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Chris Colfer

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#2. If you let Barnum & Bailey interpret a plot by Stendahl, it might come out to be something like the 1972 Democratic convention.

Gloria Steinem

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#3. Bailey, wait."

She didn't even turn his way again, simply flung her hand up and flipped her middle finger up at him. Damn her stubborn pride and damn his addled brain.

T.J. Kline

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#4. I'm actually not a huge circus fan in the traditional sense, but I like a lot of the circus trappings of striped tents and caramel. I lean more towards Cirque du Soleil than Barnum and Bailey.

Erin Morgenstern

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#5. When the war was over and the guys were back to shaving every day, the editor thought the Beetle Bailey strips were hurting their disciplinary efforts to get the guys back to routine.

Mort Walker

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#6. Bailey feels oddly at ease. As though he is closer to the ground, but taller at the same time.

Erin Morgenstern

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#7. Bailey went quiet, her expression softening. "You're right," she finally said. "It wouldn't have been smart."
"Well, fuck me -- are you actually admitting that I was right about something?"
"It's like an eclipse," she muttered. "Happens every so often.

Elle Kennedy

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#8. The first time I saw Bailey, I just wanted her to know I existed. In the end, I could only survive when she held my heart in her hands. Bailey Fucking Johansson was my salvation.

Bijou Hunter

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#9. And before he can tell her to tell Widget goodbye for him if need be, she leans forward and kisses him, not on the cheek, as she has a handful of times before, but on the lips, and Bailey knows in that moment that he will follow her anywhere.

Erin Morgenstern

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#10. There are times like that, Bailey. Times you
don't think you can take it anymore. But then you discover that you
can. You always do. You're tough. You'll take a deep breath,
swallow just a little bit more, endure just a little longer, and
eventually you'll get your second wind,

Amy Harmon

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#11. This guy had balls. Well, I mean, obviously he had balls. I hope he had balls. Bailey, stop thinking about his balls.

S. Walden

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#12. My marriage to David Bailey ended one morning in 1983, while he was away on a photo-shoot.

Marie Helvin

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#13. I write to make sense of my life.
-John Cheever, quoted in _Cheever - A Life_ (2009) by Blake Bailey

John Cheever

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#14. It draws you in and you feel involved as if you're watching. - Barbara Bailey

Scarlett Avery

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#15. Bailey, where's your hat?"
"In my pocket, sir!"
"Why isn't it on your head?"
"Because I can't get my head in my pocket, sir!

Robyn Carr

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#16. What can I do for you, Detective?' he said cheerily, smiling and nodding at Bailey.
What was I, chopped liver? I had a badge too. Maybe I should've shown it to him. Maybe I should've shown him my gun too.

Marcia Clark

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#17. Gates Open at Nightfall & Close at Dawn in swirly lettering, and under that, in tiny plain letters: Trespassers Will Be Exsanguinated Bailey doesn't know what "exsanguinated" means, but he doesn't much like the sound of it.

Erin Morgenstern

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#18. I'd worked in the state senate in college and seen how important legal decisions were. And at the last minute, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said, 'Why don't you come do an internship?' That turned into almost 15 years in the government, in the White House, and at the State Department.

Dina Powell

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#19. I don't know whether to call a medical doctor or psychiatrist," she said to Bailey, "but I refuse to call an exorcist.

Dean Koontz

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#20. I reckon that the Bailey Bridge and the bulldozer were the greatest advances in military engineering in the years between World War I and World War II.

Christopher Vokes

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#21. No one mentioned his(Bailey's) absence as if things were as they should be and always were.

Maya Angelou

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#22. He wished he had feelings for Andi, wanted to be interested in her ... But there were 10 quick reasons why he wasn't interested. The biggest: Bailey Flanigan. He could hear her laugh from across the room. He sighed, and it felt like it came from the basement of his soul.

Karen Kingsbury

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#23. The grandmother didn't want to go to Florida. She wanted to visit some of her connections in east Tennessee and she was seizing at every chance to change Bailey's mind. Bailey was the son she liver with, her only boy.

