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#1. Tagged by a whiny little vamp. Rache, take this sword and stick it in me. Just go and stick it in me. I'm a back-drafted, crumpled-winged, dust-caked, dew-assed excuse of a backup. Worthless as a pixy condom. Taken down by my own partner. Just tape my ass shut and let me fart out my mouth. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#2. Thus the Convention is unequivocal in its call for children to be consulted, to have their opinions heard and to have their best interests considered when law and policies are being drafted. - Author: Carol Bellamy
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#3. I was kind of confused. I thought, Well, if I get drafted, I'll go. Everybody was very concerned with it. I had friends who went. Some that came back and some that didn't. - Author: Tom Berenger
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#4. I was a quarterback in college. I hoped to go to the NFL, and I didn't get drafted. I then became a free agent. I could sign with whoever I wanted to, and I ended up going to Pittsburgh. - Author: Tony Dungy
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#5. The government that came into power after the April 1994 elections was going to need a budget. It was drafted by our finance minister, Derek Keys, and he convinced them of the necessity to stay within the free-market principles that had been in force in South Africa for decades. - Author: F. W. De Klerk
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#6. If the Aborigine drafted an I.Q. test, all of Western civilization would presumably flunk it. - Author: Stanley Marion Garn
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#7. Old enough to be drafted but not old enough to vote. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#8. When Boston and Orlando told me they were going to pick me at 21 and 22, I figured I don't need to do a workout for a second -round team. Boston and Orlando never drafted me because they said I was too skinny and no European point guard will make it in the League. - Author: Tony Parker
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#9. During my senior year, there were NBA scouts at my games. At some point, I guess, I started hoping I'd get drafted by a team where there would be a great situation for me. As it turned out, Portland was the best situation for me. - Author: Terry Porter
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#10. I ended up getting drafted by the Colorado Rockies on June 8, 2010 and the next day, my dad passed away, in June 9, 2010. So I'm at the biggest high of my life on June 8th. And the next day, June 9th, he's gone. - Author: Russell Wilson
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#11. I was a professional baseball player from the time I was drafted out of high school in 1981 until the time I retired in 2003. - Author: David Cone
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#12. law says a child's IEP must be drafted without any influence of financial limitations. - Author: Penny Williams
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#13. Whenever I got a shot, the team that selected me, I just promised myself that I would give them something that they wouldn't regret ... The Chicago Bears drafted me, and I'm going to make sure they're not second-guessing themselves about that. - Author: Devin Hester
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#14. I was drafted during the Korean War. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#15. Almost any word can be drafted to serve as a verb, even words we think of as eternal and unchanging, stuck in their more traditional roles. - Author: Erin McKean
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#16. After all, our Constitution was intended as a popular document. It was drafted and ratified by the people. It established democratic institutions. It entrusts the people with the power to make the tough decisions. And, in most cases, it prefers the will of the people to the unchecked rule of judges. - Author: Mike DeWine
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#17. I hated giving out free legal advice at parties, but at that moment, I would have drafted her will in crayon on a cocktail napkin ... - Author: N.M. Silber
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#18. I remember watching Barry Sanders highlights as a kid, and the Lions always being a fun team. I, personally, really never had a real negative connotation with the team. And I didn't really listen to those who did after I was drafted. - Author: Ndamukong Suh
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#19. That's part of the reason Rex drafted me, because I value this job. It's my life. If somebody wanted to take that away from me, it's personal. - Author: Mark Sanchez
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#20. How bad is it?" "They drafted me," I said. "That's bad, all right," Bob said cheerfully. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#21. I figured that pitchers had a better chance of getting drafted than fielders, so I decided I should be a pitcher. But I never expected to be picked in the first round. I wasn't even sure I'd get picked at all. - Author: Dwight Gooden
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#22. I was drafted into the Army when I was 19 and came out at age 22. Most people that I knew didn't think they'd come home alive. I didn't think I would either, so I was happy when I did. - Author: Ed Koch
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#23. An agent won't help you get drafted higher, won't make you win more games, and won't make you faster or stronger. - Author: Lou Holtz
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#24. A first edition of Peter Pan appeared gift-wrapped on my bed - Lucy admitted that Asher had drafted her to help deliver that present. - Author: Corrine Jackson
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#25. I wrote the novel [Room], and then I thought, "This could work on film, and I want to be the one to do it." So I went ahead and drafted it. - Author: Emma Donoghue
