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Top 23 Car Smash Quotes

#1. Speech is how we convey our thoughts. Literature is how we convey our civilization." Captain Hank Bracker - Author: Hank Bracker
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#2. Oh, man," Finn groaned through the receiver hidden in my ear. " Really, Gin, did you have to smash up the car? I'm starting to think that's some sort of fetish of yours."
"Maybe," I agreed in a cheery voice. " I do quite enjoy it. - Author: Jennifer Estep
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#3. You do become more aware of your mortality as you get older. When you're little, you jump on any wild horse. Then you get a little bit older and realize how fragile life is, and you're more careful. - Author: Jennifer Lawrence
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#4. Action film is really easy to do, you just get in a car and smash through things and it's called action. The real key is what happens between the action when it's quiet. Loud is easy. Quiet, real hard. - Author: Sylvester Stallone
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#5. The function of comedy is to dispelunconsciousness by turning the searchlight of the keenest moral and intellectual analysisright on to it. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#6. She was the split-second experience that changes everything.; the car smash; the letter we shouldn't have opened; the lump in the breast or groin; the blinding flash. On my well-ordered stage-set the lights were up, and maybe at last I was waiting in the wings. - Author: Josephine Hart
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#7. In medieval times, if someone displayed the symptoms we now identify as boredom, that person was thought to be committing something called acedia, a 'dangerous form of spiritual alienation'
a devaluing of the world and its creator. - Author: Richard Louv
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#8. Have you ever wanted to smash a car? Or break a television? Or maybe burn a big fire in the middle of a city square? If the answer is yes, then you'd have some fun during a zombie infestation. It's the little moments, you know? - Author: Jesse Petersen
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#9. It's like they had a backlash the first 11 years. I think the reason why it always seems like there's a backlash is because when bands are unknown, they only get written about by fans. - Author: Kim Deal
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#10. Football is about winning; it's that simple. You have to love what you do. If you're here for the money, than you don't belong here. - Author: Vinny Testaverde
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#11. I don't like the grilled onions for some reason. I like regular, crispy, stinky onions. - Author: Chrissy Teigen
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#12. There was a time when I thought I loved my first wife more than life itself. But now I hate her guts. I do. How do you explain that? What happened to that love? What happened to it, is what I'd like to know. I wish someone could tell me. - Author: Raymond Carver
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#13. Bad news doesn't hurt as much, if you hear it in good company. It's like, if somebody pushes you out of a 5th floor window and you bounce off an awning, a car roof, and a pile of plastic garbage bags before you smash onto the pavement, you've got a pretty good chance of surviving. - Author: Patricia Gaffney
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#14. In America, you look at food as bad and guilty. In France, we love food and we enjoy food; food is pleasure. - Author: Mireille Guiliano
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#15. Now, I love painting. I love looking. I love the fact that they don't move. They constantly change with the light. They are sort of patient. - Author: Gary Hume
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#16. If you understand the universe, you control it, in a way. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#17. I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again. - Author: David Koechner
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#18. What are we going to do?" asked the Professor.
"At this moment," said Syme, with a scientific detachment, "I think we are going to smash into a lamppost. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#19. For the miserable find comfort in the philosophy that not on them alone has evil fallen. - Author: Procopius
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#20. We need another revolution in the Arab world. We need an education revolution. If there's one thing we need to focus on, it's redesigning our educational systems. - Author: Queen Rania Of Jordan
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#21. The same computers that make it impossible for you to cheat on your income tax can ensure that the blood of your group is in the ambulance that picks you up from a car smash. - Author: John Brunner
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#22. It's not a love of poetry readings that attracts those who do come to them but theater. - Author: A.R. Ammons
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#23. The inevitability of gradualness. - Author: Sidney Webb, 1st Baron Passfield
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