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Top 95 Fallen Angel Sayings

#1. Mitch thought she looked like an angel might - if the angel had fallen very hard into a very naughty position. - Author: Lauren Stewart
Fallen Angel Sayings #1130632
#2. So. You're a fallen angel." She folded her arms.
"I'm not fallen," he said roughly.
"Then what are you?"
He shrugged. "Busted. - Author: Vicki Pettersson
Fallen Angel Sayings #1379811
#3. Well, fallen angel. Now you're quite ruined," she said, reverting to the formal you. "No, aren't you afraid? Well, goodbye! You'll get back on your own, right? - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
Fallen Angel Sayings #1319812
#4. Love is Fallen ... Like *FALLEN* ANGELS ... - Author: Lauren Kate
Fallen Angel Sayings #1262345
A FORBIDDEN LOVE - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angel Sayings #1232681
#6. You know how people are always threatenin' to shove this or that up someone's ass, but they never really do it? Well, now there's a new story gonna be told 'round the fire: 'How Coyote Shoved An Arrow Up A Fallen Angel's Ass. - Author: Kevin Hearne
Fallen Angel Sayings #1227029
#7. You're mad," the fallen angel said.
"Get me some Alka Seltzer and I'll foam at the mouth, too. - Author: Jim Butcher
Fallen Angel Sayings #1219567
#8. This was life's purpose, the secret to happiness: love and family. - Author: L.G. Castillo
Fallen Angel Sayings #1208019
#9. I tell you once and for all -
in front of the angel pictures
on the wall, that I am not a host
to load-bearing ghosts or heady
entities, and if I was ever holy, I have fallen far
into the dense atmosphere of the living. - Author: Kristen Henderson
Fallen Angel Sayings #1193697
#10. The music had ceased. Alex walked over to the gramophone, wound it up again, and put on more blues, a woman singing this time, gay and sad at once, like a stranded angel who had traded holiness for humanity but remembered what it used to be like to know God. - Author: Barbara Hambly
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#11. Although her eyes are neither golden nor heavenly blue, Terri Stambaugh has the vision of an angel, for she sees through you and knows your truest heart, but loves you anyway, in spite of all the ways that you have fallen from a state of grace. - Author: Dean Koontz
Fallen Angel Sayings #1151500
#12. Earthly majesty is always akin to the fallen angel, who is proud and unhappy, beautiful but troubled, and whose plans and efforts, though vast, are denied access. - Author: Otto Von Bismarck
Fallen Angel Sayings #1148214
#13. As to modesty and decency, if we are simians we have done well, considering: but if we are something else-fallen angels-we have indeed fallen far. - Author: Clarence Day
Fallen Angel Sayings #1425349
#14. You and your name-dropping. 'I knew Michael'. 'I knew Sammael'. 'The angel Gabriel did my hair'. It's like I'm with the Band with biblical figures. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Fallen Angel Sayings #1107036
#15. As always, just the sight of him gave her a quick inner jolt. His face was like a painting, a depiction in perfect oils of some fallen angel. The sheer beauty of it, framed by all that rich black hair, was forever a surprise to her. - Author: J.D. Robb
Fallen Angel Sayings #1089304
#16. You're gorgeous, Gabriel. You always were, you know."
"Nature's cruelty - the fallen angel retains his beauty. But I'm ugly on the inside. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
Fallen Angel Sayings #1089241
#17. The angel's lower body was covered by a pair of faded jeans that showcased the strong muscles in his thighs ... along with a few other things she'd only dared dream about. His upper body was bare, showing off honeyed skin, washboard abs, and a killer set of pecs. - Author: Rosalie Lario
Fallen Angel Sayings #1064479
#18. I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel ... - Author: Mary Shelley
Fallen Angel Sayings #1059490
#19. Even though my angel has forgiven me and rescued me, who on earth will save him, who cannot be allowed into the light of the sun, who has lost his name, who can only hide himself in the world of darkness? - Author: Mizuki Nomura
Fallen Angel Sayings #1053779
#20. She wasn't sure if he was a devil in heaven or a fallen angel in hell. He was beautiful. - Author: Aubrey Cara
Fallen Angel Sayings #1045011
#21. He isn't what he's pretending to be with her. I watch him all the time. I'm going to be there when he stops pretending. I'm going to be her bulletproof vest, her shield, her fallen fucking angel, whether she wants one or not. He's pretending he's almost human. He's no more human than me. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Fallen Angel Sayings #1010328
#22. I'm a private contractor now. I choose my clients, not the other way around. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angel Sayings #1000419
#23. Luca saw her bloodstained hands as the clerk bound them with a rope, and Luca realized that she was a thing of horror, a beautiful thing of horror, the worst thing between heaven and hell: a fallen angel. - Author: Philippa Gregory
Fallen Angel Sayings #949234
#24. In the abyss you make your own light. - Author: Angela B. Wade
Fallen Angel Sayings #898572
#25. True happiness is impossible without solitude. The fallen angel probably betrayed God because he longed for solitude, which angels do not know. - Author: Anton Chekhov
Fallen Angel Sayings #1569454
#26. We are born of risen apes, not fallen angels. - Author: Robert Ardrey
Fallen Angel Sayings #1861221
#27. There never was a time when we were created perfect and fell into sin and needed to be rescued. We are evolving people; we are not fallen people. We are not a little lower than the angels. We're a little higher than the apes. It's a very different perspective. - Author: John Shelby Spong
Fallen Angel Sayings #1832061
#28. Marissa took a sip from a glass of water. "It's perfectly innocent." "I'm doing a naked calendar," the fallen angel started. "He had a jockstrap on." "It was all done with a selfie stick. - Author: J.R. Ward
Fallen Angel Sayings #1785757
#29. Right. You archangel, me lowly seraph. You'd think I would've learned that by now. - Author: L.G. Castillo
Fallen Angel Sayings #1770737
#30. I squirmed. "What kind of angel uses words like quick fuck?"
