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#1. I'm always active in trying to educate people when it comes to eating animal products, testing on animals, and the health benefits of being vegan, although I'm probably not the best person to be talking about the latter at the moment. - Author: Daniel Johns
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#2. She was not a vegetarian and knew firsthand animals had to die for her delectation, but she never liked to think about it. - Author: Thomm Quackenbush
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#3. Now that I know how supermarket meat is made, I regard eating it as a somewhat risky proposition. I know how those animals live and what's on their hides when they go to slaughter, so I don't buy industrial meat. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#4. One of the rudest things you can do, food-wise, is to stare at someone in the act of eating. It draws attention to the unseemly fact that eating is a bodily function - like animals, we are trapped by our hungers, but we do our best to disguise them with such civilized props as menus and forks. - Author: Bee Wilson
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#5. In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and even clothes, the discussion of fur is childish. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#6. We need a better way to talk about eating animals, a way that doesn't ignore or even just shruggingly accept things like habits, cravings, family and history but rather incorporates them into the conversation. The more they are allowed in, the more able we will be to follow our best instincts. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#7. Honestly, I would eat cardboard rather than go back to eating animals. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#8. Our children think our world will end. It's a tragic thing. Adults don't think that. They don't see that we are eating the planet. But we are. If you take all the biomass of vertebrates on the planet, 98% are men and their domestic animals. All the wild animals in the world make up only 2%. - Author: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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#9. One of the things that I always think about is the emotional sophistication of animals and how much we're learning about the emotional sophistication of animals. If you're eating a pig, you're essentially eating the equivalent of a four-year-old human being. - Author: Bryan Fuller
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#10. I also became a vegetarian when I was 14 because I realized eating animals was cruel. - Author: Julia Hill
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#11. My view is that we stand up for treating the animals in a considerate way, for completely renouncing the eating of meat and also for speaking out against it. This is what I do myself. And in this way many a one becomes aware of a problem that was put forward so late. - Author: Albert Schweitzer
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#12. And the violence of the coupling itself, primitive and elemental, reminding us that we're all just dumb animals clinging to our spot on the food chain, eating, sleeping, and fucking as much as possible before something bigger comes along and devours us. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
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#13. What is with these guys?
Where's the thrill in watching snakes eat?
I certainly didn't thrill in watching humans eat. - Author: Patrick Jennings
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#14. What if I'm so broken I can never do something as basic as feed myself? Do you realize how twisted that is? It amazes me sometimes that humans still exist. We're just animals, after all. And how can an animal get so removed from nature that it loses the instinct to keep itself alive? - Author: Amy Reed
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#15. If price spikes don't change eating habits, perhaps the combination of deforestation, pollution, climate change, starvation, heart disease and animal cruelty will gradually encourage the simple daily act of eating more plants and fewer animals. - Author: Mark Bittman
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#16. If you eat animals, you don't love animals; you love to eat them." - Andrew Kirschner, Ed.D. - Author: Andrew Kirschner
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#17. She's one of those who goes all gooey over small furry animals. Not that it stops her eating them - Author: Simon Bestwick
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#18. My respect and empathy towards animals includes sea dwellers too
from dolphins to fish to lobsters. So, of course, I wouldn't dream of eating them. - Author: Alexandra Paul
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#19. Ninety-nine percent of all land animals eaten or used to produce milk and eggs in the United States are factory farmed. So although there are important exceptions, to speak about eating animals today is to speak about factory farming. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#20. I'll never stop eating animals, I'm sure, but I do think that for the benefit of everyone, the time has come to stop raising them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly. - Author: Mark Bittman
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#21. July 4th, (ie, time to celebrate our freedoms as Americans by eating hormone-laden farm animals and blowing shit up)
-Geena (Triple Shot Betty) - Author: Jody Gehrman
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#22. Animals are here to live their lives. We are here to live ours. We can live well without eating them. How pathetic it is that we have to eat a life just to live our lives! - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#23. Plants, animals, and stars are all kept in place, bridled along appointed ways, with one another, and through the midst of one another
killing and being killed, eating and being eaten, in harmonious proportions and quantities. - Author: John Muir
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#24. If we are not given the option to live without violence, we are given the choice to center our meals around harvest or slaughter, husbandry or war. We have chosen slaughter. We have chosen war. That's the truest version of our story of eating animals.
Can we tell a new story? - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#25. isn't there some philosophy about how it's the arts that separate humans from animals?
