in LOVE singular never works ... - Author: Nutan Bajracharya
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#100. Everyone's pain is different," Reece went on. "I don't like when people compare. I don't like when people marginalize their feelings because they think they're not allowed to have them. Someone will always have a tougher go than you. Does that mean you're not allowed to feel hurt? To be sad? - Author: S. Walden
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