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#1. I jack, I rob, I sin. Aw man, I'm Jackie Robinson 'Cept when I run base, I dodge the pen - Author: Jay-Z
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#2. Our lives are like water, always flowing forward in the streams of time. When we encounter what is unexpected, our best choice is to flow around the obstacle. - Author: Ryan Kirk
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#3. It was a year ago today your daughter went missing.' Bagg had closed his eyes, feeling the death going on inside. - Author: Cole Alpaugh
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#4. It seems a silly kind o' business to bring us into the world at all for no special reason 'cept to take us out of it again just as folks 'ave learned to know us a bit and find us useful. - Author: Marie Corelli
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#5. I have tried my hand at bribery, blackmail, and deceit. And I've served time for everything, cept beggin on the street. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#6. All right. Maybe I can get you one soul. Perhaps a tax collector...'cept they ain't human. Would they work? Or would you need, like, three of them to make up one normal person's soul? -Lift - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#7. Life ain't supposed to be nothing, 'cept maybe tough - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#8. You have the potential to become anything to which you set your mind. You have a mind and a body and a spirit. With these three working together, you can walk the high road that leads to achievement and happiness. But this will require effort and sacrifice and faith. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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#9. No need to read anything into it." "Yeah, right. 'Cept it's your tightest jeans, the ones that'll give you gangrene in your nuts if you're not careful, - Author: J.L. Merrow
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#10. Thinking of a series of dreams
Where the time and the tempo fly
And there's no exit in any direction
'Cept the one that you can't see with your eyes - Author: Bob Dylan
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#11. Thank you for my accessories. This is over the top. And not practical." She hugged him around the waist and set her head on his chest.
"Fuck practical." He tilted her face to his. "I want to decorate you with diamonds. It's sort of like peeing on my tree, 'cept more expensive. - Author: Debra Anastasia
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#12. The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life. - Author: David F. Jakielo
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#13. The preacher said, "She looks tar'd.' "Women's always tar'd,' said Tom. "That's just the way women is, 'cept at meetin' once an' again. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#14. He looked to his daughter. Trust you to find a warrior this good-lookin'. Fuck me, little girl, not a man I clapped eyes on in my life was a match for you, 'cept this motherfucker, - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#15. Shit. I want you, Chess. Make no mistake on that one, dig? Want you bad. So bad I ain't even can think of any else sometimes, 'cept gettin you under me. Ain't give a fuck what pills you swallow get you through the day or what happens you ain't got em, aye? Still want you. - Author: Stacia Kane
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#16. Schizophrenic language has in this sense an interesting resemblance to poetry. - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#17. We're all one thing, like cells in a body. 'Cept we can't see the body. The way fish can't see the ocean. And so we envy each other. Hurt each other. Hate each other. How silly is that? A heart cell hating a lung cell. - Author: Charlie Kaufman
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#18. Yet there's no one to beat you | No one t' defeat you | 'Cept the thoughts of yourself feeling bad - Author: Bob Dylan
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#19. And the way they are now, I don't see's there's much difference between the Fromes up at the farm and the Fromes down in the graveyard; 'cept that down there they're all quiet, and the women have got to hold their tongues. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#20. What is exhilarating in bad taste is the aristocratic pleasure of giving offense. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
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#21. Poetry's unnat'ral; no man ever talked in poetry 'cept a beadle on boxin' day, or Warren's blackin' or Rowland's oil, or some o' them low fellows; never you let yourself down to talk poetry, my boy. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#22. He beat me like he beat the children. Cept he don't never hardly beat them. He say, Celie, git the belt. The children be outside the room peeking through the cracks. It all I can do not to cry. I make myself wood. I say to myself, Celie, you a tree. That's how come I know trees fear man. - Author: Alice Walker
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#23. You are a major dimwit. Is your brain made out of jello, you spineless twit? A leaf? What do you think I am, one of those magical raccoons? I'm a concept, get it? Con-cept! Concepts and raccoons aren't exactly the same, now are they? What a dumb thing to say ... - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#24. I don't have a drinking problem 'Cept when I can't get a drink. - Author: Tom Waits
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