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#1. The manager sits down with me; I sit down with the board. We assess the success of the year. The manager assesses whose coming through the academy system. His job is to look at what is happening in European and world football. - Author: David Gill
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#2. Pigpen assesses Razor with a half-sarcastic grin. "Now, that's how we work. Razor calls this clean, so I'll drive Kyle home to Mom and Dad myself. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#3. I am a makeup junkie ... Yves St. Laurent, Christian Dior, and anything else that looks good. - Author: Julia Barr
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#4. Our teacher [Ms. Whitlock] assesses me, then continues to summarise our syllabus. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#5. You do your work as fully as you can, and the ones who hear the sound join in. - Author: Lance Henriksen
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#6. I did not hesitate to be disagreeable to preserve my independence. - Author: Sarah Vowell
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#7. We are both disciples of the Louis Jordan song 'What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again). - Author: C.J. Box
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#8. The historian assesses that the investment of the wealthy classes in the Bank of England wedded them to the fate of the nation as a whole and to the maintenance of its stability. - Author: Walter Russell Mead
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#9. Anyone who assesses you or your relationship as disposable is not worthy of your time or tears. - Author: Greg Behrendt
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#10. The CIA now assesses that four nations - Iraq, North Korea, Russia and, to the surprise of some specialists, France - have undeclared samples of the smallpox virus. - Author: Barton Gellman
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#11. 'Revelations' is one of the most important pieces to the African American arts. It assesses the hope and despair of a people and overcoming the struggle with our faith. - Author: Robert Battle
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#12. The power of knowledge is so great and forceful, if only we knew. - Author: Norhafsah Hamid
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#13. In some Christian ministry, we assess how mature a believer is based on how much he knows. But the New Testament assesses the maturity of a believer based on how much he obeys (e.g. John 14:15; James 1:22-25) - Author: Steve Smith
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#14. When it's real world rules, it will not matter how big you are. When a bullet hits you in the head, you die. It all becomes about how much heart you have when you go into a world that is so scary, that assesses you and finds you either as an asset or full of crap. - Author: Ric Roman Waugh
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#15. The Chains of conformity click in tiresomely monotonous unison. - Author: Leonard Sweet
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#16. Philosophy is thinking in slow motion. It breaks down, describes and assesses moves we ordinarily make at great speed - to do with our natural motivations and beliefs. It then becomes evident that alternatives are possible. - Author: John Campbell
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#17. And remember: speak least if you would be most often heard. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#18. He'd been up early all his life and though everybody said the best thing about retirement was sleeping in, he just couldn't feature it. If he found himself in bed later than six he felt like a degenerate, - Author: T.C. Boyle
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#19. A scorecard assesses progress to strategic goals whereas a dashboard assesses performance to operational goals. - Author: Pearl Zhu
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