Flannery O'Connor

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#24. The way she'd whispered this told him she was thinking about some of her less favorite attributes and how she could never see herself viewing them as assets. Women were so fucking hard on themselves. Bailey, you are who you are, like no other. Embrace it.

Riley Murphy

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#25. I think I have had so much blessing - I've had my brother, who was brilliant - I think my family came closest to making a genius when they made my brother - Bailey was just all of that. He loved me.

Maya Angelou

Bailey Quotes #1537424
#26. I'm a big fan of the Foo Fighters, Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Coldplay, Corinne Bailey Rae and Chris Thile ... to name a few.

Jimi Westbrook

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#27. F. Lee Bailey had been an inspiration to me. It was my desire to have him behind the scenes, to rely on his great wisdom and his brainpower, but I did not feel he should be in the courtroom.

Robert Shapiro

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#28. I need you, Bailey. Only you.

Karen Kingsbury

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#29. I like Sam Bailey - she's got a huge voice.

Rebecca Ferguson

Bailey Quotes #1480645
#30. My oldest brother used to take me to the theater. The first play he took me to see was 'Black Comedy,' then he took me to see 'Butley.' We'd see all these British plays. And 'Hello, Dolly,' with Pearl Bailey. I was unconsciously thinking, 'Gee, I would love to be able to do that.'

Nathan Lane

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#31. I think that's the worst part. The thought that no one will remember me when I'm gone. Sure, my parents will. Fern will. But how does someone like me live on? When it's all said and done, did I matter? - Bailey

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #1461293
#32. There's less need to slowly acclimate these guys to the tank," Bailey said. "They'll be food pretty soon, so their happiness is less important than the shark's.

Dave Eggers

Bailey Quotes #1443204
#33. Cupping her face, I brushed her lips with my thumb. "You're medicine for my soul, Bailey. Never forget that."
Her naughty gaze shifted into something softer. "Thank you for being brave enough to love me."
Despite her earnest expression, I laughed. "Like I had a choice.

Bijou Hunter

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#34. (Emily frowned, then turned about in her saddle to scan the inner bailey.)
Milady? What do you seek? (Simon)
A marker announcing this as the gate to Hades. (Emily)

Kinley MacGregor

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#35. No, Bailey, you're not a coward, but you're constantly worried that you are. You're a champion
worrier. And a woman, I think, who gives herself very little credit for her strengths, and has very little
tolerance for her weaknesses. Self-judgmental.

Nora Roberts

Bailey Quotes #1408820
#36. Bob poured and brought two cups over, hardly rattling them on the saucers. "Drink up. This should restore your inner bitch." Bailey scowled at him. "See?" he said. "It's working already, and all you've had is fumes.

Mark All

Bailey Quotes #1406617
#37. Do you always drink Sprite?" I asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"I want to buy some for when you visit my place."
Bailey grinned like I had told her she won the lottery. If she kept smiling at me that way, I didn't think my ego could fit into the restaurant much longer.

Bijou Hunter

Bailey Quotes #1401714
#38. Even if he hadn't wanted to kiss her, Chase needed to kiss Bailey. As if reading his mind, Bailey parted her lips and took a slight inhale, pressing her chest against him more fully. He didn't think about it; it just happened, as naturally as her breath.

T.J. Kline

Bailey Quotes #1396277
#39. What's it like then?" asked Old Bailey. "Being dead?"
The marquis sighed. And then he twisted his lips up into a smile, and with a glitter of his old self, he replied, "Live long enough, Old Bailey, and you can find out for yourself.

Neil Gaiman

Bailey Quotes #1369908
#40. Biking through New York's boroughs in 2005, I thought about some old friends, Joe and Eileen Bailey. Though they are imaginary, I frequently talk to them.

Charles Schumer

Bailey Quotes #1333814
#41. Bailey was trouble, but she was the best kind of trouble, the kind that made you want to return again and again.

T.J. Kline

Bailey Quotes #1322450
#42. I just wanna belong, Bailey," he said softly. "I wanna belong in your world with your friends and your hobbies and your gardens. That's all. I wanna know everything about you, even if I have to bully it out of you. Put you on the spot. Make you uncomfortable. 'Cause I can't get enough of you.

