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#1. When I was 18, I was moving to New York to start college at The New School. I had done a year of college in Toronto and wasn't happy there. I didn't have any friends in New York City, but I applied and got in. It was pretty overwhelming, but everyone in New York is so ambitious and creative. - Author: Stacey Farber
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#2. I think straight couples have a schedule: You're together for two years and then there's the 'where is this going?' question, which wouldn't necessarily be good for everyone, but I think it's pretty healthy for relationships, for there to be a presumption that there is a decision to be made. - Author: Nick Denton
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#3. Everyone in the Middle East pretty much wants to come and be an American citizen, but pretty much everybody is angry with the U. S. foreign policy. - Author: Mohamed ElBaradei
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#4. So as our story begins everything is going pretty good
the giants are leaving everyone alone for a minute
and everything is pretty okay
so obviously Odin has to go and fuck it all up by making a shitty deal with a giant. - Author: Cory O'Brien
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#5. God forbid you be an ugly girl, 'course too pretty is also your doom, 'cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#6. I think it's important to have a greater purpose behind modeling. Don't model just because you're pretty and you want to make money. Every girl wants that. You have to stand out from everyone else and on those really hard days, that is really the only thing that will keep you going. - Author: Whitney Thompson
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#7. Imagine God inside your computer, your phone, everyone else's computer. Imagine someone who almost is the Black Corporation, with all its power and riches and reach. And who, despite all this, seems pretty sane and beneficent by the standards of most gods. Oh, and who sometimes swears in Tibetan ... - Author: Stephen Baxter
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#8. Everyone knows ladies love Cajuns. It's in our blood and our language is the language of romance."
"Your language is the language of bullshit. You're just a couple of good ole boys with pretty faces. Women just ought to know better. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#9. There's no way for me to know, but my best guess, as it must be for everyone, is that other people are pretty much like me. - Author: Daniel Keys Moran
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#10. I've had Botox, but then again pretty much everyone I know has. To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It works. You do it once a year - who cares? - Author: Simon Cowell
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#11. I find it not hard to make friends, but it's definitely different when I go somewhere like summer camp and everyone already knows that I'm in 'Hunger Games' ... My life is still pretty normal, and I still have some really great friends. - Author: Willow Shields
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#12. Cool. I'm Kathryn, but everyone calls me Kat. And do not make any cat jokes or I'll have to hurt you. With my claws." she waved the long, blunt tips of her fingers at me. "Truth be told, I stopped speaking meow a long time ago." speaking meow? "I'm guessing calling you pretty kitty is out. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#13. In L.A., everyone is competing for the next job, and in New York, it's pretty much the same thing: competing for a better job. - Author: Bill Kurtis
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#14. Pretty much, I am always open to input from everyone; although I don't require it, the feedback is conducive to getting the play together. - Author: Jimmi Simpson
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#15. I think everyone's pretty much the same underneath. The collective unconscious is a real thing. There's only a few emotions, and we all have them. There's, like, seven emotions. So personal is universal. Everyone experiences confusion, joy and pain, just in different forms. - Author: Juliana Hatfield
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#16. Everyone's parents were famous actors at my school, pretty much! I think I went to school with Paris Hilton when I was three. That's what L.A. is, though - it's an industry town. You go to school with kids and you think, 'Well that's normal, they make movies.' - Author: Alice Eve
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#17. It is of no concern to me if one is rich or poor, healthy or sick, at some time or another life will be pretty difficult for everyone. That is one of the reasons why my figures do not smile. - Author: Duane Hanson
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#18. Do you know how incredibly brave it is to say "I don't know" when you're pretty sure everyone around you gets it? - Author: Brene Brown
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#19. Everyone wants to get out of living where they're living now, because life is a pretty tough proposition and not much fun. But when you think back to earlier times, you only extrapolate the nice things. - Author: Woody Allen
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#20. Weight used to be an issue. I was always fat as a child. And everyone used to tell me, 'You've got such a pretty face; why don't you lose some weight?' Over the years I've realised that my body is a certain type, and I have learned to accept it. - Author: Vidya Balan
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#21. Everyone starts out desperately trying to make a hit, but some people are just more mistake-prone than others. I happened to be fairly mistake-prone. Of the 40 shows I made, I'd say ten were hits, which is a pretty good average. - Author: Stephen J. Cannell
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#22. I don't have actors in my family, but everyone is pretty artistic. - Author: Timothy Simons
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#23. Everyone talks about how hard it is to have a kid, and that scares you into waiting. It obviously is tough [to be a parent], but when you feel that love, and it's instant, and it's so cool, so fun. When your baby smiles at you or when you just hold your baby, it's a pretty awesome feeling. - Author: Clayton Kershaw
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#24. It is great to have your own label; you can cultivate your own artists ... I've worked with pretty much everyone I wanted to. - Author: Brian McKnight
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#25. So what if my face is falling apart? I don't give a damn. Anyway, it gives me character. Everyone thinks that they can stay pretty forever but some come out of Beverly Hills surgeries looking scary to me. - Author: Robert Redford
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#26. Mexico is a pretty poor country, but they are maintaining a free, high quality public education system, not for everyone of course but pretty substantial. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#27. I think by the age of about nine I recognized that there were a lot of different religions, and it was an accident I happened to be born into one of them. If I had been born somewhere else, I would have had a different one. Which is a pretty good lesson, actually. Everyone should learn that. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#28. Everyone is pretty enough in the dark,"
she whispered.
