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Top 31 Chasing A Dream Quotes

#1. You will work harder at something you love than at something you like. You will work harder than you have ever worked when you start chasing a dream. You will hustle and grind and sweat and push and pull. You will get up earlier and go to bed later. But that's okay.

Jon Acuff

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#2. People come to L.A. because they're chasing that dream of a better life. That's why I came here, because I thought it would be a place where I would find other people like me; people who wanted to write, people who had a dream of being something else. And that proved to be true.

Robert Crais

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#3. I like the theater, dining and chasing women. Let me put it this way: I am a single, straight billionaire in Manhattan. It's like a wet dream.

Michael Bloomberg

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#4. If chasing a pipe dream means securing our freedom, then so be it.

Lauren Lola

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#5. In the fifties I had dreams about touching a naked woman and she would turn to bronze or the dream about hot dogs chasing donuts through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Robert Klein

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#6. There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.
Author unknown

Shelley K. Wall

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#7. People are mistaken when they think chasing your dream is a selfish thing to do. As if perhaps being average is an act of humility. As if perhaps wasting the talents you were given is proof that you're a considerate individual.
It's not.

Jon Acuff

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#8. I wasn't one of those kids who was chasing the dream and wanted to get to Hollywood because one day I was gonna get my chance and be a big star. I never felt like that.

C. Thomas Howell

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#9. I like college football a lot, because it's the dream that you're chasing. The dream of one day possibly making it, with the harsh reality that only one percent make it.

Ray Lewis

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#10. Some women chasing men, and some - for dreams. If you are at a fork, remember, your career will not wake up one morning to say that more does not love you.

Lady Gaga

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#11. When chasing a dream, make sure the price is truly worth paying - if it is, go for it, if not, tweak your dream a little and then go for it.

John Avery

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#12. I'm chasing my dreams straight to the top - into a sky that has no limits.

Robert M. Hensel

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#13. Because happiness itself is a mythical construct, a dream you humans tell yourselves to get through each day. It is the moon, and you, like the sun, pursue it relentlessly, chasing it around and around, getting nowhere.

Jessica Khoury

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#14. What would happen is that people like Geroge and Alyx would grow old and die chasing a dream. Although there were probably worse things to do with one's life.

Jack McDevitt

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#15. I had a wife that did not want me to have a singular regret about chasing my dream, which helped me tremendously. I did not want to have a singular regret. I always held out hope that it was going to turn for the better. That's always what motivated me was hope.

R.A. Dickey

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#16. When God requires us to surrender one dream, it's because He wants to hand us a bigger and better one.

Mandy Hale

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#17. I was the kind of kid who loved singing. I loved rapping; I loved attention. But for me, it was more about chasing the dream of being a superstar because of the town I was from and because of what I'd seen.

Trey Songz

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#18. Things haven't changed since I was a young kid. I just wanted to be the fastest guy I could be, and I am still chasing that dream to this day.

Shani Davis

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#19. What happens to a dream deferred?

Langston Hughes

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#20. A dream can be remarkable and alluring, that is why I chase it hoping that one day something good would happen!


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#21. I was dreaming about you."

"Was it a good dream?"

"Not really. I was chasing you and you wouldn't stop running from me."


Olivia Cunning

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#22. Age does not matter if you're chasing your dream. As long as you work hard and smash those obstacles in your way, you'll see some progress.

B.A. Gabrielle

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#23. Are you chasing a wandering star? A dream? A woman? An idea?

Lisa Mantchev

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#24. It's better to die chasing a dream never caught than to die never having chased the dream.

Joyce Fields

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#25. My life was forever changed the day I realized there was a big difference between having a dream and chasing it.

Steve Maraboli

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#26. Day one of our new adventure behind us, we are shocked to learn the hardest lesson of chasing a dream. When you go for it, you don't escape fear, you land in it. Fear is not a dragon to be slain once, it's an ocean to be swum daily.

Jon Acuff

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#27. If you're dreaming of being a great soloist, walking on stage, receiving ovations night after night, having money thrown at you, girls chasing after you and your beautiful picture - that's wonderful. But what exactly does that have to do with the practice of music ?

Wu Han

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#28. What is life if you don't have a dream to chase?

Joanne McClean

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#29. I always had the theory that if you have a dream, chase it. And I'm chasing it.

Rau'Shee Warren

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#30. Now there's a power," he said. "Harnessing the lightning! The dream of mankind!"
The Unnamed Boat surged forward.
"Is it? It's not my dream," said Didactylos. "I always dream of a giant carrot chasing me through a field of lobsters.

Terry Pratchett

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#31. I've been chasing my music dream for a very long time and the acting dream just came up. But there are musical things I want to show the world, so that's my next step.

Roshon Fegan

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