S. Walden

Bailey Quotes #1316703
#43. At the art college in Edinburgh someone arranged for some London groups to come up and play. I was in a supporting band, with Bernie Green I think. Derek Bailey was one of the visiting musicians. He seemed to like my playing and asked me to come down to London.

Jamie Muir

Bailey Quotes #1314667
#44. Not all things will be easy for you, Bailey. It's the hard things that grow us. If you need to get stronger as a performer, then you'll get stronger.

Karen Kingsbury

Bailey Quotes #1303408
#45. Follow your dreams, Bailey," she says. "Be they Harvard or something else entirely. No matter what that father of yours says, or how loudly he might say it. He forgets that he was someone's dream once, himself." Bailey

Erin Morgenstern

Bailey Quotes #1277116
#46. I don't worry too much about the script, I just ad lib, like Pearl Bailey.

Mahalia Jackson

Bailey Quotes #1271519
#47. She was alive, and they were dead. She had to try to make her life big. As big as she could. She promised Bailey she would keep playing.

Ann Brashares

Bailey Quotes #1271180
#48. You aren't pretty!" Bailey shouted, making Fern instantly seethe. "But my dad would never lie to me like your mom does. You just wait!

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #1249358
#49. I would love to persuade Christopher Bailey to get even just a section of Burberry that's, like, organic or free trade. I love him, he's a very good person and an amazing designer, and I have a lot of respect and time for him.

Emma Watson

Bailey Quotes #1216471
#50. I took one look at you," Hud said to Bailey, "and control went flying out the window. You tore down the brick wall around my heart one smile at a time.

Jill Shalvis

Bailey Quotes #1174159
#51. Think Pickelman's our guy?'
'Maybe. Or maybe he knows who is. Or maybe he's guilty of something else.'
'Glad you could narrow it down,' Bailey replied.
'Always here for ya.

Marcia Clark

Bailey Quotes #1163509
#52. My most educated analysis, with all means of science and technology in mind, is that it's magic," Alex said. "There's no other possible explanation!" -Alex Bailey, The Land of Stories; The Wishing Spell

Chris Colfer The Land Of Stories

Bailey Quotes #1163179
#53. Don't worry about whether you can do it, Bailey Bean. Just pretend you can. Pretend enough and it becomes real.

Jill Shalvis

Bailey Quotes #1160991
#54. In its power, clarity and shear beauty, Mack Bailey's voice reminds me of no one more than my friend, the late John Denver. I love to hear this man sing.

Tom Paxton

Bailey Quotes #1149928
#55. And there's nothing wrong with spinsters, anyway. They have nice cats and little bowls full of candy. Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Newitz are the kindest ladies you'll ever meet, and they have nips of whiskey in their tea like cowboys.

Catherynne M Valente

Bailey Quotes #1147369
#56. You are the most stubborn woman I've ever met, Bailey Hart."

"You should probably get out and meet more women then," she muttered, letting the screen door slam shut behind her.

T.J. Kline

Bailey Quotes #1116516
#57. When if comes to ballyhoo, Muhammad Ali made Barnum and Bailey look like non-starters, and he had the incandescent quality of the real star which would have made him famous, even if his gift was knitting not fighting.

Michael Parkinson

Bailey Quotes #1113735
#58. I tried to ignore the cramps in my stomach, but they were terrible after a full day of work without food. I wished I had time to eat supper before the party, but Bailey told us we needed a bath more than food.

S.M. McEachern

Bailey Quotes #1112618
#59. I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans.

Cara Delevingne

Bailey Quotes #1100247
#60. Bailey took an exasperated breath and sat up in the seat. "You can't reason with a teenage girl."

Elise's eyebrow shot up. "Bailey, you're a teenage girl."


Heather McVea

Bailey Quotes #1083479
#61. I like naughty boys. I was married to David Bailey, who was one of the naughtiest. I like real men, and I like masculinity.

