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#1. Being connected in a shallow way to the entire world can prevent us from being deeply connected to those closest to us - including ourselves. - Author: Arianna Huffington
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#2. We cannot live being obsessed with what other people think about us. It's impossible to live like that. Not even God managed to please the entire world. - Author: Cristiano Ronaldo
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#3. Ah, the violence: tearing, killing, ripping. Lila, between fascination and horror, spoke to me in a mixture of dialect, Italian, and very educated quotations that she had taken from who knows where and remembered by heart. The entire planet, she said, is a big Fosso Carbonario. - Author: Elena Ferrante
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#4. This entire most beautiful order of good things is going to pass away after its measure has been exhausted; for both morning and evening were made in them. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#5. My Megan is a sunrise, always changing, but beautiful the entire time. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#6. She had kept well behind the safety barrier her entire life, but now she was standing there at the edge of the precipice for the very first time, fumbling blindly with the realization that there were other ways to live, at how intense and rich life could be. - Author: Katarina Bivald
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#7. I am perfect because i am inseparable from the infinite, the force of life that creates the stars and the entire universe of light. i am God's creation. i don't need to be what i am not. - Author: Miguel Ruiz
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#8. The proper request of love is that our entire life should be oriented to the imitation of the Beloved. Let us therefore spare no effort to leave a transparent trace of God's love in our life. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#9. No matter how beautiful the theory, one irritating fact can dismiss the entire formulism, so it has to be proven. - Author: Michio Kaku
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#10. If I can hit No. 1 on the 'New York Times' best-seller list, I'm thinking of having the entire list tattooed on my body somewhere. It would be fabulous. - Author: Camilla Lackberg
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#11. Yes, 'Spider-Man' has had an infinite capacity to trouble and disappoint. But it's also been the greatest triumph of my entire career. - Author: Michael Cohl
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#12. Being a husband is a whole-time job. That is why so many husbands fail. They cannot give their entire attention to it. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#13. Cause and effect, the riddle of all history, is a particular devil in financial history; and never more so than today, where entire classes of security are collapsing not on public exchanges and stock-tickers but because there are no markets to establish prices this side of nothing. - Author: James Buchan
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#14. Not only does my world revolve around her, but she is my world. She's not just my reason for breathing, she's air itself. She's the meaning behind every one of my thoughts, every thrum of my pulse, every whisper of my conscience. She's my entire everything. It's as simple and as complex as that. - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#15. Our competitors aren't taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem. - Author: Stephen Elop
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#16. I'm not named after the character,' she said. 'I'm named after the entire opera. - Author: Julie Orringer
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#17. You listen to any monologue on late-night TV or just in general, to people talking, and there's always a joke at someone's expense. It's sarcasm; it's nasty. Kids grow up hearing that, and they think that's what humor is, and they think it's OK. But that negativity permeates the entire planet. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#18. Parenthood is the most difficult, demanding job in the entire world, - Author: Meg Cabot
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#19. My mother is the most incredible woman on this entire Earth, and she's so giving and loving and sweet and she always raised me how to forgive and forget and move on. She's the catalyst behind it all, my mom is. And I'm 100% a momma's boy! - Author: Brody Jenner
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#20. Don't let the actions of a few determine the way you feel about an entire group. Remember, not all German's were Nazis. - Author: Erin Gruwell
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#21. When the writing fit came on, she gave herself up to it with entire abandon, and led a blissful life, unconscious of want, care, or bad weather, while she sat safe and happy in an imaginary world, full of friends almost as real and dear to her as any in the flesh. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#22. You can never be too far away from a disaster, because there is no disaster-free zone in this entire universe! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#23. Scarlett pressed down on the tip of the blade. A single drop of ruby blood welled. Carefully Julian brought her finger to his mouth, and when his soft lips touched her skin the entire world shattered into a million shards of colored glass. - Author: Stephanie Garber
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#24. I have lived with extraordinary women, whether it was my grandmother, my mother. My father passed away when I was 16 ... I was witness to a woman who single handedly brought up the entire family and managed to do everything ... She was an extraordinary role model for me. - Author: Christine Lagarde
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#25. The chief consideration for a good painter is to think out the whole of his picture, to have it in his head as a whole ... so that he may then execute it with warmth and as if the entire thing were done at the same time. - Author: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
