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#1. To become a business tycoon you must believe you're the best. If you're not, act like it & you'll become.Believe in yourself & never give up - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
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#2. Don't try to convince anyone of anything. When you don't know something, ask or go away and find out. But when you do act, be like the silent, flowing river and open yourself to a greater energy. Believe
that's what I said at our first meeting
simply believe that you can. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#3. Lesson one, introduce yourself to everyone when you walk into a room. Don't act like you're too bougie to say, 'Hello.' - Author: Estelle
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#4. That's basically the gangster code. Just be yourself. Just be you, dog. The easiest way to get your card plucked around a gangster is to be a fake. If we feel like you're trying too hard, if you're trying to act like you're from the street, you're in trouble. - Author: Ice-T
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#5. They don't like being seen through: as for me I'm straight I don't join their act I tear masks off. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#6. Passion is a young man's game. Young people can be passionate. Older people gotta be more wise. I mean, you're around awhile, you leave certain things to the young. Don't try to act like you're young. You could really hurt yourself. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#7. In case you haven't noticed, the primary occupation of little girls is sitting still. Stop fidgeting, behave yourself, act like a lady, don't, don't don't--that's what little girls hear the most. But my mother never said those words to me. She said Go! Do! Sing! - Author: Barbara Paul
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#8. No matter how you feel you have to act
like you are very popular with yourself;
very relaxed and purposeful
very unconfused
and not
like you are walking through the sunshine
in chains. - Author: Tony Hoagland
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#9. You act like you're invincible, but I know deep down you want someone to hold your hand and buy you flowers and look you in the eye and tell you you're his soul mate. You want someone who will love every piece of you, even the pieces you can't love yourself. - Author: Amy Reed
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#10. Apples to oranges, the act of comparing your life to another's is more like comparing an elephant to an apple, it makes no sense to compare someone's life that you have no knowledge about to that of your own, of which in all earnest is not something that you completely understand yourself. - Author: Forrest Curran
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#11. I see you Norah. I have always been able to see inside you. I feel you when you're not around. You act like we don't have this deep, once in a lifetime connection, but you are fooling yourself. - Author: Angela Richardson
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#12. Honey, Kate is not going to die sooner because you have one more glass of mine, or because you stay overnight in a hotel, or because you let yourself crack up at a bad joke. So sit your ass back down and turn up the volume and act like you're a normal person. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#13. You have to teach yourself to act but Michael Chekhov will give you the necessary tools - and for me, Psychological Gesture and Centers are extremely valuable They work like a charm. I've used them all along and still do. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#14. Unfortunately, when you're an actor you have to act. It's not like you can sit in your living room, your bedroom, your study or whatever and act with yourself. It requires having somebody to respond to. - Author: Chris Sarandon
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#15. Stop thinking of yourself as the picked-on girl from the Third and act like the person you are now. Today. - Author: Sara Ella
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#16. Act like the person you conceive yourself to be. - Author: Eric Butterworth
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#17. The act of copulation is like that of picking the nose. It's all right to be doing it yourself but it is a singularly unattractive spectacle for the onlooker. - Author: Roald Dahl
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#18. What we don't often realize is that the rebirth and collapse of grand things do not begin with grand things at all, like the things we see, but with the small, like the things we are - in the things we do - in the things we say. - Author: A.J. Darkholme
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#19. The hardest thing about being in this business is just being able to be yourself. People act like there's this one set of rules to follow to be a pop star and I think, 'Well, you say I'm a pop star, so maybe that's not true.' - Author: Kelly Clarkson
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#20. I don't just act to pay my rent. I really like doing it, so I get frustrated when I don't get to do it all the time, so short films are a really great way to be doing it and working with your friends, working on smaller, more specific things without limiting yourself in other ways. - Author: Mackenzie Davis
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#21. Trying to motivate yourself with fear is like screaming
at a child, "Do something, dammit!" You'll either
freeze up or act in counterproducti ve ways. Fear
widens the knowing-doing gap. Don't use it. - Author: Martha Beck
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#22. People tend to focus on the things that they don't like about themselves. While that's important for change, it's equally important to focus on what they love about themselves. For every one thing you dislike about yourself, think of five things you like about yourself. It's a balancing act. - Author: Tom Giaquinto
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#23. You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. - Author: Maxwell Maltz
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#24. Everyone has to act out of character sometimes. It's like taking your clothes off: you feel free without your character but very naked, unprotected. Unfinished. So you get dressed again- you put on yourself-and then you know who you are. - Author: Jan Siegel
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#25. You like to act as if you care about nothing and if you carry on like that then you're going to drown in the abyss you have imagined for yourself. - Author: Alice Oseman
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#26. Act as if everything you desire is already here ... treat yourself as if you already are what you'd like to become. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#27. Ask yourself, are you an artist, or are you an art business? You can be both, but to be successful you need to think and act like a business owner. - Author: Dave Conrey
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#28. You don't feel like smiling? Then what? Force yourself to smile. Act as if you were already happy, and that will tend to make you happy. - Author: Celeste Ng
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#29. I like when I have to act and direct; then, when you have to dub, you're by yourself in front of the wall, and I'm always scared that you're not good like when you are in real when you act. - Author: Monica Bellucci
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#30. Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself. - Author: Tara Stiles
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#31. Ah, but being in love made you mean and crazy. Love made you act like a fool even when you knew you were acting like a fool and couldn't help yourself from acting like a fool. - Author: Sandra Brown
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#32. In a play, you can adjust your performance to audience reaction, but in a film it's like you're trapped in a bad dream watching yourself act and you're in the audience - Author: Jonathan Groff
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#33. Having a chance to be someone other than yourself and to act out stuff that makes people look at you, like, wow, and that's why I love acting so much. - Author: Quinton Aaron
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#34. A public persona that might be different from what we truly feel inside ... everyone wonders if they are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, no matter how old they are. It is an archetypical moral dilemma - Do you act like yourself and risk becoming an outcast? - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#35. Think, Act, Talk, and Conduct Yourself Like the Person You Want to Become - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#36. Romantic Egoist
Nozomi: You've got an idea in your head ... how you should act, but you can't act like, so you stifle yourself and don't even try. - Author: Bisco Hatori
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#37. So much of how we act and what we do is based on humility or pride - that's everything. And when you can humble yourself, you know, we are more like Christ when we can humble ourselves. - Author: Tim Tebow
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#38. Passion, like discriminating taste, grows on its use. You more likely act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action. - Author: Jerome Bruner
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#39. There's a whole thing now in the entertainment industry that's like, 'You need to write for yourself. Those are the people that are really valuable.' And it's just like, 'I don't want to! I just want to act!' - Author: Jenny Slate
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#40. The more you see yourself as what you'd like to become, and act as if
what you want is already there, the more you'll activate those dormant
forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality. - Author: Wayne W. Dyer
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#41. He impressed people. Unconsciously. Some people are like that. I'm not. There's something in those people that breaks down all the barriers, because they act completely the way they are, have nothing to hide, never shelter behind anything, are just themselves, straightforward. - Author: Arnaldur Indridason
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#42. When people come to me saying they want to kill themselves, I tell them, "What's your rush? You can kill yourself any time you like. So calm down. Suicide is a positive act." And they do calm down. - Author: Emil Cioran
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