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Top 18 Bad Naming Quotes

#1. After you're finished celebrating your 60th birthday, feel free to stop supporting your children, and start supporting your parents! - Author: Joe Dean
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#2. An ugly, lovely town ... crawling, sprawling ... by the side of a long and splendid curving shore. This sea-town was my world. - Author: Dylan Thomas
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#3. Menoeceus wants his father. (Astrid)
Bob is crying because he wants his mother to stop calling him that crap-ass name. It's all right, Bob. Daddy's got you now. I'm saving you from Mommy's bad naming taste. I'd be crying, too, if my mom named me after an idiot. (Zarek) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#4. I have thought about the nature of this creative process and have reached a somewhat aberrant conclusion. I don't understand it and I don't think anyone else does either. - Author: William Beck
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#5. When I was 4 or 5, I attended my father's concerts. He very often played Strauss waltzes as encores and I saw something happening with the audience. - Author: Andre Rieu
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#6. He flopped down beside me on the couch, closer than I would have expected, and when Micah strolled in a minute later and sat down on the other side of me, also close, I felt a twinge of weirdness. Not that I would mind being in a Springfield - Author: Anonymous
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#7. The first step is what I like to be sure of ... to the second step it often binds you. - Author: Amelia Barr
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#8. Scientific civilisation has destroyed the soul of the world. - Author: Alexis Carrel
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#9. Suffering begins when you mentally label a situation as bad. That causes an emotional contraction. When you let it be, without naming it, enormous power is available to you. The contraction cuts you off from that power, the power of life itself. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#10. In scripture God brings the animals to the human for naming. In that simple act the human is brought to recognize the particular personality and worth of each living creature. Too bad we forget so often. - Author: Joan D. Chittister
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#11. The itch for naming things is almost as bad as the itch for possessing things. Let them and leave them alone
they'll survive for a few more thousand years, more or less, without any glorification from us. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#12. I like to think that I can introduce people to the idea of simplicity and elegance. - Author: Giorgio Armani
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#13. My mom raised me to be clean, so it's in my nature. I have two little girls, and I'm married, but we've got a nanny and a maid. - Author: Vanilla Ice
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#14. These Outwallers that killed Hector - the Sossag - they were serving a Power of the Wild called Thorn. Aye?"
"Naming calls. But yes." The captain drank.
"So I call him and he comes and I gut him," Tom said. "So? - Author: Miles Cameron
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#15. What do angels look like? I saw one today wering gaudy jewelry, spoke with a thick Spanish accent, quoted 'Chakespeare.' She said, 'All the world's a stage and sometimes you just gotta roll with los punches. - Author: Monique Duval
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#16. And it's ridiculous that anyone would praise a child for standing with arms spread out on a wooden cross, as if she were Jesus's dead sister wearing a checkerboard tablecloth. - Author: Amy Tan
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#17. You give a dog a bad name, and that dog is bad for life. - Author: Eleanor Catton
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#18. Vanity, vanity, nothing but vanity: the itch for naming things is almost as bad as the itch for possessing things. - Author: Edward Abbey
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