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#1. Not to decide is to decide. Letting something go until it 'decides itself' is Life by Default. You don't want to live that way. So choose. Choose right now. Stop worrying about what you can 'lose' or how you can 'win' and just follow your joy. Where does your joy say you should go? - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#2. Whatever you habitually think yourself to be, that you are. You must form, now, a greater and better habit; you must form a conception of yourself as a being of limitless power, and habitually think that you are that being. It is the habitual, not the periodical thought that decides your destiny. - Author: Wallace D. Wattles
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#3. Socialism is when government's taking care of you, you send all your money to the government, the government decides how to spend it instead of letting the people spend it and make all those decisions. - Author: Bob Latta
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#4. The only way to find out why someone decides to engage in armed combat is to look at their individual personality. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#5. She ran out of her marriage the way a woman can run out of a pair of sandals when she decides to let go and really dash. - Author: Stephen King
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#6. I emcee how I feel for the moment. I'll always be influenced by Tribe, but my EP and LP have a lot of different flavors! I'll keep it vintage Tribe if Tribe decides to do another LP ... which, in my heart, I'd love to do for the fans. - Author: Phife Dawg
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#7. I think anyone who has a job in the entertainment industry that is ongoing and then decides they get bored and doesn't want to do it anymore is foolish! - Author: Melissa Rivers
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#8. I don't care whether I really exist or don't, whether I'm real or fictional. What I want right now is to be the person who decides my own fate. - Author: John Scalzi
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#9. When man decides he can control nature, he's in deep trouble. - Author: Laura Dern
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#10. What makes a man special is the way he decides to live his life". - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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#11. What makes a man a man? A friend of mine once wondered. Is it his origins? The way he comes to life? I don't think so. It's the choices he makes. Not how he starts things, but how he decides to end them. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
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#12. When you have resolved to fight a battle, collect your whole force. Dispense with nothing. A single battalion sometimes decides the day. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#13. Society is what decides who's sane and who isn't, so you got to measure up. - Author: Ken Kesey
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#14. Anger's a requirement for the job. The only reason anybody decides to become and organiser. Well adjusted people find more relaxing work - Author: Barack Obama
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#15. Whatever happens, we've got your back, girlfriend! Unless, of course, the crowd gets mad and decides to tar and feather us. Then, I'll be leaving you in the dust! - Author: Rachel Renee Russell
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#16. The greatest act of faith takes place when a man finally decides that he is not God. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#17. If people think of public art as something the public decides, it's impossible to make anything of substance. - Author: Robert Graham
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#18. Challenges in life can either enrich you or poison you. You are the one who decides. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#19. There's no way to be sure," Irene said. "The biggest threat is giving up hope. If he decides there's no chance to survive, he'll stop trying. - Author: Andy Weir
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#20. I think the good stories are those where the character decides to break away and do something different. - Author: Keri Russell
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#21. A poem is a fictional, verbally inventive moral statement in which it is the author, rather than the printer or word processor, who decides where the lines should end. This dreary-sounding definition, unpoetic to a fault, may well turn out to be the best we can do. - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#22. Others may be able to accept standards from another, but an artist is a person who decides. - Author: William Stafford
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#23. If God exists, not seeking God must be the gravest error imaginable. If one decides to sincerely seek for God and doesn't find God, the lost effort is negligible in comparison to what is at risk in not seeking God in the first place. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#24. I don't know where the sun beams end
and the starlight(start of our lives) begin(s), it's all a mystery
And I don't know how a man decides what's right for his own life, it's all a mystery. - Author: Wayne Coyne
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#25. Isn't it sad that we only get upset about nasty things happening to people and places if television decides we should? - Author: M.C. Beaton
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#26. She recognized that that is how friendships begin: one person reveals a moment of strangeness, and the other person decides just to listen and not exploit it. - Author: Meg Wolitzer
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#27. Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn't make it a rubber duck, does it? And God help the poor bastard who decides they want to take a bath with the duckie. (Jace Wayland) - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#28. One day stores will no longer have gender classifications. Instead the consumer decides how and what they want, rather than the social engineering of corporations. The concept of gender will be extinct. - Author: Lorin Morgan-Richards
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#29. A scientific or technical study always consists of the following three steps:
1. One decides the objective.
2. One considers the method.
3. One evaluates the method in relation to the objective. - Author: Genichi Taguchi
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#30. No matter how lucky a person is, the moment he decides he wants to die, there's nothing that will keep him alive. - Author: Yu Hua
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#31. Sovereign is he who decides on the exception. - Author: Carl Schmitt
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#32. I believe this all has to do with how I decide to perceive the experience. Pain is part of life and makes you who you are meant to be. I just let it flow through me, at whatever rate it decides to do so. Then I go to the hockey rink and hit a few slap shots. - Author: Tohoru Masamune
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#33. When God decides who should live or die, he is immoral. When you decide who should live or die, it's your moral right. There was a pin-drop silence. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#34. Only when it is seen that what decides each individual's destiny is whether or not God decides to save him from his sins, and that this is a decision that God need not make in any individual case, can one begin to grasp the biblical view of grace. - Author: J.I. Packer
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#35. Clothes don't have magic powers, Derek. They don't mystically protect you from three-inch claws, rapists, or murderers. If someone decides to hurt you, they will do so whether or not you have a thin layer of denim over your skin. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#36. Cricket shakes her head. "I'm never getting married." "Jinxed yourself, hug-a-baloo. Everyone knows once you state something as a fact the universe immediately decides you must be proven wrong." Cricket - Author: Bijou Hunter
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#37. Your level of your concentration decides the extent of the realization of your dreams. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#38. When doctors differ who decides amid the milliard-headed throng? - Author: Richard Francis Burton
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#39. Come on," he said.
