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#1. The progress of the natural sciences in modern times has of course so much exceeded all expectations that any suggestion that there may be some limits to it is bound to arouse suspicion.

Friedrich August Von Hayek

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#2. Throughout my lifetime I've left pieces of my heart here and there. And now, there's almost barely enough to stay alive. But I force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent.

Johnny Depp

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#3. I think you've more than made up for lost time now. In fact, I'm certain you've exceeded your teasing quota for the day." "I can't borrow against tomorrow's?"

Tessa Dare

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#4. Nature gave us pain as a messaging device to tell us that we are approaching, or that we have exceeded, our limits in some way.

Ray Dalio

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#5. The volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably.

Atul Gawande

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#6. We are out-of-the-gates strong in fiscal 2015. We grew revenue 8% in the first quarter and exceeded our QuickBooks Online subscriber and our company financial targets.

Brad D. Smith

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#7. When our embarrassment level is exceeded by our desperation level, we are a good candidate for God's grace.

Peter Lord

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#8. Salespeople using social media exceeded sales quotas 23 percent more often than peers not using social media.

Shannon Belew

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#9. My trophy value exceeded my military usefulness.

Lord Mountbatten

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#10. I think I've far exceeded what I ever thought I could possibly do. I'm almost shocked that I'm still around after all of these years ... and always grateful that I get another turn to do something.

Billy Crystal

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#11. Watching yourself on screen is always a little weird, but I didn't cringe when I saw myself on 'The Hour.' It actually exceeded my expectations; every shot looks like a vintage postcard and even my most brutally honest friends have said they think it's good.

Oona Chaplin

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#12. So top grade's O for 'Outstanding,'" Hermione was saying, "and then there's A-"
"No, E," George corrected her, "E for 'Exceeds Expectations.' And I've always thought Fred and I should've got E in everything, because we exceeded expectations just by turning up for the exams.

J.K. Rowling

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#13. Bush, himself the most intellectually backward American president of my political lifetime, is surrounded by advisers whose bellicosity is exceeded only by their political, military and diplomatic illiteracy.

Gerald Kaufman

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#14. Artists don't get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working.

David Bayles

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#15. His [Gen. Douglas MacArthurs] twenty-two medals-thirteen of them for heroism-probably exceeded those of any other figure in American history. He seemed to seek death on battlefields.

William Manchester

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#16. I have sometimes thought the power of computers had exceeded our ability to use them, but Mr. Jobs and his team kept giving us devices that made indispensable things easier in ways you never thought of.

Andrew Rosenthal

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#17. Whatsoever has exceeded its proper limit is in an unstable position.

Seneca The Younger

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#18. I've already exceeded my expectations for myself. I'm one of the most influential people! I mean come on! I wanted to be ... I never thought the things I've experienced in my life, I didn't think that was the life that I was gonna get to live.

Ashton Kutcher

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#19. All we had was Simon Finch, a fur-trapping apothecary from Cornwall whose piety was exceeded only by his stinginess.

Harper Lee

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#20. His line was the jocundly-sentimental Wardour Street brand of adventure, told in a style that exactly met, but never exceeded, every expectation.

Rudyard Kipling

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#21. The budget was unlimited, but I exceeded it.

Donald Trump

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#22. exceeded every expectation. It was built on a wide promontory that

Joe Abercrombie

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#23. At MIT, I had the good fortune for seven years to teach network theory, which is basic to many disciplines, to one-third of the undergraduate student body. It was an experiment to see how high we could bring their level of understanding, and it exceeded all of my expectations.

Amar Bose

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#24. The fun thing with the newer characters in the movie was that anything goes. The life they brought to it just exceeded my expectations. It was just above and beyond.

Coley Sohn

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#25. Undocumented immigrants produced $1.58 billion in state revenues, which exceeded the $1.16 billion in state services they received. However, local governments bore the burden of $1.44 billion in uncompensated health care costs and local law enforcement costs not paid for by the state,

Carole Keeton

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#26. from 4,000 yards.4 He exceeded

Peter Padfield

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#27. The Internet has exceeded our collective expectations as a revolutionary spring of information, news, and ideas. It is essential that we keep that spring flowing. We must not thwart the Internet's availability by taxing access to it.

