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#1. One cannot see any world leader who has got a grip on the financial markets these days. They're too big, too fast. I think that's quite scary. - Author: Robert Harris
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#2. I vary my days between skiing and snowboarding - I can go fast down pisted runs but still struggle in the bumps on a snowboard. - Author: Mike Tindall
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#3. It was one of those days when I was thinking too much, too fast. Only it was more like the thoughts had a mind of their own and going all by themselves at a hundred miles a second, and I was just sitting back, feeling the growing paranoia inside of me. - Author: Sasha Mizaree
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#4. I am thy father's spirit;
Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night
And, for the day, confin'd to fast in fires,
Till the foul crimes, done in my days of nature,
Are burnt and purg'd away. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#5. Tennis is a traditional game. A big sport like tennis does not need too many changes. The game has become too fast, there are hardly any long, interesting rallies these days. So maybe slowing down the courts could help. But you can't really stop a sport from evolving. - Author: Bjorn Borg
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#6. Are these Romero slow zombies, or 28 Days Later fast zombies?"
"They were totally slow, dude. Are you blind? - Author: Carrie Harris
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#7. What most people don't know is that many fast food restaurants actually spray their salads with a substance made of propylene glycol to make their lettuce and other vegetables appear fresh, when they could actually be up to 3 days old! - Author: Arnel Ricafranca
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#8. Working ten hour days allows you to fall behind twice as fast as you could working five hour days. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#9. Humanity, morality, decency, might be forgotten, but codfish must still be had for the use of the faithful in Lent and on fast days. - Author: Francis Parkman
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#10. One cannot divine nor forecast the conditions that will make happiness; one only stumbles upon them by chance, in a lucky hour, at the world's end somewhere, and holds fast to the days, as to fortune or fame. - Author: Daniel M. Gilbert
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#11. Some days my heart beats so fast
my ribcage sounds like a fucking railroad track
and my breath is a train I just can't catch. - Author: Andrea Gibson
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#12. You are indestructible .J
For some reason I felt light-headed when I finished writing and looked up at her, like I'd stood up too fast or the oxygen had left my brain. Oh pulled her arm back, looked thoughtfully at the words, and replied, It's upside down, but I like it. You done good, Jacob. - Author: Patrick Carman
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#13. Do not hurry too fast in these early winter days, - a quiet hour is worth more to you than anything you can do in it. - Author: Sarah Orne Jewett
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#14. You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast. These are some good times, so take a good look around. You may not know it now, but you're gonna miss this. - Author: Trace Adkins
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#15. Writers are like supreme beings. We can create worlds in a matter of days and we can destroy them just as fast. - Author: Linda Nelson
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#16. In the initial stages of my journey, I was trying to travel too fast by horse by sticking to a 'five days on and two off' schedule. On the steppe, time is not measured by days, weeks or hours but the fall of the seasons and condition of the animals. - Author: Tim Cope
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#17. I have to tell you I never in my life anticipated getting this old, this fast. It seems as if I were 25 just a few days ago. - Author: Ben Stein
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#18. Visiting Anderson Silva. He's doing AMAZING! Leg is healing fast and will be walking without crutches in 30 days. - Author: Dana White
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#19. There's a method aspect to Campbell Scott character and he really wants to get into his character and he wants to cast to go on a fast so that by the time the play opens nobody's eaten in three days because he wants the audience to feel the pain from the stage. - Author: Denis Leary
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#20. The way money goes so fast these days, they should paint racing stripes on it. - Author: Mark Russell
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#21. You have to remember, Frank Sinatra is 82 years old, which is 240 in your years. He's lived three lifetimes! He has good and bad days. He can't run ... around as fast as he used to. - Author: Tom Dreesen
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#22. The Iraq fight itself is probably going to go very, very fast. The shooting should be over within just a very few days from when it starts. - Author: David Frum
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#23. I often go on a liquid fast a couple of days a week. I never take just water. Instead, I'll have maybe six glasses of vegetable and fruit juices a day. - Author: Paul Lynde
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#24. My last days at MGM were like the fall of the Roman Empire in fast motion. - Author: Joseph Barbera
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#25. For the young the days go fast and the years go slow; for the old the days go slow and the years go fast. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#26. I write nearly every day. Some days I write for ten or eleven hours. Other days I might only write for three hours. It really depends on how fast the ideas are coming. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#27. Professor Morgulis wrote: "The acuity of the senses is increased by fasting, and at the end of his 31 days' abstinence from food, Professor Levanzin could see twice as far as he could when his fast began. - Author: Hilton Hotema
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#28. Hopefully I'll be able to mature one of these days, get serious, and at least have them [kids] pretty fast. - Author: Serena Williams
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#29. It begins to go so fast," Fitch said. "What?" "Time. You cling to every second. Savor everything. Wish you'd lived all your days like this. Excuse me. - Author: Blake Crouch
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#30. This century is going to be linked with the virtual world. Maybe in the days to come we will have virtual malls and digital manufacturing. Change is coming fast and we need our urban areas to keep pace with these changes. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#31. Will Rogers wasn't helpful to me at all. He was just concerned with his way of doing things. He didn't like me much because I used to wear slacks to the studio, and that was not done much in those days, so I guess he thought I was rather fast. - Author: Maureen O'Sullivan
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#32. We didn't have rest days or weekends because we had to get ready as fast as possible, so we could beat the Americans, who were also racing to send a woman into space. - Author: Valentina Tereshkova
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#33. Sometimes I wish there were do over years or fast forward days - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#34. The reason I grew so fast in the supermarket business, without help of the banks in those days, was through my vendors. I convinced my vendors, the companies I was doing business with, if I did more business, they would do more business. - Author: John Catsimatidis
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#35. The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. - Author: Elbert Hubbard
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#36. Directing television is really hard - it's so fast. You shoot an hour show in seven days. - Author: Steve Buscemi
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#37. In the afternoon the digestion of the meal deprives me of the incomparable lightness which characterizes the fast days. - Author: Adalbert De Vogue
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#38. I like alternating commercials with movies, because it keeps the pace up. You can't slack on a commercial. You need to go fast. That's a terrific piece of action, I think if that was scheduled for a movie, you'd put that in for two or three days worth of work. - Author: Paul W. S. Anderson
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#39. Kids these days," Dragos said quietly. "They grow up so fast."
"Supersonic fast," Pia said just as quietly. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#40. You can't fall in love that fast. Not real love. Real love takes time, like a fine wine. Real love takes years. Not days. Not weeks. - Author: Kitty Thomas
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#41. I've defined myself, privately and publicly, by my brief, intense years as an athlete, a swimmer. I practices five or six hours a day, six days a week, eating and sleeping as much as possible. Weekends were either spent training or competing. I wasn't the best; I was relatively fast... - Author: Leanne Shapton
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#42. Our life is short, and our days run, As fast away as does the sun - Author: Robert Herrick
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#43. A brand is a story. And you have to tell it well. The good news in this connected world great stories travel fast. And, these days, they travel for free. So there has never been a better time or a cheaper time to start something. - Author: David Hieatt
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#44. Later, you should learn to hire fast and scale up the company, but in the early days the goal should be not to hire. Not to hire. - Author: Sam Altman
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#45. You can go to the Internet and know more than your mom in two seconds. It's crazy how fast teenagers have knowledge and information these days. So, I think it's harder to say, 'Your father and I know more than you.' - Author: Katie Finneran
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#46. An old poet, Robert Herrick, put it like this: " Our life is short, and our days run As fast away as does the sun; And, as a vapour or a drop of rain Once lost, can ne'er be found again. - Author: Douglas Preston
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