"No, they are not." He kissed her before
pulling back abruptly, willing himself to stop. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
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#29. I was just walking out of school from cheer practice and she walks right up to me and says "Come with me if you want to live." I laughed so hard at her I almost peed my pants. I mean who says that? It was pretty clear she wasn't from this planet. Everyone knows who the Terminator is. - Author: Shelly Crane
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#30. I'm not fighting restraints or worrying about pleasing everyone. I've been able to carve my own niche in the marketplace, which is pretty cool. Obviously, I'm just blessed to be able to tour the country and make a living to support my family at the same time. - Author: Bill Kirchen
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#31. There they sit, with everyone thinking no more of them than they might of a pretty odd lot of cabbages, yet half the time they're pattering and clattering away at one another. Why? What is it they patter about? That's what I want to know.' I - Author: John Wyndham
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#32. We've been pretty lucky we've played with Feeder, Hundred Reasons and Puddle of Mud, but I think the one we're most proud of is playing with The Deftones because when we were kids they were everyone's favourite band. I think all our mates were pretty envious. - Author: Dave McPherson
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#33. Everything teaches, everyone preaches, all have a gospel to sell! Better the one who is honest and open in declaring an agenda than the one who fools you into believing they are only spinning a pretty fancy for beauty's sake. - Author: Karen Lord
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#34. I think escapism is something artists write about pretty frequently - it's something everyone can relate to, the concept of wanting something more, wanting to find solace, wanting to have something better. - Author: Halsey
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#35. I really hope everyone who saw 'Twilight' sees 'Warm Bodies,' but at the same time ... I don't resent the comparison on a level of quality because I don't judge other movies like that. Now that I make movies, I see how hard it is to do everything. I pretty much love all movies. - Author: Jonathan Levine
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#36. I would love to go to Iran. The island of Madagascar, everyone says is pretty exotic, or the wonderful Namibian desert. - Author: Michael Palin
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#37. I like to think everyone is pretty weird but they don't show it. - Author: David Walton
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#38. And god help you if you are an ugly girl course too pretty is also your doom cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room and god help you if you are a pheonix and you dare to rise up from the ash a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy while you are just flying back - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#39. Somehow, everyone hates to see an unusually pretty girl get married. It is like taking a bite out of a very fine-looking peach. - Author: E.W. Howe
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#40. I pretty much believe, as everyone in the B Team does, that business must succeed beyond the bottom line. More important than profits is how you get to them. Measuring financial earnings and losses only is definitely not enough and has led us astray from creating a better world for all. - Author: Guilherme Leal
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#41. You know that stuff about trusting your first instinct when you make a decision? They never say that to me. Taking meds to get along in school is pretty much a license for people to say, "Everyone follow your instincts, but not you. - Author: Steve Lyman
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#42. A public persona that might be different from what we truly feel inside ... everyone wonders if they are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, no matter how old they are. It is an archetypical moral dilemma - Do you act like yourself and risk becoming an outcast? - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#43. Ugly or pretty, personal tastes determine the limits of the look. It's a very thin line and it's different for everyone. In the end, fashion is about catching people's attention, whether it's via extreme beauty of extreme ugliness. It's up to us to decide if it works. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#44. Hollywood, it's just like high school. Whoever is pretty and popular, everyone wants to be with. - Author: Tucker Max
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#45. I call it the Pretty Paradox. Pretty girls always want guys who treat them, and most everyone else, like complete shit. It is perhaps one of the most baffling phenomena of history.
Cullen - Author: John Corey Whaley
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#46. I knew you were powerful, ruthless, and pretty, but that you have a mind and a heart besides is going to take some getting used to." "Does everyone pretty much think I'm just a sociopath who happens to have magical abilities?" "It's all you let people see," he said, "until now. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#47. Well, a younger woman is a type, but not necessarily a type for me. And what is a younger woman? I mean, I'm pretty old. Almost everyone is younger. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#48. Sometimes," she said in her pretty, quiet voice, "being the one who has to work extra hard to come close to what is effortless for everyone else truly sucks. Is that what you were trying to say? - Author: Heidi Cullinan
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#49. When you mimic everyone, sometimes authority figures really don't appreciate it which is not an original story. And pretty much every comedian has some tale of that. - Author: Hank Azaria
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#50. One tradition I have with my friends is that when one of us gets married, we have a ton of fragrance oils and pretty bottles at the bachelorette party. Everyone puts a drop or two in a bottle for the bride and makes a wish, and the bride wears our creation on her wedding day. - Author: Jennifer Aniston
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#51. When you reach that competing point, when you reach that time when the gun is about to go off, everyone's level is pretty much the same. The one thing that's going to separate you from everybody else is how you deal with those pressures, how you stay relaxed. - Author: Apolo Ohno
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