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#1. There are some directors, lesser in confidence or skill, who make the actor feel very uncomfortable because you feel you're auditioning for them, every day, and that's a terrible feeling on the set. - Author: Ben Kingsley
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#2. We're going to have a big frickin' problem when he starts feeling those shots", and I decide that Jane is right, and anyway, Ashland Avenue is terrible, so we need to leave the Hideout posthate. - Author: John Green
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#3. The average, healthy, well-adjusted adult gets up at seven-thirty in the morning feeling just plain terrible. - Author: Jean Kerr
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#4. Your tears mean nothing! You have never loved me; you have neither heart nor honorable feeling! You are hateful to me, disgusting, a stranger - yes, a complete stranger! With pain and wrath she uttered the word so terrible to herself - stranger. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#5. So love - aside from being pointless - was agony. Love was a soul-eating demon. Love was the most terrible feeling in the world. - Author: J.T. Geissinger
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#6. Should I trust this man? I want to. I want to just throw caution to the wind and shout, Yes! Yes! Fix me! Please make me normal. However, a nagging negative feeling restrains me. I know that if I accept this offer, something terrible will happen. Something terrible always does. - Author: Loretta Lost
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#7. Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#8. Laughter, when out of place, mistimed, or bursting forth from a disordered state of feeling, may be the most terrible modulation of the human voice. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#9. Frightened meant that deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#10. The pure air and dazzling snow belong to things beyond the reach of all personal feeling, almost beyond the reach of life. Yet such things are a part of our life, neither the least noble nor the most terrible. - Author: Frederick Soddy
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#11. I am a trembling mess from hip to knee. There is a terrible heat, a looseness in my innards that makes me want to dig my fists between my thighs. It is a confusing feeling - somewhere between diarrhoea and sex - this grief that is almost genital. - Author: Anne Enright
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#12. All the terrible things we do to ourselves and others from alcoholism to character assignation to abuse to murder come from one cause: the inability to stay present with an uncomfortable feeling in the body and seek short-term relief. - Author: Pema Chodron
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#13. I actually don't subscribe to the notion that comedy is easier than drama. When you're trying to be funny and you're not funny, that's really terrible. It's a horrible feeling. - Author: Tom Hollander
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#14. But then the stage showed other things. Bad things. Murderous things. Things I would never really do. And things I would forget about in the morning, because I'd wake up feeling a whole lot better. I knew right from wrong, Ori and I both did. We were not terrible people. We were not fools. - Author: Nova Ren Suma
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#15. I think I started out okay but with AIDS came a great deal of silence about gayness and this period of lose and morning, but at the same time a kind of feeling like you wanted to get back into the closet because being gay was such a terrible thing at that point. - Author: Margaret Cho
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#16. When I decided to become a doctor, I was very, very young, when my mother, her seventh child, became pregnant, and she was feeling terrible pain, and I could not know how to help her. And my mother died in front of my eyes, without knowing why, which diagnosis. So I decided to be a doctor. - Author: Hawa Abdi
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#17. Possibility of enjoying life makes death feel terrible. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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#18. I have the terrible feeling that, because I am wearing a white beard and am sitting in the back of the theatre, you expect me to tell you the truth about something. These are the cheap seats, not Mount Sinai. - Author: Orson Welles
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#19. We love the beautiful and serene, but we have a feeling as deep as love for the terrible and dark. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton
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#20. And I never forgot this as long as I've ever performed, no matter how crap I had felt before I went on stage. I just remember Tina Turner going up there, singing her heart out for everybody, and meantime she had a 102-degree fever and she was feeling terrible. - Author: Bryan Adams
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#21. You can't swallow and think about your tongue. If you think about your tongue, you've got a giant piece of meat in your mouth and that's a terrible feeling. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#22. A terrible feeling of loneliness besieged her, so strong it was almost like physical pain ... - Author: Jennifer Wilde
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#23. Madame Michel has the elegance of the hedgehog: on the outside she is covered in quills, a real fortress, but my gut feeling is that on the inside, she has the same simple refinement as the hedgehog: a deceptively indolent little creature, fiercely solitary
and terrible elegant. - Author: Muriel Barbery
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#24. No good thing can last forever, because people are terrible and we have this feeling, we all have this feeling, that if not for that essential terribleness we could have gotten further by now. Done better. Done more. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#25. In that moment, I'm thankful I'm not a parent and I wonder if I ever will be. What a terrible feeling to love someone and not be able to help them. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#26. The first step of the terrible journey toward feeling somebody should act, that ends in utter confusion and hopelessness, east of the sun and west of the moon. - Author: John Ashbery
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#27. Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#28. It is hard to believe that a place this small can hold so much hate, and I have the terrible feeling I've only just seen the surface. - Author: Carolee Dean
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#29. The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#30. I gave in to that feeling. I didn't care what it made me -weak selfish, stupid, terrible. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
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#31. I think it has a terrible impact when you don't see yourself reflected in the society because then you get the feeling you don't belong. - Author: Sonia Manzano
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#32. What a terrible feeling to love someone and not be able to help them.