Chris Cannon

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#28. By 1989, the total number of Vietnam veterans who had died in violent accidents or by suicide after the war exceeded the total number of American soldiers who died during the war.

Vladislav Tamarov

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#29. The first season [of Jessica Jones] exceeded my expectations already, so I'm just waiting to see what will happen in the second season.

Rachael Taylor

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#30. King Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom. 1KI10.24 And all the earth sought to Solomon, to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart.


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#31. The UK is one of the only nations on earth that has actually met and even exceeded its goals under the Kyoto Protocol.

Al Gore

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#32. For me, I can't tell you if the film is good or bad, all I can say is for me the film is way better than I had expectation of us being able to make. So for me that's the most important thing. Have we exceeded our dream in terms of what it could be?

Eric Fellner

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#33. There has to be a common sense cutoff for craziness, and when that threshold is exceeded, then the criteria for publication should get far, far more stringent.

Douglas Hofstadter

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#34. But they never notice the following inconsistency: this so-called worst-case event, when it happened, exceeded the worst case at the time.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#35. I have already exceeded the amount of work my head can bear.

Theodore Guerin

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#36. The kowtow was symbolically voluntary: it was the representative deference of a people that had been not so much conquered as awed. The tribute presented to China on such occasions was often exceeded in value by the Emperor's return gifts.

Henry Kissinger

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#37. It is a singular advantage of taxes on articles of consumption that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. They prescribe their own limit, which cannot be exceeded without defeating the end purposed - that is, an extension of the revenue.

Alexander Hamilton

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#38. you've exceeded expectations for a prince charming pretty much every step of the way." "I still have bad habits," he pointed out. "Leaving my socks on the floor. Waging wholesale slaughter and pillaging innocent worlds. Swearing.

Terry Mancour

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#39. Having applied ancient principle of aligning the Mind-Body-Spirit in my own challenges, I applied the same concept to my weight loss patients. The results exceeded my and their wildest." expectations.

Sergey Sorin

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#40. I was supposed to be women's lib, and now I'd exceeded it and gone over into international politics.

Kate Millett

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#41. In his secretiveness he didn't merely resemble Newton, but actively exceeded him.

Bill Bryson

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#42. In January 2004, the number of unemployed American college graduates actually exceeded the number of unemployed high school dropouts.

Ken Robinson

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#43. Only once in the historical record has a jump on the San Andreas exceeded the jump of 1906. In 1857, near Tejon Pass outside Los Angeles, the two sides shifted thirty feet.

John McPhee

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#44. Has President Bush exceeded his constitutional authority or acted illegally in authorizing wiretaps without a warrant? Benjamin Franklin would not have thought so.

Pete Du Pont

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#45. If we have a biometric exit-entry system, we know on the day after six months has exceeded his visa.And with that exit- entry system, we can then send ICE, the law enforcement agents that exist, to go and get John and say, OK, you're here illegally now.

Ted Cruz

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#46. The idiot had shot their own dog. That's what happened when the destructive potential of a man's weapons exceeded his intelligence.

Ilona Andrews

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#47. I don't want the horse to get trained, because training the horse is absolutely finite. But if you get the horse to where he operates as if to be your legs, an extension of you, you've far-exceeded that whole training notion.

Buck Brannaman

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#48. My fear of abandonment is exceeded only by my terror of intimacy.

Ethlie Ann Vare

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#49. I'm totally cool. I'm totally calm, and I'm totally cool. My calm is exceeded only by my cool. Which is total. Here we go.

Joss Whedon

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#50. And the reason is increasingly evident: the volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably. Knowledge has both saved us and burdened us.

Atul Gawande

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#51. Twitch launched in June of 2011, and our growth ever since has exceeded even my expectations, which were not small. A year and a half later, the community of broadcasters and viewers has multiplied hundreds of percent.