He cocked an eyebrow. "Fallen ones. - Author: Kristina Douglas
Fallen Angel Sayings #1760445
#31. In the light, he looked like a fallen angel asked to return to Hell. - Author: Caroline Cairn
Fallen Angel Sayings #1736874
#32. Smells are the fallen angels of the senses. - Author: Helen Keller
Fallen Angel Sayings #1695506
#33. Though fallen low God raised her up An angel. - Author: Francine Rivers
Fallen Angel Sayings #1671646
#34. The world of demons, fallen Angels, is very real - a fact we need to know. We have to face up to this terrible reality, so that we do not fall unsuspectingly into their hands and come under their tyranny. - Author: Basilea Schlink
Fallen Angel Sayings #1638121
#35. Somewhere out there, an angel had fallen today. - Author: J.M. Darhower
Fallen Angel Sayings #1617567
#36. He looked like a fallen angel, replete with all the dangerous male beauty that Lucifer could devise. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Fallen Angel Sayings #1609696
#37. Andre stood at my feet, looking like a fallen angel. A very pissed off fallen angel. - Author: Laura Thalassa
Fallen Angel Sayings #858876
#38. A fallen angel," Cam corrected her. "And I'm yours. - Author: Lauren Kate
Fallen Angel Sayings #1544847
#39. The worst punishment for immortal beings is
immortality revocation thus fall into lower life. - Author: Toba Beta
Fallen Angel Sayings #1544169
#40. I put my life in danger every time I do some of these demonstrations, whether it's in the audience hanging upside down or on the stage. We now have a lot of dangerous stunts where anything can go wrong. In fact, I have fallen two stories and landed on the stage, so I am well aware of the dangers. - Author: Criss Angel
Fallen Angel Sayings #1541120
#41. When a guy fell from the sky, you can hope that he's a fallen angel or something equally sexy as that. But when you're in an underground train station and being chased by hidious vampires and some strange guy just randomly fell to your body, that is not sexy at all. - Author: Rea Lidde
Fallen Angel Sayings #1528672
#42. Angel? Angels didn't sit on the lap of wicked scoundrels-not unless they were the fallen kind. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Fallen Angel Sayings #1519599
#43. I see you as Lily. I see you for who you are, even though you don't. -Julian - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Fallen Angel Sayings #1508905
#44. I always seem to have a vague feeling that he is a Satan among musicians, a fallen angel in the darkness who is perpetually seeking to fight his way back to happiness. - Author: Havelock Ellis
Fallen Angel Sayings #1494496
#45. When angels go bad they are worse than anyone else. Remember Lucifer used to be an angel. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Fallen Angel Sayings #1492608
#46. I always wondered what he looked like; if the devil was the beautiful fallen angel that bible camp led me to believe as a child or if he was as ugly as the intentions that swelled deep inside of him. - Author: Yolanda Olson
Fallen Angel Sayings #1483627
#47. Part of her wanted to comfort him, to tell him everything was going to be okay. But the rest of her just wanted to throw him to the ground and rip those jeans off him. Funny how she could be so jealous of a pair of pants. They covered the sinfully male body she longed to explore. - Author: Rosalie Lario
Fallen Angel Sayings #1458729
#48. So" he asked.
She was stunned and amazed-and happier than she'd ever been before. It couldn't possibly be real, she thought-unless she spoke the truth aloud, with Daniel and the rest of the fallen angels there to witness.