Actually, I know exactly how that feels. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#33. Wherever the responsibility lies, shame creates a solid and terrible feeling of unworthiness that resides in our bodies: the storehouse of the memories of our acts, real or imagined, and the secrets we keep about them. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#34. I can feel everything. And I want to keep feeling everything. Even the painful, awful, terrible things. Because feeling things is what lets us know that we're alive. - Author: Jasmine Warga
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#35. My tears simply broke through the fragile wall
that had held them, and with a terrible feeling of shame, I laid my head upon the table and let them drain out of me. - Author: Arthur Golden
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#36. Chew food thoroughly Eat slowly, chew (predigests food), and put your fork down between bites. This helps you consume less food as you give your stomach enough time to signal your brain that you are full, without woofing down your food and then feeling terrible and uncomfortable. - Author: Anonymous
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#37. It's terrible feeling like an eligible bachelor but no women seeming to agree with you. - Author: Pete Townshend
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#38. The world just changed, Elayne," Birgitte said, shaking her head, long braid swinging slightly. "It just changed in a very large way. I have a terrible feeling that it's only the beginning. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#39. That terrible feeling that you're not good enough to be loved by the people you love most, and eventually by anyone else. - Author: Danielle Steel
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#40. Whenever I get happy, I always have a terrible feeling. - Author: Roman Polanski
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#41. I noticed that some of my deadness was being replaced by an intense feeling about the Greek stories and the Bible stories. They were similar. There was something naked about these stories. Terrible things happened, and then some more terrible things. - Author: Susanna Kaysen
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#42. I understand what it feels like not to like aspects of yourself. There have been times that I have felt really terrible about the way I look. I have the seed of that feeling. - Author: Gwyneth Paltrow
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#43. There are certainly moments in the story room where you watch the movie die on the table. You put A next to B, and suddenly none of it lines up anymore. We feel that all the time. It's a terrible feeling. - Author: Dan Scanlon
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#44. After I got over the terrible pain of having something of mine taken from me, I began to think how bad everybody else must be feeling. It wasn't a nice time. - Author: Lena Horne
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#45. Sometimes I have a terrible feeling that I am dying not from the virus, but from being untouchable. - Author: Amanda Palmer
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#46. Each time you take a good picture, you have the wonderful feeling of exhilaration ... and almost instantly, the flip side. You have this terrible, terrible anxiety that you've just taken your last good picture. - Author: Sally Mann
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#47. As I finished the bed, thinking it looked surprisingly comfortable, a terrible black feeling came over me and I shuddered, aching at the sudden loneliness. I missed my new family. - Author: Eliot Schrefer
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#48. I love being a beginner. It can be a terrible feeling because you're ashamed of everything you do, but it's so exciting at the same time. - Author: Charlotte Gainsbourg
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#49. What a terrible feeling to love soemone and not be able to help them. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#50. I have a store full of thousands and thousands of images in my brain. I've got this terrible feeling I'm like some abattoir boss: I know death; I know the cut pieces of the human body. - Author: Don McCullin
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#51. I hated it. I hated this. I hated feeling so terrible because of someone else. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#52. You must be a terrible burden to your mother. I am feeling so sorry for her not to have a proper daughter.
Mrs. Apusenja - To the Nines - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#53. Oh no, a human feeling awkward. How terrible. - Author: T. Kingfisher
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#54. You're the nicest boy ever,", I told him, feeling undeserving and terrible. "You didn't have to get me anything. I like thinking about you thinking about me when I'm not around. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#55. God, youth is a terrible time! So much feeling and so little notion of how to handle it! - Author: Robertson Davies
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#56. I have a feeling I shall go mad. I cannot go on longer in these terrible times. I shan't recover this time. I hear voices and cannot concentrate on my work. I have fought against it but cannot fight any longer. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#57. Hurt me?" he asked. "How would you do that? By taking away everything I love? Everything I honour? You're too late, Hannah. Far too late. Fallon already did that."