"Let's get back to Alec before he decides Isabelle and Simon are having sex off in the caves and starts freaking out. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#40. About the only time Congress conforms to the will of the people is when it decides to adjourn. - Author: Evan Esar
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#41. During our meetings in Peshawar, Abdul Haq...asked me why the United States does not pay attention to terrorism. He compared America to a huge elephant: "One hundred people push on it and it doesn't blink, but when it decides to move, it lumbers forward and crushes everything. - Author: Peter Tomsen
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#42. Luck and hope decides life.. - Author: Pavankumar Nagaraj
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#43. In matters of love, one loves and the other decides. - Author: Hanna Abi Akl
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#44. A wise person decides slowly but abides by these decisions. - Author: Arthur Ashe
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#45. Corrupt citizens breed corrupt rulers, and it is the mob who finally decides when virtue shall die. - Author: Taylor Caldwell
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#46. Surely he knows we are all watching. That I am watching. It is always that way when you are in a group and someone decides to go for a swim or walk to the water. The ocean is a giant stage. It is natural that the others watch, if only for a moment. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#47. I cut the wood however I like, but it's the grain that decides the strength and shape of it. You can add and subtract memories from people, but it isn't just your memory that makes you who you are. There's something in the grain of the mind. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#48. If you are going to forgive a person, Liz decides, it is best to do it sooner rather than later. Later, Liz knows from experience, could be sooner than you thought. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
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#49. Because a time comes in every man's life when he decides what sort of man he's going to be: the kind who lets other people walk all over him, or not. Ove - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#50. Who decides which defects are funny and which ones are tragic? Nobody laughs at blind people or makes iron lung jokes. - Author: David Mitchell
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#51. After a few minutes, it was time for me to leave. I don't know who decides these things. It just happens. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#52. Initiative can neither be created nor delegated. It can only spring from the self-determining individual, who decides that the wisdom of others is not always better than his own. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
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#53. It's okay to be a loser, these are people who tried to blend in with the world, still get the disrespect he doesn't deserve. decides to be just themselves. and still there's a girl you dream about, has someone else. - Author: Jericho Pasaoa
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#54. Now let me teach you another thing about my daughter. I love her very much but she has the ability to hide as expertly as a sock in a washing machine. No one knows where it goes, just as no one knows where she goes, but at least when she decides to come back, we're all here, waiting for her. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#55. With love, there are no rules. The heart decides and what it decides is all that really matters. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#56. A day does not define who you are, but rather - it decides who you will become. - Author: Joshua E. Dyer
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#57. It's when my body decides to remind me it can do more than I'll ever want it to, it is so painful. - Author: Courtney Summers
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#58. Anyway, what does "wrong" mean? Who decides what's wrong and what's right? - Author: Hiroshi Ishizaki
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#59. When the world decides to stop being greedy ... there will be a harvest for the world! Amen. - Author: Jess Glynne
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#60. In political matters feeling often decides more correctly than reason. - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#61. The patient decides when it's best to go. - Author: Jack Kevorkian
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#62. How any person decides to emphasize strengths and mitigate weaknesses is something people have to figure out for themselves. I'm wary of the self-help literature that suggests there are certain rules. I'm very happy for people to look at my story and say it's possible to achieve many things. - Author: Daniel Tammet
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#63. I make sure to keep a good distance between us, just in case she decides to get happy with a knife or something. - Author: Marie Lu
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#64. What's funny about that office is it's entirely dependent on how close you are to the president, because the president decides what your role will be. If you get on with the president, that's great; if you fall out with the president, power can go away. - Author: Armando Iannucci
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#65. Do you believe, man of this time, that laughter is lower than worship? Where is your measure, false measurer? The sum of life decides in laughter and in worship, not your judgment. - Author: C. G. Jung
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#66. Pop culture shapes our ideas of what is normal and what our dreams can be and what our roles are. Politics, of course, decides how the power and the money in the country is distributed. Both are equally important, and each affects the other. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#67. It's not wether you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to have - that decides the future. - Author: Hideo Kojima
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#68. What the UN inspectors can do is demonstrate to the world, help the Iraqi government demonstrate to the world that the Iraqis are cooperatively disarming if that is in fact what the Iraqi government decides to do. - Author: Douglas Feith
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#69. It's like once everyone decides who you are, you're locked into their version of you and that's it. - Author: Susane Colasanti
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#70. Paco Montegrifo was the sort of man who decides, as soon as he's old enough to make such decisions, that black socks are strictly for chauffeurs and waiters and opts instead for socks of only the darkest navy blue. - Author: Arturo Perez-Reverte
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#71. The arts world prides itself on its diversity, inclusivity, open-mindedness and constant efforts to reach out to all. Yet at the very moment when Britain decides its future, hardly anyone in the arts seems to understand, let alone agree with, the opinion of at least half the population. - Author: Richard Morrison