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#26. I think I was chosen by basketball, although I never really physically got drafted to any team that I played for. - Author: Julius Erving
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#27. To put it better, we believe the radar gun will get you drafted, but you have to pitch to get to the big leagues. Tools will get you drafted, but you have to be able to play to get to the big leagues. - Author: Roy Clark
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#28. I'm still suffering from shock from the last war. I was almost drafted! Luckily I was wounded while taking the physical. When I reached the psychiatrist, I said, Give me a gun, I'll wipe out the whole German Army in five minutes. He said, You're crazy! I said, Write it down! - Author: Jackie Mason
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#29. Reality becomes illusory and observer-oriented when you study general relativity. Or Buddhism. Or get drafted. - Author: Joe Haldeman
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#30. I think it was so splendid in Father to go as a chaplain when he was too old to be drafted, and not strong enough for a soldier, said Meg warmly. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#31. I was 19 years old, pumping gas and going nowhere. I was kind of a high school dropout at that point because I had left school to play hockey, but no one drafted me. - Author: Adam Oates
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#32. I do not care whether you're a Democrat or you're a Republican or an independent. We must pull for the people who are wearing the uniform of the armed forces. These people weren't drafted. They enlisted, because they believe. - Author: Tommy Lasorda
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#33. Columbia Law School men were being drafted, and suddenly women who had done well in college were considered acceptable candidates for the vacant seats. - Author: Constance Baker Motley
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#34. Reluctant hero, drafted again each Fourth
of July, I'll bow and remember you. Who
shall we follow next? Who shall we kill
next time? - Author: William Stafford
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#35. My biggest achievement - besides being drafted into the NBA - was becoming a father. Being a father has made me experience things that have contributed to my maturity and personal growth. - Author: Dwyane Wade
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#36. The construct of a dashboard, first of all should be drafted by the founder. - Author: Keith Rabois
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#37. It's cool that I'm 20 and am on the cover of the video game. A lot of kids play hockey, and a few get drafted, and only a few get to be on the cover. It's a great feeling. - Author: Patrick Kane
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#38. During my draft process, I had Seattle come and work me out. This is one of the places where I thought I might be drafted. I'm glad it worked out I'm here. - Author: B. J. Daniels
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#39. He'd drafted a law requiring that all people of less than average intellect be required to commit suicide for the good of the city. It had seemed reasonable. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#40. Coach Morris wasn't too hard on me, not at all. Being drafted where I was at, there were high expectations for me. I still have high expectations for myself. - Author: Gaines Adams
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#41. When you look at the last 20 years in the NBA, there have been seven teams that have won the NBA championship. Six of those seven teams drafted the number one or number two pick; their foundational people, - Author: Ted Leonsis
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#42. But although Australia was also involved in the Vietnam conflict, I can remember my dad telling us that if we were in Australia, we wouldn't be drafted until we were 20. - Author: Mel Gibson
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#43. The average bright young man who is drafted hates the whole business because an army always tries to eliminate the individual differences in men. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#44. The only reason you get drafted or even looked at by the NFL is because they believe you can play at the next level ... if they believe I can do that, you know I believe I can do it. - Author: Robert Griffin III
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#45. For me to be here tonight, everything had to be perfect. I had to get drafted by Utah, had to play with a point guard like John Stockton, and had to be coached by Jerry Sloan and Frank Layden. - Author: Karl Malone
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#46. I was keenly aware when I was drafted, when I signed my first contract; immediately, I was thinking about the end. - Author: Grant Hill
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#47. In 1916, President Wilson drafted the speech in which he declared, "It shall not lie with the American people to dictate to another what their government shall be." His Secretary of State Robert Lansing wrote in the margin: "Haiti, S Domingo, Nicaragua, Panama."6 That - Author: Os Guinness
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#48. The rich are staying in school, and the poor are being drafted. I can't live with that. - Author: Donald E. Graham
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#49. I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player's pads. - Author: Dez Bryant
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#50. Listen to me, you broken-fanged, moss-wiped excuse for a back-drafted blood bag! Jenks said, a silver-edged red dust slipping from him. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#51. I was invited to play with the New York Knicks. I was never drafted, but I was invited to the rookie camp. - Author: Louis Gossett Jr.