Claire's terrible feeling suddenly condensed into a heavy, sickening weight. "He took Jesse," she said. "Fallon took Jesse. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#58. Ut when one human creature dies a whole world of hope and memory and feeling dies with him. To be robbed of the dignity of a natural death is a terrible deprivation. - Author: Robertson Davies
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#59. We stay in the same old situations because we're comforted by the familiar, even if the familiar is terrible. - Author: Nancy Levin
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#60. Sinking. Sinking, but instead of feeling panic or anything else, I realized that "Please guys, don't" were terrible last words. - Author: John Green
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#61. I've gone through terrible periods of depression. But, at the core of my being, there's a strange, out-of-place optimist. Despite what I'm feeling, I'm always able to get up and do my job. Which means the world to me. - Author: Jenny Lewis
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#62. I was just a kid. I think I stole a candy bar. I remember feeling so terrible. It was the worst shock. I was probably 7. That's my least favorite feeling: guilt. - Author: Amy Sedaris
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#63. Every time you finish a book, you have a terrible feeling that there's just never going to be another one. But fortunately, so far, the next one has always shown up. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#64. As the plane got closer to Miami, I had this terrible feeling he was dying. Maybe he was telling me that he was going. I felt anger, panic, despair and helplessness. - Author: Robin Gibb
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#65. It's a terrible feeling being lonely. - Author: Rita Ora
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#66. My 20s were all about feeling desperate. Desperate to find a new boyfriend. Desperate to get the perfect job. Desperate to get rid of this terrible relationship with this bad new boyfriend. - Author: Jessi Klein
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#67. The problem is you tend to look back and identify mistakes, and as a consequence of feeling terrible about mistakes you say you bungled this so bad, let's get out of here. - Author: Bob Kerrey
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#68. Not belonging is a terrible feeling. It feels awkward and it hurts, as if you were wearing someone else's shoes. - Author: Phoebe Stone
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#69. Jonas felt a ripping sensation inside himself, the feeling of terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge in a cry. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#70. It took a long time for me to get better, but I did. I got better. But suddenly it's like the last four years never happened, and I'm feeling all the same terrible feelings about myself that I did back then. - Author: Jenny Han
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#71. It was a haunting feeling, the sort of sensation you get when you wonder whether you are two people, the other of which does things you can't explain, bad and terrible things. - Author: Donald Miller
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#72. It's a terrible feeling to go to the funeral of someone whose voice you can't even remember. - Author: Pierdomenico Baccalario
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#73. Empathy is one of our highest human skills and holds families and societies together. Feeling connected to other people is probably the deepest satisfaction we will ever know. How terrible for children who are being brought up without that capacity. - Author: Sue Gerhardt
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#74. When it's said and done, the one thing I want to leave on this earth is hope. I have felt hopelessness, and it's a terrible feeling. Hopelessness will destroy you. I want to bring hope to other people. - Author: Paula Deen
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#75. Learn, he says, that there will be hours, days
and months ahead of feeling absolutely terrible
and nothing can change that; neither new
girlfriends, health professionals, changes of diet, dope, humility, or
God. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#76. I don't know. Sometimes, I feel nothing, and I'm so afraid. Afraid I'll stop feeling anything at all. I'll just slip away inside myself ... I just need to feel something A Great and Terrible Beauty, Page 177, by - Author: Libba Bray
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#77. Right Understanding means feeling terrible, remembering pain is finite, and taking some solace from that remembering. And, when things are pleasant, even splendidly pleasant, remembering impermanence doesn't diminish the experience--it enhances it [p. 33] - Author: Sylvia Boorstein
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#78. Hollow and empty are terrible ways to feel when you're used to being full of joy. But it's not so bad when you're used to feeling full of pain. Hollow feels okay. Empty feels like a beginning. Which is nice, because for so long you have felt like you were at the end. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
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#79. Well, if you're suspecting your lover is having an affair, it's definitely devastating. It's really a terrible, terrible feeling because you have no control. - Author: Amanda Seyfried
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#80. And this time, I can feel my hand. I can feel everything. And I want to keep feeling everything. Even the painful, awful, terrible things. Because feeling things is what lets us know that we're alive.
And I want to be alive. - Author: Jasmine Warga
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#81. It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any. - Author: Hugh Laurie
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#82. Do you know how much thinking and feeling I've done? It's terrible. And nothing's come of it. - Author: Andrei Platonov
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#83. When you have a bunch of scripts that you have to read, the less you have, the better it is, because otherwise, everything is already planned and I think that's a terrible feeling. - Author: Vincent Cassel
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#84. My feeling about the movies is that most of them are terrible. If you don't have a decent script and a decent director, forget it. - Author: Lauren Bacall
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#85. Sometimes she felt as though she was disappearing, that she was being whittled down to just this terrible feeling, like a sudden aching that appeared all over, not in her body but in her soul. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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