Marie Helvin

Bailey Quotes #1076001
#62. It was a different social structure. I'd go to [David] Bailey's for dinner at 10:30. There were always girls there and a house full of ... I don't know, anybody. Cecil Beaton, Diana Cooper ... And there I am sitting down with these creatures of the 20th century, and it was normal to us.

Manolo Blahnik

Bailey Quotes #1063854
#63. Do you think there's any way someone like Ambrose could fall in love with someone like me?" Fern caught Bailey's gaze in the mirror again, knowing he would understand.
"Only if he's lucky.

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #1018194
#64. Do you dwell on everyone's junk when you meet them? Like, all you do all day long is think about dicks and janes? Is that your thing, Bailey? You can't stop thinking about what's in everyone's pants?

Brie Spangler

Bailey Quotes #1023788
#65. Why don't we have more babies, Mom? Bailey has big sisters. I wish I had a big sister.
I don't know why, Fern. I tried to have more children, but sometimes we are given something so special, so wonderful, that one is enough.

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #12656
#66. I will never stop grieving Bailey because I will never stop loving her.

Jandy Nelson

Bailey Quotes #90540
#67. Sipping Bailey's Cream by the stereo, trying to find relief on the radio. I'm suppressing the tears.

Mariah Carey

Bailey Quotes #99903
#68. The horrible thought she had had before the accident was that the house she had remembered so vividly was not in Georgia but in Tennessee. Bailey

Flannery O'Connor

Bailey Quotes #112204
#69. Every year, Bailey, Angie, and Mike head to Philadelphia for the Fourth of July. They visit the Museum of Art, and Mike carries Bailey up those 72 steps and they do the Rocky reenactment. Angie helps Bailey raise his arms and they all yell, 'one more year!' Bailey loves Rocky. Does that suprise you?

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #121269
#70. So, Beav, tell me about yourself." "I'm Blue." "Sweetheart, if I had your dubious taste in men, I wouldn't be too happy, either." "My name is Blue. Blue Bailey.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Bailey Quotes #130584
#71. You look like a ghost," Bailey says. He can think of no better way to describe it.
"You appear the same way to me, so which of us is real?

Erin Morgenstern

Bailey Quotes #167457
#72. It's a Barnum and Bailey world,
Just as phony as it can be.

Yip Harburg

Bailey Quotes #208074
#73. When I come out and sing the first few bars of Bill Bailey, it's very exciting.

Bobby Darin

Bailey Quotes #215819
#74. Can you, in a million years, imagine another female senator - Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Claire McCaskill - reacting to being called 'ma'am' like Barbara Boxer did? This is the kind of sanctimonious self-absorption on the modern left that makes my teeth itch.

Mark Davis

Bailey Quotes #232846
#75. Fern," Aunt Angie said softly. "I was just telling Bailey that it's true. He is going to die.

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #236669
#76. I just kept eating my hot dogs and bowling by myself. Bailey sometimes rolled a ball into a gutter. When I had them put up the bumpers for her, she managed to roll the ball into another alley and land in that gutter. The girl had a talent.

Bijou Hunter

Bailey Quotes #250155
#77. Dude, he's got that mean, squinty Clint Eastwood stare that's scary as shit.[Bailey]

Lorelei James

Bailey Quotes #250668
#78. Altogether, the Old Bailey, at that date, was a choice illustration of the precept, that "Whatever is right;" an aphorism that would be as final as it is lazy, did it not include the troublesome consequence, that nothing that ever was, was wrong.

Charles Dickens

Bailey Quotes #256945
#79. He never went to church, which Bailey and I thought also proved he was a very courageous person. How great it would be to grow up like that, to be able to stare religion down,

Maya Angelou

Bailey Quotes #281947
#80. Bailey Voss smiled at her daughter. Being

Susan Mallery

Bailey Quotes #296126
#81. By the time he reaches the farm, he is sure that the Bailey he is now is closer to the Bailey he is supposed to be than the Bailey he had been the day before. He may not be certain what any of it means, but for now he does not think that it much matters.

