Top 6 Codicils Quotes

#1. For what might happen if we lift
the codicils on belching?
If sex were permitted in the shopping malls? If people
were allowed to sing arias
from Don Giovanni, loudly and out of tune, waiting in line
at Department of Motor Vehicles?

Lucia Perillo

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#2. I represent Staten Island and Brooklyn, and not just that the financial services industry is important to the U.S., but is disproportionately important to New York City.

Vito Fossella

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#3. Dignity and love do not blend.

Suzanne Curchod

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#4. May her moccasins make tracks in many snows that are yet to come

Frank Bird Linderman

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#5. One can become something other than human. One can become limitless, enlightened, aware, awakened, knowledgeable and powerful in ways that human beings who traverse this earth cannot yet fathom.

Frederick Lenz

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#6. Most institutions of higher learning in the West were founded by and for religious denominations. The supposed alienation of education and faith is a recent phenomenon. At the same time, neither education nor the lack of it predisposes one to faith.

Marilynne Robinson

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