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#26. I've been doing this sort of thing my entire life. It's my love, it's my passion, it's what I do day in and day out. I eat, sleep, and breathe music and singing. - Author: Diana DeGarmo
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#27. Your expression dog paddles the entire
meeting but your daydream
ricochets between the prospect of quitting
and painting your room. - Author: Lori Lamothe
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#28. The entire American media apparatus bought into the drug war - which is an enormously damaging and costly undertaking for this country - and there wasn't enough critical reporting about it and that's why it's gotten out of hand. - Author: David Talbot
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#29. Is where you live. This is where you sleep. This is where you feel the most privacy in your whole entire life. This is more than just a room. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#30. I love movies to death. I spent my entire youth in front of a TV watching old movies. - Author: Amy Heckerling
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#31. In the moment you ask, and believe and know you already have it in the unseen, the entire Universe shifts to bring it into the seen. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#32. I hated that I wasn't in control. I hadn't been in control my entire life, and this was just another instance in which men believed they knew
better. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#33. What is the body? That shadow of a shadow
of your love, that somehow contains
the entire universe. - Author: Rumi
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#34. Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ ... and have countries attacked. The lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed and on the slight chance of the presence of a few criminals in a village, city, or convoy for example, the entire village, city or convoy set ablaze. - Author: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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#35. I'd also gone through an entire year of celibacy based on my feeling that lust was the direct cause of birth which was the direct cause of suffering and death and I had really no lie come to a point where I regarded lust as offensive and even cruel. - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#36. It only takes a few minutes in the morning to use gratitude to Have A Magical Day by giving thanks for the events in your day ahead of time, but this one practice alone will change the way your entire day unfolds. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#37. Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most faithful reflections that any society ever made of its entire range of activities. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#38. The entire Earth will be converted into a huge brain - Author: Nikola Tesla
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#39. The primary theory embraced by the Bush administration to justify its War on Terror policies was that the 'battlefield' is no longer confined to identifiable geographical areas, but instead, the entire globe is now one big, unlimited 'battlefield.' - Author: Glenn Greenwald
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#40. a certain consciousness of our entire past and our imagined future blends itself with all our moments of keen sensibility. And - Author: George Eliot
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#41. Emotions like these didn't happen to regular, everyday people. They couldn't or else the entire world would be fornicating all the time. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
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#42. There would be plenty of justification to raise revenues in order to subsidize businesses that employ low-wage workers. But there can be no justification for pandering to the economy's entire bottom half merely to attract its votes. - Author: Edmund Phelps
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#43. In catholisism we have an entire religion based on a woman who really stuck to her story - Author: Greg Giraldo
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#44. The entire time they're talking, I can't tear my eyes away from Porter. What I'm feeling for him now is like drowning and floating at the same time. - Author: Jenn Bennett
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#45. Life is a frail and transitory thing, but it has been given a higher purpose and dignity through the revelation of God's Teaching to Israel, and the resulting dedication of an entire people to God's service. - Author: Joseph Hertz
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#46. In the emerging global economy, everything is mobile: capital, factories, even entire industries. The only resource that's really rooted in a nation
and the ultimate source of all its wealth
is its people. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#47. We cannot tolerate one mistake from others, and yet God tolerates a planet covered with His own creation that live their entire lives sinning and denying Him, and yet continues to feed, clothe and protect them. - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
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#48. P.S. I'm going to throw an absolutely mind-blowing fact your way. I'm not kidding, either. The country of Uganda is obsessed with Celine Dion. They dedicate entire days to broadcasting her music. They love her that much. Five words. My. Heart. Will. Go. On. Yeah. - Author: Fisher Amelie
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#49. The Kabbalah describes angels as bundles of light, meaning intelligence, consciousness. Kabbalists believe that above every blade of grass is an angel crying "Grow! Grow!" ... I believe that above the entire human race is one super-angel, crying "Evolve! Evolve!" - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#50. I fail to find even one "Netaji" among the several thousand "Netas" of today. India needs our sacrifices once more and my entire life is and will remain dedicated to the service of my country. - Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar
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#51. May all beings everywhere with whom we are inseparably connected, be fulfilled, awakened, liberated and free. May there be peace in this world and throughout the entire universe, and may we all together complete the spiritual journey. - Author: Surya Das