"I'm Lucinda," she said. "I'm your angel. - Author: Lauren Kate
Fallen Angel Sayings #1442363
#49. then came a virus like an avenging angel, unsurvivable, a microbe that reduced the population of the fallen world by, what? There were no more statisticians by then, my angels, but shall we say ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent? - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
Fallen Angel Sayings #324799
#50. Her angel didn't look at all like she'd expected. He was no benevolent creature with long, flowing robes and a bland, peaceful smile. Instead he was the stuff of every teenage girl's - and quite a few teenage boys' - fantasies. - Author: Rosalie Lario
Fallen Angel Sayings #427807
#51. Without solitude true happiness was impossible. The fallen angel was faithless to God probably only because he longed for solitude, which angles knew not. - Author: Anton Chekhov
Fallen Angel Sayings #398472
#52. At first it appeared as if something with wings had fallen from above ... perhaps an angel who had faltered then drowned, in tears of this poor tired world. - Author: Alice Hoffman
Fallen Angel Sayings #395060
#53. I wasn't about to wear white and pretend to be an angel when I'd lived and fallen in love with the devil. - Author: T.M. Frazier
Fallen Angel Sayings #387729
#54. If I'd wanted you dead five minutes ago, you'd have died five minutes ago. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angel Sayings #374411
#55. Simon-But werewolfs don't like our kind! Jordan-I do. It's his kind I don't like. They think they're better than everyone else. Jace-No, I think I'm better than everybody else. City of Fallen Angels- Jace, Simon, and Jordan. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Fallen Angel Sayings #372635
#56. I believe in destiny Angel. I believe every choice I've made has brought me closer to you. I looked for you for a very long time. I may have fallen from heaven, but I fell for you. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angel Sayings #365768
#57. It wasn't every day a girl lost her virginity, not to mention to a delicious, perfect specimen of man. One who had wings, to boot. - Author: Rosalie Lario
Fallen Angel Sayings #360427
#58. Smell is a fallen angel. - Author: Helen Keller
Fallen Angel Sayings #338408
#59. Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angel Sayings #337757
#60. As Abby finally turned and fled the frigid temperatures of the roof, she realized she still didn't know if the Fallen were good or evil. Whether they intended to kill the humans or not.
All she knew was that, at the tender age of thirteen, Abby Rhodes had just fallen head over heels in love. - Author: Rosalie Lario
Fallen Angel Sayings #325570
#61. He looked like an angel.

But only the fallen would make her feel the sudden violent lust rushing through her veins. - Author: Marie Hall
Fallen Angel Sayings #428178
#62. That which is imposing here on earth has always something of the quality of the fallen angel who is beautiful but without peace, great in his conceptions and exertions but without succes, proud and lonely. - Author: Otto Von Bismarck
Fallen Angel Sayings #324432
#63. It is not true love when one seeks to change another person"

"Fallen Angel. - Author: Charlotte Louise Dolan
Fallen Angel Sayings #274379
#64. You're no angel. You're Fallen. You just haven't had the decency to lose your wings. [Reaver] - Author: Larissa Ione
Fallen Angel Sayings #267754
#65. If angels stoop from visions of more than earthly beauty to spells of less than earthly worth, they are but fallen angels, mingling divine utterances with the babblings of madness, and the madness is not the divineness. - Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Fallen Angel Sayings #178639
#66. He stayed that way for a while, fallen man, porcelain angel, as if the two of them waited for a bus. - Author: Mitch Albom
Fallen Angel Sayings #171300
#67. The fallen angel becomes a malignant devil. Yet even that enemy of God and man had friends and associates in his desolation; I am alone. - Author: Mary Shelley
Fallen Angel Sayings #171082
#68. Remember , that I am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed. - Author: Mary Shelley
Fallen Angel Sayings #165382
#69. I'm going to start from the beginning. All I ask is that you don't interrupt and you silently pray Luke returns with a milkshake quickly, because they make me happy. And you want to keep me happy. -Lily - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Fallen Angel Sayings #105277
#70. I viewed my fellow man not as a fallen angel, but as a risen ape. - Author: Desmond Morris
Fallen Angel Sayings #97583
#71. You'd think the Angel would have been foresighted enough to give us a birth-control rune, but no dice. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Fallen Angel Sayings #72544
#72. Was Lucifer a demon determined to ruin Eve and spawn a species of monsters? Or was he a fallen angel so in love with a human woman he destroyed paradise for a kiss? We will never know. And perhaps we shouldn't ask why Lucifer tempted Eve at all, but another question: Why did she give in? - Author: Sylvia Frost
Fallen Angel Sayings #48461
#73. When I run over the frightful catalogue of my sins, I cannot believe that I am the same creature whose thoughts were once filled with sublime and transcendent visions of the beauty and the majesty of goodness. But it is even so; the fallen angel becomes a malignant devil. - Author: Mary Shelley
Fallen Angel Sayings #697616
#74. No. She wasn't being evil; she was being a little angel. Maybe a fallen angel, but an angel none the less. - Author: Lacey Harper
Fallen Angel Sayings #811356
#75. The devil is merely a fallen angel, and when God lost Satan he lost one of his best lieutenants. - Author: Walter Lippmann
Fallen Angel Sayings #808516
#76. I have lots of faith," the fallen angel said as he crouched down and coaxed the dog closer. "I have faith that this is a bad idea. She's not going to belive you. She's going to think we're nuts. She's going to call the police unless she has a record, and if she does she'll run away. - Author: Kim Harrison
Fallen Angel Sayings #807356
#77. You forget that every fallen angel was once an angel themselves. Monsters don't really want to be monsters. We're just like everyone else, waiting for someone to come save us from our very own damned darkness. - Author: J.L. Beck
Fallen Angel Sayings #773478
#78. You promise." "I swear on the angel. The hell with that. I swear on us." "Why us?" "Because there isn't anything I believe in more. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Fallen Angel Sayings #769781
#79. Daniel came to sit beside me, ignoring my wariness and settling into the thin, worn cushion. "Who'd you think I was that first night we met?"
