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Top 16 Dimitar Berbatov Quotes

#1. the nameless maiden in the advertisement was like a thousand other clothing models he had seen in magazines - arched brows, big eyes, angular cheeks, pouting mouth, a fetching figure, and a haughty, revolted look, as though someone had just offered her a jellyfish to hold. - Author: Herman Wouk
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#2. I think poets are much more dramatic, more theatrical than fiction writers. - Author: Francine Prose
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#3. You are not going to see me puffing around the pitch. There is a saying in Bulgaria that great quality doesn't require much effort. - Author: Dimitar Berbatov
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#4. If I can't play for big money, I play for a little money. And if I can't play for a little money, I stay in bed that day. - Author: Bobby Riggs
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#5. It's the little questions from women about tappets that finally push men over the edge. - Author: Philip Roth
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#6. Don't ever go to war. Even if you win, the battle is never over inside you. - Author: Jack Gantos
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#7. It was pizza. Someone had stir-fried a pizza. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#8. I always tend to think my goals are beautiful goals. That is what I want to score; beautiful goals, and create beautiful chances. - Author: Dimitar Berbatov
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#9. Art is supposed to spark conversation and make people think - Author: Nick Cannon
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#10. Who wants the humiliation of being father to the human race? - Author: Steve Toltz
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#11. Keep calm and pass me the ball. - Author: Dimitar Berbatov
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#12. You are a stolen painting, Kuwei. Too recognizable to sell on the open market, too valuable to leave lying around. You are worthless to me. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#13. It is mere human for man to sin. But it is divine to be saved. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#14. Then Laurent turned and saw him, and
the pressure in his chest grew like pain
as Laurent greeted him, half stripped and
bright-eyed. - Author: C.S. Pacat
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#15. I've got some issues that nobody can see and all of these emotions are pouring out of me I bring them to the light for you it's only right - Author: Kid Cudi
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#16. Religious sects, established and marginal, and some newly invented for the purpose, were dissecting the theological implications of the Message. Some thought it was from God, and some from the Devil. Astonishingly, some were even unsure. - Author: Carl Sagan
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