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#1. it's time for us to go and face ISL once more and that meant interrogation from our new governor Silmois what fun. The fact we where back in ISL again made my stomach turn - Author: Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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#2. Always stick to the story. It was when you started backtracking that people got in trouble. Interrogation 101. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#3. I mean the fact is that some of this information that we have found out that led to Usama bin Laden actually came from these enhanced interrogation techniques. - Author: Rick Santorum
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#4. The greatest reward of this constant interrogation, confrontation with the brutality of my country, is that it has freed me from hosts and myths. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#5. President Bush on Monday defended U.S. interrogation of terrorists, saying 'We do not torture.' He added, 'We freedom electrocute.' - Author: Amy Poehler
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#6. Well, I make that one murder victim, one police interrogation and one conversation with a ghost," George said. "Now that's what I call a busy evening."
Lockwood nodded. "To think some people just watch television. - Author: Jonathan Stroud
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#7. While the notion that torture works has been glorified in television shows and movies, the simple truth is this: torture has never been an effective interrogation method. - Author: Jerrold Nadler
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#8. The shifting sands of the world ... show how much the surrealists were drawn towards an interrogation of what reality actually is. Unlike fabulists of whatever hue, there is a materiality in surrealist writing that resolutely keeps it, one might say, 'down to earth'. - Author: Michael Richardson
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#9. Enhanced Interrogation is Dick Cheney changing a word, Dick Cheney comes up with a new word to cover his ass! - Author: Jesse Ventura
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#10. It is not an opinion that "enhanced interrogation techniques" are torture. It is a legal fact. And it is also a legal fact that the president is a war criminal. - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#11. Maugham then offers the greatest advice anyone could give to a young author: At the end of an interrogation sentence, place a question mark. You'd be surprised how effective it can be. - Author: Woody Allen
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#12. Socrates worked towards making people question themselves. He like to provoke self-interrogation but wasn't particularly interested in the answers that emerged; he just like to set off the thought process. - Author: Eric Cantona
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#13. The interrogation has succeeded; I am now an enemy of the state. ... I have become a violent act of reality inflicted upon the fiction of which we are both citizens. I want him to know that I understand this, that every thump of his truncheon hardens my resolve, that he has my permission. - Author: Anthony Marra
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#14. would be terrified that she would be found out. She could be so frightened, perhaps, that she might blurt out a confession. No one was leaning on her. To a burdened conscience, silence and solicitude can be more threatening than interrogation. - Author: Ann Rule
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#15. Enhanced interrogation is not to be considered lightly, but the use of enhanced interrogation techniques does not require moral people to abandon their beliefs. Rather, it is precisely during these difficult times that one's beliefs about life, justice and mercy become indispensible. - Author: Gary Bauer
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#16. It's called the sacrament of reconciliation, not the sacrament of interrogation. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#17. The most innocent man's words will be used against him. - Author: Kenneth Eade
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#18. My grandfather was a police officer. He taught Dad about lie detectors and police interrogation methods, so Dad got this old World War II lie detector and used it on us regularly. He was obsessed with the truth. - Author: Brian Herbert
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#19. In the continuing debate over the morality of enhanced interrogation, an essential consideration is often overlooked: intent. - Author: Gary Bauer
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#20. But has there ever, in all of recorded human history, been an interrogation that has gone on, day in and day out, for more than six years? - Author: Mohamedou Ould Slahi
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#21. We turned our attention back to Jeff, who just started his interrogation of Polly, who looked horrendous. I didn't mean that in a hateful way. She really did look awful. Like someone took the sick-and-pale stick and beat her senseless with it. - Author: Shelly Crane
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#22. I have never worked on interrogation; I have never seen an interrogation, and I have only a passing knowledge of the literature on interrogation. With that qualification, my opinion is that the point of interrogation is to get at the truth, not to get at what the interrogator wants to hear. - Author: Martin Seligman
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#23. Body-waxing as a torture-slash-interrogation tactic is illegal under international law. FALSE. (But if the yells coming from Tina Walters's bathroom were any indication, it totally should be true.) - Author: Ally Carter
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#24. Lean in, invade that foot and a half that is all theirs, their own space. Lean back when you get what you want. It's subliminal. Most of what goes on in a police interrogation has nothing to do with what is said. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#25. Once you have opened up prisoner interrogation, wiretapping, border patrol, jailing and the services of the military, when this has been turned into a for-profit business in this endless war, then we're in deep trouble. - Author: John Cusack
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#26. Personally, I do not think that torture is necessary. But it may be the case that interrogation methods that go beyond questioning, but do not arise to the level of torture, may be necessary to get actionable intelligence from high-ranking al Qaeda leaders - Author: John Yoo
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#27. President Bush will go down in history as the torture president. He has now defied a majority of Congress to allow the use of interrogation techniques that any reasonable observer would call torture. - Author: Jennifer Daskal
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#28. I whispered across the bars to Jackaby as I rose, "Shall I tell them the truth?"
"Have you killed anyone?" he asked, quietly.
"No, of course not!"
"Then I can't imagine why you shouldn't. - Author: William Ritter
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#29. I do support enhanced interrogation techniques. Obviously their value is shining through with respect to the bin Laden killing. - Author: Tim Pawlenty
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#30. At one point Malkin and one of his colleagues took Eichmann to the toilet. They waited outside. After a few minutes, Eichmann called out to Malkin, 'Darf ich anfangen?' ('May I begin?') Only when told yes did he begin to move his bowels.

The Eichmann Trial, page 17 - Author: Deborah E. Lipstadt
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