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#72. I can't just decide myself what's being built. Someone decides what they want, then I work for them. - Author: Frank Gehry
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#73. It's what we do in our future, that decides how important our past truly was. - Author: Mona Hodgson
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#74. When the president decides that he knows better than you know what's good for you or your family, we've got trouble in this country. - Author: John Barrasso
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#75. It doesn't really matter what a person decides to do, or how radically a person plays with gender. What matters, I think, is how aware a person is of the options. How sad for a person to be missing out on some expression of identity, just for not knowing there are options - Author: Kate Bornstein
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#76. SciFi: When there's a serious problem and everyone decides to solve it sensibly. - Author: Elaine Greywalker
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#77. Officials from the soccer organization FIFA, which decides which cities get to host the World Cup, are accused of accepting bribes when making their decision. Of course the toughest part for the soccer officials was taking bribes without using their hands. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#78. Not many French producers work the American way. In France, the director decides everything, he has final cut. I'm trying to do things differently, without the Luc Besson solution. - Author: Thomas Langmann
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#79. Profits are part of the mechanism by which society decides what it wants to see produced. - Author: Henry Wallich
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#80. When one decides that I want to get rid of the mistakes which are in me, he can become the Absolute Supreme Soul (Parmatma). - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#81. It was about grace, she decides, something that has been missing from her own life ... She wants to be the kind of person who can bestow unearned kindness on another, replace bitterness with empathy, forgive only for the sake of forgiving. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#82. To relate oneself expectantly to the possibility of the good is to hope. To relate oneself expectantly to the possibility of evil is to fear. By the decision to choose hope one decides infinitely more than it seems, because it is an eternal decision - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#83. Well, what I tried to do is to just listen to my voice, because my voice is my boss. She decides. - Author: Cecilia Bartoli
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#84. Society decides when we get old. But the spirit never ages. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#85. He counts votes before he decides what to have for breakfast. - Author: John Grisham
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#86. An executive is a person who always decides sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides. - Author: John Henry Patterson
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#87. Daffy, of course, wants to go on the journey with him but the studio decides they want Daffy back, so Bugs and a young studio executive heroine have to go out and try to bring him back. - Author: Joe Dante
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#88. You've got to be flexible. Directors do a massive amount of planning and homework, and if after all that your director decides to throw it all out of the window and shoot spontaneously, then you must follow his lead. - Author: Michael Caine
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#89. Whenever an individual or a business decides that success has been attained, progress stops. - Author: Thomas J. Watson
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#90. Every man is the architect of his own life. He builds it just the way he wants it. However, after he has built what he wants, he sometimes decides that he doesn't like what he has built and looks for someone or something to blame instead of changing himself. - Author: Sydney Madwed
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#91. But when a woman decides to sleep with a man, there is no wall she will not scale, no fortress she will not destroy, no moral consideration she will not ignore at its very root: there is no God worth worrying about. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#92. Accept that diabetes care is up to you. You are the one who decides what to eat, how much to exercise, and when to check your blood glucose. Accept this for what it is - control. You are in control. - Author: American Diabetes Association
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#93. We slip into the lives that are laid out for us the way children slip into the clothes their mother lays out for them in the morning. No one decides. We don't live our lives by choice, but by default. - Author: Jed McKenna
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#94. What kind of person actually sits down and decides that no one should be allowed to end a sentence with a preposition? Not even decide what ideas you should or shouldn't talk about, but to actually make rules about what order to put your words in ... It's such an amazing kind of petty tyranny. - Author: Jonathan Blum Kate Orman
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#95. The problem with acting is that there's really no control. You're at the behest of others. Everyone else decides if you did a good job and you have to wait for other people's permission to work as an actor. - Author: Leigh Whannell
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#96. But that some sonatas of Beethoven are written tragic no one can gainsay; yet they can triumph or despair as the player decides, and Lucy had decided that they should triumph. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#97. We might also call vertigo the intoxication of the weak. Aware of his weakness, a man decides to give in rather than stand up to it. He is drunk with weakness, wishes to grow even weaker, wishes to fall down in the middle of the main square in front of everybody, wishes to be down, lower than down. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#98. All of us are trying to get desired results before the time which universe decides for us. We don't try to understand the mechanism of the universe. - Author: Hina Hashmi
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#99. Mads is such a talented actor - it's almost like he wears his emotions on his sleeve, but not all the time - when he decides that he needs to, he has such access to his emotional life and it is just really incredible. He can do everything with just his eyes. - Author: Gillian Anderson
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#100. Remember one thing only: that it's you-nobody else-who determines your destiny and decides your fate. Nobody else can be alive for you; nor can you be alive for anybody else. - Author: E. E. Cummings
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