Top 14 Ceremonial Speech Quotes

#1. If you are seeking the counsel of God on a directional matter in your life, never get so caught up in the specifics of your own situation that you selfishly forget about others. Don't neglect the poor. Think outside yourself. It's liberating! Likewise,

John Crowder

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#2. There's no such thing as boundaries only limits that get pushed further and further.

Travis Pastrana

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#3. Our government is operating within an unprecedented revenue shortfall and that we have an obligation to all citizens of the province to manage our finances responsibly. And that's what we're going to do.

Rachel Notley

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#4. Everyone is fragile. Everything beautiful is fragile

Ann Brashares

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#5. Military strikes on Afghanistan will not prevent something this terrible from happening again, for the simple reason that bombs will not deter people who are unafraid of death and desire martyrdom.

Jemima Khan

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#6. Early on I realized when you write a song about someone, it flatters them on some level, and gives you a lot of room to move within a relationship. A song can kind of get the girl, for sure.

Nick Cave

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#7. It is up to my spirit to find the truth. But how? Grave uncertainty, each time the spirit feels beyond its own comprehension; whenit, the explorer, is altogether to obscure land that it must search and where all its baggage is of no use. To search? That is not all: to create.

Marcel Proust

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#8. Pride is undoubtedly the original of anger; but pride, like every other passion, if it once breaks loose from reason, counteracts its own purposes.

Samuel Johnson

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#9. If one's safety is threatened, one often finds courage one didn't know one had, and the eldest Baudelaire found she could be brave enough to open the door.

Lemony Snicket

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#10. People will always want a free lunch.

Wayne Rogers

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#11. I'm a straightforward person. I like to be direct with people.

Henry Paulson

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#12. What we now have as a government is a god, built by our mortal hands and, yet, externally variant in power, always requiring our prayers, pity and appeals in order to fulfill its supposed purposes.

Tony Osborg

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#13. They say politics is a contact sport, and I have to agree with that.

Steve Largent

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#14. In order to have compassion for others, we have to have compassion for ourselves.

Pema Chodron

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