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Top 45 Breathlessly Quotes

#1. Now he was singed by pain. When he finally opened his eyes he saw, at the end of the narrow green path, dazzlingly bright light. There she is, he thought breathlessly, there she is. With a shout of joy and deliverance he plunged forward to meet the light.

Hella S. Haasse

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#2. I stop and look up at him. "Brad?" I whisper.
"What, baby?" he says as he continues nibbling on my neck.
"It's yours ... " I say breathlessly.
He pauses and looks up. "What is?"
I gaze into his brown hazy eyes. "My heart.

Beth Michele

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#3. Material possessions aren't important to me," I say breathlessly. "All that matters to me is yoga.

Sophie Kinsella

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#4. Sir Leicester leans back in his chair, and breathlessly ejaculates, Good heaven!

Charles Dickens

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#5. That's what was on the video," Lee said, a little breathlessly. "Horns. Holy fucking shit. I thought it was a bad tape. But it wasn't something wrong with the tape. It was something wrong with you.

Joe Hill

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#6. Bex ... why did you buy an inflatable canoe?'
'It's for you to lie on. Or something.'
'And a watering can?'
'I couldn't find a plant spray.'Breathlessly I start shoving bags into the taxi.
'But why do I need a plant spray?'
'Look,it wasn't my idea, OK?' I say defensively.

Sophie Kinsella

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#7. I have one promise I can make you, Kate." He reached for her hair, coiled some of it around his hand, and used it to pull her toward him.
"What's that?" she whispered breathlessly. Not so cocky now.
"You're going to enjoy this.

Jackie Braun

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#8. I have no interest in being the biggest, the most profitable or the largest retailer. I just want The Body Shop to be the best, most breathlessly exciting company - and one that changes the way business is carried out.

Anita Roddick

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#9. We're having Thanksgiving at our place," he said. "An old-fashioned Thanksgiving." "With drag queens and hookers and cranberry sauce?" I asked breathlessly. "Just like at Grandma's," he replied.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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#10. I need help," she said breathlessly. "Can you zip me up?"
"This has got to qualify me for sainthood," Silas muttered. "A man can only take so much, for fuck's sake.

Maya Banks

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#11. Are you wowed?" Her pause is debilitating.
"Yes," she says a little breathlessly. "I'm wowed.

Katie McGarry

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#12. You see, writing and talking breathlessly about how technology changes everything might seem harmless, but, in practice, it acts as a distraction from more mundane issues - and an excuse for handling those issues badly.

David Sax

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#13. I totally feel like Buffy right now. All I need is a girly leather jacket," L said breathlessly.
"And some vampires. Don't forget that."
"Lighters qualify."
"I guess they do. So, your turn. Stab me.

Shelly Crane

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#14. What time should I come stalk you tomorrow?"
"Six-thirty?" She says breathlessly.
"Six-thirty sounds good." Six-thirty is my new favorite
time of day.

Colleen Hoover

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#15. Hello girls! My boobies are curiously sticking their heads up, trying to see what vagina is so breathlessly talking about.

A.O. Peart

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#16. Ridiculous," he said breathlessly. "You ought to give up detecting and try fantasy writing.

Robert Galbraith

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#17. 'Twilight' is a breathlessly addictive read with a love story that sucks people in.

Gayle Forman

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#18. Faeries like pizza?" I asked.
"Oh, Harry," Toot said breathlessly. "Haven't you ever had pizza before?"
"Of course I have," I said.
Toot looked wounded. "And you didn't share?

Jim Butcher

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#19. Perry, when I fuck you, you're going to want it. And you're going to be sober. I don't want just your body in all of this. I want everything. Your soul too."
"That's a pretty tall order," I said breathlessly ...
"I know," he said determinedly. "And it's something I am willing to work for.

Karina Halle

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#20. But Jess was sliding breathlessly down into the waiting sky, so she couldn't find the words to tell TillyTilly that sisters was something about being held without hands, and the skin-flinch of seeing and simultaneously being seen.

Helen Oyeyemi

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#21. She imagined herself whirling breathlessly beneath the flashing lights of some impossibly chic Manhattan disco. Suddenly, a hand touches her arm. She turns. 'Pardon me,' Mick Jagger says, 'I believe this next dance is mine.