Really? I thought it was not eating our young. - Author: Claire Zorn
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#26. Animals were my pets, and the thought of eating my pets freaked me out. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#27. The raising of animals for food and all that it entails is the single most destructive force impacting our planet's fragile ecosystems. Our planet simply cannot sustain the greed of billions of human beings who are eating other animals. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#28. It's very interesting to blur the line between eating human beings and eating animals, because I do think people should think more about what they put in their bodies, whether it is nutritionally or philosophically. - Author: Bryan Fuller
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#29. Half the world starves. What a planet. And the eating, if you're lucky enough to do any. Stuffing pieces of dead animals into a hole in your face. Then munch, munch, munch. If there's anybody watching, they must be dying of laughter. - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#30. The meat industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars lying to the public about their product. But no amount of false propaganda can sanitize meat. The facts are absolutely clear: Eating meat is bad for human health, catastrophic for the environment, and a living nightmare for animals - Author: Chrissie Hynde
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#31. But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy. - Author: Plutarch
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#32. There's so many issues tied to the meat industry. I mean, social, environmental, humanitarian - all of them. I know that when I'm eating that I'm not hurting the planet, I'm not hurting other people on this planet, I'm not hurting animals ... and I'm not hurting nature. - Author: Maggie Q
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#33. Oh, come! That boot is on the other leg. Why should you call me to account for eating decently? If I battened on the scorched corpses of animals, you might well ask me why I did that - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#34. It is true that every being is enjoying life or suffering as a direct result of his or her own past actions. The animals in the factory farms may have been meat-eating human beings in a previous birth; we don't know, and it is not our place to judge. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#35. I think, if you were being cruel to animals, then the thought of eating them would be horrific. - Author: Elizabeth Hurley
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#36. The fact is that eating meat and dairy is bad for your health, the health of the animals eaten, as well as the health of the planet. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#37. The logical conclusion to a compassionate and respectful relationship to sentient animals is that we stop eating them. - Author: Jonathan Balcombe
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#38. Vegetarians have been around for a very long time - Pythagoreans forbade eating animals more than 2,500 years ago - but even as the environmental evidence mounted, they didn't appear to be winning the argument. - Author: Tristram Stuart
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#39. Anyone who cares about the Earth - really cares - must stop eating animals. - Author: Linda McCartney
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#40. Eating animals is not our God-given right, but being kind to them is. - Author: Tsem Tulku
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#41. My grandmother lives on a farm. And growing up, I assumed that the animals that I was eating and the animals that I was wearing all came from farms like my grandmother's. They all had names, they were all smothered with love, and they all lived to be very old. - Author: Ginnifer Goodwin
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#42. What people need to understand is, that if they are eating animals, they are promoting cruelty to animals. - Author: Pamela Anderson
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#43. Animals feed themselves; men eat; but only wise men know the art of eating - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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#44. The dangers of eating animal products occur after the age of reproduction. If people developed cardiovascular disease that was fatal by the age of twelve or thirteen, eating animals would have died out long ago. You get it after you've already reproduced. - Author: Neal Barnard
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#45. None of that is necessary. It's not as if we're in a situation where it is us or them.There's something peculiar about talking about the moral status of animals, when we are killing and eating them for no reason whatsoever. - Author: Gary L. Francione
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#46. I think if you're against cruelty and you look at what happens to animals in slaughterhouses and on factory farms, you have to be completely against eating meat. - Author: Ingrid Newkirk
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#47. I waited for him to come out. He didn't. I considered going in after him, but knew the fact that I had readied myself to kill him did not mean that he had readied himself to die. - Author: Derrick Jensen
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#48. My own relationships with the animals in my life are absurdly complex: Some I love, some I eat, and the scraps left over from the ones I eat, I feed to the ones I love. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#49. When she passed on the ham the explanation was she was a vegetarian. Kat had asked why she was eating eggs, then, if she didn't eat meat. Smiling, she replied, I don't kill animals for food, but I am pro-choice. - Author: James R Tuck
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#50. The justifications for eating animals and for not eating them are often identical: we are not them. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#51. Eating animals involves an intentional decision to participate in the suffering and death of nonhumans where there is no plausible moral justification. - Author: Gary L. Francione
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#52. I view cats as more like wild animals. We feed it, but a lot of times it's not eating the food because it's murdering other animals outside and eating their meat. - Author: Jake M. Johnson
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#53. Nobody can possibly be so hungry that they need to take a life in order to feel satisfied - they don't after all, take a human life, so why take the life of an animal? Both are conscious beings with the same determination to survive. It is habit, and laziness and nothing else. - Author: Morrissey
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#54. Carnism is the belief system in which eating certain animals is considered ethical and appropriate. - Author: Melanie Joy
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#55. If you are interested in preventing animal suffering, the first thing you should give up is eggs and milk because the animals who produce those foods lead the most unhappy lives. You would do better to eat meat and stop eating eggs and dairy products. - Author: Cesar Chavez
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#56. Consider the biggest animals on the planet: elephants, and buffaloes, and giraffes. These are vegetarian animals. They grow to thousands of pounds of muscle and bone without ever eating cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizzas. - Author: Michael Klaper