"The night you attacked me, you mean? I thought you were a vampire."
"A vampire?" His look was one of genuine confusion. "Vampires aren't real. - Author: Angela B. Wade
Fallen Angel Sayings #759920
#80. My life sucks when I'm only half-aware of it. If I quit drinking and saw what it's really like, I'd probably jump off a bridge. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Fallen Angel Sayings #749505
#81. O fallen angel,
the companion within me,
whisper something holy
before you pinch me
into the grave. - Author: Anne Sexton
Fallen Angel Sayings #746185
#82. I did become the one thing I was taught to fear above all else... an abomination, a Fallen Angel. For love of you, my Prince" I spat bitterly, "I Fell from Grace. - Author: Joanne Valiukas
Fallen Angel Sayings #745749
#83. She was pretty sure that if she had been, though, none of the hypotheticals would have resembled this in the slightest: surrounded by vampires, possibly pregnant, with a fallen angel in an Elvis costume mangling the ceremony from the Book of Common Prayer. - Author: J.R. Ward
Fallen Angel Sayings #709180
#84. From an angel's wings to a fallen star, God makes everything but unbreakable hearts. - Author: Jessica Andrews
Fallen Angel Sayings #699738
#85. Some people seem to put the devil on a par with God. Actually, Satan is a fallen angel. - Author: Billy Graham
Fallen Angel Sayings #23982
#86. Shuttered like a fan no-one suspects your shoulder blades of wings. While you lay on your belly I kneaded the hard edges of your flight. You are a fallen angel but still as the angels are; body light as a dragonfly, great gold wings cut across the sun. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Fallen Angel Sayings #694432
#87. We have a guardian angel, and who cares if he's a fallen one? - Author: Anne Stuart
Fallen Angel Sayings #625042
#88. It's because of you that I've found the strength, the courage to love again. You set me free, and I'm no longer afraid. - Author: L.G. Castillo
Fallen Angel Sayings #624697
#89. I'm more of a paranormal romance kind of girl. Sad ... I know, but if a girl and a fallen angel can fall in love? I guess that gives a girl hope.
Or at least a few hours of quality entertainment. - Author: Nyrae Dawn
Fallen Angel Sayings #593035
#90. if a fallen angel enters a sanctuary of God, the structure and all those inside it burst into flames. - Author: Lauren Kate
Fallen Angel Sayings #576417
#91. Lucinda's wings had been special. They
had been purely, stunningly white. Unspoiled.
Innocent of the choices the rest of
them had made. The only other fallen angel
who had preserved his white wings was
Daniel. - Author: Lauren Kate
Fallen Angel Sayings #519903
#92. We may prefer to think of ourselves as fallen angels, but in reality we are rising apes. - Author: Desmond Morris
Fallen Angel Sayings #499635
#93. Go! I'll take care of Mr. Clean. - Author: L.G. Castillo
Fallen Angel Sayings #490357
#94. It is a lot better to come from an evolved monkey than from a fallen angel. - Author: Marcellin Boule
Fallen Angel Sayings #466440
#95. Suddenly the House of Mirrors had fallen down like a domino effect and I knew for the first time, I was all alone and half of who I used to be- Evangeline Murphy (Weeping Well, Vol. 1) - Author: Angel M.B. Chadwick
Fallen Angel Sayings #431272

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