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#52. Our Founding Fathers, faced with perils we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man, a charter expanded by the blood of generations. Those ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expedience's sake. - Author: Barack Obama
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#53. When I got drafted by Minnesota, and I think I said this a couple weeks ago, I think I felt obligated to bring a Super Bowl to Minnesota. - Author: Randy Moss
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#54. I was eighteen when I first read Joseph Heller's stunning work 'Catch-22,' and was at that time close to being drafted for the fruitless and unenlightened war in Viet Nam. - Author: Thomas Steinbeck
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#55. I fell in love with acting at around the age of 11, when I was drafted in to play a fairy at an amateur production of 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' - Author: Zoe Tapper
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#56. Our Founding Fathers drafted the Bill of Rights to ensure that We the People could determine how best to protect our communities. - Author: Mike Quigley
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#57. The poor have been sent to the front lines of a federal budget deficit reduction war that few other groups were drafted to fight ... - Author: Marian Wright Edelman
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#58. A document was drafted in the State Department in July 1946 by an official named Samuel Klaus. This indicated that there were then 20 alleged Soviet agents, 13 alleged Communists, about a dozen sympathizers, and about 75 suspects in the department, according to the FBI. - Author: M. Stanton Evans
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#59. I bear solemn witness to the fact that NATO heads of state and of government meet only to go through the tedious motions of reading speeches, drafted by others, with the principal objective of not rocking the boat. - Author: Pierre Trudeau
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#60. While in medical school, I was drafted into the U.S. Army with the other medical students as part of the wartime training program, and naturalized American citizen in 1943. I greatly enjoyed my medical studies, which at the Medical College of Virginia were very clinically oriented. - Author: Baruj Benacerraf
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#61. Lyndon Johnson may have escalated the war, but when I was drafted and shipped off to Vietnam, the signature on my orders was Nixon's. - Author: Bob Gunton
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#62. H.P. Lovecraft is for the summer between junior and senior years in high school. Cosmic fear hits you about then anyway
you realize you'll soon have to Get a Real Job or Go To College or Both and in those days, Be Drafted. A dose of Cthulhu helps put these feelings in perspective. - Author: Howard Waldrop
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#63. By the time I left college, I had won every award you could win - I was Mr. Man! Then I got drafted by the Giants, and you step in that locker room, and you feel inferior in every way. You just have to stick around long enough to give yourself the opportunity to build your confidence. - Author: Michael Strahan
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#64. Half the guys drafted in front of me are working at Target right now, - Author: Maurice Jones-Drew
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#65. I Didn't Ask to Be a Senior Citizen (I Was Drafted) - Author: Doug Jensen
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#66. After a sound public education, I attended Penn and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. After being drafted into the military and studying Indonesian, I emerged as a writer, not a painter. - Author: Allan Gurganus
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#67. I never had the chance to decide; I was drafted to serve my nation. While I received a deferment to attend school, I ultimately served in the United States Army in the years following the Korean conflict. - Author: Don Young
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#68. Since I was drafted by the Blackhawks, the people of Chicago have really embraced me and treated me with nothing but respect. - Author: Patrick Kane
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#69. If we are to celebrate the giants in Australian public life, then Robert Garran must be among them. A lawyer and passionate advocate of Federation, Garran was one of several hands that drafted our constitution. - Author: Anthony Albanese
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#70. I was so happy when I found out I had been drafted by the Yankees. Growing up in Taiwan, I had heard so much about the Yankees but had never even seen them on TV. - Author: Chien-Ming Wang
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#71. Being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens, that was the greatest moment in my career. And stealing the Stanley Cup in 1978 and bringing it back to my hometown of Thurso. - Author: Guy Lafleur
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#72. Happiness is seeing your son drafted the same day he's been accepted to an expensive college. - Author: Johnny Carson
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#73. I've said for years I could never figure out why Calgary ever drafted me. When I got there, I think they had eight or nine right wingers already. These guys were premiere players. It's not like they were extremely late in their careers, either. - Author: Brett Hull
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#74. When I was first drafted, I was just happy that any team wanted to take me, but it was the Red Wings, and that made it better. - Author: Henrik Zetterberg
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#75. Back in 1987 when they drafted me. The Indians were the only team interested in taking a chance on Albert Belle, and I made the most of it. Hopefully, they got as much from me as I got from them. - Author: Albert Belle