Erin Morgenstern

Bailey Quotes #351327
#82. I know, I'm sorry, "Bailey says.
"What does exsanguinated mean?"
The girl smiles.
"It means draining all your blood," she says. "But they don't actually do that, I don't think.

Erin Morgenstern

Bailey Quotes #381271
#83. Darlin I am sorry, please.
No Knox, get out! you know what they say about apologies?
They are better said with chocolate!
Knox & Bailey, Scarred Hearts

Elizabeth Kelly

Bailey Quotes #383455
#84. Taking my hands in his, Vaughn leaned down to whisper across my lips. "I'll give you anything, Bailey Hartwell, anything you want.

Samantha Young

Bailey Quotes #390904
#85. Photography should be redefined. It's largely technical ... Photography is just unbelievably limiting. I always think of David Bailey and all the fashion photographers - they overlap, you can't always tell who did it. I don't really even like photography all that much. I just think it's so overdone.

Peter Beard

Bailey Quotes #390956
#86. In elementary school, I loved the 'Bailey School Kids' series. It was about a group of classmates who would speculate whether adults in their lives were supernatural beings. I read literally every single book in the series.

Tyler Oakley

Bailey Quotes #407256
#87. I love you," he said. "This couldn't be a dumber place and time to tell you, I know. But, God, Bailey. I love you." He paused. "I love you.

S. Walden

Bailey Quotes #455048
#88. Of All the Gin Joints is one part cinematic history, one part old Hollywood weirdness, and one part handy basic bar guide, with a dash of romance and more than a few wry twists. Bailey and Hemingway prove themselves very entertaining cultural mixologists.

Sam Lipsyte

Bailey Quotes #516774
#89. She leans forward and kisses him, not on the cheek, as she has a handful of times before, but on the lips, and Bailey knows in that moment that he will follow her anywhere. Poppet

Erin Morgenstern

Bailey Quotes #520571
#90. What kind of trouble could you possible make, Harper Bailey? He asked with a raised brow.
The kind that changes your opinion of someone, therefore you'll never find out.

Fisher Amelie

Bailey Quotes #538053
#91. "My name is Callum Tate and I'm going to take care of you, Harper Bailey."

Fisher Amelie

Bailey Quotes #546519
#92. I don't care if the whole town comes, as long as you come, Bailey boy.

Sharon Creech

Bailey Quotes #560149
#93. He is sure that the Bailey he is now is closer to the Bailey he is supposed to be than the Bailey he had been before

Erin Morgenstern

Bailey Quotes #604148
#94. Should we call her?Maybe we should give her a RING to see where she is? Get it? Get it?
-Conner Bailey

Chris Colfer

Bailey Quotes #907691
#95. I'll quit coffee. It won't be easy drinking my Bailey's straight, but I'll get used to it. It'll still be the best part of waking up.

Megan Mullally

Bailey Quotes #962315
#96. Fern has Ugly Girl Syndrome." Bailey said, out of the blue. "Also known as UGS ... She grew up thinking she was ugly. She doesn't realize that she shed the ugly a long time ago. She's beautiful now. And she's just as pretty on the inside, which is a side benny of UGS.

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #935950
#97. The pianist Cecil Taylor is extremely melodic; the guitarist Derek Bailey is extremely melodic, and Ornette Coleman.

Pat Metheny

Bailey Quotes #932380
#98. Real people make messes. They sweat and come. Cry and scream. You're going to be real with me, Bailey. From this point forward I want you to trust me enough to be real.

Riley Murphy

Bailey Quotes #881957
#99. What are we doing?" Simon asked as they followed the cart across the castle's bailey and into London. "We're following yon wagon," Sin answered. "Why?" "Because it is in front of us." "Well, that certainly answers that. 'Twould be difficult to follow the cart if it were behind us."
-Simon & Sin

Kinley MacGregor

Bailey Quotes #825179
#100. I need you, Fern. I'm not going to lie. I need you. But I don't need you the same way Bailey did. I need you because it hurts when we're apart. I need you because you make me hopeful. You make me happy.

Amy Harmon

Bailey Quotes #971387

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