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Top 39 Bulldog Quotes

#1. He is not a bad fellow, though an absolute imbecile in his profession. He has one positive virtue. He is as brave as a bulldog and as tenacious as a lobster if he gets his claws upon anyone.

Arthur Conan Doyle

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#2. Now sir, said the bulldog in his business-like way. 'Are you a animal, vegetable, or mineral?'
- The Magician's Nephew

C.S. Lewis

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#3. I know this golf tournament has my name on it but it's not about me. It's about the Louisiana Tech family. There is nothing greater than being a part of the Bulldog family.

Terry Bradshaw

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#4. We're not just dogmatic about this-we're bulldog-matic!
Sola Scriptura is non-negotiable!

Steve Lawson

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#5. Indeed," Fowler answered. He turned and looked at Tony critically. "I say, old man, but you're not much older than that German kid."
Yeah," Tony grinned. "But I'm from Texas and meaner than a junkyard bulldog. Makes a difference, you know.

Robert L. Wise

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#6. Once you've got a bull terrier, you never want another dog. I've got six bull terriers, a rottweiler and a bulldog.

Julian Dicks

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#7. Change is like putting lipstick on a bulldog. The bulldog's appearance hasn't improved, but now it's really angry.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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#8. She is not a bulldog, only a woman pressed into the shape of a small jar, possibly attempting to dance in there. It shows in the way she places a seashell on a window sill, a red-painted chair in the corner: she is practiced in the art of creating a still life and taking up residence inside it.

Barbara Kingsolver

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#9. She'd had it painted, and planted, and primped, and festooned, and draped to within an inch of its very long life. But it was asking too much of the poor thing. The result was something akin to dressing a bulldog up like an opera dancer. Underneath the tulle, it was still a bowlegged bulldog.

Gail Carriger

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#10. I thought it would be lovely to use [pet bulldog] Noelle as an example to teach the importance of being who you are. For me it's important to inspire children in a positive way, and at times they understand more messages through entertainment than when one is talking to them directly.

Gloria Estefan

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#11. - Ay! Thornton o' Marlborough Mill, as we call him.
- He is one of the masters you are striving with, is he not? what sort of master is he?
- Did yo' ever see a bulldog? Set a bulldog on hindlegs, and dress him up in coat and breeches, and yo'n just getten John Thornton.

Elizabeth Gaskell

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#12. I've dreamed of having my French bulldog become a bestselling children's heroine.

Andrea Seigel

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#13. Bob Brannum was my body guard on the court. He was 6'-6 and built like a bulldog.

Bob Cousy

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#14. The lovers of beauty must unite in a league, and carry out some great propagandist work through the country. They must demand the extermination of the bulldog and the dismantling of the cheap villa, both of which are responsible for a deal of our contentment amid ugliness.

Robert Wilson Lynd

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#15. When I finally caught up with Abraham Trahearne, he was drinking beer with an alcoholic bulldog named Fireball Roberts in a ramshackle joint just outside of Sonoma, California, drinking the heart right out of a fine spring afternoon.

James Crumley

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#16. Sam Parks was simply a paid agent for his union, receiving the same salary as an ordinary workman in his trade. In reality, Baker tracked him "riding about in his cab, wearing diamonds, appearing on the street with his blooded bulldog, supporting his fast horses, 'treating' his friends.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

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#17. Bulldog grunted. And I knew the matter was settled. My pulse thrummed with excitement. I was going to marry Juliana Wessex.

Jody Hedlund

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#18. Then the fire was shining on the hearth, the cold and the dark and the wild beasts were all shut out, and Jack the brindle bulldog and Black Susan the cat lay blinking at the flames in the fireplace. Ma sat in her rocking chair, sewing by the light

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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#19. Careful, Sandi. You're about to let your bulldog mouth overload your bird-dog bite.

Peggy Webb

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#20. It is dog friendly nail polish, before we even go there because I know that is an issue. She's a bulldog, she needs all the help she can get. We've tried to feminize her a little bit and make her feel sexy!

Victoria Beckham

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#21. It was nearly ten years since the peace though her memories of the war still felt fresh.

Sara Sheridan

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#22. Kremlin political intrigues are comparable to a bulldog fight under a rug. An outsider only hears the growling, and when he sees the bones fly out from beneath it is obvious who won.

Winston S. Churchill

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#23. And had a face like a bulldog licking vinegar off a thistle ...

Terry Pratchett

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#24. There's probably no subject with quite so many conflictin' opinions about it as there are about food, and 'tis better to swap bubble gum with a rabid bulldog than challenge a single one o' the varyin' beliefs your average human holds about nutrition.

Tom Robbins

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#25. I have seen your dispatch expressing your unwillingness to break your hold where you are. Neither am I willing. Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke ...

Abraham Lincoln

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#26. The liberation of women has brought a lot of equality to the man, in the emancipation of the man as a bulldog; we can also be soft. It's interesting, because sometimes I maybe push the men a little bit more than the women, because it's a little bit less expected.

Mario Testino

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#27. Always, always powder your T-zone and the lines going from your nose down around your mouth so you don't look like a bulldog. When those areas are shiny, it's awful. And gloss will keep your lips from appearing dehydrated.

Gisele Bundchen

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#28. Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible.

Abraham Lincoln

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#29. And at last he began prancing up and down and rubbing his hands, and humming and murmuring, and putting his fist to his mouth blew a march on it as on a trumpet, and even uttered aloud a few encouraging words and nicknames addressed to himself, such as "bulldog" and "little cockerel.

Nikolai Gogol

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#30. I have both English bulldog determination and Bengal tiger strength.

Bikram Choudhury

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#31. My wife is a lovely leathery green, the blue-tongued lizard said;
Her eyes are as red as bulldog ants, lurking in holes in her head;
Her body is made of the speckled grass, a violet grows on her tongue,
And I could watch her for fifty years if nobody blundered along.

Douglas Stewart

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#32. In a contest between me and a bulldog, you would say the bulldog is cuter.

Sylvester Stallone

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#33. Sir Julian Huxley, one of the world's leading evolutionists, head of UNESCO, descendant of Thomas Huxley - Darwin's bulldog - said on a talk show, 'I suppose the reason we leaped at The Origin of Species was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores.'.

Julian Huxley

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#34. I never question a success, any more than I do the right of a bulldog to lie in his own gateway.

Josh Billings

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#35. My little hobby. Book Collecting. And yet, old friends, books do not age as you and I do. They will speak still when we are gone, to generations we will never see. Yes, the books must survive. -Bulldog

Corrie Ten Boom

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#36. if she wanted anything in this world, she had to hold on with bulldog tenacity until she got it.

Gerri Russell

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#37. I liked my kitchen. No, let me rephrase. I loved my kitchen with the loyalty of a bulldog to his favorite bone.

Kim Harrison

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#38. We had an old Victrola with the old bulldog they used to have there. The horn would come out.

Jay McShann

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#39. Miriam snorted. It was not a very ladylike snort. She was the sort of woman one expected to find tramping the countryside in tweeds with a gun under her arm and a bulldog at her side, probably one of her own breeding.

Marie Brennan

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