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#76. I expected to get drafted. I knew that I wouldn't get drafted on that first day due to the fact that not a lot of people had the opportunity to see me play much. - Author: Nick Ferguson
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#77. Way back in 2000, the EPA was poised, and, in fact, had drafted a rule, to specially regulate pollution - water pollution and other types of pollution - from power plants, but the energy industry pushed back pretty significantly. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#78. At sixteen I get drafted. When I read the draft notice, I cry. Not because I'm a coward - I'm not afraid of anyone. But I don't want to kill or be killed. - Author: Klaus Kinski
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#79. All the players looked absurdly inept, as though they were expressly drafted to be humiliated, entrepreneurs in the industry of losing. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#80. But I got drafted out of high school, and my mother wasn't having it. She was like, you're not about to think that you can just play ball, because if you get hurt, you're going to be out of luck. - Author: Shemar Moore
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#81. Rental formal wear of the sky-blue, brocade and shiny varieties is favored by upwardly mobile young gangsters drafted as groomsmen for weddings. - Author: George V. Higgins
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#82. The Vietnam War was causing people to get drafted; I had received a deferment to finish my undergraduate education, and in order to continue to get a deferment, you had to go to graduate school. - Author: Robert Shapiro
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#83. To mitigate complications and aid in the procedure of devolution of assets after death, a 'will' has to be well planned and drafted. - Author: Henrietta Newton Martin
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#84. I was drafted during the Korean War. None of us wanted to go ... It was only a couple of years after World War II had ended. We said, 'Wait a second? Didn't we just get through with that?' - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#85. To all the fantasy owners who drafted me: You're welcome. - Author: Peyton Manning
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#86. It was a dream come true to be drafted by a pro team and have the opportunity to play. - Author: Jamie Moyer
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#87. Boy, I'll tell you, when the Rams drafted me No. 1, it surprised me. I was walking on air for days. - Author: Jack Youngblood
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#88. When I came into the league, once a team drafted you, they owned you forever. If they didn't like the clothes you wore, or the car you drove, they could blackball you. - Author: Oscar Robertson
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#89. I was going to get drafted, but I didn't really want to go into the Army. - Author: Rick James
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#90. When I went to lobby Nelson Mandela while the post-apartheid constitution was being drafted, I asked him to endorse making it illegal to discriminate on grounds of sexuality. I'd been warned that he might giggle if I mentioned homosexuality. - Author: Ian McKellen
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#91. In a democratic set-up, people who are being governed should also be a part of the governing system. They should be drafted into the governance. - Author: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
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#92. Human rights are inscribed in the hearts of people; they were there long before lawmakers drafted their first proclamation. - Author: Mary Robinson
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#93. What a slacker. Just because daddy paid for his college education, he thinks he can avoid dying for his country."
Willie "Drafted - Author: Rich Allan
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#94. Ms. Ginsberg. I wonder if you can help me. I have a legal question," Felicity Mason said. Great. I hated giving out free legal advice at parties, but at that moment, I would have drafted her will in crayon on a cocktail napkin to get away from Cole. - Author: N.M. Silber
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#95. I grew up in Hollywood during WWII, and my mother was afraid that my father was going to be drafted because she didn't think we were going to be able to live on army pay. She didn't want to have to get a job, so she decided to put me to work, and that's how I got started in the movies. - Author: Karolyn Grimes
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#96. I had already drafted the manuscript that would become my first book by the time I graduated from college, but I had no idea what to do with it. - Author: Eula Biss
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#97. Outlawing religion form the political arena is not what the Founding Fathers intended when they drafted the First Amendment. We do a grave disservice to our country by removing the influence of religion. If you separate God from the public arena, inevitably you separate good from our government. - Author: Bill Bright
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#98. I still say one of the greatest moments in my whole NBA career was getting drafted. - Author: Kevin Johnson
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#99. The Steelers drafted guys who were bigger, stronger and faster than me, but they never found one who could take my job away from me. - Author: Jack Lambert
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#100. I do believe that it was through divine providence that the Founding Fathers drafted a document that created a government that didn't trust each other - hence the separation of powers. And then, to close the deal, the Bill of Rights was added to continue to protect individual rights and freedoms. - Author: John Shimkus
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