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#52. If there ever was in the history of humanity an enemy who was truly universal, an enemy whose acts and moves trouble the entire world, threaten the entire world, attack the entire world in any way or another, that real and really universal enemy is precisely Yankee imperialism. - Author: Fidel Castro
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#53. I went to a fashion show, and this silver-haired guy was staring at me with these piercing water-blue eyes. It scared me because I absolutely saw and knew my entire future. - Author: Tom Ford
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#54. This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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#55. Consider the stars. Among them are no passions, no wars. They know neither love nor hatred. Did man but emulate the stars, would not his soul become clear and radiant as they are? But man's spirit draws him like a moth to the ephemera of this world, and in their heat he is consumed entire. - Author: Sarah Monette
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#56. She also knew that the sadness she felt while pregnant, for strangers, for the entire world, did not feel like hormones so much as a kind of elevated consciousness, a heightened sensitivity to truth. - Author: Laura Moriarty
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#57. Unlike the days of the gold standard, it is impossible for the Federal Reserve to go bankrupt; it holds the legal monopoly of counterfeiting (of creating money out of thin air) in the entire country. - Author: Murray Rothbard
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#58. It's an entire industry focusing on young male viewers that want action and violence. They sell us something that isn't valid. They're selling films like a product. - Author: Norman Jewison
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#59. What men call love is a very small, restricted, feeble thing compared with this ineffable orgy, this divine prostitution of the soul giving itself entire, all its poetry and all its charity, to the unexpected as it comes along, to the stranger as he passes. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
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#60. Listen, I'm a sweet guy. I'm just intense at work. I have nothing but the end result in mind. My entire career has been like that. - Author: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
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#61. I'm saying that in four years, I'm going to be free, and I've never been free in my entire life." Her smile grew. "And I want to know what that feels like. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#62. Now take all the delights of the earth, melt them into one single delight, and cast it entire into a single man - all this will be as nothing to the delight of which I speak. - Author: Roland Barthes
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#63. A great safeguard is the entire faith, the true faith, in which neither anything whatever can be added by anyone nor anything taken away; for, unless faith be one, it is not the faith. - Author: Pope Leo I
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#64. How a man who holds the entire population of a country as his prisoners, and punishes the families of those who escape, can be admired by people who call themselves liberals is one of the many wonders of the human mind's ability to rationalize. Yet such is the case with Fidel Castro. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#65. His entire presence was like gravity, impossible to forget, possible to believe in, a theory merged into a law. - Author: Shannon A. Thompson
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#66. Work is a slice of your life. It's not the entire pizza. - Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard
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#67. Sometimes, one gesture comprises an entire drama, the accent of one word ruins an entire existence, and the indifference of one glance kills the happiest passion. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#68. Sustainability at Nike means being laser-focused on evolving our business model to deliver profitable growth while leveraging the efficiencies of lean manufacturing, minimizing our environmental impact and using the tools available to us to bring about positive change across our entire supply chain. - Author: Mark Parker
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#69. Where were the peacekeepers? Where was the UN? Why was the entire world ignoring Saddam's attack upon his own people? Were we Kurds considered so unworthy, so disposable? I longed to stand at the top of the mountain and shout out, Where are you, world? Where are you ? - Author: Jean Sasson
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#70. I've had asthma my entire life. - Author: Jackie Joyner-Kersee
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#71. Glorious sex that poets write about and that angels blow their trumpets over absolutely requires the participants to be fully engaged and fully witnessing the entire event! - Author: Roberto Hogue
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#72. In the Book of Benamii, we have all read that it's better for one person in power to die, if their rule is unjust, than an entire nation to forget the God who made them. - Author: Michelle Erickson
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#73. I've wanted to perform my entire life. I found a paper I wrote in kindergarten class about what I wanted to be when I grew up - and I wrote 'a famous singer!' - Author: Heather Morris
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#74. Oh definitely. It'll be in a hot tub, with my entire head squeezed into a jet. The photos are going to be hilarious. Man, I really hope the internet sticks around so people can reference this article in my obituaries and see that what sounds like a joke was actually amazingly prescient. - Author: Jason Sudeikis
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#75. Unsettling because it reveals some possible branch of evolution in which sex organs will no longer exist. The bots won't need them, and perhaps without them, the entire concept of gender will disappear. - Author: Judd Trichter