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#57. Ultimately, the controversy around PETA may have less to do with the organization than with those of us who stand in judgment of it - that is, with the unpleasant realization that "those PETA people" have stood up for the values we have been too cowardly or forgetful to defend ourselves. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#58. My favorite animal is steak. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#59. Before it began to open new wounds, the war healed quite a few old ones: it shook us out of our lethargy, our life took on new meaning, we no longer lived without a purpose, eating and sleeping and excreting like animals. - Author: Costas Taktsis
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#60. Well it's true, ever since I stopped eating meat I feel a lot better among animals, I feel I can be much more honest when I pat a dog. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#61. To me nature is ... spiders and bugs, and big fish eating little fish, and plants eating plans, and animals eating ... It's like an enormous restaurant, that's the way I see it. - Author: Woody Allen
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#62. I believe that the only thing that will dispel the darkness is for the light to come on. And the lights are coming on. Here, there. People are eating more vegetables, living green, taking in and saving animals. All of that is the light coming on. - Author: Iyanla Vanzant
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#63. We spoke of religion, and how much of it is just a custom preserving practical codes of health, morality and justice that are no longer necessary for group survival (like not eating animals with cloven hooves). - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#64. Part of the appeal of hamburgers and nuggets is that their boneless abstractions allow us to forget we're eating animals. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#65. I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came in contact with the more civilized. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#66. When I was 8 years old, my brother was making the noises of the animals I was eating, so I decided to go vegetarian. Then I would give up because I was 8. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
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#67. When they were naming the animals, somebody got lazy: anteater? What's it doing? It's eating ants. DONE! - Author: Demetri Martin
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#68. But it's compounded by the fact that I love animals and feel better not eating them. - Author: Kristen Bell
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#69. Most people are sensitized to animals through their cats and dogs, but for me it was a flounder. I used to go fishing with my dad as a kid and always felt bad about yanking these panic-stricken creatures from the water. I stopped eating fish as an adolescent and went vegan at twenty. - Author: Dan Mathews
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#70. Because I have this theory that when we die, every animal that we've eaten has a chance at eating us back. So if you're a carnivore and you add up all the animals you've eaten - well, that's a long time in purgatory, being chewed - Author: David Levithan
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#71. I've always found wildlife very calming
except when animals are eating each other, of course. - Author: Tom Upton
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#72. I stopped eating beef in high school, and in college I stopped eating poultry. I am not a huge fan of factory farming and what we're doing to animals. I try to eat as clean as possible because I want to know what I'm putting into my body. - Author: Susanna Thompson
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#73. Aspects that we consider normal today could very well be repugnant in the future - eating animals, for one thing, or abundant choice, or invasive surgery. I was simply trying to demonstrate that what is acceptable today may not be acceptable forever, and vice-versa. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#74. Even as a child, I felt very guilty about eating animals and never knew that there was something to do about it. And as I got older, it became clearer that there are things that I can do and choices I can make. - Author: Mayim Bialik
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#75. Given that eating animals is in absolutely no way necessary for my family - unlike some in the world, we have easy access to a wide variety of other foods - should we ear animals? - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#76. I have no doubt that it is part of the destiny of the human race in it's gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#77. You take this meat eating. Many people have to kill the animals because of your non-vegetarianism. You are responsible for the death of those animals. They are killed because you eat them. This is a sin. What a sin to kill innocent animals and eat them. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
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#78. The vegan lifestyle is a compassionate way to live that supports life, supports fairness and equality, and promotes freedom. - Author: Robert Cheeke
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#79. The beginning of mindful eating is the realization that eating meat is not about the meat-eater; it is about the animals who are tormented and killed. - Author: Norm Phelps
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#80. Pleasure is never as pleasant as we expected it to be and pain is always more painful. The pain in the world always outweighs the pleasure. If you don't believe it, compare the respective feelings of two animals, one of which is eating the other. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#81. Feeding plants to animals then eating the animals is like filtering water through a sewer then drinking it. - Author: Bruce Friedrich
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#82. If we pursue our habit of eating animals, and if our neighbour follows a similar path, will we need to go to war against our neighbour to secure greater pasturage, because ours will not be enough to sustain us, and our neighbour will have a similar need to wage war on us for the same reason. - Author: Socrates
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#83. Just for a few tiny buds on your tongue you are killing live animals, with no sensitivity, with no awareness, with no love. It seems impossible; how can a man who has known love be capable of doing such things? A man who loves his wife, who loves his children goes on eating meat? Impossible. - Author: Rajneesh
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#84. The consumption of animals - whether you're wearing them or eating them - is extraordinarily damaging to the planet. There are over a billion animals killed a year for food, half of which don't even get eaten. And there's over 50 million animals killed just for fashion. - Author: Stella McCartney
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#85. If we want to consider the sanctity of life in deciding what to eat, the choice is clear. Eating a plant based diet causes less harm, to ourselves, to the other animals, to the planet. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#86. We are already eating less animal foods since a few years ago, but we are still eating 8-9 billion animals per year. - Author: Mark Bittman
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#87. There is something about eating animals that tends to polarize: never eat them or never sincerely question eating them; become an activist or disdain activists. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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