Francine Pascal

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#22. Wait," she whispered breathlessly.
"I want us to come together."
"What's wrong with you comin' twice, luv?

Ashlyn Chase

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#23. What is it?" I asked breathlessly.
"I love you so much. Sometimes it hurts."
"I don't want it to hurt, Clay. Our love should make you feel wonderful.

A Meredith Walters

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#24. You should not have kissed me," she replied breathlessly.
"I do a lot of things I shouldn't. It does not mean I won't do them again.

Amy Sandas

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#25. I turned my face to let his nose rub my cheek. "Mason, let's just stay here," I told him breathlessly.
He chuckled, huskily and dangerously. "Oh, no, absolutely not. I'm not to be trusted with you alone right now.

Shelly Crane

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#26. "You want more?" she asked a bit breathlessly. "Even after what we did?"
His mouth took on a sardonic twist. "I'm afraid quantity usually matters for me ... "

Emma Holly

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#27. Fuck," Ty finally muttered as they broke another heated kiss.
"Is that a comment or a request?" Zane asked breathlessly.

Abigail Roux

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#28. Instead, he caught hold of my hands and leaned toward me. "You," he said breathlessly. "Are amazing. Absolutely, positively, exquisitely amazing." And then he kissed me.

Richelle Mead

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#29. She spoke slowly and breathlessly but she was smiling a happy smile. We stepped up and hugged her. She felt cold and frail and insubstantial. She felt like she weighed less than her aluminum walker.

Lee Child

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#30. I'll tell you one thing. Being with you keeps a girl fit.'
The Doctor beamed breathlessly at her. 'Fun to be with and good for you. Gotta be just what the doctor ordered.

Mike Tucker

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#31. For a moment the last sunshine fell with romantic affection upon her glowing face; her voice compelled me forward breathlessly as I listened - then the glow faded, each light deserting her with lingering regret, like children leaving a pleasant street at dusk.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#32. Let the mystery carry you breathlessly along.

Marty Rubin

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#33. You like it like this, don't you baby?" I growled as I slid my cock between his cheeks. "Yes," Tate said breathlessly as he pushed his ass against me. "Fuck me really hard, Michael." The

Sloane Kennedy

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#34. World peace can blossom throughout the length and breadth of the world only when the world-peace-dreamers, world-peace-lovers and world-peace-servers desperately, sleeplessly and breathlessly long for the full manifestation of peace here on earth.

Sri Chinmoy

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#35. You crazy liar," he said breathlessly.
"You knew I was lying."
"Not to - that degree."
"Okay, so maybe I like you a little.

Sarah Cross

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#36. To be running breathlessly, but not yet arrived, is itself delightful, a suspended moment of living hope.

Anne Carson

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#37. You're not the boss of me," she told him breathlessly.
His chuckle sounded strangled. "Pretend I am for a while.

Cherry Adair

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#38. No time for foreplay?" I teased breathlessly.
His smile was sly. "Oh, we've had nothing but foreplay from the day we first met.

Karina Halle

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#39. If you use the word 'halt,' I will hit you." "Not halt," he breathlessly said. "Upstairs. Now.

Chloe Neill

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#40. It took the combined efforts of Cam and George to load the grumbling, protesting Leo into the carriage. "It's like hauling five sacks of potatoes all at once," the footman said breathlessly, pushing Leo's foot safely inside the vehicle.
"The potatoes would be quieter," Cam said.

Lisa Kleypas

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#41. Will you pose for the nude?" I asked
breathlessly, as he jostled me on his
"Yes. With a condition."
"What condition?"
"I want you naked, as well, while you

R.K. Lilley

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#42. I wanted you to stop." "I was encouraged by you breathlessly moaning my name." I spun on my foot. "I wasn't moaning your name. I was shrieking in alarm." "That was the sexiest throaty shrieking I've ever heard." "You need to get out more.

Ilona Andrews

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#43. I love you breathlessly, my amazing man.

Paullina Simons

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#44. I had a feeling you'd like that," he said with a satisfied grin.
"Why do I feel it ... everywhere?"
"Everywhere?" he murmured. His fingers moved between her legs. "Or here?"
"Everywhere," she said breathlessly, "but there most of all.

Julia Quinn

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#45. Magic," Martha whispered breathlessly, "is diplomacy. It isn't just saying the words. It's who says them, how he says them, and when he says them.

Gene Wolfe

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