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#1. I'm trying to make records where people don't feel cheated. Nashville has been guilty of insulting the Country Music audience for years and years. - Author: Steve Earle
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#2. Working on 'Comedy Bang Bang,' we're there from 10-7, and that's a pretty light day compared to most other TV shows. Other shows, it's like 10-10. - Author: Scott Aukerman
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#3. In the best traditions of American comedy, from its beginnings through the crash-bang comedies of the 1990s and 2000s, Leslie Nielsen skewered the otherwise proper, did it with mischievous delight and convulsed audiences mercilessly. - Author: Tom Shales
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#4. Success in Iraq will be a major setback for terrorists and a major asset for the security of this region. The struggle for Iraq is the struggle for the future of the world. - Author: Zalmay Khalilzad
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#5. I would like to call India a gold-mine of art. It's really the richest in the world. - Author: Mary McFadden
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#6. I think there's no reason the Davis Cup couldn't be as powerful and popular and profitable as any of the four majors are today, given some changes. - Author: Jim Courier
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#7. Screw-top wine has improved the quality of life by about ten percent, wouldn't you say? - Author: Martin Amis
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#8. In some way, my fundamental feeling about music is that it's impossible to put a price tag on it. Human beings made music before they made a lot of other things, including tools. - Author: Amanda Palmer
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#9. ...Long story longer... - Author: Dana Gould
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#10. Do you ever wish, Alexis, that your heart was just that little bit smaller, so that you didn't have to care quite so much? - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#11. MY ASS MIGHT BE DUMB, BUT I'M NOT A DUMB ASS. - Author: Samuel L. Jackson
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#12. PASTOR. Violence aside now, admit that he suffers from fixed ideas. DOCTOR. I think your ideas are even more fixed, pastor! PASTOR - Author: August Strindberg
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#13. Thank you for listening to Comedy Bang Bang! My name is Scott Aukerman and I will see you next week. - Author: Scott Aukerman
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#14. She didn't know what a goji berry was, but it sounded like something Amazonian tribesmen might eat when they wanted to talk to their ancestors and embark on an inner voyage into some sort of unicorn-infested netherworld.
Whatever worked. - Author: Lola Salt
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