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#1. This ceremony of approval was a charade - everything had been decided before we got here - and as with all charades it was wanly ebullient, necessary, and thin. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#2. Older women can afford to agree that femininity is a charade, a matter of colored hair, ecru lace and whalebones, the kind of slap and tat that transvestites are in love with, and no more. - Author: Germaine Greer
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#3. It might sound a paradoxical thing to say
for surely never has a generation of children occupied more sheer hours of parental time
but the truth is that we neglected you. We allowed you a charade of trivial freedoms ... - Author: Midge Decter
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#4. Real love is to expand our own capacity for tolerance and caring, to actively seek another's well-being. All else is simply a charade of self-interest. Zeke - Author: Richard Paul Evans
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#5. As long as we avoided the real subject, the spell could not be broken. We both slipped naturally into this kind of banter, and it became all the more powerful because neither of us abandoned the charade. We knew what we were doing, but at the same time we pretended not to. - Author: Paul Auster
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#6. I guard my existence, sheltered by distance. Hidden and masked I parade, everyone oblivious to the grand charade. - Author: Tina J. Richardson
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#7. Marketers are making retirement respectable. Instead of being the beginning of the end, it sounds like Nirvana-do what you want without any responsibilities. The boomers think that they're 16. Marketers try to keep the charade going. Retirement will look so good, others are going to be jealous. - Author: Jerry Della Femina
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#8. What a fucking charade.
Happy. That shit isn't in our cards. - Duke - Author: Stephanie Witter
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#9. You have been given a great power. But no power comes without a price. That is how magic works. How the universe works. All things kept in balance. - Author: Mindee Arnett
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#10. It's all society is, the repressed sex drives of men, the objectification of women, their paranoia, the posturing, the macho stances, the beauty standard, it's all just one charade masking a never ending hard on. - Author: Trevor D. Richardson
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#11. She's the one most likely to call bullshit on even perfunctory get-togethers, unhappy with the charade of being friends when we aren't actually anymore. - Author: Mindy McGinnis
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#12. There is nothing to say because I know everything about him. I raised him. I know what's a charade, and I know what's not a charade. I'll leave it at that. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#13. While Kalila didn't quite know what she wanted, she knew what she didn't want. She didn't want to live a charade. She didn't want a marriage of convenience where you were together but alone. - Author: Christian F. Burton
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#14. I can't lose her. Please, God, don't let me lose her. I need her. I'll do anything. We'll end this charade, we'll go back to being purely just friends. Just don't take her away from me tonight. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#15. I can't think about that, or Jackson's goal. I have my own part in this charade. - Author: Melissa West
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#16. you're just pissed you liked it - Author: Nyrae Dawn
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#17. She had not always been in my life, but life before her seemed like a charade. - Author: Matt Abrams
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#18. I have this theory that, depending on your attitude, your life doesn't have to become this ridiculous charade that it seems so many people end up living. - Author: Christian Bale
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#19. All the political angst and moral melodrama about getting 'the rich' to pay 'their fair share' is part of a big charade. This is not about economics, it is about politics. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#20. The charade of politics is to make voters think that the personal narrative of the candidate affects the operation of the corporate state. It doesn't really matter on the fundamental issues whether the President is Republican or Democratic. - Author: Chris Hedges
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#21. We may be a little broken these days but I wouldn't trade it for anything. - Author: Mindee Arnett
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#22. But he was sick of this charade. Sick of watching people lose a little more of their humanity each day, and sick to death of seeing people tortured in the name of God. What had happened to these people? - Author: Brom
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#23. You are your own boss. No one else. - Author: Mindee Arnett
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#24. Larkin found himself next to her now, his arm wrapped around her shoulders as if to comfort, though why he had no idea, for she seemed as calm as ever. Somehow, deep down, he knew that it was all a charade, a mask that she fitted in place as a means of protection. It wasn't easy for her to trust. - Author: Chani Lynn Feener
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#25. So Santa Claus is bogus but Grim Reapers are the genuine article. What does that say about the world? - Author: Mindee Arnett
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#26. In our charade with ourselves we pretend that our war is not really war. We have changed the name of the War Department to the Defense Department and call a whole class of nuclear missiles Peace Keepers! - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#27. Only when the little charade was nearly complete did Frances understand what it was all about. The spot at which Lilian had been grasping lay just above her heart. She had been drawing an imaginary stake from it. - Author: Sarah Waters
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#28. Whenever a homeless person speaks to me in the USA, I always assume that I am speaking to a police officer and play along with the suspected charade. - Author: Steven Magee
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#29. I found it hugely insulting that people believed I'd go so far out of my way - living with Playmates, vacationing with actresses, showing up at nightclubs - to act out a lifestyle that would amount to a charade. If I was gay, I'd be gay all the way. - Author: Mike Piazza
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#30. Isn't beer the holy libation of sincerity? the potion that dispels all hypocrisy, any charade of fine manners? the drink that does nothing worse than incite its fans to urinate in all innocence, to gain weight in all frankness? - Author: Milan Kundera
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#31. Kids do have to learn that life is a humiliating charade of endless disappointment and tragedy ultimately culminating in pain, decay, and death. My parents used to sing me to sleep with that one. - Author: Samantha Bee
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#32. Before she could ponder what on earth he meant or come up with a proper response, he took their charade a step further.

He kissed her. - Author: J.M. Stewart
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#33. The future is never fixed, but always in flux until the moment it meets with the present. - Author: Mindee Arnett
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#34. Perfect is an illusion, one that was created to maintain the status quo. The Six Sigma charade is largely about hiding from change, because change is never perfect. Change means reinvention, and until something is reinvented, we have no idea what the spec is. - Author: Seth Godin
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#35. Nope, there wasn't any getting out of this. Real first name meant business. - Author: Mindee Arnett
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#36. The advantage of the internet is that it has taken away the charade of politics. China has heard of democracy and people know about certain concepts they wouldn't have previously. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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A 'Special Day' once a year creates an excuse for neglect on the other 365 days for mothers, fathers & veterans - Author: Kamil Ali
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#38. I have a lot of favorite films. I tend to love the silliness of 'Bringing Up Baby.' 'Charade' is fantastic. 'His Girl Friday,' the banter in that, that alone made me want to be a writer. - Author: Jennifer Grant
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#39. I hated my part in the charade of murder and horror. My efforts were contributing to the deaths, to the burning alive of children - especially the children. The photographs of young Vietnamese children burned by napalm destroyed me. - Author: Ralph McGehee
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