Emmett Shear

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#52. In 1970, Los Angeles became the first place where the total acreage used for roads and parking exceeded the amount of space given over to habitation.

Victor Papanek

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#53. We strive to teach our children the importance of being caring and compassionate to others. This outpouring of emotion and effort by our children was so gratifying, and what they achieved absolutely exceeded our wildest expectations.

Jeff B. Davis

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#54. Failure to converge. Confidence limits exceeded.
Further predictions unreliable.

Peter Watts

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#55. Thus the woman, who had perversely exceeded her proper bounds, is forced back to her own position. She had, indeed, previously been subject to her husband, but that was a liberal and gentle subjection; now, however, she is cast into servitude.

John Calvin

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#56. To Fate, a fickle mistress whose sense of justice is exceeded only by her sense of humor.

Teresa Medeiros

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#57. It is indeed the boundary of life, beyond which we are not to pass; which the law of nature has pitched for a limit not to be exceeded.

Michel De Montaigne

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#58. I've so exceeded what I ever wanted to do.

Graham Norton

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#59. I've exceeded a few of my goals, but I'm behind on a couple of others.

Tiger Woods

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#60. We diminish people when we don't allow them to help us, or when we act like we don't need anything from them and they have nothing to offer us. We also diminish them when we allow them to go on and on, even after we've exceeded our capacity to pay attention.

Harriet Lerner

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#61. I said publicly last year that I wanted 2012 to be a great season, not just a good season. We certainly had a very good season and perhaps exceeded a few expectations. But Broncos fans, you and I know what a great season looks like.

Pat Bowlen

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#62. I saw that publishing all over the world was deeply constrained by self-censorship, economics and political censorship, while the military-industrial complex was growing at a tremendous rate, and the amount of information that it was collecting about all of us vastly exceeded the public imagination.

Julian Assange

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#63. For twenty years and more the whole planet had been bombed, raped, ravaged, and gouged by people whose fury had so exceeded their judgment that the only thing they could think of to do to express their discontent was to kill somebody.

Frederik Pohl

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#64. Books have a publishing standard, and every Indie Author is responsible to their readers in making sure those standards are met or exceeded.

Eeva Lancaster

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#65. Expectations are made to be exceeded!

Lorii Myers

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#66. In the 1990s the world's population for the first time exceeded six billion, more than three times what it had been when the First World War broke out.

Niall Ferguson

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#67. We were one of the first states to move most of our email into the cloud. That's gone really, really well; I think it's exceeded expectations. When we think about doing major information technology projects in this state, the default is cloud.

Mike Powell

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#68. My plans have always exceeded my capacities and energies

C. Wright Mills

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#69. Every one of our passions and affections hath its natural stint and bound, which may easily be exceeded; whereas our enjoyments can possibly be but in a determinate measure and degree.

Joseph Butler

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#70. The pain of not knowing what to do was exceeded only by that of knowing what I had done.

Erich Segal

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#71. For me, the path of failure exceeded by far the joys of success. My plight was hopeless.

Dominick Dunne

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#72. we exceeded expectations just by turning up for the exams." - George Weasly

J.K. Rowling

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#73. Thousands died in internment, where hardships and brutalities often far exceeded those experienced during the Nazi regime. Note

Ingrid Dixon

Exceeded Quotes #1239189
#74. I don't play an instrument - I just write in my head, and I usually hear fully formed songs. 'We Are Young' turned out so much like it was in my head. But it also exceeded all my expectations.

Nate Ruess

Exceeded Quotes #1239688
#75. So-called worst-case event, when it happened, exceeded the worst case at the time. I have called this mental defect the Lucretius problem, after the Latin poetic philosopher who wrote that the fool believes that the tallest mountain in the world will be equal to the tallest one he has observed.


Exceeded Quotes #1268922
#76. A little black girl yearns for the blue eyes of a little white girl, and the horror at the heart of her yearning is exceeded only by the evil of fulfillment

Toni Morrison

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#77. My sweet, there are altogether too many respectable ladies in the world. The supply has far exceeded the demand. But there's an appalling shortage of attractive pirates, and you do seem to have a gift for plundering and ravishing. I think we've found your true calling.

