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#1. He was beyond gorgeous. But Eastlake High was full of pretty people who acted like total freaks. I blame the local water supply. Which was why I drank bottled water.

Rachel Vincent

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#2. If Eastlake High School were the universe, I would be one of the moons circling Planet Emma, constantly hidden by her shadow, and glad to be there. Nash Hudson would be one of the stars: too bright to look at, too hot to touch and at the center of his own solar system.

Rachel Vincent

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#3. Eastlake High makes Buffy's hellmouth look like a crack in the sidewalk.

Rachel Vincent

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#4. Future generations are not going to ask us what political party were you in. They are going to ask what did you do about it, when you knew the glaciers were melting.

Martin Sheen

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#5. Fools drive, lovers enjoy the ride.

Richard Castle

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#6. When I first set out to ruin SNL, I didn't think anyone would notice, but i persevered because like you trying to a do a nine- piece jigsaw puzzle, it was a labor of love.

Tina Fey

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#7. [W]e're taught that if one person kills another person, that is murder; but if a government kills a hundred thousand persons, that is patriotism.

Howard Zinn

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#8. He said, "How can the inconsequence of your life not shame you?"
He said, "How do you not feel empty?"
I do, she thought as she pushed through the library doors and let them thud behind her. I do.

Marie Rutkoski

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#9. When you have a dream that you can't let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work, They take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you're willing to do that.

Harvey MacKay

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#10. I'm always moving forward.

Debbie Allen

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#11. Young film makers should learn how to deal with the money and learn how to deal with the power structure. Because it is like a battle.

Martin Scorsese

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#12. Sometimes when we are afraid to confess an area of brokenness or sin in our lives, we know the changes we need to make.

Anne Jackson

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#13. Conservatives have always wanted border security before we had immigration reform.

Rand Paul

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#14. Truth is not only a matter of offense, in that it makes certain assertions. It is also a matter of defense in that it must be able to make a cogent and sensible response to the counterpoints that are raised.

Ravi Zacharias

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#15. You think you know how a story begins, or how it's going to turn out, especially when it's your own. You don't.

Edan Lepucki

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#16. You have a choice: pursue your dreams, or be hired by someone else to help them fulfill their dreams.

Jay Samit

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#17. Get up," James finally said, his tone indecipherable. "I don't need a patient dying from pneumonia on me tonight.

L. Jayne

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