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#76. In the American League, there seems to have been an entire lack of any concerted campaign to build up a club in New York which should rival the Giants on an even basis. - Author: Jacob Ruppert
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#77. My father believes with his entire soul that the meek shall inherit the earth. My children will inherit the earth but they will not be meek. - Author: Allan Dare Pearce
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#78. If on the one side we do not harbor the illusion that the entire proletariat must be enlightened before it can be called into battle, so on the other we do not doubt that as much enlightenment as possible must be produced with oral and printed agitation. - Author: Johann Most
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#79. It would change everything, gentlemen. It would shift the entire balance of power in Europe-maybe the world. Alexander conquered half of it. Think what he would have done with arrows dipped in monster snot! - Author: Rick Yancey
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#80. Why ruin my sister's birthday simply because the entire planet was going to hell in a hand basket? - Author: T.C. Boyle
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#81. The purpose of subduing is a function of taking responsibility for the entire earth - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#82. In my entire career? I am so sick of being asked, What's it like to kiss Mel Gibson? - Author: Catherine McCormack
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#83. Sometimes I still don't know if I'm prepared to go through the entire season, dealing with the different personalities, the crowds, the politics. - Author: Lamar Odom
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#84. Stammering is different than stuttering. Stutterers have trouble with the letters, while stammerers trip over entire parts of a sentence. We stammerers generally think of ourselves as very bright. - Author: Bob Newhart
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#85. The entire morality of the world could be summarized in the words, do as others do. - Author: Multatuli
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#86. 'Jersey Boys' has been the most amazing experience ever and has exposed an entire new audience to the music. It's great to see people of all ages coming to the show. - Author: Frankie Valli
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#87. Someone might have a germ of talent, but 90 percent of it is discipline and how you practice it, what you do with it ... Instinct won't carry you through the entire journey. It's what you do in the moments between inspiration. - Author: Cate Blanchett
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#88. you're entire life is going to change. you should try to accept that, because there's no possible way to avoid it. like it or not, fight it or don't, your old life is over. it was over long before you woke up here."
~caleb - Author: C.J. Roberts
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#89. Radical self-care is what we've been longing for, desperate for, our entire lives-friendship with our own hearts. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#90. Simply by eliminating description, the screenwriter can work his way through the entire plot in a single morning, leaving the afternoon free for screenwriter leisure activities such as drugs. - Author: Dave Barry
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#91. It's [Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You"] been one of my favorite songs for my entire life. - Author: Jane Monheit
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#92. Yes. They spread out to cover the entire solar system. We're trapped - Author: Liu Cixin
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#93. What hope is there for medical scienceto ever become a true sciencewhen the entire structure of medical knowledgeis built around the idea that there is an entity called diseasewhich can be expelled when the right drug is found? - Author: John Henry Tilden
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#94. The Church was spread throughout the entire Roman Empire before a single book of the New Testament was written. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
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#95. The character's flaw will shape every other aspect of your book. The flaw is the engine that drives your entire book, from hooking your reader's interest to propelling the plot to its climax - so choose your flaw with care, and make it count. - Author: Libbie Hawker
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#96. It always amazed Vimes how Nobby got along with practically everyone. It must, he'd decided, have something to do with the common denominator. In the entire world of mathematics there could be no denominator as common as Nobby. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#97. I've endured my entire life struggling from a split personality. The problem is that the other guy, a wise guy named (Jack) ... has always been in charge. - Author: Timothy Pina
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#98. As a professional athlete and someone who has spent almost his entire life in boxing, not a day goes by when I don't think about coming back, but I am retired, and after speaking to my family and following a great deal of introspection, I have decided to stay retired. - Author: Oscar De La Hoya
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#99. The offering up or cleaning up ego stuff is called purification. Purification is the act of letting go. This is done out of discriminative awareness. That is, you understand that you are an entity passing through a life in which the entire drama is an offering for your awakening. - Author: Ram Dass
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#100. In truth we are not separate from each other or from the world, from the whole earth, the sun or moon or billions of stars, not separate from the entire universe. Listening silently in quiet wonderment, without knowing anything, there is just one mysteriously palpitating aliveness. - Author: Toni Packer
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