Lisa Kleypas

Exceeded Quotes #1288945
#78. Emulation is grief arising from seeing one's self, exceeded or excelled by his concurrent, together with hope to equal or exceed him in time to come, by his own ability. But envy is the same grief joined with pleasure conceived in the imagination of some ill-fortune that may befall him.

Thomas Hobbes

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#79. As an entrepreneur, I knew that if my company failed, I could always try again. So I often felt that the only real risk of true financial ruin came from the possibility of a serious illness that either exceeded my insurance plans lifetime limits, or was not covered due to rescission.

Eric Ries

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#80. Being near you for a day was at the top of my bucket list of the greatest life achievements, so this has by far exceeded my expectations and everyday has been magic.

Crystal Woods

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#81. Her ambitions have always exceeded her abilities." He paused, and looked directly at Regal. "In royalty, that is a most lamentable failing.

Robin Hobb

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#82. The past three years have seen a threefold increase in the number of participants of the state guarantee system. It has already exceeded 21 percent, and the trend will continue. We need a national rather than a government program of state guarantees

Veronika Skvortsova

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#83. 2009 saw the eighth 'ten-year flood' of Fargo, North Dakota, since 1989. In Iowa, Cedar Rapids was hit last year by a flood that exceeded the 500-year flood plain. All-time flood records are being broken in areas throughout the world.

Al Gore

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#84. I'm the kind of person who would rather get my hopes up really high and watch them get dashed to pieces than wisely keep my expectations at bay and hope they are exceeded. This quality has made me a needy and theatrical friend, but has given me a spectacularly dramatic emotional life.

Mindy Kaling

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#85. Compare not thyself with those that have less than thyself, but look on those that have far exceeded thee.

William Gurnall

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#86. The bottom line is that in this world,you have to learn to set your own limits,because if you leave it to others,you'll only discover your own personal limit long after you're exceeded it.

Esther Verhoef

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#87. Although federal revenues nearly doubled during the Reagan years, federal spending far exceeded that pace and drove the national debt from $909 billion to $2.6 trillion between 1980 and 1988, by far the highest it had ever been.

Douglas Brinkley

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#88. I have absolutely no ambition. My goal has already been exceeded.


Exceeded Quotes #1541496
#89. Feminism has exceeded its proper mission of seeking political equality for women and has ended by rejecting contingency, that is, human limitation by nature or fate.

Camille Paglia

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#90. As the Nasdaq soared in 1999 and early 2000, demand for many offerings far exceeded the supply of shares available at the initial offering price.

Alex Berenson

Exceeded Quotes #1593732
#91. No doubt those who really founded modern science were usually those whose love of truth exceeded their love of power.

C.S. Lewis

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#92. It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein

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#93. I have never met a politician who has exceeded my low expectations of them.

Grant McLachlan

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#94. I don't really have dream roles. Every single time I've gotten a great job, it's far exceeded my expectations and my dreams.

David Oakes

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#95. Wards," said Oromis, "rely upon the strength of your body. If that strength is exceeded, you die. No matter how many wards you have, you will only be able to block attacks so long as your body can sustain the output of energy.

Christopher Paolini

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#96. He couldn't have explained this misery of his, it exceeded his education.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine

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#97. The 2007 Labor campaign was the most presidential in Australian history, with a slogan - Kevin07 - exceeded in its banality only by its success.

Richard Flanagan

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#98. The following twenty years would be the nadir of American Indian history, as the total Indian population between 1890 and 1910 fell to fewer than 250,000. (It was not until 1917 that Indian births exceeded deaths for the first time in fifty years.)

Kenneth C. Davis

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#99. The enthusiasm geologists show for adding new words to their conversation is, if anything, exceeded by their affection for the old. They are not about to drop 'granite.' They say 'granodiorite' when they are in church and 'granite' the rest of the week.

John McPhee

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#100. My life has far exceeded my expectations not because of my own personal efforts or mindset but because of my friends who have enriched my existence

John Paul Warren

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